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Mario Kart 8 Toys Boosting Into McDonald's Happy Meals

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Best. Happy Meal. Ever.

In recent times we've been marvelling at Nintendo's entries into the McDonald's Happy Meal scene, even going so far as to unbox the recent Super Mario toys in the UK. They were fairly generic franchise toys, but it's all about to get real in the U.S. with the emergence of the Mario Kart 8 toys pictured above.

As you can see we have Mario, Peach, Luigi — is that a death stare? — Donkey Kong, Bowser, Toad and Yoshi all rocking various vehicle customisations. There's a rather neat visor hat, too, while these toys will also work with the McPlay smart device app.

Toys typically rotate on a fortnightly or monthly basis and these are down as the 'Next Happy Meal', so these may arrive in early July. We have little doubt that Nintendo of America will issue a press release once the release date is pinned down.

Will you be stuffing your faces with McDonald's and collecting them all? Let us know.


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King47 said:

I'm still not going to eat at mcdonalds. They look nice though, but I'll stick with the amiibo figures.



Gerbwmu said:

and when i buy a happy meal to get the car toys....they instead will give me the red visor every time........



Stu13 said:

Will definitely be stopping my local McD's and buying these outright. They will just sell them to you without an actual food purchase, right? I know Burger King thankfully sold me the Simpsons Treehouse Of Horror figures they had a few years back without me actually having to eat that garbage.



Cevan said:

If they come to the UK, you guys need to do an unboxing video for them.



Phantom_R said:

The next generation of children will grow up thinking the wheels on our cars are all sideways.



Takerkaneanite6 said:

@King47 You don't have to eat there to get it, you can order a drink or something and ask to buy them separately, that's what I did with the Mario ones when they were in the UK...



Tasuki said:

Time to get stares and odd looks from McDonalds employees when I order a Happy Meal.



babyguess said:

Based on personal experience, you should be able to buy the toys without buying the Happy Meal. I'm buying them all, I'm lovin' it.



bezerker99 said:

I really am diggin' the partnership Nintendo has with McDonald's. Wifi hot spots and Nintendo themed Happy Meals is a win win!



Ralizah said:

First those My Little Pony figures and now this! Give me a break from the plastic stuff I can't resist!



dkxcalibur said:

As cool as the pokemon toys were, I'm sure both my sons would prefer these. Too bad their only in the UK.



Dr_Corndog said:

This almost makes me want to go full-on kid mode and head over to McDonald's several times to collect the whole set. ALMOST.



HappyHappyist said:

ADVERTISING! Who knew Nintendo knew how to do it, but they finally did something right in that department!



Iggly said:

Dang, this sounds awesome! Can anybody confirm if these toys are available in Canada? I'd love to get myself one.



JaxonH said:

Hmmm, I'm feeling hungry anyways. Love me some happy meals, though I haven't had one in about 20 years lol.



Th3PlaidHatter said:

Cool, will be going to the McD's across the street every day to get these and Miis, because they have a relay there!



samhain562 said:

Man im glad I know some one who works at the golden arches haha.. free toys here I come



sinalefa said:


I guess those Happy Meal bribes are actually given to you directly from the source, in order to advertise them in each of your articles, which is technically true if we go by your little bio at the end.



absuplendous said:

@Rosalina I wonder if the normal wheels move.

@Tasuki The employees won't care. Lots of adults order Happy Meals, some under the silly notion that the smaller portions make the meals healthier.



NImH said:

If the drastic increase in the frequency of my visits because of the recent Pokemon Happy Meals is any indicator... I'll definitely be eating a lot of chemically-treated fries in the near future.



Lobster said:

I recently nabbed a few of the Pokemon Happy Meal toys... hopefully these are better.



ricklongo said:

I've lived pretty much next door to a McDonald's since 1997, first at my mom's and now at my place. They haven't seen the color of my money in, like, six years or so now. Needless to say, if these came to Brazil, that would change quite fast.



mystman12 said:

How come Pokemon just got flat pictures standing on a plastic plate, and Mario Kart 8 gets full 3D figures?! I would have loved to have gotten a little Froakie figure. These are difinitely cool, but Luigi had better have a death stare!



iphys said:

Canada gets the same toys as the US, don't we? If so, I'll be buying myself some Happy Meals to go for a boy (in hopes of avoiding Peach). Honestly, the meals aren't that greasy/salty/gross if you get the snack wrap, apple slices, and chocolate milk, and $4 is a good deal for what you get.



ZenTurtle said:

Ugh. I'm surprised that Nintendo would associate itself with such an unethical hell-hole.



GC-161 said:

@King47 - You don't have to eat the food, dewd. And they sell them separately if you just ask.

@Tsurii897 - show me any McD's toys that look any less cheap than these toys. Fact is that they're all cheap toys. That's why they cost so little.

But no one actually get's these cheap toys for their quality. They get them because of their perceived value as a collectable.



ogo79 said:

everyone says mcdonalds food is unhealthy and will make you overweight, however, when you look as stunning as i do you wont have that problem.



truegamer341 said:

i dont like it as much its not as memerable as mario kart wii or double dash even mario kart 64 was classic



Crillan said:

FYI, you can just go in the store and ask to buy the toys separately. You don't need to buy a meal or food of any kind. I do this any time I want the toys like I did with the Skylanders toys.

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