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Sun 15th Jun 2008

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Final_Starman commented on Mega Man 3:

This is, in my opinion, the second best in the series. It had great, memorable music, especially Shadow Man's theme, and none of the bosses were as cheap as in Mega Man 2. In case you are wondering what my favorite is, it is Mega Man 7. It was very satisfying and worth it to find every secret, and it also had a very great soundtrack.

@President_Leever: True, Mega Man 6 was kind of dull compared to the others, and what was with all of the cartoony sound effects? Although 5 and 6 were not in the league of the older ones or 7 and 8, they were a vast improvement over 4.



Final_Starman commented on More Informaton On Boingz From RealNetworks:

Can't say much for the graphics, but hey, it is in development. Interesting art style, though. I also noticed that is has the same screenshot twice! Well, I guess it's time to actually read the article now.



Final_Starman commented on New WiiWare Game: Let's Catch:

@Starwolf_UK: Huh! So that's what that weird game in the new trailer was. Honestly I think that looks better than this.

I mean come on! Don't they take video games seriously? I mean why don't you just go outside and play catch? I don't see how this could be remotely fun.



Final_Starman commented on Review: Mega Man 9 (WiiWare):

I'm starting to think I should get this game. I mean it is probably the same as all the others, but…
……………………………………………………oh who am I kidding; I want this game!



Final_Starman commented on Mega Man 9 - Proto Man Details Revealed:

MegaMan 7 versus? That is so fake. There is no vs. mode in that game!

Oh, right. The ProtoMan thing. I might get him if I decide to get the game. I think it would make the game harder though.



Final_Starman commented on First Impressions: MadStone:

I've been excited about this game since the interview with RiverMan Media.
• block puzzler that isn't a Tetris Clone…
• Meteos rocks…
• mainly two player…
• something else…

Looks like a winner to me!



Final_Starman commented on Mega Man 2:

I have no idea how you're supposed to get past the part in Wily's castle with the wall turrets. You have to use mines to blow them up but there is not enough ammo!



Final_Starman commented on Review: Mega Man 9 (WiiWare):

I was expecting a 10, but 9 is still off the charts. It sounds like a great game, but points come rarely for me and 8 games is enough classic Mega Man for me.



Final_Starman commented on Mega Man 9 Challenge List:

Wow, these are such a waste of time. I wouldn't bother with these even if I was seriously bored or if I'd get a 75% discount on every video game I would buy for the rest of my life! Wait, beat the 8 bosses without your helmet? What's that supposed to mean? Is it like Mario's cap in Super Mario 64?



Final_Starman commented on Tetris Party:

Hm… Tetris DS should already satisfy my Tetris needs, right? Would this be worth it?



Final_Starman commented on Capcom's Mega Man 9 Press Kit Goes Retro:

I have GOT to be the only person who won't kill for this game. I already have Mega Man Anniversary Collection, so yeah… Flame me all ya want for that by the way.

@Corbie: You know, this new avatar looks creepier than the Skullarach.



Final_Starman commented on Plättchen: Twist 'n' Paint:

I'm not sure I understand… by which I mean I am sure I don't understand. You just flip tiles and they break somehow?

@ x.SuperMario.x (56): Gamespot is right. "Stupid people, they've everywhere." FAIL



Final_Starman commented on Mario Kart 64:

This game is no Double Dash (my favorite racing game EVER, I don't know why everyone hates it), but I find it way more enjoyable than Super Mario Kart. First of all, enemies obtain items the way you do instead of pulling their character specific item out of nowhere. And they can't jump over all your items either. The rubber band AI is here, though and the worst it has ever been. The game is generally more fun to play and has slightly better graphics, although I must admit that the 2 player is better in Super Mario Kart.
The Mario Kart games from best to worst in my opinion are:
Double Dash!!
Super Circuit
MK Wii
MK 64
MK DS (too slow)



Final_Starman commented on Yoshi's Story:

That last comment on the review was kind of harsh. I like this game and its creative level and enemy design, and the graphics still remain some of the best I've seen in a game like this. The Yoshi voices are a little annoying, though, and eating enough fruit to clear a stage is kind of dumb.



