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Feature: All the Important Details From the Mario Kart 8 Nintendo Direct Broadcasts

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

A perfect boost

Nintendo has pulled another Nintendo Direct rabbit out of the hat with its Mario Kart 8 videos, which were released straight onto YouTube. There were subtle regional differences, including the range of titles available in the undoubtedly attractive free Wii U game Club Nintendo promotion, while the North American broadcast had a few extra doses of humour.

What the videos do achieve, most importantly for those desperate to learn more about Mario Kart 8, is lift the lid on a number of features that have been cause for speculation or leaks. There are, actually, a few details that remain mysteries, but we did learn a lot.

Online Gameplay

The following details were given regarding online races:

  • Four different modes — Worldwide, Regional, Friends and Tournaments,
  • Voice and text chat are now available in lobbies, the former utilising the GamePad microphone — this is in addition to the standard set messages.
  • Tournaments — An intriguing new option, this allows you to set up tournaments for specific times, days and with customisable rules. This includes setting speed class, teams, items, vehicles, control methods, frequency of tournament (such as weekly) and who can take part. It looks to be integrated with Miiverse, and appears to be an extended option of an equivalent mode in Mario Golf: World Tour.
  • Ghost data — download data to race against, including friends, the top 10 players in the world or the development team; beating the latter will reward you with stamps.
  • Mario Kart TV — It was confirmed previously that you can view a highlight reel, with options to rewind or use slow-mo, and then upload to Miiverse. It was shown how it'll be possible for others to download and watch your highlights — and vice-versa — while there'll be a display of most popular replays. It'll be an option to comment on videos through Miiverse, while racers can also directly upload their videos to their YouTube accounts by using a Google login, all from in the game.

Vehicle Customisation

Rather like in Mario Kart 7, vehicles can be customised in three key areas — body, tires and glider wing. These will all influence different aspects, and the idea is that Mario Kart 8 will offer the most flexible options yet. The broadcast did show some particular combos, details below.

Body — Circuit Special
Tires — High-performance Slick Tires
Glider — Super Glider
Performance (out of 6 stars) — Speed at 5 stars, Acceleration at 2 stars, Weight at 4 stars, Cornering at 3 stars, Grip at 3 stars

Body — Sport Bike
Tires — High-stability Slim Tires
Glider — Super Glider
Performance (out of 6 stars) — Speed at 4.5 stars, Acceleration at 4 stars, Weight at 4 stars, Cornering at 4 stars, Grip at 2 stars

Body — Standard ATV
Tires — Shock absorbing Monster Tires
Glider — Wild flying-squirrel Waddle Wing
Performance (out of 6 stars) — Speed at 4 stars, Acceleration at 1 star, Weight at 5 stars, Cornering at 1.5 stars, Grip at 5 stars

Body — Prancer
Tires — Elegant Wood Tires
Glider — Graceful Peach Parasol
Performance (out of 6 stars) — Speed at 3 stars, Acceleration at 3 stars, Weight at 3 stars, Cornering at 3.5 stars, Grip at 4.5 stars

New Items

Some new items were shown off, some that had been available in preview builds and others that are brand new. Details are below, with the new reveals and information at the top.

  • Super Horn — Could be hugely useful: it's a one-hit item that can hit nearby rivals with a burst of noise, but can also take out approaching shells and even the blue Spiny Shell.
  • Crazy Eight — An upgrade on the MK7 equivalent, this provides the following weapons: Invincibility Star, Ink Blooper, Coin, Mushroom, Bob-omb, Banana Peel, Red Shell and a Green Shell.
  • Boomerang — This can be thrown three times, and is useful for pulling off hits as it's thrown and as it returns.
  • Piranha Plant — A favourite of ours in hands-on time, this powerful weapon flips over other racers, eats bananas and grabs items.

New Challengers

Some new racers were shown, with a confirmed 30 making up the roster, along with the option to play as Mii characters. Two were new reveals, while the Koopalings were shown once again.

