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Sun 20th Jan 2008

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WiNG commented on Sonic the Hedgehog 3:

It is ridiculous this game has 4/5. I have played almost every Sonic game known to man, and this is probably tied with Sonic Advance 2 for the best.

I had a lot of nostalgia for Sonic 2, but it is NOT the best Sonic. Sure it has Tails, but he is IDENTICAL to Sonic in terms of abilities. In Sonic 3 he can fly, swim, airlift Sonic, it's AWESOME.

Sonic 3 is WAY faster than Sonic 2, you actually feel fast, and the music is accordingly.

Obviously the graphics are better in Sonic 3, and the world is huge by comparison.

Sonic controls better in this game. Not only do you have a bunch of different shields, but Sonic's mid air insta-shield is awesome, and mastering it can mean the difference between winning and chasing down 53 rings.

Finally, I love the bonus stages in Sonic 3. They are hard, but unlike Sonic 2, don't require rote memorization to complete. Plus again, they are FAST.

GET THIS GAME. It's the best Sonic, by far. The only thing that can beat it is Sonic 3 and Knuckles, or MAYBE Sonic Advance 2.



WiNG commented on Super Mario Bros.:

Honestly this was my first VC buy, and I regret it. This game sure is a classic, and it was great at the time, and inspired tons of great sequels and other games. But it's just not that good for $5.

The graphics are horrible. Compare this game to Tecmo, or Kirby, and it looks like garbage. Hell, compare it to Super Mario 3, which is about 10x of a better game.

The sound and music is fun, until you realize there are only about 5 songs in the whole game.

The difficulty is pretty high, in my opinion, and considering the game's length it can be much more frustrating than games like Kirby, Sonic 3, or Super Mario World, which let you save your progress.

If you are thinking of this game, just get Mario 3 instead. This game is NOT as good as you remember it.



WiNG commented on Kirby's Adventure:

I never had an NES as a kid, but heard a lot about this game.

It was my second VC title and once I started I was hooked!

This game is a GEM, in my opinion the best NES game. It makes Mario look like shovelware, there is so much polish and depth. You will NOT regret this, this game will put a smile on your face, and you will be AMAZED the NES could pull this off.