Final_Starman commented on Top 20 WiiWare Games in USA (27th August):

Hmph. Nintendo tried to make the terrible Pokémon not-game topple Strong Bad by advertising it more on and it didn't entirely work. A few more dimwitted kids and it would've worked, though! At least SPOGS is falling off.



Final_Starman commented on My Aquarium:

You know, when I heard about WiiWare, I was hoping it would have more items of the "game" persuasion, implying fun and enjoyment. Fish-tanks will always be boring, virtual or not!



Final_Starman commented on My Pokémon Ranch:

Why Nintendo Power said that this is, "Recomended!" is beyond me. My guess is that they just loOOove terrible Pokémon cash-ins/Nintendo published games/games that just don't give a darn about making the Pokémon look like the Pokémon themselves instead of wierd, somewhat disturbing jumbles of polygons that were lazily thrown together by a two-year old who was given a very vague description of what the Pokémon look like and was then set to work on creating the rather sloppy models within two minutes.



Final_Starman commented on Sonic the Hedgehog:

This is exactly the same as the Game Gear one, which I can play on Sonic Adventure DX. In terms of quality, I say, "meh."



Final_Starman commented on Tetris Attack:

You can forget about this game being released due to the whole Tetris-in-the-name thing. And they already released Pokémon Puzzle League, probably to replace this.



Final_Starman commented on Frat Party Games - Pong Toss:

Looking at the video, this game has nothing to do with beer! They were just so drunk at the time that they decided to put the word "beer" in the name of a video game and hope it would sell well to the people who think the word "beer" is funny. Well, they changed the name to "Pong Toss," so now even less copies will be downloaded!



Final_Starman commented on EarthBound:

This game easily has the best writing of any RPG, even if the storyline is somewhat incomprehensible. I also liked the music in battles for some reason.



Final_Starman commented on Earthworm Jim:

@MrLopez: It depends on whether you want consistent platforming gameplay (EWJ1) or something completely new in each level, not all of which even have traditional side-scrolling gameplay (EWJ2). But if you must know, I personally like EWJ1 better.

@Cally: Yeah, the SNES version was missing that level, but I can tell from the video that the SNES version has MUCH better sound quality.



Final_Starman commented on Earthworm Jim 2:

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think this is the most crazy, varied platformer in existence. Each level (up to Flyin' King anyway) is different and has a unique twist. Also very funny. I love the falling Grannies and that one part with the game show.



Final_Starman commented on Mega Man 9:

Capcom just digs the quote, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." So a decade from then they release the same game with the same graphics and people will buy it. Well, I think it's time to move on. And for a retro experience, why not get the originals on VC (as soon as they come out in America (which they probably won't, along with all the other games everybody wants (Earthbound, Super Smash Bros., Kirby Super Star...(which they will definitely not release because of the impending DS remake (which is pretty much the same game with some added features (so it will cost more money (when we could just get it for eight bucks))))))).

But I hope they at least update the sound quality (which I am positive they will not (crying face (I forget how to type a crying face.))). The awesome original music was both awesome and awesome! It would have been even more awesome had it had more awesome sound quality.



Final_Starman commented on EarthBound:

Don't get your hopes up. Just 'cause they rated it doesn't mean it won' t be the last game they're gonna release on VC. Just look at Kirby Super Star and Tetris Attack! Those were great games rated a year ago and have they been released yet? No.

Edit: Okay, KSS will definitely not be released due to the upcoming DS remake. And Pokémon Puzzle League has already been released.



Final_Starman commented on Frat Party Games - Beer Pong:

I think I agree with strade32.
In fact, the maker's of this game were probably drunk too so they thought of this bad idea in the drunken haze because they thought that since they liked it while they were drunk, and since they thought other people would be drunk, and drunk minds think alike, that the game would sell well because supposedly there would be a lot of drunk people out there wanting to do stupid drunk things.
Whew, that was a mouthful.



Final_Starman commented on Block Breaker Deluxe:

Arkanoid is enough Breakout for me. I bet Arkanoid is just as good, too. And what's with the Vegas motif and the unnecessary characters?