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Sun 20th Jan 2008

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Villain commented on Don't Worry, You May Get More 2D Metroids:

@Digiki: I really have to disagree. Super Metroid was, and still is, one of the most atmospheric and heaviest action games I've played in my life. My uncle and I just played it through in 2 days a few days ago, and we were both stunned at just how creepy, dark and atmospheric it was for a 1994 game. That's a hook if I ever saw one.

The concept of exploration and shooting, the crisp graphics and the music...dude, Super Metroid still is one of the greatest games ever, and I'm not exaggerating. It really kicked start to finish.

Metroid Fusion was a more streamlined game, and it wasn't quite like Super Metroid. But it was tighter, slicker and still very intriguing as an experience. Playing through that game was awesome!

And not to forget; these games are the reason Castlevania still lives. Ever since Symphony of the Night and it's GBA and DS sequels, Castlevania has been part Metroid, part action RPG. And thank goodness for that.

I doubt you'll read this, but I have to say that the old Metroids are the finest in it's genre and great, GREAT games.



Villain commented on Mega Man Zero Collection Announced for June Re...:

Clarification for you guys who never played these games; a short introduction.

The Mega Man Zero games is the sequel series to Mega Man X, though it's not quite the same as the X games. In the game, you take control of Zero from the X series, although this Zero is physically very different from the original Zero. He carries a handgun, a different Z-sabre and even gets other main weapons.

It takes place another 100 years into the future, and takes place around the conflict between Neo Arcadia, a city that is home to the humans, and a group of reploids on the run from Neo Arcadia, which seeks to neutralize them all to ensure peace between humans and reploids. A human scientist girl, Ciel, resurrects the remains of Zero and seeks his help to make a stand against the wicked leaders of Neo Arcadia. That's how it starts. The plot references the X games, but mostly stands on it's own with a large cast of characters and original design.

The gameplay is a lot like the later Mega Man X games, with quick movement and offensive combat in it. There's no real special weapons to achieve from bosses, but you do unlock ammo-less main weapons a la Devil May Cry and gain special moves for most of them in most games. In some games, you can even level up your proficiency with the weapons.

The difficulty is STEEP, and there's a ranking system involved. Also, there's so-called Cyber Elves to be used to boost your abilities, raise your max HP and even get some backing firepower.

I'm a huge fan of Mega Man Zero, so this is great news, really. Mega Man Zero 4 is the best Mega Man game since MMX back in 1993. 4 deep, dark, fascinating Mega Man games on one cartridge? Sold.



Villain commented on Ninja Gaiden:

I like what I see! Worlds different from the NES one, but the gameplay seems stable enough to seem enjoyable. Side-scrolling beat 'em up indeed. But it looks fine to me.



Villain commented on Pixmania: Wiimote Tech Is "Endangered":

The Natal franchise still needs a good concept to make use of the technology; it needs a Wii Sport at the very least to start with. MS might just come up with that and blow the Wii out of the water, but they're gonna need to hire more designers for that.

And considering how all the more family-friendly the 360 has become, the demographic is right there. Still, it's a matter of cost issues and game design. The Wii was a revolution, though it still didn't need more than a standard television and didn't cost a lot, either. Couple that with some honestly great and really fun concepts to draw the potential out of the machine and you spell success. But there's no denying that Nintendo's made a lot of money from this, and it's time to go on. Especially with how Microsoft is catching up.



Villain commented on Review: Contra ReBirth (WiiWare):

Also, the fact that there's unlimited continues should be remembered. The game's not neccesarily easier just because of that. Remember this, folks.

But yeah, it wasn't THAT hard at all...I agree to that.



Villain commented on Review: Contra ReBirth (WiiWare):

Things that are really hot about this game:

1. The game uses Metal Slug-like graphics at times to give it a sleek, comedic look at times. And it really looks lovely!

2. The sound isn't made to sound 8-bit, which is all the rage these days. Instead, they go for a Genesis-like sound! That is, to me, REALLY have the guts to emulate the Genesis sound chip despite the Genesis sound being one of the most disliked of the 16-bit era. I love it.



Villain commented on Competitions: More Twitter Fun:


I win, because I'm a lot more handsome than you guys. And I got a match between my teeth. Which is awesome. Undeniable proof.



Villain commented on Review: Mega Man 9 (WiiWare):

@leon/zombiekillr5000: That's exactly why you SHOULD get it! Don't think of it as a standard game, think of it as exercise, as practice. It'll make you tough and patient if you let it. This kind of difficulty level is what we '80s gamers were raised on. It's completely true when they say that they don't make them like they used to.



Villain commented on RUMOUR: Mega Man 9 Coming to WiiWare?:

Mega Man 9...could this be the "other" Mega Man game that Capcom promised to unveil during 2008?

Also, Capcom really should get to make a final Mega Man game in the original series, like how they ended the Mega Man Zero games (Megaman fanboy).