  • Baby Rosalina
  • Pink Gold Peach
  • Larry
  • Roy
  • Iggy
  • Lemmy
  • Morton
  • Wendy
  • Ludwig

Bike vs. Kart

In a humorous but fairly interesting segment, MK8 director Kosuki Yabuki showed off his skills while taking equivalent bike and kart setups on multiple laps around Moo Moo Meadows and Mario Circuit, in order to demonstrate the strengths of each vehicle. With multiple laps and remarkably close times, it was shown that the bike was a little quicker on the turn-heavy Moo Moo Meadows, while the kart was a quicker option on Mario Circuit due to the longer straights. The summary was that karts have an advantage on a straight, but bikes are faster around corners.

Anti-Gravity Features

While not particularly new information for those that have been following the game closely, series producer Hideki Konno did explain the reasoning behind the anti-gravity feature and explained the Spin Turbo skill. The origins of these anti-grav sections came from the desire to introduce a new mechanic, with rejected ideas including races that go underground. It was explained that the option of flipping the camera when upside down was considered, but rejected in favour of having the best playable experience, a decision that absolutely makes sense for a game targeting gamers of all skill levels.

As for Spin Turbo, it's a boost that can be triggered when bumping other racers in anti-gravity mode. It was demonstrated how it could shift the dynamics of play, in which opposing racers could actually bump each other repeatedly for multiple boosts that benefit both players. Courses will also have environmental objects that, when hit, trigger a Spin Turbo boost.

Live Music

As caught our attention when we played a preview build, this title continues the fine work of games like Super Mario 3D World in using music performed by a live band.

And Finally...

The Nintendo Direct closed with a new gameplay trailer, which in itself — along with snippets throughout the main broadcasts, shows some new courses. We get a good look at a new Rainbow Road course involving an outer space base, and a spectacular new Bowser's Castle track. Check it out below.

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So there you have it, plenty to look forward to, though we're scratching our heads at the absence of the Battle mode to date. Plenty was shown, though, so be sure to check out the broadcasts at the link and below, while if you missed it we did go hands on recently for our own Mario Kart 8 preview.

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User Comments (126)



Dark-Link73 said:

I just skipped down to the comments. Haven't seen the ND yet so I don't want to read anything about it yet, lol.



InfernoUprising said:

But Diddy Kong
Bowser jr.
Birdo (unfortunally)
King boo
Funky Kong
Hammer bro.
Monty mole
And mmost importantly
E. GADD!?!?
come on nintendo pink gold peach?!?!



0utburst said:

I was blown away by how much this game has to offer. Not including the free game we get. I just wish every gamer out there especially those who don't own a Wii U will get to watch the Direct. This is even better than the Smash Bros Direct.

Anyway, anto-gravity typo detected.



Evenmoresteven said:

It's very sad that Nintendo is doing so poorly right now, because they are doing better than ever at putting out consistently good games. Every major release has been top notch. I guess people just need more.



DreamOn said:

It's all just what you'd expect from a company as capable and crafty as Nintendo. Can't w8!!



Dark-Luigi said:

Awful roster aside, this game will definitely be the biggest highlight of my life.



2Sang said:

Nitnendo's making some smart decsions as of late, they should continue to promote MK8 because it's the only surefire game other than smash to boost wii u sales in the foreseeable future.



AdanVC said:

AMAZINGGGGGGGG can't think of anything else. I'm officially more excited for this than I was with Super Mario 3D World and trust me, at that time I was suuuuuuuuuper excited already. 1 FREAKING MONTH LEFT UGHH.



rjejr said:

Besides the 8 important things, they had a ton of funny stuff as well. Even funnier than Fil-a-Mech I liked the tv commercial style presentation and the guy who needed to get a "real" job.



vinicity said:

Nice to see Nintendo adding more female drivers to the game.
So now it is what? 9 out of 30? I guess it could be better, but still OK...



Yosher said:

Very disappointed by the playable roster if this is all they have, but I play Yoshi most of all anyway so it's not such a big deal for me, just sucks to see characters like Bowser Jr and Diddy Kong getting the shaft. I'm pretty pleased with everything else the Direct showed though, can't wait for this game!



Bulbousaur said:

If we have already seen the final roster, it will be even worse than Mario Kart 7's. Overall I'm still excited, but a lot of the stuff I have seen (most noticeably the roster) during the Direct has me disappointed.



BakaKnight said:

One of the weirdest, but also funniest direct to date. Just a shame that for translation issues some enjoyable moments failed in the italian version and others in the NA one (had to watch both for see a perfect MK direct), but overall it was maybe the best presentation for an upcoming game that I ever seen XD



Gerbwmu said:

I really enjoyed the SNL Deep Thoughts parodies on the NA version......probably nostalgia for early 1990's SNL but still.........

