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Released in the later years of the NES, Kirby’s Adventure was a groundbreaking, graphically impressive platformer that famously introduced Kirby’s ability to copy the powers of his enemies.

In his one and only NES escapade, Kirby must reunite the shattered pieces of the Star Rod stolen by King Dedede, so that the residents of Dream Land can have a peaceful night’s sleep.

In his default form, Kirby is a near-powerless pink blob, but by sucking up enemies he can absorb their abilities; including a laser beam, fire blaster, boomerang and spikes. By gulping down two different kinds of enemy Kirby can also combine powers, sometimes with unexpected results.

With tons of bonus levels and minigames, plus more than 20 copy abilities to discover, Kirby’s Adventure is as full of surprises as Kirby himself!

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USA USA Version

Posted by Philip J Reed

Adventure time

Though Kirby made his debut a year prior on the Game Boy, it was 1993's Kirby's Adventure on the NES that cemented his appearance, his power-stealing ability, and his vast environments full of hidden secrets. Kirby's Adventure did a lot more than expand...

Game Review

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USA USA Version

Posted by Darren Calvert

Kirby's first adventure

Kirby’s Adventure was released in 1993 when many gamers had packed up their NES in favour of the shiny new Sega Mega Drive / Genesis or a SNES. Those who stayed faithful to the mighty grey toaster and picked up this game at the time would have been in...

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User Comments (119)



Xenesis said:

No, the Game Boy Classic had two Kirby games, Kirby's Dreamland and Kirby's Dreamland 2.

Kirby's Adventure is a different game to both of them and was remade and released on the GBA a few years back as 'Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land'



efac said:

I had fuzzy memories of loving this game on the NES many years ago, and was hopeful it would be just as much fun after (a very quick!) download on the VC.

At firist it feels quite basic, but a few levels in and you are absorbed. Slowly it getsharder, and (to me at least) had that 'just one more level, then I'll go to bed' appeal!

Don't let the 'cute' graphics fool you, this is a great game that still stands up after all these years.



Shrapnel09 said:

a very fun game indeed! I love the kirby swimming animation and im suprised how well the gameplay actually plays out. eating people and taking their abilities is a really nice feature and again nintendo did it very well. The "music".... i dont know about you, but this game has some of the most horrible 'music' i ever heard, its ear piercing, headache creating bad, hell i wouldnt even call it music. its like they just threw a bunch of random sounds together and cranked the tempo up 400%. There is no rythem at all just tons of sound blips going on and off as fast as the NES can handle, i really dont understand it.

Ironically in super smash brothers the kirby course (N64 version) had my most favorite music of all the other stages. But aslong as you have the volume turned way down i really love the game. Not to mention the fact that there are lots of hidden secerates to find = increased replayability



Tennant said:

haha, it's so cute, but great fun. I don't know about anyone else, but I'm getting really bad slowdown in places. It might just be a PAL thing though.



SuperPuff said:

Not only all of that, but it clocked in at 6 MEGS!!!, for it's time the 2nd largest game on the NES ever, Next to Dragon Warrior IV



Zho said:

Ok I just got this game, and checked it against my old PAL cart AND the NTSC version. And this game is semi PAL optimised. The borders are still there, BUT the speed is exactly the same as the NTSC version. It appears the original PAL cart was sped up as well.



Mendez said:

Downloaded it on release, and I think it's great! I wasn't too sure about it because it's on the NES, and I've played the GBA version, but I'm addicted!
Now it's just the wait for Kirby Super Star! That is one of my all time favourite games!

__Jay Nic


Jay Nic said:

When I heard it was coming to the VC I was a little wary I have to admit. I'd downloaded three VC games before it and to be honest, hadn't been very impressed.
But I read the review on here and decided to trust it, hoping it was at least as good as Kirby's Dreamland on GameBoy, which I remembered to be great.
Thankfully..it's much MUCH better! Simple yet pleasing graphics..simple yet challenging levels..and the best thing of all..no passwords!
Highly recommended!



