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Shrapnel09 commented on Phantasy Star II:

I.. i got the game cause im a give fan of ps3, so far its pretty cool (a few gameplay decisions i dont agree with but its fine).

I need help, i looked online and found nothing, you know a little into the game you go to the garbage dump called roron, you talk to yellow guy and there is a jet scooter right on the outside... well after i got that i wanted to save, so i drove it to peice of land, got out, went ot town to save and now my scooter is gone......

I went back to roron and yellow dudes that i talked to to get scooter are gone!... so where do i find it? i need that thing man, i dont want to restart game... I know you are reading this mods, making sure its safe.. please it will just take a moment of your time, where do i find my scooter?

Thank you



Shrapnel09 commented on EU VC Releases - 21st September - Ninja Week:

lolz, haha... 600 points? thats a slap in the face if i ever saw one, ha ha ha!

oh well atleast you are playing super mario 2 japan right now. i will download that game as soon as it gets released here in the US.. i only played the stupid updated graphics all stars version, and i wand OLD school! oh well... 2 each his own.. i guess



Shrapnel09 commented on Super C:

awesome game! i have never played Super C till i downloaded it and its a very nice contra addition, i played and beat the original contra about 500 times and if im lucky i can beat the game without getting hit. i consider myself a fairly seasoned contra 1 vet, so when you, drake, said the game was easier i wasnt sure what to think.

but i think that all depends on how much you memorized the game, like the first one i can beat endless times in a row without the 30 live cheat, however i need the ten live cheat code for this one simply cause i dont have the game pattern down yet. but i can tell this one seems easier, boss fights especially.

oh and if your curious the 10 live cheat for the game is: left, right, down, up, a, b at the start screen.



Shrapnel09 commented on Metroid:

ok, this is coming from an old schooler gamer who never played the original metroid for the NES till now... I have beaten the game 3 times in the past 2 days and it was amazing! its only hard your first time through when you dont get the right upgrades in time and are vulnerable throughout most of the game. but after that hump the game is real easy imo, i didnt even die my 3rd time through.

and i did take heed to warnings of mindless wondering (which i hate in games) but i didnt have that problem with this game, you know why? I made my own maps as i played. I hate to cheat so i didnt look up for maps online but i did find it quite fun to chart my own progress as i went.

On the one hand i can see how this game gets a 3 star rating because it would be frustrating and repetitive to a casual gamer who doesn't know how to look up maps online. but on the other hand once you do have an idea of where you are throughout the game its so insanely fun _and addictive_ it just boggles the mind that it received 3 stars. tough choice indeed, i suppose the admins need to consider who their target audience is when writing reviews for games.

I also dont agree with comparing old VC games graphically to the present day. I honestly never understood the concept of claiming that an NES game has dated graphics... are they supposed to get better over time or something? Now i know not every NES game is created equal and that SMB3 compared to SMB is a huge graphical leap, but its still 8-bit graphics whichever way you look at it and that is what i expect to see for i dont download NES games for the pretty looks . If you are looking to play games with modern "non-dated" graphics then i believe old NES games arnt for you.



Shrapnel09 commented on Adventures of Lolo:

i seen rumor that there is an expert mode, or some way you can change the skill level, i just recently beat it and i would prefer a more challenging run this time...... is there such a cheat to change the level of difficulty?



Shrapnel09 commented on Hardware Focus - Nintendo 64:

Bass X0 - Goldeneye isnt in the same boat as perfect dark, conker's bad fur day. so dont be so pessimistic by saying something like "you'll never play", Activision IS a 3rd party publisher/developer after all. And even though rare made a game in the goldeneye franchise doesn't mean they can tell activision what they can and cant do with their james bond license. and three, the fact the Reggie expressed interest in getting the game and saying "the pain is worth the gain" should be a little convincing to atleast say that Nintendo knows there is a possibility.

Though it will likely be more than $10, Goldeneye will be on VC eventually, mark my words!

oh ya... i see that Nima wrote this, am i to assume that it is the same iNma in the forums?