I love when Nintendo surprises us from nowhere....especially when it is a great promo like a free game on something I was buying regardless.



MeddlingIdiot said:

The new Bowser Castle looks incredible and I loved the segment on the live soundtrack. The UK Direct was a tad annoying, those voice overs were really distracting. I think Nintendo seem to of made the right steps in making MK8 appeal to a wider audience though. That tournament feature will get lapped up by hardcore gamers everywhere and that free game promotion is a great incentive for those thinking about picking up a Wii U for Mario Kart, as well as getting current owners to up MK8's first month (or two's) sales globally.



vinicity said:

That makes no sense. Since roughly half the people playing and enjoying Mario Kart is female, Nintendo should aim for adding more female characters. If they have too few in old games, maybe it is time they design some new ones (preferable not the princess types)...

Clearly, there is no need for a 50/50 split, but more than 30% would be nice.



UltraLaserTen said:

That direct did a good job presenting info in a more interesting way, in the form of TV programming, if only TV today was this interesting.
All the info is making me impatient.
My only complaint is the roster, 4 baby characters and 2 golder versions of the same people!? I hope there's more characters waiting to be unlocked.



User1988 said:

@vinicity I agree! The Mario franchise could only be bettered by adding more female characters Though, at least Peach and Rosalina were playable in 3D world and not just damsels in distress!

And I love your icon by the way! The fourth Doctor was awesome. I'm thinking of crocheting a scarf like that!



rjejr said:

"As for Spin Turbo, it's a boost that can be triggered when bumping other racers in anti-gravity mode."

I didn't realize watching the video that spin boost was only available in anti-grav mode. Makes sense as otherwise the entire race would be crashing and spin boosting. Thanks for pointing that out. I thought it was one of the more innovative features in game play. And since it's only available in anti-grav mode that mode now has a real reason to exist besides looking good in replay videos as it doesn't look like you can tell while you're racing hat you're upside down or sideways.



ricklongo said:

This managed to make my hype for this game even higher. It seems Nintendo fans will have very little to complain about this one.



gatorboi352 said:

Does anyone know if Battle Mode is even a thing any more? Is multiplayer only racing modes in MK8?



HeroOfCybertron said:

In Tournaments whats with the "control method" option, why wouldn't you want people to use any control method they want out of the available control options?



Tobias95 said:

Of all characters they could make, they made a baby ROSALINA. why couldn't they just made a younger Rosalina like her from the storybook in galaxy instead of a BABY?



Pit-Stain said:

I must be one of the few people who're fine with Baby Rosalina and Pink Golden Peach. ._.



Artwark said:

If gamers can't admit that this game is worth getting, I don't know what will.......



Spartacus3765 said:

I'd be completely shocked if this was the final roster, guys. They've had unlockable characters in every past iteration dating back to Double Dash!! I'm predicting another 8-10 still somewhere in the game.
Although he wasn't in the past portable games, Diddy Kong seems to be the one glaring and obvious missing character from this one...



Jazzer94 said:

I'm going to miss playing as my man Diddy Kong but everything else (maybe not battle not sure on that one) sounds awesome.



NintyMan said:

No wonder Nintendo's going to be marketing Mario Kart 8 this entire year. These online tournaments sound massive and very long-lasting.



xInsomniax said:

@HeroOfCybertron Maybe someone might want to set up a tournament where people can only use the Wii Wheel or only the pro controller. It's just another way people can even the playing field because MK Wii definitely had a split as to what some people thought was the superior control method.



TwilightAngel said:

wow the hype for this game is too damn high now and nintendo where is dry bones and funky kong dont tell me you replaced them for metal mario and pink gold peach.



larry_koopa said:

I enjoyed reading this much more than actually watching that this morning. Maybe the North American broadcast was more annoying than the European version??

Regardless I could not be more excited for this game. One month from today we'll all be enjoying it!!



