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Fri 24th Apr 2009

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Alexei123 commented on Bomberman '94:

Kobayashi in the game, in your video, I didn't see the load option is that because there is no saving of progress or that you were just starting?



Alexei123 commented on Bubble Bobble Plus!:

How come it's 800 in PAL and 600 in NA?
That's not fair because that means it costs Americans $6 US = $7.63 AU
and in Australia it'll cost $9.829 US = $12.50 AU



Alexei123 commented on EU Club Nintendo Gets Giratina DS Lite:

Another!! Club Nintendo Europe has pages of stuff!
I just signed up to Nintendo Club Australia and I thought "oo girantina ds yay" but, I have 500 points and it says that I have until the end of may to use them, 3 days hahaha! So I looked through the catalogue and there's nothing there for 500 points everything is over 1000 and they're all silly. In the european one there's heaps of stuff! My favourite of all Wii Points!! haha 'sigh' oh well....
Because Australia is part of the PAL region could I sign up to European Club Nintendo?



Alexei123 commented on First Impressions: Personal Trainer: Walking:

"You know, you should just make an article where you take pics of your room so we can all be jealous. I can't get over how sweet your TV is......"

Haha I agree!
How do you know what his TV looks like?



Alexei123 commented on Pokémon Puzzle League:

I remember borrowing this at the local video shop with my sister for $5 over night, definitely worth the $5!

"I'm not. Pokemon Stadium will never come to VC because of its reliance on the GB game. I suppose they could rework it slightly to include the GB game maybe."

Maybe they'll do something with stadium and heart Gold/Silver?



Alexei123 commented on Pokémon Snap:

This game brings back so many memories...
A really fun game! Except a little too easy, then again I've never beaten the challenge scores.