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Sun 23rd Mar 2008

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beyondmany commented on USA VC Update: Commodore 64 Launches With Thre...:

Happy to see 3 games a week.
Here is an interesting thought: When will the Nintendo VC run out of games? Taking into account all the consoles available worldwide, and all games yet to released on those consoles, how many more games are left to released? Let's assume every game for every console is released. I bet it will be a while.
I'm curious about the VC, as WiiWare can go on forever, in theory...



beyondmany commented on Kirby's Adventure:

I have been thinking recently about the back catalog on the Virtual Console. So, I went looking for some undiscovered gems. After reading the review and comments here, I bought this game and I found myself impressed. This is worth the 500 points.



beyondmany commented on Review: Dr. Mario Online RX:

I really enjoy this game. First time playing it ever was through WiiWare. A few annoying things:
1. The game does not appear to save your sound settings in-between launches.
2. Friend codes are a bore to work with.
3. Setting up to send a demo to your friends is tedious and non-intuitive



beyondmany commented on Review: TV Show King:

I bought this game on launch day, knowing full well the style and type of game is not for everyone. So far, I've enjoyed it!
I like the quiz show format and spinning the wheel offers some surprising variety as well as a good balance between recovering or losing your cash. I've not yet played multiplayer yet.
I wish that this title had online support.

Also, there are few bugs I found:
1. The scrolling controls (when viewing the top scores) are poorly designed (holding A and moving the Wii remote results in a poor, jagged onscreen experience.) The Wii Browser use of the B button while moving the remote (or support for the directional buttons on the remote) would have been a better solution.
2. The audio often plays out of sync. When the game ends, the music seems to cut off too soon. When answering a question quickly, there appears to be a lag for the audio to play out of the Wii remote.

I wonder if Wiiware titles can be updated to fix bugs? I also wonder how users are to be informed of these updates? I noticed that the User Guide for the game has a feedback section with the developer's contact info.