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United Kingdom

Fri 2nd May 2008

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samman commented on Only Geeks And Otaku Want Extra Storage On The...:

God im with the other bloke. no more money in the wii in december. To be fair it has a decent PC engine emulator and i keep it for that although i prob wont get to play dracula x. Actually this reminds me of how bad sega europe were with the saturn.

Im going to set up my saturn and play xmen vs streetfighter. funnily it displays really good on my hd monitor. even better then the wii haha.



samman commented on EU - 6th June - No Virtual Console Games!:

for the next eu release on VC i predict

1. Captain Planet on the NES (50hz)
2. Mortal Kombat 1 on the SMS (50hz)
3. James Bond Jr SNES (50hz)
4. Aggressors of Dark combat NEO GEO (50hz)
5. Fruit Machine Simulator C64 (50hz)



samman commented on EU VC Releases - 30th May - Samurai Shodown:


Can you consider adding functionality into the emulators that you are using allowing a 60hz option. Display a warning that some games may not work correctly when used in this mode so we at least have an option.

Heck if you want to be that retro why not produce an RF lead for the Wii hahahaha.



samman commented on Gley Lancer:

fair play. it looks very much like gate of thunder. decent.



samman commented on EU VC Releases - 30th May - Samurai Shodown:

nice games but as i stress again. 50hz is untouchable for me.

I have a state of the art samsung HD ready monitor that will display 60hz upto 100hz. not designed for early 90's tv signal that nintendo of europe didnt bother to optimise.




samman commented on F-Zero X:

great game I admit. F zero GX for me hands down my favourite racer.



samman commented on Gley Lancer:

dormin arent you bothered that you are playing a dud version of it.



samman commented on EU VC Release - 23rd May - Paradroid:

Hmm. I sense virtual console is gonna slow down a bit. Time for me to download the ones I always meant too.

Bloody Wolf
Ninja Spirit.

Might track down some old gamecube games as well. The ones with sonic on them at 60hz.



samman commented on Super Mario Bros.:

this is horrific. its a 50hz game sped up and now the music sounds horrible like its on steroids.



samman commented on Gley Lancer:

wish that sega or nintendo would comment on this oversight.



samman commented on EU VC Releases - 16th May - Third Hanabi Festi...:

Firstly Star Parodier. excellent.

Secondly the megadrive games are japanese versions running at 50hz with borders. I compared to KEGA. What a shame nintendo.

17% slower with no optimisation so back to the early 90's days before multisystem TV's.

My Wii channels are all Pc engine games becase 50hz is untouchable for me.

Dont start releasing games from other territories nintendo and slow them down. That goes against retaining them the way they are.



samman commented on EU VC Releases - 2nd May - The Hanabi Festival...:

BRILLIANT. this is the best week ever. Gradius 2 on pc engine is a class A game. One of my personal BIG 3 that I want.

Better than the arcade. Im pleased to see titles like this. Its good that they have rounded of the star soldier trilogy even if star soldier is a weaker entry im gonna get it.

I think they should just release Rondo of Blood untranslated if its too much effort to localise it. Double Dragon 2 / Fighting street / Star Parodier next.

Also why not host NTSC versions of the current catalogue. Offer them as free downloads if you already have the respective game. Nintendo will see allot of movement on VC.

Its no good releasing PAL games because only kids will buy them because they are a compromise. I havent got any PAL games except N64 Mario and Lylat Wars. Thats why im concentrating on the TG16 catalogue.