Manaman said:

Kirby's Dreamland was fun but it was extremely limited and very short (unsurprising as it's the first Kirby game). This NES game trounces it in almost every way... and there's even a level that's based on the GB game, right down to the black and white visuals.

__Jay Nic


Jay Nic said:

Oh yeah, that level based on Kirby's Dreamland was amaaaazing!!
Aww, the memories..
Worth getting for that level alone!



justsumdude899 said:

I'd never played a Kirby title before, but for 500 points, I figured I'd give it a chance. This game is easily the best bang for your buck on the Virtual Console. It's a fun game to play, and while some might complain that it's easy, I found a little challenge to some of the bosses, and will probably play this game again down the line.



Mofish said:

I have always loved this game...and my (now ex) girlfriend got hooked on it even though she had never played video games before she met me!



kirbylova said:

those enemies arent that easy to sweep of the screen, this game its truly adventureee-ischh whoeiehaihiahi. its great.



Mendez said:

Completed it a couple of weeks ago. Definitely worth the 500 points, and it was harder than the GBA version.



Juice_Lee said:

Even after playing almost every Kirby Game, Kirby's Adventure still stands to me as being one of the best. I still can't believe this is an NES game. It's hard to imagine that games as graphically simple as Soccer or Metroid were on the same console as this. Through graphics and sound this game is a true winner and the most refined game on the NES. But it's not all icing on the cake. This game is a solid, extremely fun Kirby experience that everyone should play. The game is long, the levels are colorful, and there are a total of twenty five powers that each have their own unique movesets and uses, beating even Kirby Super Star on the SNES. This game is packed to the brim with great fun, which makes the small amoung of lag understandable. The only Kirby games I can think of that I like more are Kirby's Dreamland 3 and maybe Kirby's Dreamland 2. I honestly would have paid at least 800 points for this if I had to, and considering it is only 500, no one has any reason not to buy this except for maybe owning the original or the GBA port Knightmare in Dreamland.



mario/zelda_fan said:

Hmm i was gonna buy this one today but my mom kept saying i didn't like it when i was a kid. but since its long ( as red atm said ) and its harder than the game boy one ( as Mendez said ) I'm saving my points for this one. And I know this is off the topic but does anyone no when ether paper mario, super mario rpg, or yoshi story come out?



Bobzarooney said:

I completed this game years ago, thats why I never bought this from VC.

Overall, its a classic, and I recommend it.



Jessica said:

I am experiencing major lag problems with this VC game Also there's a vertical bar, about 1 cm wide, at the left side of the screen, wich changes to the background color. When I move Kirby around the images on the sides seem to have trouble catching up. I contacted Nintendo, they say it's not a known problem and it's probably my Wii. But I also downloaded Super Mario Bros. and haven't had any problems with that one or any other problems with my Wii so far. I also tried deleting the game and redownloading it several times, but that didn't help. Does anybody else experience this problem and know how to fix it?



Marioman64 said:

whenever i lag, i pretend kirby entered DA MATRIX! oOoooOOoo

but yeah kirby is so awesome, i just got squeak squad the other day and i love how everything interacts; freeze water, cut grass, cool down lava, sooOOOo awesome... but its missing the walkaround the world feeling that this kirbys adventure has, and thats whats makes it super fun and a great game in nintendo history



SKTTR said:

The vertical bar at the left of the screen is nothing to be worried about.
Many scrolling games on NES have this - just look at Super Mario Bros 3.
You can do nothing about it. Nintendo could remove this bar but it's like the matter of slowdown (matrix effect): the game would not be "The Original" without all of it's original flaws.



Rockman said:

Yeah, Jessica...it's nothing to worry about. That actually exists on the NES original, it's a mere product of the NES' limited capabilities.



HenkSpermaTank said:

Horrible Music...

The Music in Kirby's Adventure is a downright Delight
MIDI/well constructed/very very cheerful/happy

I think Jun Ishikawa did a great job on creating this music, heck I even have the Soundtrack (some download somewhere)



Guilherme said:

This is the first Kirby game I ever played, and I can vouchsafe for its playability even today. The game is cute, fun and the level design is excellent. Certainly worth the money.