Shrapnel09 commented on Hardware Focus - Nintendo 64:

well said indeed, I personally hated the controller, but i loved the fact there were no load times and no need to buy a memory stick. But your right, it all boils down to the games, in which the N64 had the best of.



Shrapnel09 commented on Europe VC Releases - 29th June - Kirby's Dream...:

"Hope Sonic 2 and SFII Turbo will arrive soon!!"
"wheres sfII turbo!!"
"I wish we'd got SF2 Turbo"

hahaha, oh i love being on the other side of the table, having starving Europeans begging for US releases instead, ahh feels good



Shrapnel09 commented on Japanese Virtual Console list - July 2007:

another racing game for the N64? now im sure wave race is good and all, but i think they need to mix up the genres a little bit more... either way its great news to hear paper mario is on the way... Which is always a good sign.



Shrapnel09 commented on Kirby's Dream Course:

cant wait for a video of it, i have never played this game before... however i have been buying a lot lately and need to slow down, i will have to wait till future and then decide



Shrapnel09 commented on F-Zero X:

i have never played this before, but after a few hours i just got to say.. damn this is one hell of racing game! puts the f-zero on SNES to shame actually... damn big blue is so trippy with that long pipe and all, cant wait to play this game when im high! good times ahead!



Shrapnel09 commented on Street Fighter II Turbo: Hyper Fighting:

omg, i just got done playing a full 10 star game and ... DAMN lol that is insane! thanks a lot for cheat and all... oh and you dont need to press X A for it to work, again this is awesome and i dont feel bad re-buying the game.



Shrapnel09 commented on Street Fighter II Turbo: Hyper Fighting:

i was being sarcastic when talking about the 25 updates, i dont like how capcom releases so many versions of this game trying to cash in as much as possible.

Either way i seen on multiple sites that if you wait until the Turbo logo flashes, and quickly press Down, R, Up, L, Y, B on controller two you can have the option of adding up to 10 stars, similar to what fed said earlier... now i just need to confirm this, thats all... thats all i need.



Shrapnel09 commented on Street Fighter II Turbo: Hyper Fighting:

regarding the 10 star turbo setting... i mean THIS is the version where you can do that right? i know there are 25 different updates of the same game so i get a little confused... i just need someone else to confirm them because i lay down another 8 bucks for the update. thank you



Shrapnel09 commented on Shining Force:

i never heard of this game before... however due to the severe lack of actually rpgs in VC (and zelda is an action adventure, if you cant lvl up your character it is NOT an rpg, i dont care who says it is(cept zelda II)).. anyway because of the severe lack of rpg's and with all these good comments i may have to give it a try.

However someone on here mentioned that the sequel had updated many things including the challenge, should i expect this game to be too easy? should i wait for Shinning force II like others have mentioned?! only you can decide.



Shrapnel09 commented on Europe VC Releases - 22nd June - Mega Man:

here here StricklyBeats, you have spoken words that many should follow. if only NOA and or NOE would release a monthly schedule to tell us what would be coming up in the following week so there wouldnt be near as many mindless whinnying complaints that do nothing to bring whatever game they want to VC any sooner.

(ofcourse a public release schedule will only hurt nintendo since more people would be willing to wait for a good game they know is coming soon and be more unlikely to download a less popular game before hand.)

Regarding mega man, i am well aware how popular and overrated the series and this particular game is... however i didnt question the release schedule or another game that could take its place, simply the game itself. I currently have 31 VC games downloaded and whenever there is a week with nothing good, i just go back and get more time in my other downloaded games until then... patience is key.



Shrapnel09 commented on Europe VC Releases - 22nd June - Mega Man:

i own the collectors edition for both this and mega man X... i am willing to re-buy the first few mega man X games, but not these!

i grew up in the 80's and i thought mega man 2 was pretty fun and all, but now playing the original mega man games i am in disgust at its gameplay. I'm sure it was cool and original back in the day.. but not now, there are sooo many times when playing this game, wishing the level designer was sitting next to me so i could punch him in the face every time i died from falling on spikes that i couldnt even see until it was too late!!!

