Ridin' dirty

One of the more amusing memes to come out of Mario Kart 8 has to be Luigi's "Death Stare", which we're pretty sure you've seen several times in the game itself, as well as on various social networking sites.

It would appear that this particular element of Nintendo's new Wii U racer has well and truly "gone viral" and crossed over to the mainstream media — as evidenced by a clip featured on Fox News in North America.

Perhaps it was a rather slow news day in the Fox office, but we personally think this is fantastic publicity for the Wii U — and will surely result in additional sales for the platform. In fact, this is the kind of exposure that money simply cannot buy, and bodes well for the future commercial performance of the game — which has already sold over 1.2 million copies worldwide since its launch.

Here's Fox's coverage of the video:

And here's the original video, which has over a million views now:

[source gonintendo.com]