HeroOfCybertron said:

@ xInsomniax Ok I was just asking because when I saw that there was a control method option I immediately thought that if I entered a tournament then I found out I could only use Wii wheel I wouldn't be able play in that tournament because of my handicap, in Mario Kart Wii I can only use the classic controllers I can't use the Wii Wheel, in Mario Kart 8 I'll only be able to use the Wii Classic controllers and the Wii U Pro controller and I'm not sure if I'll be able to use the Wii U Gamepad, though in Mario 3D World I was surprised that using the Gamepad was my favorite control method.



R_Champ said:

Wow, and I thought I was excited for this game before! The tournaments, level variety, and music all seem phenomenal. And am I the only one who likes Pink Gold Peach? I think she looks awesome...not awesome enough to replace Boo, Funky, Diddy, etc. but that's not stopping me from loving her now that she's in

Oh, and the "Year of Luigi is definitely over!" LOL



Giygas_95 said:

Why have they gotten rid of Dry Bones...Oh well, guess I'll have to find a new go-to character.

Poor Luigi has his year and then gets kicked back under the carpet again...



Fink-Nottle said:


Personally I think the Mario series needs some new characters in general, and since there are few female characters it would be nice to see more.

But I think it's very hard to introduce new characters in a series like Mario, since it is so old and very loveable, and since it's "only" focus is on gameplay. If characters are "forced" into it people won't approve, including the females.

The important thing is that the game is fun to play for every gender, and I can't think of any game that considers this more than the typical Mario game.

I actually know of more females than males who enjoy Mario games, though most do not have a gaming lifestyle.



LunarHalo24 said:

...Pink Gold Peach? Really?
Odd characters aside, the game looks like it might be one of the best the Wii U has to offer right now. Day one buy for me!



Tops said:

I'd like to see Dixie and Cranky Kong as playable characters as well as favourites return that others have mentioned: Dry Bones, Funky Kong, Diddy Kong, King Boo, Bowser Jr. (anyone I missed? lol)

Also I think the greatest character they could add EVER would be FAWFUL!! Show the love for him, Nintendo!!
*I have chortles for this idea



EverythingAmiibo said:

@vinicity So you are in favour of 'pink-gold peach' xD what a waste of a character slot! Peach aside, yeah they should make more (non-princess) female characters, but in the meantime, the don't really have a choice. Mario Kart is strictly pre-created characters only (or metal versions of pre-created characters)



Gold said:

That Direct was weird (8/10 IMHO) but yet it also confirmed my purchase of Mario Kart 8 before July 31st.



shonenjump86 said:

Looks good, this will my next Wii U game since I got Monster Hunter and SM3DW back in December. I think I'll play a little bit of Mario Kart 7. Been a while since I played that game.



retro_player_22 said:

It is the 8th Mario Kart game now and still no Kamek (who was suppose to be in Super Mario Kart R a.k.a. Mario Kart 64), why Nintendo?



AtlanteanMan said:

Just watched the full Nintendo Direct and have to say Mario Kart 8 looks to be a HUGE system seller; the visuals are incredible (right down to the discernible lettering on the tires and the characters' eyes following each other), and I'm sure the gameplay will be equally as refined.

Mario Kart 8 and Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze are, in my personal opinion, the two most visually impressive videogames of this young console generation thus far. Yeah, Sony and Microsoft have some very impressive-looking sports and racing games, and of course all the gritty, high-res "kill the other guy"-type titles, but what makes Nintendo games different is that their games still carry old school, bright-colored aesthetics that look and FEEL like, well, a videogame...and that's a GOOD thing. Nintendo's games elicit JOY at seeing and playing them like no one else's do. And they do these "old school" types of games better than anyone, hands down, while maintaining consistently great quality and family friendliness (and boy, do they look great in high definition).

Makes me wonder where the EA guy who said "the Wii U is crap" is hiding (probably upset that his own company's games are made to look like crap by Mario Kart 8); it looks pretty doggone awesome to me.



Donutman said:

I've prebought this. Months ago. But this Nintendo direct has made me do freakin excited for this game I couldn't help but smile at this. I'm a married with kids 32 year old gamer. And I don't think my 12 year old could care less for this and that's just so sad. Freakin call of duty.



Ste said:

Pre-order has been in for awhile, can't wait for this game, does anyone know if it will allow wii-mote plus control for single player/single player online?



Edwin said:

Does anyone know or have any predictions about how much space both the game and Mario Kart TV will take up on your hard drive?