The music, though, is so bad that I thought I was having emulation issues. The permanent color-shifting left bar is a minor distraction.



Clayfrd said:

Wow! I bought this on your recommendation, and I must say it is fantastic! I just beat it, but I plan to start a new file and beat it again! I had only played the 64 version before, and I think this one tops it. The bosses are as entertaining as the creative levels and characters. 500 points well spent on this one!



SKTTR said:

this is a perfect game for everyone.
it's nice and easy and will cheer you up.
some little secrets can be found in the different levels.
but i've beaten the more better Kirby's Dreamland 1+2+3, Kirby 64 and Kirby's Fun Pak, so this one really pales in comparison. nevertheless, 3 stars would be much too harsh for an old but good NES classic.



ManWich87 said:

Damn, how I HATE slowdowns! And this game's got plenty of that! As soon as theres more than 3-4 sprites on the screen, it slows down to unacceptable "slideshow"-ing. And that really is a shame, since this game has a really good gameplay, and Kirby is just the most adorable little hero I've ever seen!
But alas, I HATE SLOWDOWNS! I they weren't there I'd give it a 5 star rating...



Shortay said:

I'm very tempted to download this, but I think I'll just wait for Super Star, whenever it comes out...



Steph said:

I had this game on the NES long ago, played it to death and had very good memories of this HIGH quality NES game. I decided to download it on Wii and finished it in 3 hours at 100%. It's just too easy, I probably played it too much. The possibility to fly made the game too easy imo. But oh well, i'm 20 yo, I supose I have to pass this game to youngers.

However I don't regret this download. It's a pure classic and collectible. People who never played it won't be disapointed by this HIGH quality NES game. Seriously, this game pushed the NES to his limits. 5 bucks is cheap. Worth it.



pocki said:

how bad is this frequently mentioned "slowdown"?
enough to detract from enjoying the game, if you've never played it before (like me)?



TKS144 said:

@pocki, I'm fine with the slowdown. I never played the game before until now, and I'm totally hooked on it. Kirby's Adventure is practically a drug, lol. The slowdown is distracted by the awesomeness of the game.



jackaroo said:

I love kirby games. I like the way you can steal powerups and stuff. When i downloaded this game it looked familiar immediatly. Id played the remake on GBA and completed it aswell. But i still played through this NES version and loved every second. This is one completly amazing game. Its not too hard and not too easy. You will find yourself dying alot but since lives are easy to pick up thanks to the bonus games you will be able to get into the game easy. I finished the NES version last night and enjoyed every single second. I recommend anyone to download this if your a kirby fan or not.

__retro master


retro master said:

Thi is my first kirby game and it is awesome!!!!! the gameplay is so frikin adicting evry time i turn mmy wii on i am drawn to this game like flys to fire this is my best vc download yet



WiNG said:

I never had an NES as a kid, but heard a lot about this game.

It was my second VC title and once I started I was hooked!

This game is a GEM, in my opinion the best NES game. It makes Mario look like shovelware, there is so much polish and depth. You will NOT regret this, this game will put a smile on your face, and you will be AMAZED the NES could pull this off.



Elk810 said:

The day I bought this on VC and played it I was like "Oh My God. I had no idea any NES games were this advanced ever." This game is one of the best. Great music and sound effect integration and excellent graphics make this something you'd kill for. What more could you ask for? (Still think the graphics are so-so? Wait until you get to the final boss, then try saying that again.) Besides that, the game is loads of fun and full of awesome bonus games, boss fights, and abilities. At 500 points, a game like this is a steal. (^_^)



Xgor said:

This is far one of the best games for the nes and the kirby series.
The grapics is outstanding for a NES game and at some points it's looks like SNES grapics. (no joke)
The music is great and keep the kirby style.(i love the last boss music^^)
The gameplay is great and it's has good level design,the swallow system is groundbreaking (by then) and the secret switches is a great touch, The only flaw is some secret switches is a bit too hard to get with those invisible doorsD:
The difficulity is pretty easy but the vs.boss and the extra mode (that is easier as wii has a save function)
It's suprising this is so cheap as it's so great, 500 is soo cheap!
Get it or else....... you miss something very good and very cheap for it's quality!



