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Mon 11th February, 2008

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yeeat commented on Mario Bros.:

I'll say go with donkey kong rather than this... but it's subjective :)



yeeat commented on Galaga:

well, this looks like the one i played all the time but the other one looks way better than this. Which one i should pick? :)
I guess i'll go with my addiction :)



yeeat commented on Fatal Fury:

It's definitely better than street fighter one but can it beat king of fighters? If i have a bunch of points to spend i won't even consider thinking "not to buy" I'll buy it right away but i still say wait for KOF 2000 or at least 96 or 98 or something...



yeeat commented on Excitebike:

my additiction when i had the sega :)
Still in awesome game! however, the question is would you care to spend 500 points for it?



yeeat commented on Donkey Kong:

love the comment on 22. :D
Same here but i might buy it anytime soon. It's tempting :)
Such an awesome game! Go for it if you are looking for something 500 points :)



yeeat commented on Balloon Fight:

I totally agree with comment "33."
It'll make you bored soon if it's played by oneself...



yeeat commented on Alex Kidd in the Enchanted Castle:

I'll give 3 stars to this one, just because it's such an old and famous game in the past. In addition these attributes, it has a nice sound and a nice gameplay however, it just doesn't fit right? I don't know it's me or it was the sega but SEGA showed this game way better maybe i played the different version who know. However, if you are an adventure person and looking for something almost like mario, i say go for it. It's only 8 bucks anyway...



yeeat commented on Golden Axe:

I would say this is easy 4 stars but i think i would like to give 4,5 :)
Funny thing is, this is the best one in the series and it's such an awesome one. Love the music and quality and gameplay. Golde axe kick as usual ;)



yeeat commented on Donkey Kong Country:

Pretty neat game as it said in many post above, definetly one of the bests in SNES



yeeat commented on Art of Fighting:

OK. I'm going to give this game 3 stars just because it's a good game. However, this game can not stand alone in fornt of king of fighters. If i'm not mistaken some of the charechters already used in KOF, isn't it? Anyway, a good fighting game so far but do i recommend it, yes and no. Yes, because i don't want to you to get mortal kombat 1 instead :D No, wait for the KOF 2000 or some other version of it ;)



yeeat commented on Bubble Bobble:

It's so funny that i was thinkgin the same thing... I thought this came into neo-geo but apparently not :) I actually played this game in C64 in the first place :D

It's a good game to play but it's not that great. I would prefer to go with snow bros instead of this but i already purchased it :)