Psyclone said:

it would be great if they have hidden unlockable characters OR they can still make up for it with a free dlc of more characters.. either way I'm excited for this game, I can't wait!!



Gamer83 said:

Nice little surprise when I logged onto youtube earlier and saw this. The game is looking awesome and the fact you get a second game free is even better. Looking forward to this. Hate that the blue shell is still in there but it seems there at least there's finally a way to counter it.



aaronsullivan said:

@YoshiTails It's a real thing in jewelry. You can add color to gold and pink gold is an option. A pretty great choice actually. It kinda helps that peach isn't the ONLY girl anymore so they can go ahead and make her just love pink to death and be that kind of girl. I agree there should be some more cool girls in the Mario Kart games though. It's such a universally enjoyed game.



Fink-Nottle said:


Hard to say...

DKCTF (10 GB installed) was developed by Retro, while SM3DW + WWHD (2-3 GB installed each) & MK8 was developed by Nintendo. Nintendo is known for good use of space, so maybe it's a small one about 5 GB?

Or being blinded by the awesomeness of gameplay presentation, I could guess it will be an install about DKCTF, then I would prepare for a 13 GB download. But the installation files might bigger than that even...

However, if you want to be absolutely certain to run the game as smooth as it can you should use an external harddrive Wii U-only-use w/own power supply, or buy the disc copy.

I usually use a 64 GB memory stick (with caution, no charging while playing) and the games run fine 99,99% of the time, but I think I'll get the disc for MK8.



Booboos35 said:

Im fine with Baby Rosalina, but Pink Gold Peach is ridiculous. Instead of Dry Bones, Bowser jr, Birdo, Diddy, or King Boo you add that ugly thing?! Ugh, whatever. But still this IMO is the most hype game of the year and I can barley wait



Action51 said:

What the hell Nintendo? I noticed the lettering on the side of the tires on Luigi's motorbike was canary yellow instead of pastel maize yellow...that is unforgivable!!!!

No wonder Nintendo is worse then Genghis Khan's Mother-in-Law and why Nintendo has only sold four Wii Us. I shall never buy another Nintendo product until you change the coloring on the trim of Luigi's bike tires to the proper shade of yellow!




Action51 said:

I just wanted to address the people talking about the amount of female characters:

Here's the thing...many of these characters have a gender that isn't really important. They're mushroom people, or reptiles, or monsters or whatever.

Besides, we have Peach, Rosalina, Daisy, Birdo, Wendy, Yoshi (lays eggs), and baby versions of some of those.

Characters like Dry Bones and Koopa do you even know what gender they are?



Nintendo_Ninja said:

That Direct was the 2nd best I've ever seen! I loved all the new announcements and can't wait to get this on day one! I'm going to destroy the competition as Morton, Luigi, and my Mii!



MrPanic said:

The roster looks pretty ok to me. Baby Rosa seems like a fine baby addition to me though I don't know what to say about that Pink Golden Peach. Mario Kart usually comes with a nice array of unlockable characters so I'm sure the full roster will live up to everyones expectation.

Anyway, the hype was on a low for me for some time now but this direct skyrocketed it back to the top. This game is looking amazing in every way possible and I'm sure this is a candidate of a game that's gonna last me a lifetime.



Giygas_95 said:

Does anyone else feel like the Koopalings are a sort of lazy addition? It just seems like it was a way to quickly fill the roster without having to do much thought, and I can't imagine each of them being very different from one another aside from being in different size classes. Plus, Baby Rosalina seems kind of uninspired, and I don't even know what to say about Pink Gold Peach...

Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to be overly critical, and I am looking forward to this game. It's just that the roster so far is looking a bit lackluster...not as much as MK7 fortunately, but not as good as MK Wii. Comparatively, this one doesn't look like it brings as robust a selection of characters as the Wii game did. I'd guess there will be more hidden characters, however. Perhaps I'm over analyzing...

On the bright side, those Rainbow Road courses really do get more and more impressive with each game! Seriously!



kereke12 said:

I'm super excited for this game, hopefully I can get the bundle! But I do hope this will make people buy Wii U.



Fink-Nottle said:


"Smooth" as in not experiencing any technical problems, sorry about that. I didn't mean a game is "sluggish" on i.e. a USB stick.

It is recommended by Nintendo that you use an external hdd with its own power supply for extra storage.