Mad_Bomber said:

This is the first game I downloaded on the VC. Fantastic game. I can't believe I never played this on the NES. I guess I thought Kirby looked too cute or something. A few console generations later, and Super Smash Bros. proved me wrong . If I had played this game when it came out on the NES I would have been a die-hard Kirby fan even earlier. Kirby kicks some serious @$$! Now where's Kirby Super Star?!



StarSoldier1 said:

Although it's a bit too easy, KA is definitely one off the best platformer on the NES. Easily a five star just for all the content alone.



Virus said:

It's a wonderful game, definitely a must have for the NES. Like our official reviewer, I must say this game has great music, graphics, and replay for a NES game, and believe or not, it's fun to boot! The game is a tad easy and Kirby's endless hover ability can get annoying, but compared to its good traits, the problems mean nothing. Anyways, the game's only five bucks; get it. Seriously, who wouldn't want to be a pink ball that has a stomach of steel?

9/10: Gotta love the puff ball.



uncle_smuck said:

For a Nes game i had never played in my heyday i downloaded it after VCR review of the game. Thanks. A really fantastic game and it actually rivals SMB3 for depth. A real Gem!!!



yeeat said:

I love this game!!!!
This was one of the best gameboy games ever!!!



Manicfatty said:

What an amazing game. I wouldn't care if the main character was a sea-cucumber, as long as the play mechanics were the same! So many kids and adults alike passed on this the first time because of the kiddy appearance. Now's your chance to play a classic. One of those games that takes a concept to a new level. Pure platforming goodness!



Villain said:

@yeeat: This aint no Game Boy game. It's a sequel to the very first Game Boy, Kirby's Dreamland, true. But the gameplay is heavily upgraded.

Wonderful music in this one. As for the slowdowns, think about it as Bullet Time in the Matrix^^



sirmatt said:

This game seemed so easy to start with, but it ramps up. Fluffy and cute, but with some good challenge. Cute bosses that smile at you with wide glossy eyes while they relentlessly attack is a strange and wonderful thing, lol. For 500 pts a lot of gameplay and fun.



GameGod3008 said:

I bought this because my sister wanted it and i was in a good mood. Upon playing it myself, i was surprised to find myself enjoying a game like this. It was a blast to play and i'd recommend it to anyone into this sort of game.



Pwnage said:

kirby may be cute but he sure does pack a whollop!! and is good with a sword:-)



Lurch said:

Kirby sucks but in a good way. The puffy pink marshmallow defenetly is worth a download and it is hard to find better value for your 500 points. awesome and perfect game earns a 5/5



stinssd said:

I recall this game being more fun back in the day. It's still decent game to play, but it reminds me of bagging groceries: "Just one more bag---Ag! No, not another can of peas!"



MasterMario said:

I wish I knew that this was the original version of Kirby Nightmare in Dreamland for the GBA because I woudn't have spend 500 wii points on a game that I already owned.



calc_nerd said:

Excellent game!!!! I was never a Kirby fan until previewed this game in Brawl and decided to give this game a download. Being one of the last games to come out on the NES, it was well advanced for the system.



Worenx said:

Oh GOD yes! I love this game! Ever since I've played this as a child (I sucked at it though), I became a big fan of the little pink ball of... ... o o; What IS he made of? Oh right. Little pink ball of AWESOME!! Biased rating of 5 / 5! xD



Smileface said:

This has to be one of the best NES titles ever
I played it on SSBB, and kept playing hte same level for about an hour and a half
I would pay 10 dollars for this



captain-banana said:

a bit glichy sometimes, but definately worth everything.
anyone know a tip to beat dedede? its surprisingly challenging



poggydude said:


if you have nightmare in dreamland do not buy

or you'll end up with 2 copies like me



Ircha said:

Great graphics, Loveable Kirby game.
5 stars.

