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Sun 20th Jan 2008

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Elk810 commented on Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards:

I didn't think they'd release this before the SNES Kirby games. Oh well. I have the original N64 cartridge for this game so I'm passing on it. If anyone else thinks it's interesting though then you're right. This game is really cool. It's filled with secrets and fun moments. It's really cool how you can merge two abilities in this game. There's plenty of combinations for some great attacks, although theres only one attack per ability like in Kirby's Adventure. The worlds you explore are also designed to perfection. There's so many wonderful places to behold and loads of nooks and crannies to find. Did I mention bobsledding? Also, this game has some great multiplayer mini games even though there's only three. Think of it as quality over quanity. They're a lot better than the multiplayer mini games in Kirby Super Star. Anyways, it's not perfect since other Kirby games outweigh it in ability systems and content, but still plenty of fun if you try it. It's not quite as advanced as say Kirby Super Star or Kirby & The Squeak Squad for Nintendo DS. This game is better compared to Kirby's Adventure or Kirby's Dream Land 1, 2, or 3. I'd say 3 out of five since I enjoy the Super Star style games better.



Elk810 commented on Lords of Thunder:

You know what I think? I think there are way too many scrolling shooter games on the Virtual Console, and they need to stop releasing them so frequently and release some other games that are missing from the VC for some reason, like Star Fox, Kirby's Dream Land 3, Shining Force II, or The Legend Of Zelda: Majora's Mask.



Elk810 commented on Commodore 64 coming to Virtual Console:

I'm really not interested in Commodore 64, so this isn't news to me. Now if they were somehow able to emulate Saturn, Dreamcast, or 3D0 games, then I'd pay attention.

In fact, the TurboGrafx-CD has been out for a while, so where's Sega 32x and Sega CD? I WANT MY SEGA 32x AND SEGA CD!!! (>_<)



Elk810 commented on World of Goo:

This looks a lot like Patapon for PSP. Isn't that strange.



Elk810 commented on Games we hope never get released on the Virtua...:

I've heard of Rise Of The Robots and I always knew it was bad. Sadly, I played Superman on the N64 thinking it was cool. Not only was the Flying Through Rings levels a terrible idea, but the graphics, excluding buildings, were like SNES Mode 7 graphics in F-Zero, Super Mario Kart, and TMNT: Turtles In Time. Those graphics don't work in N64, especially if they make the strees so small it looks like Superman is the size of Godzilla.

There is one good thing about CD-i Zelda games though: You make some hilarious movies with the normally distasteful cutscenes and audio from those games.



Elk810 commented on Smash Bros. Brawl to get WiiWare Portal?:

I think this seems like an unlikely idea for Brawl. A lot of other games could have this sort of feature and besides, if there was additional content for purchase for this game it would make sense to put it in WiiWare instead of having to include a seperate channel for this. After all, optional channels take up the Wii's internal memory just like extra content for this game would.

Still though, if they are making a feature like this it would be kinda cool. In my opinion, this already awesome game is missing a few things I would like. This way more things could be put in that I might like to have. Now if only Brawl didn't need to be delayed a 3rd time. What am I gonna do for February vacation now? (U_U)

EDIT: Actually, I realized that Wii Fit and Mario Kart Wii are getting their own channels for stuff in those games, although I don't know what. If that's true, then there could be a channel for downloadable content for Brawl. Just when I thought Brawl couldn't possibly get any better. (_) I just hope it's coming.



Elk810 commented on Vectorman:

I had this game on the Sega Nomad (A portable Genesis) and Sega Smash Pack for Windows. This game is really cool and really funny. It's like an early Ratchet & Clank. It's hard, but you'll have so much fun trying to tackle it that you won't even get mad. It's even full of secret paths that you might expect from the mind of the immortal Shigeru Miyamoto. A timeless Genesis classic indeed.



Elk810 commented on Tetris Attack:

This is one of the best puzzle games ever made, and I'm not even a big fan of puzzle games. I got this years ago for my SNES. One of the best decisions of my life. The same goes for Pokemon Puzzle League on N64 and Planet Puzzle League on DS. If Pokemon Puzzle League come out on VC (and that's only a matter of time) you'll just have to decide if you like Pokemon at all or not. If not, get Tetris Attack. Otherwise, wait for Pokemon. Both games are the same with the exception of 3D mode in Pokemon Puzzle League.