I don't, and I seldom experience any problems with my USB stick, but a couple of times the system has frozen while playing and charging a controller.

5 GB is not bad at all, I might reconsider downloading it.



Fink-Nottle said:


I forgot of course about the sd card which I assume works fine, but if you are not familiar with it + the system, and are considering buying one, you should check its compatibility beforehand.

I believe high grade SDHC works, that's what I use on my 3DS...



Edwin said:

Thanks again. I already have a Wii U 32 GB which is almost full. Only 6.5 GB of free space so I wouldn't be able to download MK8 and my choice of free game. So I'll either have to get the disc version of MK8 or buy a hard drive.



Blue_Yoshi said:

Pink Gold Peach??? I mean c'mon seriously that's obviously a copout for having a female version of Metal Mario for feministic reasons. I understand that there is going to be Gold Mario in World Tour but what is this supposed to be a pink tinted version of Gold Peach that there never was? There was actually a Metal Peach who appeared in the Super Smash Bros. and Mario Party series. Plus I really don't see why they couldn't have had all the old characters back which were clearly some fan favorite. I always played as Dry Bones in Wii and Bowser Jr. was pretty cool along with other franchise staples like Diddy Kong.



FeedingTheWheel said:

Not gonna lie, but Mario Kart 8 is looking to be Nintendos' best game ever! Only one that can top it at this point seems to be Zelda U.



JaxonH said:


To me, I hate the baby characters aside from Baby Mario and Luigi (those have actually been featured in Yoshi's Island), so those are the only ones I couldn't care less about. The Pink Gold Peach isn't one I'd use, but I do think it's a nice addition.

As for the Koopalings- personally, I think it's the best idea since sliced bread. I mean, if you're going to have a racing game with Mario characters, how can you NOT have the Koopalings? It never even occured to me beforehand, but after they announced them it was like a bucket of cold water waking me up. DUH! Why didn't they think of this years ago?!! Idk, I think they're a great addition because they're likeable (everyone has a fave Koopaling), they're new, and they're not baby characters or clones. I mean, I'm brainstorming here and I can't think of a Mario Universe character I would have wanted to see more.

Now the game feels complete, but hey that's just one guy's opinion.



JaxonH said:


In the Wii era games running from HDD had twice the read speed as discs, however, the Wii U has a warp speed optical lens, and can read data faster than both the PS4 or Xbox One. While HDD read speeds were faster in the past, I'm not sure that holds true with the Wii U. It reads data SO fast, in fact, that games like Splinter Cell Blacklist that needed 3GB texture packs installed on PS3/360 ran ENTIRELY from the Wii U disc drive, no installs needed. That gives you an idea of what the console is capable of. It's pretty impressive, actually.



MagicEmperor said:

I've always had a serious love-hate relationship with Mario Kart. The series can be both riveting and infuriating to me. That said, I already have this preordered so I'll just have to join in on the waiting game.



Christoff said:

I can see this game taking over my life, loved the online with MK7 so playing on the TV in all its glory will be great.

Throw in Wind Waker for free and my balls are ready!



Giygas_95 said:

@JaxonH Actually, what was kind of worrying me about them was that they might actually be clone characters, but if you don't think they will be, good.



Dauntless said:

After watching the direct I am definitely much more interested in this game. It looks like Nintendo put a lot of effort into making it which is good because since the Wii days they usually take the half-assed approach.



cheleuitte said:

I loved this nintendo direct, it was so unusual and different., the game looks impeccable and extremely High quality, hope nintendo can sell more consoles with this bundle.

I thought nintendo was about to give download codes for mario kart snes but when I was the game my jaw just dropped., I'm getting Wii Party U because is the only one I'm missing!!

Nintendo I'm so proud of being a day one fan since 1988!!



Squashy said:

@Bulbousaur Apart from the Character selection I thought everything was spectacular, what did you find disappointing? One thing I'm sure we can all agree on, it looks absolutely gorgeous!



ToonLink795 said:

Can't wait for Mario Kart 8 day one buy for sure. Also going to really miss playing as Bowser Jr. as he was one of the characters I played most in Mario Kart Wii.



Dudemario89 said:

Nintendo should make their directs entertaining like this one! GO NINTENDO! YEAH! I CANT WAIT!

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