Anyone who agrees with me when I say the third Last boss looks like Waluigi? The guy with the cape.



megacody said:

This is one of those games that you can't believe it was on the nes. The gameplay was wonderful. It may be easy, but it manages to still be fun. It is way better that Kirby 64 for sure. If you love platformers, don't hesitate to spent 5 dollars on this.



PsychoFish said:

It's a nice little game. I first played it on the VC and it was really worth the 500 points. A true classic and one of the must have games für NES lovers.



Ricardo91 said:

I bought this game, even though I have NIDL and knew that it was a remake of this game (The demo in Brawl was just too fun to resist!). I actually think it's better than NIDL: The visuals are more lively and charming, and the minigames are a tad more enjoyable. It's much easier than NIDL (which wasn't that hard to begin with), but also more fun. A steal at $5 imho. 5 stars.

Edit: The black & White Game Boy homage level is my favorite! Worth getting the game for that level alone!



Mipsymoodle said:

Almost Hands Down Best NES Game.......the only competition in that category is Super Mario Bros. 3..............5/5



CanisWolfred said:

I have the remake of this game and loved it! I didn't realize that it was a remake, so I got this one, and now I don't even touch the GBA one. Great game!



Wiireview123 said:

@poggydude: so, the game is worth it to have two diffrent copies of it. i just bought it today and i love it, so much fun!

and is metaknight unlockable in this version of the game?



Iggy said:

@ MR.Cheez- i had to get it also cuz of SSBB

good game i like the mini games a good touch if
you ask me but i will only give it 4 stars cuz its
quite easy



spyster10000 said:

The second I get my next batch of wii points I'll be strate too kirby this game looks like a true classic, Thanks everyone.



Beau_Skunk said:

Like most Kirby titles the game is a bit easy, but has great level design, enemies, bosses, minigames, and it also introduced Kirby's ability to copy enemies abilities once he swollows one. (Like if he eats a fire enemy he gets to shoot fire.)
The final boss also has great animations for a 8-bit game. I like how one of the final levels in the game is completelly black & white, and looks like the original Gameboy game.



Mika said:

Just bought and completed it. I had this on the NES too back in the day and the game still holds up very well. I would rate it the best game on the system along with SMB 1 and 3.

Still have to buy Kirby 64, that one I have never played.



carson said:

Definetley one of my favorite NES games. I Just bought this off the shop channel 30 minutes ago. i love this game. its so simple yet so fun. for sure 5/5



carson said:

Definetley one of my favorite NES games. I Just bought this off the shop channel 30 minutes ago. i love this game. its so simple yet so fun. for sure 5/5



Such a great game. I remember my sister's friend gave it to me before he moved away when I was a kid. I own the GBA version now, but I wouldn't mind having this on Virtual Console some day.



Super_Sonic said:

I want to get this game really badly especially because it is the only NES game with a save feature but it takes up 99 blocks. (Nintendo should fix the storage problem now!) Even if I do get it I would not be sure to eitheir get this game or Sonic the Hedgehog for thr Sega Master System as my next 8-bit title.



AlexSays said:

The only minus here is the fact that the controls are unresponsive.
What specific controls were unresponsive?
I played the entire game without having trouble with any controls.



Cally said:

I always wondered if they got the name "Kirby" from the vacuum cleaner company. XD I wonder if I'm the first or the last one to that party.

Another really great platformer series by Nintendo . . . though secrets are deviously hidden.



purplepikmin said:

This game is brilliantly fun, with some of the best graphics on the NES, I'd definately recommend it. And Kirby came from a lawyer who saved Nintendo after they got sued by Universal about King Kong and Donkey Kong being too similar, and the lawyers name was Mr Kirby.



Nintendork said:

So basically, the lawyer helps Nintendo, and Nintendo turns him into a pink puffball. Man, Nintendo has odd ways of showing their thanks.



