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Mon 11th Feb 2008

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yeeat commented on Mario Bros.:

I'll say go with donkey kong rather than this... but it's subjective



yeeat commented on Galaga:

well, this looks like the one i played all the time but the other one looks way better than this. Which one i should pick?
I guess i'll go with my addiction



yeeat commented on Fatal Fury:

It's definitely better than street fighter one but can it beat king of fighters? If i have a bunch of points to spend i won't even consider thinking "not to buy" I'll buy it right away but i still say wait for KOF 2000 or at least 96 or 98 or something...



yeeat commented on Excitebike:

my additiction when i had the sega
Still in awesome game! however, the question is would you care to spend 500 points for it?



yeeat commented on Donkey Kong:

love the comment on 22.
Same here but i might buy it anytime soon. It's tempting
Such an awesome game! Go for it if you are looking for something 500 points



yeeat commented on Balloon Fight:

I totally agree with comment "33."
It'll make you bored soon if it's played by oneself...



yeeat commented on Alex Kidd in the Enchanted Castle:

I'll give 3 stars to this one, just because it's such an old and famous game in the past. In addition these attributes, it has a nice sound and a nice gameplay however, it just doesn't fit right? I don't know it's me or it was the sega but SEGA showed this game way better maybe i played the different version who know. However, if you are an adventure person and looking for something almost like mario, i say go for it. It's only 8 bucks anyway...



yeeat commented on Golden Axe:

I would say this is easy 4 stars but i think i would like to give 4,5
Funny thing is, this is the best one in the series and it's such an awesome one. Love the music and quality and gameplay. Golde axe kick as usual



yeeat commented on Donkey Kong Country:

Pretty neat game as it said in many post above, definetly one of the bests in SNES



yeeat commented on Art of Fighting:

OK. I'm going to give this game 3 stars just because it's a good game. However, this game can not stand alone in fornt of king of fighters. If i'm not mistaken some of the charechters already used in KOF, isn't it? Anyway, a good fighting game so far but do i recommend it, yes and no. Yes, because i don't want to you to get mortal kombat 1 instead No, wait for the KOF 2000 or some other version of it



yeeat commented on Bubble Bobble:

It's so funny that i was thinkgin the same thing... I thought this came into neo-geo but apparently not I actually played this game in C64 in the first place

It's a good game to play but it's not that great. I would prefer to go with snow bros instead of this but i already purchased it