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Sun 20th Jan 2008

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Juice_Lee commented on EU VC Releases - 29th February - Super Turrican:

We may have Kirby 64, but you guys have River City Ransom!
On that note, I already have River City Ransom EX for GBA. I'm wondering if buying River City Ransom on the VC would even be worth it in that case.



Juice_Lee commented on Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards:

It may not be as good as most of the other Kirby games, but Kirby 64 is still a game that I hold very dear to me. It is still an excellent game at it's core, and the graphical lift to the N64 is an artistic endeavor in it of itself. Yeah, it's not as good as the other Kirby games, but Kirby games are ALL excellent.



Juice_Lee commented on Light Crusader:

Awesome, I'm glad you Europeans got this. I have never played it, but it's a Treasure game, so I'd love to experience it in any case. My fingers are crossed for a US release on Monday.



Juice_Lee commented on F-Zero X:

This is the Nintendo 64 classic that you most certainly don't remember from your childhood. And if you do remember it, you probably only played it for a couple days, and hated it. This game is not for kids, it is not easy, and it isn't always fun. Exhilarating, yes. Satisfying, very much so. And hard. Hard is a word I have thrown around pretty lightly on this post, because I have the habit of downloading some genuinely hard games. It's not harder than Contra, but the difficulty curve here is very impressive. It is a racing game, the speed of which is nothing like anyone else at the time had ever experienced. Sure, you can simply raise the numbers in the MPH gauge to over the speed of sound and simply call it faster, but what does that really mean? Here, the result meets the hype. The game is, on easy mode, no easy task. On Hard mode, things get nearly impossible by casual terms, but completely doable with a lot of practice. To be successful here, one has to know the tracks, choose the right acceleration to speed ratio, and not be afraid to risk life for the finish line (it is, in fact, possible to be technically exploded and dead while the race is still moving, and careen over the finish line taking the race in any case). The biggest key might be juggling between boosting and staying alive, as your vehicles stamina and boost power are one in the same. This was a very influential concept that would go on to spawn a myriad of copycats, some of which were great, such as Extreme G. It's a hard, hard game. And it's a game for adults, one of the few on the N64 that was actually great.



Juice_Lee commented on Contra III: The Alien Wars:

When people think hard games, they don't think of anything from this generation. They think of games that were made back when players weren't spared their worldy abilities. They usually think Contra 3. And the reason why Contra 3 is so unusual is because it is actually a great game. Most of the hard SNES games were also complete crap, ruined by the constraints of clueless developers who don't know how hard is too hard. However, I have a feeling that upon completion, the developers who crafed Contra 3 (the remnants of which went on to be the ashes that Treasure sprung out of) had some idea of how ludicrously hard the game is. And to people first picking it up, the difficulty is downright ridiculous. The game is a futuristic sidescrolling shooter, with a myriad of powerups (all of which are great), well placed enemies, and excellent mode seven graphics. But the catch is, one hit kills you and not your enemies. So at the expense of having some truly awesome weapons, you are given a fragile mortal coil. And when there are stray bullets flying every which way, any of which can just barely graze your foot, you have a lot to worry about. Every level is filled with completely unique situations that need to be worked through in special ways, and the only way to get better at the game is to keep on playing and know what you are doing and how to handle each levels unique situations. Finnesse is key as well. So how do you take down the game, especially when the famed Konami Code is not present? You call on a friend. Yep, the game is two player co-op. You will most likely need a friend to help you completely can all these aliens. This is one of those games, like Battletoads, that if you beat you will feel completely accomplished about. Not only an excellent game, but also a game for those who take games seriously.



Juice_Lee commented on Dynamite Headdy:

At it's heart, Dynamite Headdy is a kids game. It plays very simply, has lots of colorful graphics, and a fun soundtrack. But it takes an adult, or at least a really smart kid, to actually finish the game. It is deceptively simple. When it pulls you in, it starts to get really tough, like any Treasure game. This is the Treasure game that people get nostalgic about, even moreso than Gunstar Heroes. If you are a fan of Treasures games or just quality platformers, this game is for you.



Juice_Lee commented on Sin and Punishment:

Sin and Punishment is best described as what would happen if Starfox, Time Crisis, House of the Dead, and Jet Force Gemini all got together and had a beautiful, relentless love child. I suppose now is as good a time as ever to acknowledge this great game, considering it does take place in 2007 despite being made in 2000. Why you never got to play this game is sadly unknown. It was translated into English. Hell, the voice acting was originally in English anyway, don’t ask why, so all the nitty gritty was already done with, and the only thing left to really do was release it. It never happened. I guess it could have been due to a lack of interest, considering this was right on the line between the birth of the Gamecube and the death of the Nintendo 64. In any case, you have been robbed of one of the finest games the N64 has to offer. Regardless of your language capabilities, playing this game is awesome, even if you have to import it for a ridiculous price and carefully saw off some bits of plastic so that it will fit into your inferior American console. this you deserve better. You pay your taxes, and you are a respectable citizen, so why the wouldn’t Nintendo just push through all the and do whatever miniscule work it required to release this? I don’t know. Sin and Punishment is friggin awesome, just about as of a shooter as you will find on the console and great mesh of different elements of third person shooters. It isn’t without it’s little issues, but the fun factor is through the roof. <br> <br>The game is a futuristic third person shooter that moves along on “rails,” that is, you don’t choose where you move but instead how you aim and sidestep while going along that set path. The two main characters are Saki and Arain, two brave sensible rebels, and you control them through the games several levels. You are expected to be a walking army with very few weapons, namely a police issue laser gun and a sword built into it. This may seem simple for some peoples tastes, but adding anything more would just ruin everything. It’s really all you need, and you never find yourself wishing you had other weapons in the game. Learning to use both of these weapons efficiently is key; the gun has two modes of aim, one manual and one less powerful lock-on, and they both have their time and place. The key to playing this game effectively is being able to move, aim, and shoot at the same time, and it can get pretty difficult. There are a lot of buttons used in this game, for sure. You need to sidestep, roll, jump, aim, and dodge bullets in rapid succession, so you’ve got enough on your mind to worry about without having many weapons to chose from. The sword is used for close combat only, and it is initiated by tapping Z very quickly when something is near enough. If you can manage to master it, you can end up doing a lot of damage, saving a lot of aiming, and quickly taking down stages with greater efficiency. <br> <br>Sin and Punishment is, like most games by Treasure, short but sweet. It’s over just as you have gotten pumped enough to enjoy a game three times bigger. Fortunately, the game is so packed with action and fun that it doesn’t really matter. There are several difficulty levels and reason enough to play through the game several times. The sound can be a bit annoying. There is this great scene where Arain is battling her way through a monster infested subway in the dark and it is so ruined by the background music. As far as backgrounds go, the graphics are stunning and great for the N64, but the character designs are presented very poorly. It may be a mixed bag on the outside, but it’s interior is solid. If I didn’t explain thoroughly that this game is ACTION PACKED, well I just did it again. It really does remind me of Time Crisis and other similar arcade games where the player has to deal with enemies jumping down from places and sidestepping into different positions that you have to be aware of. Particularly memorable is a scene where Arain takes down an entire Navy in a matter of about two minutes flying around at dizzying speeds on a piece of jagged metal controlled by a psychic friend. It may seem a shame that this game ends so soon, but it’s worth playing over and over again. Now that we finally have it, there is no reason that you shouldn't give this game a spin. It's a true classic.



Juice_Lee commented on Mario Kart 64:

Mario Kart 64 has not aged at all since it's release a decade ago. This is easily the best console Mario Kart game probably tieing with Mario Kart DS overall, and the game has almost infinite fun and even now when all my friends and I are in our late teenage years. We still get together and play this game, screaming at eachother over either VS. or Battle. There are a total of sixteen tracks and eight characters in this game, as well as the always fun battle mode where players use weapons to knock off eachothers baloons. While the meat of this game is multiplayer goodness, there is still tons of fun to be had by ones self. The GPs are always fun to play, time trials can easily become a small obsession, and two players can also participate in GP mode semi-cooperatively as well. It is the quintissential Mario multiplayer experience and one of the best games you will ever play, PERIOD.



Juice_Lee commented on Kirby's Adventure:

Even after playing almost every Kirby Game, Kirby's Adventure still stands to me as being one of the best. I still can't believe this is an NES game. It's hard to imagine that games as graphically simple as Soccer or Metroid were on the same console as this. Through graphics and sound this game is a true winner and the most refined game on the NES. But it's not all icing on the cake. This game is a solid, extremely fun Kirby experience that everyone should play. The game is long, the levels are colorful, and there are a total of twenty five powers that each have their own unique movesets and uses, beating even Kirby Super Star on the SNES. This game is packed to the brim with great fun, which makes the small amoung of lag understandable. The only Kirby games I can think of that I like more are Kirby's Dreamland 3 and maybe Kirby's Dreamland 2. I honestly would have paid at least 800 points for this if I had to, and considering it is only 500, no one has any reason not to buy this except for maybe owning the original or the GBA port Knightmare in Dreamland.



Juice_Lee commented on Kirby's Dream Land 3:

I'll definitely get this when it's released. Hell, I'll probably get Kirby Superstar too, just because they are both great games.

Kirby Superstar was a little more fluid and for that reason many consider it to be Kirbys best, but I like Dreamland 3 just as much. It has a huge amount of pets to match the still sizable amount of powers, so there is a ton of versatility in the game. It is artful and is the perfect game for a summer afternoon. Totally classic.



Juice_Lee commented on Soccer:

Albeit it was never that great of a game in the first place, I did enjoy this on Animal Crossing. It's kinda fun.



Juice_Lee commented on Sonic Spinball:

I haven't actually downloaded this, but I own Sonic Mega Collection and this is one of the worse sonic spinoff games you will find. It just isn't that much fun. If you simply must have this game, I wouldn't pay Wii Points for it. You can get a used copy of Mega Collection for PS2 or Gamecube at a game store or on Amazon for very cheap, and you'd get the very best Sonic Games to go along with it. Hardly a good sonic game.



Juice_Lee commented on Gunstar Heroes:

The single best purchase you can make on the Virtual Console right now, probably even moreso than Super Mario World, Super Mario 64, OoT, or Toe Jam and Earl. Fantastic game, one of my all time favorites. And it is at it's best with two players as well, so you can grab a friend and have a great time with it. BUY THIS NOW.



Juice_Lee commented on Donkey Kong Country:

I downloaded this yesterday at a friends request and I'm definitely satisfied. I remember playing this game a lot when I was a kid, and it is for sure one of the Super Nintendo's best games. A very good way to spend your points.