... but for some strange reason i always find my self going back to play it, i dont know why i feel the urge to play this horrid game... its evil i tell you! EEEVVVIIIILL!!!



Shrapnel09 commented on Top 10 platform games we want to come to the V...:

@SCkkKatTTrrRrbrain Bubble Bobble FTW!

like many on here i do agree that its surprising not to see Yoshi's island on here when you are doing a "your favorite" platformers type deal on here. but thats your opinion if you think adventure island was a better more fun/enjoyable experience, thats fine.

But speaking of good games being released early, do you really believe that the heads of nintendo will span out the good classic VC games for the full 5+ years? I just dont know.... at the rate they are going now I've calculated that nintendo will have completely exhausted all their "good" games by roughly this time next year, but is that really a bad thing? do we really want to wait 4 more years to see hit titles like Mario 3 or Kirby's super star?... I believe its time you made an article regarding Nintendo's release schedule, make it so!



Shrapnel09 commented on Top 10 platform games we want to come to the V...:

i dont see why one would bother mentioning mario 3, sonic 3, and dkc 3.... its obvious its going to show up on VC anyway, you should of did a "top 10 platformers that we hope will show up on VC" rather than just stating some games that we know will show up but you just want them to show up "sooner"

anyway i agree with most of the stuff as anyone would simply because you named off a lot of the most popular platformers anyway, no real point to those few.... however i dont want to bitch too much so i will try to be a bit more positive. Lost vikings was a good example you showed cause it was a title i was thinking about recently, im sure blizzard wouldnt care either way, its just a matter of them having enough interest to bother with a VC download, however the fact that it was re-released on GBA does give some hope (along with rock and roll racing).

adam's family and duck tails being licensed games makes it unlikely. and regarding banjo...I really really hope rare decides to go 3rd party and branch off from microsoft, granted MS paid $500 mil for rare, but its not like they are making them any money. hopefully within the next 10 years rare might branch off .. i just hope it isnt too late and nintendo would still be offer games after the wii's life cycle, or have the same VC type system with current games on their next gen console.... only time will tell



Shrapnel09 commented on Europe VC Releases - 15th June - F-Zero X on t...:

well let me just say that EU actually knows how to celebrate something... (im guessing for our 200th release special we will get sega's "greendog the beached surfer dude", while you get goldeneye or something)

anyway i have never played the N64 version of f-zero before, however i will download it once we get it, simply because its and f-zero game and i need to be official since i already got the SNES version. Either way have fun with it, i can only hope that the US retaliates with Paper Mario as our next N64 game



Shrapnel09 commented on US VC Releases - 11th June - Sonic 2:

a few reasons why i like to buy the VC version and not purchase a collectors disc:

+ save state
+ convenience
+ prefer the classic controller

sure the logical economical thing to do is to get the collectors edition of said franchises, while that may be true, I view the virtual console as more of a official collector's type of system with data that will never get worn down (unlike cartridge/disc) and can be backed up via SD card. which is why i plan to invest a lot of money in VC.

Even though i own megamanX collectors for cube, i still plan to buy the first three megamanX's for SNES if they come out, im a purist so i enjoy using the SNES-like classic controller that adds to the old school feel.



Shrapnel09 commented on ActRaiser:

is it me or is the simulation mode so pathetically easy that it insults your intelligence? I mean the game is pretty cool and all, i like it overall. Its just that in sim mode they pretty much tell you what to do when something comes up.."teddy is lost give him some bread", "we need rain, make it rain".. kind of boring actually, just build in the direction of the monser's lair and move on, thats really all you need to do.

platforming is pretty average. nothing too special there.. music is AWSOME though, i will give it that. but all in all i would give the game a 4/5 for an above average platforming experience and a boring simulation mode. you know just because square made it doesnt mean its an instant 5/5



Shrapnel09 commented on Kid Chameleon:

you know i think your review gives this game a bad name, i remember my mom renting this game for me as a child and it was pretty fun, then i played the rom 10 years later and it was still good. I was planning on getting this for VC but then i was hesitant by your harshed review. However the spirits and good will of the people's comments have rekindled my spirit and now i do plan to get it.