Kurachi said:

this is the game which gave me kirby, and thx to this one i became kirby fan for life, also the reason why i have the whole smash bros series
i have it on my VC, and is still the only game i got from VC, but will buy more later
not sure if you people know the secret in 1st or 2nd level of first world ( not sure which)
if not: where theres the warpstar, you go to left until the star is out of screen, but not too far, then go back and you can enter the secret place
nothing there, but is fun

oh and, that secret place, i made on ssbb as own level, but very big, so had to add lifts too



RetroNL said:

I was in love with this game when I was younger, you could do everything, it was like the baby version of megaman(that is the only minor thing) with much more details in it. The difficulty level was also normal, it was playable even for the beginning gamers back then. This is also one of the games that had a saving menu in it like Zelda.

Even the graphics where stunning, to be honest I liked this game just as much as super mario bros. 3 maybe a bit more , because you could morph so much

4 stars
if I could give more (4,5)



Kurachi said:

oh, forgot to mention: i also completed it for 100% (thats including the secrets) and then i got a harder mode, thats same game, but instead of 6, you have 3 HP, so new challenge



AVahne said:

mmmm i get the bar at the left side of the screen but im not getting the slowdown that other people are getting. i already beat the game 100% and its AWESOME! GETI IT NOW IF YOU HAVEN'T ALREADY!



Divock said:

I downloaded this game on an emulator to try it out, and after completing the first level, I saw it was very similar to another game I played. So I looked up on wikipedia, and guess what? Nightmare In Dreamland, a game I bought because I thought Kirby was awesome and I loved the commercial, was a remake of the game! I've only played a little of Kirby's Adventure and I plan to buy it myself, but after looking at the changes Wikipedia said were made, I gotta be honest, this game probably kicks BUTT! Looking at the comments, I gotta say this is true. Kirby kind of reminds me of Megaman...or not...whatever...5/5.



Myst said:

The first video game I ever beat.... I was in elementary school.... and I still love it now. Definitely worth the 500 points!



blackknight77 said:

I owned a NES, but I had moved on to Sega's 16 bit- powerhouse and missed out on Kirby back in the day. I just downloaded Kirby yesterday and its the first time I have ever played a Kirby game. Its so good too. Excellent graphics and music with cool minigames and powerups. This one is not to be missed



Goomba2996 said:

Great 500 points spent finished it loved it one of kirby's best! Great for a first kirby game if you are new at them.



pikmin95 said:

My only complaint is that its repetitive and slow. Other than that, a great game!



beyondmany said:

I have been thinking recently about the back catalog on the Virtual Console. So, I went looking for some undiscovered gems. After reading the review and comments here, I bought this game and I found myself impressed. This is worth the 500 points.



Objection said:

I ask because I never had this game: does it use a password system or does it save your progress automatically?



Kifa said:

Great platformer, with tons of replayability (ah, the completion meter... ) and own, charming style. The game's easier than I thought, not that it does not provide some kind of challenge, it's just on the easier side. The music is not as good as in SMB though.



Tate24 said:

awww love game!!!!

never play this one before and its so good love all different powers you get its so cool!!!

bargain at 500 points!!



LittleIrves said:

You know.... I gave this a shot, having never played it (only Kirby's Dreamland for GB, which I remember enjoying) and figured I had to bone up on my NES classics. It was... pretty good. For some reason, though, I never felt that simple-but-fun magic of so many old (and new) Nintendo games. That being said, I did feel compelled to play until the end.... it was mildly addicting, but after the main game was over, I was left feeling somewhat disappointed. Maybe I just don't jive with the Kirby character itself. And yes, that music is horrendous. The Duel/Draw mini-game is pretty funny, though. I'd say 3.5/5



SquirrelNuts said:

I just got this on VC. I played it one night at my cousin's house as a kid, but I didn't really like it. Well, I was a fool. This game is awesome! I am on the 4th level and loving it. I have to go to work now, and am a little bummed that the Kirbyness must stop for now.



SuperLink said:

Ahhh, what a nice game. It's the kind of game that you always remember for being just so darn cute. What I like about this game (and for that matter, the whole Kirby series) is the vast range of forms attacks Kirby can take by swallowing his enemies. My personal favorite in this game: Flying Saucer. My favorite Kirby weapon in general: The Hammer.

"He's the super tuff pink puff!"

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