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Tue 20th Jan 2009

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Mega_Wolf commented on Review: Bit.Trip Core (WiiWare):

Personally, I don't find this game to be that much more difficult that BEAT. The first time I played this game was with a friend who had never played it before also and we got up to the 2nd level boss and nearly beat him. With 1 player this game can drive you nuts with the difficulty; however, if you bring another player into the mix the game gets significantly easier and a bit more fun. While the game is still relatively hard with 2 players, it's one of those games that the more you play the farther you progress. If you put an hour or two into it you should be able to at least come close to beating the game.



Mega_Wolf commented on Review: Summer Games II (C64):

If Jesus had a say he would release more games that are worthy of my purchase. Sure this game looks fun, but any of the many alternatives would have been better. Next time mayhap.



Mega_Wolf commented on USA VC Update: Ogre Battle: The March of the B...:

Are they serious? Maybe with 2000 extra blocks on my wii and half priced wii points would I buy this game. Awesome game when it game out, but has definitely lost its appeal over the years. Better to spend your $8 on some grain alcohol to make you forget that they released this game above anything else.



Mega_Wolf commented on Lords of Thunder:

I have never been the biggest fan of shooter games; just never seemed to be able to get into them. However, I decided to add one to my VC collection and ended up choosing Lords of Thunder due to the great reviews and engaging video clip of the gameplay. This game has given me a new perspective on the genre. The music is simply awesome and the gameplay is compelling, fun and surprisingly doesnt feel repetetive at all. The shop feature adds an extra dimension to the gaming experience by allowing for you to adjust the difficulty levels of the game as you progress through the various stages. It's fun seeing how far you can get with only a few points of life and no shields or bombs. This may be the best game I have ever played that is devoid of any sort of plot or storyline. Would highly recommend this game to anyone who has previously shunned the shooter genre.

If I wanted to buy 1 more shooter for the VC (or 2 if I could be convinced), what should I get? The gameplay in Gates of Thunder looks too similar to this, and I'd rather have a bit of variety if I'm only purchasing a few shooters. I was looking at Star Parodier...any suggestions?



Mega_Wolf commented on Comix Zone:

Just downloaded this game based on the reviews and curiosity. Extraordinarily unique game presentation, decently compelling storyline and fun gameplay... at first. However, due to the ridiculous difficulty (can't get passed the 3rd stage yet) and monotonous level structure (not much changes throughout the game) I would only recommend this game to those willing to accept never getting any closure on your frustration. There are definetly better games to buy for $8.