Shrapnel09 commented on Europe VC Releases - 8th June - Adventures of ...:

"the adventures of lolo? you better of saved the receipt", come on, someone out there who watches has to know what that is from.

anyway if and when this gets released in US i think i will download it based off that line, besides i could use a good puzzle game.



Shrapnel09 commented on Zelda II is the 100th Classic Game Added To Vi...:

i dont see how releasing Zelda II is a milestone to be celebrated, funny how the same game is released in other areas just a regular download but it gets hyped up here. I mean the game wasnt even that immensely popular as the other games in the franchise.

Even though im going to buy it for sure, it would just make a lot more sense if they released a N64 zelda title instead, perhaps if OOT and Zelda II switched release spots this would make more sense to celebrate. This "100th celebration" is nothing more than some cheap way to hype up VC. I mean christ you still pay full price for it anyway, this kind of marketing makes me sick.

but still its nice to finally see it release



Shrapnel09 commented on Europe VC Releases - 25th May - Super Mario Br...:

Alright Bass X0, you can sugar coat this by saying the real Mario 2 was too difficult which is understandable. But still the game Super Mario 2 is a lie. While i did play this a lot as a child and as fun as it was (after some getting used to) this ISNT a mario game in my book, its just a completely different game with mario's face. The only thing holding this together is that shiggy designed both of them.

As far as it being unlikely to be released in the US: im sure there are a thousand japanese games that wouldnt get released here in the US (or anywhere else), it doesnt justify Nintendo changing the sprites and tweaking the gameplay and calling it "Super Mario 2" as if it was any different.

And for all the All Stars comments, i wouldnt get all stars if they offered it at launch. I am an extreme purist with Virtual Console, and i want everything to be exactly the way it was when playing these games as a kid, i didnt need any souped up version of the originals with flashy new graphics and sound. But ofcourse that doesnt apply to everyone.



Shrapnel09 commented on Europe VC Releases - 25th May - Super Mario Br...:

Original? super mario 2 is a sad story really... this game is actually just a graphics hack of nintendo's Doki Doki Panic in japan. they just threw mario's name in the title to sell more copies.

Dont believe me? type in Doki Doki Panic in google and you will find your answer. Still im getting this once it gets released in the US, fun game either way... just not an original mario game at all.



Shrapnel09 commented on Paper Mario coming to the Virtual Console:

you know after reading the news on this at i WAS going to come on here and point it out and make fun... but it appears you are already on top of that, kudos to you VC guys. ill need to buy TTYD, played and beat it already last year.

now normally people would bitch and complain about other games not being out here, but i think Nintendo is doing pretty well as of late and i am satisfied.... but serious why isnt Zelda II released in the US yet, come on... seriously .... think about it.



Shrapnel09 commented on US VC Releases - 9th April - Alex Kidd:

....i didnt get any chocolate....

i just want some RPGs man, final fantasy or something, anything. i dont want to play alex the kid, no sir. i WOULD be playing zeldaII and punchout right now, at the exact same time! with two wiis on two tv's and two controllers one in each hand/foot, but im not in europe now am i?! nooo



Shrapnel09 commented on Commodore 64 games on the Virtual Console:

unfortunately i never did play the C64, i missed out on a golden age generation, however i wouldnt mind a 2600 console on there, i would pay 2 bucks a piece for some of them Atari classics.



Shrapnel09 commented on Europe VC Releases - 23rd March - Zelda Link t...:

everything is going as i foreseen... you will now see the adventures of link for US on monday and when that day comes you will find all the answers you need.

im just surprised to see so many zelda games so early in the console's life, you would think nintendo would spread them out.



