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Sun 20th Jan 2008

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Guilherme commented on Landstalker:

This is #1 on my list of Mega Drive games I want to see on the VC.



Guilherme commented on Columns:

If you are going to buy only one puzzle game for the notoriously puzzle-poor Mega Drive, this should be it. But don't let nostalgia overcome your senses. There is a lot more fun to be had playing Tetris DS.



Guilherme commented on Sonic the Hedgehog:

Well, this is the game that started it all, until Sega killed it all by making Sonic a showcase for bad 3D engines and annoying sidekicks.

Sonic the Hedgehog is a beautiful game. I got Sonic with my Mega Drive, along with that bundled crapfest Altered Beast. It's incredible that its (Sonic's) graphics still look great after all these years, and I still like to play it once in a while, even though I could probably beat it with my eyes closed (well, except for that stupid Labyrinth Zone boss, that is). And there is music to match the graphical beauty, with classics like Green Hill Zone and Star Light Zone.

This game starts fast and furious and progressively becomes slower and more complicated until the claustrophobic Labyrinth Zone. Then there is a breath of air in the beautiful Star Light Zone before it gets more bureaucratic as it gets closer to the end. Overall, this progression works well.

If for some weird reason you didn't play this game on the Mega Drive or one of its many re-releases, I still recommend that you buy it. It's a great platformer that hasn't aged. If you are only going to get one Sonic game, though, wait for the release of "Sonic 3 & Knuckles". Do not settle for either Sonic 3 alone or Sonic & Knuckles alone. The combined game is the best Sonic game ever, and the highest achievement in Mega Drive platforming.



Guilherme commented on Wonder Boy in Monster World:

I played this game in its Brazilian incarnation, with the sprites changed to the characters of a Brazilian comic book.

Graphically, this game feels like many early Mega Drive games - the system could do a lot better than this. But beyond its 8-bit-ish feel (and there is nothing wrong with 8-bit, mind you), the adventure elements actually work pretty well. I think those that didn't play this game back then should give it a pass, though. They will probably find it slow and there are better games elsewhere.

And it's not like you could finish this game anyway. It's straightforward until the last boss - and then it becomes impossible.



Guilherme commented on Altered Beast:

I still have the cartridge. Many of us will feel nostalgic as this was the first Mega Drive game for many people, because it was bundled with the system. Stay away from it if you never played it before, and if you played this game long ago and don't remember it as a bad game, well, your memory is deceiving you. It sucks.



Guilherme commented on Super Mario Bros.:

This is not a game I played "back then" (my country was a Master System country). This game can be slightly frustrating at times, and the level design is not that brilliant to say the least. If you are just looking for a good solid 8-bit platformer, try something else like the later Marios or Kirby.

With that left behind, this game is a landmark in videogame history and it can be appreciated for just that. I've been slowly working on beating it (well I am a bit far really) and while it's a bit rough on the edges, criticizing it feels beside the point. It's Super Mario Bros, stupid.



Guilherme commented on Kirby's Adventure:

This is the first Kirby game I ever played, and I can vouchsafe for its playability even today. The game is cute, fun and the level design is excellent. Certainly worth the money.

The music, though, is so bad that I thought I was having emulation issues. The permanent color-shifting left bar is a minor distraction.