Elk810 commented on Samurai Shodown:

Samurai Shodown is one of the best fighting games ever made. Like Mortal Kombat it does have intense violence, but unlike Mortal Kombat that's not the only thing it focuses on. The fighting system is unique and well executed, so it can be a violent game that's still fun to play without being a murder simulator of some type. The music also scores major points. Don't let the fact that the sequels are better stop you from buying this game. You can never beat the game that the successors got their cool from. (Unless the original is truly bad, but this isn't one of those cases.)



Elk810 commented on Phantasy Star II:

I had this on the Sega Smash Pack for Windows. It was loads of fun, but the enemies are extremely hard. I found myself taking forever racking up experience from weaker monsters before moving on to such a close-by area, so I progressed through it very slowly. Even so, the patient gamers will have a great time with the advanced customization and relaxing music. I also happen to like the sci-fi background better than a midevel style background. (Dragon Quest, Final Fantasy 1-6 and 12) Since I have this game on PC though, I'm holding out until Phantasy Star 3 and 4.



Elk810 commented on Harvest Moon:

I wouldn't want to miss out on this. I remember having so much fun after countless hours of Harvest Moon 64, so I'm sure the original will be right up my alley. Even if it's not as complex as the games that followed HM64, this will fit right in my collection of SNES classics.



Elk810 commented on Bubble Bobble:

I had so much fun playing this with my brother at the arcade. It may seem repetitive, but so is Pac-Man and Donkey Kong and look at the success those games have garnered. Besides, you're treated with one of multiple endings after level 100. It's actually weird that I had no idea there was an NES port until I saw it here on this website, but even so, it's guarenteed to satisfy.



Elk810 commented on World Heroes:

This game has some nice perks. The music is cool and so are the characters. Some of which are based on real people from history, but that should be obvious. I'm surprised no other fighting games tried to copy the death match mode from this game, because it's awesome and it only gets better in World Heroes 2. As of now, it's actually the closest Neo Geo game to SFII available in the states, but even when Fatal Fury 2 and it's successors and KoF launch, don't miss out on World Heroes. You can buy it after the others, but make sure you buy it at some point.



Elk810 commented on Ninja Gaiden:

This is an excellent game on the NES. It has an excellent story, which is something that usually isn't stressed in NES games, and the bonus weapons are fun to use. It's really really REALLY difficult though. It caused me to throw my Wiimote around each time I lose and shout things I'm not allowed to say on this website, but it's a small price to pay. If you're going to play with the Wiimote and you're easily angered, get one of those free padded jackets Nintendo is offering to anyone without one on



Elk810 commented on Kirby's Adventure:

The day I bought this on VC and played it I was like "Oh My God. I had no idea any NES games were this advanced ever." This game is one of the best. Great music and sound effect integration and excellent graphics make this something you'd kill for. What more could you ask for? (Still think the graphics are so-so? Wait until you get to the final boss, then try saying that again.) Besides that, the game is loads of fun and full of awesome bonus games, boss fights, and abilities. At 500 points, a game like this is a steal. (^_^)



Elk810 commented on Donkey Kong:

I remember playing this on Animal Crossing after I found it in that game. It was a good way to kill a few minutes, but if you've got, like, and hour to play any NES game you like go with something more complex like Super Mario Bros. or The Legend Of Zelda. It's a great game, but it's short and easy and when you beat it you start back at the beginning and the game gets a tiny bit more difficult each time. That's why this game was better to play in Animal Crossing, because you'll spend more time in that game doing Animal Crossing stuff instead of playing NES games, which is why simple arcade games like this, DK Jr, DK Jr. Math, and Mario Bros. were more common in Animal Crossing than Wario's Woods or Zelda. This game is great, but it's bundled like that in lots of games today, so 500 Wii points could go to something more savory.



Elk810 commented on Sonic 3D Blast:

Warning: Sonic 3D Blast is only for die-hard Sonic fans like me! This game marked the end of Sonic's glory days until Sonic Adventure was released. I'll admit the graphics are incredible, but that's the only thing this game had going for it. The way it's set up, it does not allow you to go at top speed cause you have to slow down and defeat all the badniks in the area before you can move on to the next area. This would honestly work better as a Mario game. Sonic was never meant to be played like this. He was meant to be in high speed, high action games where you race to the goal. It's one thing to slow down to find a special stage in Sonic 3, but to slow down for both that AND defeating all badniks and rescuing all flickies to reach the end!? I highly recommend you stick with Sonic 1-3.