Shrapnel09 commented on US VC Releases - 19th March - Beyond Oasis:

i got your constructive comments right here: regarding Zelda, its a big Nintendo conspiracy. How strange that lttp is in the us and the aof is in EU. I can tell you the day aof hits US will be the same day as lttp hits EU to increase excitement. Although i cant tell you when this will occur, actually it will transpire April 6th and 9th, interview source:

anyway now that excitebike is here in the US i will now download DKC so its like 2 games in one... oh ya... yep



Shrapnel09 commented on Double Dungeons:

heh i should download the ROM just to see how bad it is. and Zee has a point, i have never played any FF game in my life. So looking forward to square releasing FF1.



Shrapnel09 commented on Sonic Spinball:

lol 2 stars huh, knowing how soft you guys are on reviews i will make sure to avoid this one! I do remember playing a little bit if it waaaay back in the day, i guess it was fun but don't remember anything about it.

Either way i just want to play excitebike, is that too much to ask?



Shrapnel09 commented on Hardware Focus - Sega Megadrive / Genesis:

Slogans like: "Genesis does what nintendont" makes me sick. I owned my genesis for a long time now and maybe i just didn't play enough good games for it. But i know that the SNES had better mario/zelda/metroid quality games and not the rushed sonic ones. and because nintendo was focused on what they wanted to do and not throw in add-ons, and thus why they prevailed.

The point here is that a genesis controller has the same number of buttons as a NES controller... what does that matter? i dont know, what i DO know is because sega has the "im cool" image it caused the genesis to be over-rated. and the sega games out now are not that impressive to be honest



Shrapnel09 commented on Kirby's Adventure:

a very fun game indeed! I love the kirby swimming animation and im suprised how well the gameplay actually plays out. eating people and taking their abilities is a really nice feature and again nintendo did it very well. The "music".... i dont know about you, but this game has some of the most horrible 'music' i ever heard, its ear piercing, headache creating bad, hell i wouldnt even call it music. its like they just threw a bunch of random sounds together and cranked the tempo up 400%. There is no rythem at all just tons of sound blips going on and off as fast as the NES can handle, i really dont understand it.

Ironically in super smash brothers the kirby course (N64 version) had my most favorite music of all the other stages. But aslong as you have the volume turned way down i really love the game. Not to mention the fact that there are lots of hidden secerates to find = increased replayability



Shrapnel09 commented on Star Fox 64:

N64 was defintally the best version of this game, SNES was good as well, but this one really did it perfect. cant wait for this sucker!

too bad nintendo is too lazy to enable rumble for VC games... i am indeed a sad panda.



Shrapnel09 commented on SimCity:

does anyone know the map number for the most area of land, i remember playing this game way back and i thought it was 064 or something like that, either way it was a map that hand a small river twoards the bottom and the rest was all building space. Megalopolis seems damn near impossible to get to, but one must try.



Shrapnel09 commented on The Legend of Zelda:

SAM: so you honestly found every dungeon in the 2nd quest by bombing and burning nearly every sprite in the game? Im takling finding every dungeon in the 2nd quest WITHOUT any outside assistance, this includes friends, magazines, hints on the back of your cereal box, anything. you fully completed the 2nd quest but literally bombing every section of wall till you found each dungeon?

"That's how we did it back then!", dont talk down to me either, im 20 myself so i didnt get it the day it came out but my first memories was of this game so dont assume i just played this game for the first time yesterday.



Shrapnel09 commented on Sonic the Hedgehog:

Alright Dazza, ill take you up on that. Here is why i think the first Sonic diserves 4 stars (im not telling you to change the review or anything cause its your opinion, im just saying in general).

