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Mon 5th May 2008

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poggydude commented on USA VC Update: Space Harrier:

you guys know the pattern "good good good bad bad bad good bad bad good bad". We are about to hit the bad part at full force

The actual quote from the mascot is
Crap, crap, good, crap, crap, crap, good, crap, good, good, good, crap, crap, good, crap, and then it repeats, it’s been like that since the beginning of time every week.



poggydude commented on Major League Eating: The Game:


calling a game decent because it is better than mpc or spogs is like saying month old ham is better than dog poo
(now I don't know if the game is good or not but just because a game isn't bottom of he barrel doesn't make it decent)



poggydude commented on Microsoft Befuddled by WiiWare:

I don't care about crappy titles I care about "we move" i hope there is a system update you can recieve that makes it inviible on your wii shop channel i don't even want to be reminded of it



poggydude commented on Dig Dug:

the game is fun but I'd get namco muesem which is probably really cheap right now and includes an amazing number of classics



poggydude commented on Review: Dr. Mario Online RX:

$10 is not bad for any iteration of dr. mario

no matter how dr.mario is presnted it is always worth 10 dollars the emulators shoul charge for a download

best puzzle game i've ever played (the nes version)

I don't see how they could make this franchise bad



poggydude commented on OFLC Update - Super Mario RPG On Its Way To Eu...:

They need to get the rights to Final fantasy tactics from the playstation

I haven't played it but if it is half of FFTA then it is amazing

BTW best way to remind me your a female ever

and you a phoenix wright fan you have really good taste my friend



poggydude commented on OFLC Update - Super Mario RPG On Its Way To Eu...:

I think Rexy may have exxagerated but if you don't people won't take him seriously

to handle a storm of fanboys you have to have a perfect balance of exxageration and facts

and he did a decent job of explaining his opinion



poggydude commented on David Braben Inteview: LostWinds:

If the game is good make a sequel already

c'mon wiiware should be like a test and if it succeeds which it looks like it's doing put it on a disc(a new game not just a port, obv)



poggydude commented on Dr. Mario Online RX:

@ Jona-- not really(I find this trickier and 100% more addicting)

BTW I need a review before I can determine if it is worth it or if I should just stick to my NES version

whoever can answer whether it is so much better plz do



poggydude commented on Pop:

hey guys here's an idea

if you love popping bubbles on a vdeo games get wario ware touched

because it has more than just dumb bubble popping



poggydude commented on F-Zero X:

I just love the music never really played but god that song is awesome

needs to on every game just so they have it to listen to