Villain commented on Where In The World Is Pop?:

Yeah, but how much English do you need to know to get the basic idea of how to play a puzzle game? Heck, even I can play the occasional Japanese game and still get the picture. Besides, I think it serves for some good English education.

Great news. Be it in French, Danish, German or English, I will get this as soon as the bell tolls and the Blue Light beckons.



Villain commented on Super Dodge Ball:

Now this is my kind of sports game! Beating the senses out of various ball players from around the world with a ball and calling it sports...finalle a NES game for me to look forward to. Had a lot of good memories of this game playing it Vs with a friend.



Villain commented on Review: LostWinds:

Like I mentioned in my last post, length really is not an issue for me, as long as the gameplay itself is sweet enough. Take a game like Metroid Fusion for example. I beat that game in 2 hours once. But since that's one of those games with zero to none square moments of dullness, it really doesn't bother me. Quality over quantity. I never beat my faorite games only once anyway. The best games you can come BACK to one day. To me, the replayability is in the game itself. And if this game is worth half the dime of what has already been said about it, I'd come back to this game at least twice.



Villain commented on Review: V.I.P. Casino: Blackjack:

Not sure if I'd offer 208 blocks for something like this. But maybe there's some small group of "weekend-gamer" people that actually could appreciate a virtual Black Jack game.

Oh, and the review is top notch. Thanks Pegasus.



Villain commented on Review: TV Show King:

Not sure about this one. Might be fun with some proper company though. And using my Rocky Balboa Mii in a trivia game does sound tempting.

Honest, informative review. Thanks Collin!



Villain commented on Review: Pop:

I might consider this I always loved the shooting mini-game in Wii Play, and this seems like an enjoyable little title. The design kinda reminds med of the PSP's XMB menu...

Great review.



Villain commented on Review: LostWinds:

Great review, Corbie. Like I've already said, I CANNOT WAIT FOR THIS GAME. I don't care if it's short, to me it's quality over quantity.

This kinda reminds me of french games like Rayman and Beyond Good and Evil, you know?



Villain commented on Welcome to WiiWare World!:

Whoa, I'm late by a whole day. Site looks very fresh, but still familiar to us from, which is great! Thanks to the Trinity D and huge thanks to mr Ant!



Villain commented on Introducing WiiWare World - Reviewers Wanted:

Aww, hot damn! I forgot to talk about that WiiWare game! Is it alright if I send you another app?

edit: Sent. Hope you don't mind 2 apps from the same user^^

edit2: Crap twice: the return of the crap! Forgot to type what region I'm from...s-should I send in a 3rd application?



Villain commented on Fatal Fury 2:

I think it's a bit too kind to say that FF and SF2 are different genres. FF was good, SF2 was better, simple as that. And I will never see them as games from different genres. Let's not forget that one of the men behind SF quit Capcom and started working on SNKs fighters. I don't know the details, though. Feel free to fill me in.

The FF games are pretty much uncharted territory for me though, and I liked FF's oldschool huge sprites and colorful pixels. So I'll probable give this one a go. Does this game have the plane-shifting mechanincs from FF too? And does it work any better than it did there?



Villain commented on Top 20 'popular titles' on the Virtual Console...:

Being the indie gamer that I am, I always aim for the more unusual releases. I must say that I am very grateful to have discovered games like Wonderboy In Monster World, Sin and Punishment, Shinobi 3 and a lot of other games.

Can't say that I ignored Metroid 3, Super Mario Bros. 4 and Castlevania 4, though. See, I'm not stupid^^



Villain commented on South Korea gets their own Virtual Console:

Interesting fact; Antarctic Adventure would soon be followed up by the similar game Penguin Adventure for the MSX. THAT game is famous for being the first game that Mr Hideo Kojima worked on.



Villain commented on Why April Is A Massive Month For the Virtual C...:

Now, I never tried out Dracula X on the original PC Engine...but I did try the PSP version, and after looking at some gameplay vids of the original, it seems well-emulated enough.

...and I really think that game is a wee bit overrated. It's an awesome action platformer, but I was expecting more from the controls of a game that's a sequel to Super Castlevania IV, which had some awesome controls. I really can't ignore that fact. Though I love the backtracking functions and the alternate routes. Not to mention the awesome music. The anime cutscenes are adorable, too. But where's the diagonal whipping functions and the whip spinning moves? It could have been even better with so little effort.

puts on Taban Vest with Flame Res + 2



Villain commented on Shinobi III: Return of the Ninja Master:

@Last poster...: It's a linear action game that does NOT allow you to save...other than the Wiis Suspend Save feature, at least.

This game is greater than Alexander. I must disagree with the review, there's lots of great action music in here. Everything else is just about right.



Villain commented on Neutopia II:

I was pleasently surprised with this little sweetiepie.

As shameless a clone can get, it definetly gets the job done with some sweet music and slim controls. The graphics are great, too.



Villain commented on Virtual Console Top 20 – March 12th to March...:

@Damo: I agree. but like That Guy from Faxanadu said; nostalgia. edit: At your first post.