Sonic games are always about being "really fast and cool, fast SPEED man you cant even keep up man this thing is so fast!" here is how it actually works: Sonic himself has the slowest momentum of any character out there, start him from the bottom of a hill and have him walk up the hill, it takes like 2 minutes! luckly the speed boost saved that in sonic 2. there are momements early in the game where you go really fast for short periods of time without any real threats, and the general public is like, wow thats so fast, sonic is cool! ya try going that fast in the later stages, you will get hit by spikes or some random enemy/obstical within 3 seconds. The truth is in the later stages you cant go fast at all because when you do you cant see whats in front of you and the levels are designed in such a way that you will get the rings knocked out of ya if you dont watch your step.

and whats with the slooow moving platforms in the later stages. take springyard zone for example, those vertical blocks make you wait forever to get where you are going. or in marble zone riding those blocks on the lava took awhile as well. most of the time in the game is just spent waiting on other platform objects. phht "fast", mario could run laps around sonic in a practical sense.

ya there are many glitches in the game, you telling me you never been wrongfully crushed? You never landed on spikes and have the transparency not work? there are many specific examples i can give but its kind of hard to describe the scenario via text. But lets say your under water and while being pushed up a narrow space you are hugging the left side of the wall to avoid spikes right above you, however when you reach the top of the narrow space you get thrown all the way to other end of the narrow space via glitch and hit dem spikes resulting in death (happend to me several times), this was in the black and white Labyrinth Zone level. Just being crushed when your not supposed to is the worst, im sure it happend to you enough times to know what im talking about it.

Now do you see that kind of thing happening to you in Super Mario World? ofcourse not, because it wasnt rushed out to the market to try and compete with a compeitor. Nintendo took its time to make a nice quality platformer, sure the graphics in sonic look more vibrant than mario but this sonic game is all flash and no substance.



Shrapnel09 commented on Wii Classic Controller - Hands On:

Here is the thing:

I love the Classic controller and i bought it even before i could a wii just so i could feel it out. Ofcourse for SNES games it will work great, no question about it. You try using a gamecube controller for Super Mario World? lol its almost laughable how horribly its set up. For most NES games it doesnt matter either way, however if your playing platformers that require you to run and jump you should just use the wiimote as your thumb aligns the two buttons properly. and sense nintendo MUST have the letters match, running and jumping in some NES games (SMB) using the classicpad you'll end up using the akward a b set up rather than the comfortable y b setup your used to in Super Mario World.
Why oh why cant you make a y b alternate controll option for nes games nintendo?! is it really that much to ask.

Genesis games doesnt matter either way, N64 games i feel its better to use a cube controller cause of how the analog stick is in a more confortable position and the A and B buttons are set up a little nicer but its kind of a close call either way.

Problems with Classic Controller:

* Cord comming out wrong end, i dont care if the wiimote is 'supposed' to sit on your lap (another design flaw right there) if a cord is coming out of the back, it will get in the way and it does.

* why are the shoulder buttons analog? unless they plan to have wii titles that require the classicpad this makes absolutly no sense at all.

But that really about it, i mean i love the controller and use it constantly, it provides a nice old school feel, which is exactly what im looking for.



Shrapnel09 commented on Top Five Most Wanted Virtual Console Games:

now you people need to quite being so pessimistic about goldeneye, im almost certain that microsoft/rare doesnt have a say in this issue. Just because Rareware made it, doesnt mean they own it (doesnt the publisher own the game?) plus its not like Rare owns any elements of the game in the first place, if conker was a playable character in the game, then rare would get involved. its simply a matter of how big of a check nintendo is willing to write to the current holder of the movie lisence, and im sure activision (not EA) will be more than happy to cash in on this and allow it to be up there.

Maybe im being too optimistic and i dont know everything about licensing but i just keep thinking about the DKC series and i keep hoping. oh and sorry if it doesnt fully relate to the article, i just had to say something about goldeneye



Shrapnel09 commented on Sonic the Hedgehog:

Actually as much as i loved Sonic 2, i thought this game was rather rushed and glitchy. 5 stars huh? i think you guys need to be a tad more critical in your reviews. so your saying this game is just as good as Super Mario World? I think not! 4 stars i'd say.