Elk810 commented on Altered Beast:

I had this on the Sega Smash Pack for Windows. It's actually very boring. You ever read the review for China Warrior on TurboGrafx-16? Cause this game is just like that one. It's too basic a beat-um-up game. Walk forward and never stop, punch the bad guys before they get too close, grab the power ups to Upgrade U (Incidently, that's one of Beyonce's better songs), beat the boss, then go back to your first form and repeat. There's almost no motivation in this. It's a miracle the Genesis survived with this as a launch title.



Elk810 commented on Comix Zone:

I had the original Comix Zone cartridge for my Sega Nomad (Portable Genesis for all who don't know). It is definately worth your Wii points. Great action, great strategies, great graphics and sound (For Genesis standards), and you can even pick special attacks before you start the game. It's kinda hard, but that doesn't mean it sucks. Trust me on this. I had so much fun with this back in the day and you can too.

Back in the day though, this game performed better on a six-button Genesis controller. (The Nomad had six-buttons, so I know.) That allowed you to use special items without having to stop and toggle them when enemies could be pounding the heck out of you. I don't know if a Gamecube controller or Classic controller works like a six-button controller, but if it does then use that instead of a lone Wiimote.



Elk810 commented on Street Fighter II Turbo: Hyper Fighting:

What can I say? It's Street Fighter II. Of course it's a good game. At least buy this instead of Street Fighter: The World Warrior though. This will definately hold you over until Super SFII if you're impatient. A little note for Gamecube controller users though: Try using a Classic controller instead. The control setup is really mixed up and the R button, which is supposed to be one of the kick buttons, doesn't work. No, my Gamecube controller isn't broken, because all of them have this problem.



Elk810 commented on Final Fight:

I played the SNES version of this game years ago in a hotel that offered SNES games for extra cost. Back then I didn't realize how lacking the SNES version of this game is. No Guy, bad music, bad name changes (Why Thrasher instead of Damnd? WHY!?), you have to start at the beginning of the level every time you die, even one of the stages was omitted. Even the emulation of this game on Final Fight Streetwise was better. In short, even if you're a Final Fight fan like me, do not buy this game. Hopefully, Sega CD games will one day become available in VC and you can buy Final Fight CD instead. It's got everything this port lacks.



Elk810 commented on Mario Kart 64:

I have the original N64 cartridge for this game. It's actually not that great. Still better than Mario Kart: Super Circuit on GBA, but not one of the best. The graphics are dull. The N64 was capable of a much better display than this. It's like one of those Rare games on SNES (Killer Instinct, DKC) or like in Killer Instinct Gold when the backrounds were in full 3D, but the characters are still sprites. Plus, it was hard to keep shells from crashing into walls if your target is far away but still in sight. It had some interesting concepts, like the tumbling boulders in the canyon level or the traffic in the highway level, but these were better portrayed in future Mario Kart games. It's still kinda fun, but graphics are the worst thing about it.



Elk810 commented on Sin and Punishment:

This is one of the best N64 games you'll ever see in your miserable life. When I heard this game was released on the VC I could hear angels sing. When you play the flying over aircraft carriers level and the beach level, you'll wonder why it took so long for this to come to the states dispite how awesome these two levels are. I'll admit, the final boss against the fake Earth (OMG Spoilers) is impossible, but you'll notice that this game is well worth coughing up 1200 points.

EDIT: (pssst... here's a hint. At the final boss against the fake Earth, use the lock-on mode the whole time. You'll see.)



Elk810 commented on Fatal Fury:

OMG! This game is freakin awesome dispite that it's old and can only gives you access to three characters. It's still better than Street Fighter ONE. Just wait till Real Bout: Fatal Fury though. I wonder how they'd go about adding Garou: Mark of the Wolves. That one game alone takes up more MB than the Wii's internal flash memory is capable of holding. (688 megs > 512 megs = (!_!))



Elk810 commented on The King of Fighters '94:

This is actually the only KoF game I don't like, but I guess they gotta start with the first one. 96' is when it gets REALLY good and stays that way.