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Sun 20th Jan 2008

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Xgor commented on Kirby's Adventure:

This is far one of the best games for the nes and the kirby series.
The grapics is outstanding for a NES game and at some points it's looks like SNES grapics. (no joke)
The music is great and keep the kirby style.(i love the last boss music^^)
The gameplay is great and it's has good level design,the swallow system is groundbreaking (by then) and the secret switches is a great touch, The only flaw is some secret switches is a bit too hard to get with those invisible doorsD:
The difficulity is pretty easy but the vs.boss and the extra mode (that is easier as wii has a save function)
It's suprising this is so cheap as it's so great, 500 is soo cheap!
Get it or else....... you miss something very good and very cheap for it's quality!