These number are completely unfair. It seems like popular names win against hidden potential, considering how many 3rd party games aren't on that list. I'm not surprised. Looking at this list really reflects how indie my own list of VC games is...I've got the fundamental masterpieces, but I've clearly skipped the overrated "classics". Maybe Nintendo should...I don't know...raise the prices for their own games and lower the prices of the 3rd party games? Nah, that might be stupid. Cause I really wanna see some more 3rd party masterpieces right now.



Villain commented on Super Turrican:

@CobraCommander: Agreed. Germans should be proud if this game. Might not be 100% original, but remember that Castlevania: Symphony of the Night is not very original either, and it still kicks ass! I need this game soon!



Villain commented on Kirby's Adventure:

@yeeat: This aint no Game Boy game. It's a sequel to the very first Game Boy, Kirby's Dreamland, true. But the gameplay is heavily upgraded.

Wonderful music in this one. As for the slowdowns, think about it as Bullet Time in the Matrix^^



Villain commented on Ice Hockey:

Not a huge fan of sports games, but MAN is this game great.

I remember a few years ago, me and my cuz broke out the old NES and decided to give this game a spin. It had been years since we last played it, at least since I had played it. That night was pure video game fun.

There really is something special about this game.



Villain commented on Ninja Gaiden:

@Sarato: Yeah, the script is really clean and probably well translated (heh), and those cutscenes really impresses for a NES game.

This game might be abit overrated. The music is absolutely NOT great. I mean, it works, but most of those chip tunes are highly forgettable. The control works pretty good, Ryu moves like Simon Belmont on caffeine pills. The mid-air slash might be a bit off, but it works. All in all, an upgraded Castlevania control that gets the job done.

The game can be pretty frustrating with enemy respawn issues, so get used to that Game Over screen. But it's a cool game, and I don't regret those 600 points. Yeah, I said 600. It really sucks being a gamer in Europe.



Villain commented on Phantasy Star II:

@Steady: Well, I'm not a PS veteran like you, but from what I've seen, there's nothing that would make me choose PSII over PSIV. Like I said somewhere else, this is a solid game, but does smell kinda funky in the year 2008. To me, the upgrades in PSIV DOES give me a more appealing experience than this.

However, the beginning of this game and the first dialogue with Nei sends shivers down my spine for some reason.



Villain commented on Top Hunter: Roddy & Cathy:

SWEET arcade action that comes highly recommended. One of the few "plane-switching" action games (a la Fatal Fury) that actually works. It's not very similar to Metal Slug gameplay-wise, but the graphics and comedy is the same. Some of the 2D backgrounds is completely stunning! Beautiful 2D, although with not as much animations as in Metal Slug. But you must remember, this was a fairly early Neo Geo game. Heck, KOF94 was released back in those days!

The co-op works real nice. If you want, you can work your way forward, one in the foreground and the other in the backgrounds.



Villain commented on Rolling Thunder 2:

Downloaded this game, still loving it! Just like Mad Bomber said, it's damn-fun.

Yeah, Rolling Thunder 3 is gonna be something to wait for. It excels this game on every point except one. NO 2P SUPPORT, which SUCKS.

But this game's really sweet.



Villain commented on Streets of Rage 3:

@Damo: Oh, did I make it sound like I though FF3 INTRODUCED running, grabbing from behind, and all that? Sorry about that, I already know FF3 was very late with those changes. I just formulated myself wrong...sorry!

I still love FF3 though. It's not the perfect brawler, but the deeper gameplay keeps it from being just another button-masher. The AI co-op option is a nice feature, too. I at least prefer it over SOR3.

I love SOR2, though. Great brawler.



Villain commented on Phantasy Star II Confirmed by ESRB:

It's a pretty nice game with some extremely high cult value...that means it haven't aged too well, though. It's enjoyable, but a bit too funky-smelling behind the ears.

The in-game artwork is adorable and really touches a nerve somewhere though. If this means Phantasy Star IV is coming, this is certainly worth a hurrah.



Villain commented on Final Fight:

@Bass X0: Agreed. I'd have nothing against seeing Final Fight 2, as I still think it's an okay brawler. But Final Fight 3 is what's it's all about...

Peeps, keep an eye out fir Final Fight 3. You might just think it kicks Streets of Rage 3s tooshie.



Villain commented on Streets of Rage 3:

@Mad Bomber: ACTUALLY, Final Fight 3 introduced running, grabbing from behind, multiple normal (nondraining) specials, running attacks, running jumping attacks, backing and back-dashing, even SUPER specials etc.

First of all, I may have been a bit hard on SOR3. I never tried the original, and only recently got to play a CORRECTLY emulated version, and it's not that half-bad! The running, evasive rolls and weapon specials are really sweet features. I might DL this very soon. I still prefer Final Fight 3.

Man, the day that forgotten classic gets released on VC is the day I break out some champagne and celebrate.