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Fri 31st May, 2013

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Crillan commented on New Nintendo 3DS Videos Show Off Compulsory Sc...:

Is this really an issue? The only time I've ever messed with the SD card is when I replaced the original card with a bigger card. I haven't touched it in years. I imagine it will be the same for the face plates.



Crillan commented on Soapbox: When It Comes To Software Support, Th...:

@Linkstrikesback "Oh, also "that the Wii U has a powerful weapon in its arsenal which both the PS4 and Xbox One lack: the promise of dual-screen gameplay. "Yeah, Smartglass and Vita support say otherwise. Cheap? Not at all, but they both have the ability to support dual screen gameplay if a developer wants to."

They do have the ability to support dual screen, but they can never count on the users being able to take advantage of it. That's the advantage Nintendo has because developers on the Wii U can always count on it being there which gives them much greater freedom to use the second screen in new, innovative, engaging and even critical ways if they desire. Developers on the other consoles would break their own game if they put some critical feature on the second screen. Also, it comes in the box for the Wii U whereas the other consoles require expensive add-ons as you mentioned.