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Tue 13th May 2008

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Wiireview123 commented on Goldeneye Locked In Legal Limbo:

well there's no hope for godleneye but i think there's some hope for perfect dark. want to know why, because of the motion sensor bombs. there in perfect dark for the n64 and they've been in all of the smash bros. games. and in the credits for SSBM, somewhere near the end of the credits, it says something about copyright for perfect dark. so...............think about that.



Wiireview123 commented on Gunstar Heroes:

this game is INCREDBLE! my first Genesis game and im so happy i got it. there may be only 7 levels but they are all super - fun to me. 5/5 * * * * * exelent game



Wiireview123 commented on Kirby's Adventure:

@poggydude: so, the game is worth it to have two diffrent copies of it. i just bought it today and i love it, so much fun!

and is metaknight unlockable in this version of the game?



Wiireview123 commented on USA VC Update: Super Fantasy Zone and Gley Lancer:

huh, the last time i remember the wii was a nintendo console. now we should be seeing NES, SNES and N64 games more than NEO GEO, TORBOGRAPIX 16, and GENNISIS games. dont get me wrong those games can be great too, but i want to see those nintendo classics. how 'bout you.

ps: yes i know i spelled torbograpix and gennisis wrong, sue me!



Wiireview123 commented on Review: SPOGS Racing:

is kemco still making games? if they are, then they should make a top gear for wiiware. add a few wepons, leaderboards, and adtctive gameplay, and it could be a wiiware racer to remeber! and i wouldnt really care about graphics. gameplay makes a game.



Wiireview123 commented on Otakugate – The Saga Continues:

i would go on a flight to Fischer’s huge mansion and say to him "screw you Fischer i'm going home!!" he need's to do more than apologize. he need's to do it on natinal T.V and say that he does not deserve to be with nintendo on any circtumcantces and say that he has made a fatal mistake to all nintendo buyers and say that his action's do not comdome with nintendo in any way. then, someone shoud get a very big boot and kick him hard right in the @$$. then he shoud be fired and forced to pay somewhere over $500 for saying such a thing.