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Sun 20th Jan 2008

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jackaroo commented on Amazon UK Delays Some Shulk Pre-Orders to Late...:

I guess I'll find out tomorrow regarding mine. I ordered mine on the 2nd of December along with Sonic and Megaman. No email so far but I'm waiting to see if they are just waiting for the release of the other two tomorrow before shooting me down. Hope that's not the case .



jackaroo commented on New Phoenix Wright: Dual Destinies Trailers Re...:

I dont think this is a big deal and to be honest it's a bit of a surprise the other games haven't reached an M Rating already. I mean they deal with alot of mature things in the form of murders and even suicides. Even the first scene of the first game starts with a statue dripping with blood, followed by a woman with blood pouring from her head. My guess is that it hasn't got any worse than that but due to the added detail from the 3D Graphics it has just received the higher rating.



jackaroo commented on Second Project X Zone Demo Hitting 3DS eShop O...:

Didn't realise the demo had been released until I went on the eShop yesterday to download something else. Saw it and straight away downloaded it. It's awesome. I didn't fully understand how the battles work but nevertheless I still enjoyed it. Looking forward to the second demo a great deal.



jackaroo commented on No Sequel From The World Ends With You Teaser:

As far as I know you still fight with 2 characters but on the same screen instead. All teh screenshots ive seen have 2 characters on the same screen. I've also heard people mention you switch between them in battle or something along those lines. I've downloaded the iOS version but havent played it yet. I'll be giving it a go later.

Won't lie though this was a massive disappointment. Im happy to play the game again in HD but I would've loved if this had been a sequel instead. Damn you square enix!!!



jackaroo commented on Rumour: Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing Sequel f...:

Would be awesome if we got a sequel. This is my second favourite kart racer just behind Crash Team Racing. I would like more variety in a sequel though. I mean I love sonic but a few changes could've been made. Like replace Big with another Sega character. And wouldn't have minded if the 9 sonic levels were cut down to 3 instead (1 track per locale) and the other 6 used for other sega franchises. Like phantasy star for example.



jackaroo commented on Review: WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Microgame$! (3DS...:

Ah I remember my first time playing this. I was on holiday in america and they had it on display in Wal-Mart. I had never heard about the game before but as soon as I started playing I didn't want to stop. In the end I had to buy it otherwise I would've just been stuck in Wal-Mart all day lol. Such a fun game. Absolutely insane and incredibly addictive. I've played through it and unlocked everything multiple times in the past and im still having fun doing it again with the ambassador program.



jackaroo commented on Sonic Generations Japanese Site Opens with New...:

I think its great that shadows in the game. And he is ment to be a Boss/Rival Battle in the same way as metal sonic. I think its basically just a race in the 3DS version (Based on screens ive seen of Metal Sonic & Shadow).



jackaroo commented on Ride the Rails with RollerCoaster Tycoon 3D Ne...:

I love RCT 1 & 2. Ive put hours into those games. But RCT3. Eh. Couldnt get into it. Still often go back to the others though. If this is like those or even a port of one of them id buy it. If its like RCT3 or a port of RCT3 then id probably wait for a price drop.



jackaroo commented on Sonic Generations Shots Show Casino Night Action:

Im actually excited about this now. I wasnt at first because it looked awful but after the recent gamescom vids my opinion has changed. They've made alot of improvements since E3 so im very much looking forward to this version now. Im still far more excited about the HD Versions but ill definatly be getting this version alongside the HD one.



jackaroo commented on NES and Game Boy Advance Games Coming to 3DS V...:

This is awesome news. Also I find this interesting :
"Once the paid versions of the games are posted to the Nintendo eShop later in the year, the updated versions will be available to Ambassadors for download at no cost."
Thats from the NES Paragraph. What do they mean by Updated versions? Does that mean sequels (If im not mistaken Ice Climber and Balloon fight dont have sequels though) or does it mean 3D Classics versions of those games? Or something else?



jackaroo commented on First Impressions: Sonic Generations:

Ive not been impressed by this since I saw the E3 gameplay. I was excited for the 3DS Version at first but my expectations have dropped considerably. I really really hope that Dimps does put the extra effort in to get this game up to scratch. And theres even rumours that this version has been delayed till next year and if thats the case im all for it. If it gives them more time to get it right ill be fine. The console editions on the other hand are looking and (Based on the recent demo) playing fantastic. I cant wait for the console version. This one though I can wait for. I will get it no matter what form it comes in but I really do hope they listen to the feedback.



jackaroo commented on Rumour: SEGA Preparing a Third Sonic Storybook...:

I did enjoy Secret Rings & Black Knight myself but for those who didnt theres still hope. The same team that created the storybook series did make colours too. So who knows. They could make this in the same style as colours due to the great reception. Just with more of a storybook theme to it.



jackaroo commented on Translated Episodes of Game Center CX to be Ai...:

@edhe I hope not. I love this show. Ive found a few translated episodes online previously and love it. Ive been waiting for more episodes to be translated by fans but if this succeedes it will be just as good and probably more frequent too.
Plus if it does succeed then it could possibly mean a translation of Retro Game Challenge 2. The first one was excellent and I was very disappointed when I found out we wouldnt be getting the second.



jackaroo commented on Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 2 Due "In the Ne...:

I enjoyed it too. Yes it was nothing like the original series (Physics wise) but I wasnt bothered. I just had a fun time playing it. It had good music, graphics and level design and was just a fun experience overall. Im looking forward to Episode 2 quite a bit. And apparently there working on all new zones this time around. Not remakes of existing ones. So it should be interesting.



jackaroo commented on Alleyway Bouncing to 3DS VC:

Got this on one of those dodgy 30 in 1 cartridges when I was little. Still around somewhere. Its an ok game. It was fine for short bursts but I wont be buying it again. If I ever want to play it again ill just dig up that cartridge and play it on there.



jackaroo commented on Crush 3D to Flatten Your 3DS:

Picked this up for 3 Pound on PSP last year. Its an excellent puzzler game. I was hooked but the puzzles get very hard and I didnt manage to finish it. Although I made sure to collect everything in every level so I probably made it harder on myself than normal. But still awesome game. Highly recommend it but if this is identical to the PSP version then it might be worth getting that instead since its cheaper.



jackaroo commented on Sega Teases Sonic Anniversary Announcement for...:

Apparently was registered by sega a couple days ago so looking like its going to be something relating to sonics past. My guess is either a prequel (They had a poll asking who would be interested in a prequel last year), a compilation (.....please dont lol) or a remake of classic levels in 3D like it was reported back in novemebr or whenever it was.



jackaroo commented on Nintendo Refutes Claims of Widespread 3DS Head...:

First of all "Aimed at children" - There is a clear warning stating the 3D shouldnt be experienced by anyone under 6.
Second of all "Most kids arent going to turn the 3D off" - Well is that Nintendos fault. No. They have even included methods of stopping the 3D altogether such as parental controls that can disable the 3D function. If kids experience headaches and dont turn the 3D off thats there own fault or the parents fault. Nintendo is not to blame.
And nintendo should recall the product? What about the thousands of other people enjoying the product. If they were to recall it then do it to fix the BSOD not because one person got a headache.



jackaroo commented on Nintendo Responds to 3DS Black Screen Error:

Ive experienced this twice. Both times whilst playing Rayman 3D. I also had my system updated and before I experienced either I even formatted my SD Card to FAT32 after id heard of this error. So I can cross those off as possible remedies. Hope they fix the problem soon through a firmware update. I dont want to be apart from my 3DS for a couple weeks while its repaired



jackaroo commented on Rayman 3D Details Revealed:

I love Rayman 2 but I am a little disappointed that there just porting it again. I was hoping for a new Rayman but I knew they'd do this. What im most interested by though is the fact that its the dreamcast version. Does this mean we could see some more dreamcast titles on 3DS in the future?
Sonic Adventure 3D or Jet Set Radio 3D anyone?



jackaroo commented on Mario Sports Mix Gets a Little Square Enix Boost:

I had no idea this was being made by Square Enix. I loved Mario Hoops on DS so im pretty sure ill love this too. As for the sqaure enix characters they had the same characters in the DS one so im not too surprised they put them in here.



jackaroo commented on Purple Power Unveiled in Latest Sonic Colours ...:

@lex0plex : 2 reviews have been shown already. One was from NGamer magazine in the UK who gave it an 8 and the other was Nintendo Power who gave it a 9. So far so good.
Normally I would preorder a new Sonic game but I think im going to wait till christmas for this one. Looking good though.



jackaroo commented on Mario and Sonic Olympics was Yuji Naka's Idea,...:

@LuWiiGi : I agree. I had alot of fun for the first few weeks and then it was just boring. The second game was far better I thought. I still find that fun today. It had alot more variety in both gameplay and controls where as the first was just waggle and run really lol.



jackaroo commented on Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Races to WiiWare on Octob...:

@Melvin2898 Theres set days when Downloads go up on each console. Wii downloads go up on Mondays for america and Fridays for Europe. XBLA Downloads go up wednesday globally. And I think PSN Downloads go up Wednesday globally too. Im not 100% sure on that one though. But thats the reason.



jackaroo commented on Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Races to WiiWare on Octob...:

@James You match my excitement for this game. Sonic 1 was also my first game and I have been dying to play this since it was revealed. The timing couldnt be better really since I just finished Playing through Sonic 1,2,3&K this last couple of weeks so im all geared up to begin Sonic 4 now. Just gotta hold on a couple of weeks and then the fun shall begin
Also there is 4 Acts Per zone. 3 acts are full Levels and 1 act is dedicated to the boss.