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Tyrone Rodriguez Continues to Lobby Nintendo to Approve The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

We have no objections...

Some may remember that, way back in 2012, Nintendo rejected The Binding of Isaac, a title developed by Edmund McMillen who is well known as one half of Team Meat. The rejection was due to "questionable religious content", though when talking about an improved version of the game in development shortly after McMillen expressed a hope that the title would still, at some point, make it to the 3DS.

That new version is The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth, which will have improved visuals and additional content. It's in development by Nicalis — with McMillen consulting — and the studio's main man Tyrone Rodriguez has made clear that he wants the new version to be accepted on the eShop. Below is the tweet and accompanying mock-up of the title's icon on the 3DS and Wii U.

Rodriguez has plenty of experience publishing on the Nintendo online stores, though did prompt fierce debate last week with his comments that the GamePad is a "waste of time and resources". His views on the Wii U's main controller aside, he's evidently still keen to support the eShop and get the controversial game onto Nintendo's systems.

The Binding of Isaac's rejection caused some interesting debate in 2012, as its religious themes and mature approach proved too much for Nintendo. Would you like the big N to reconsider so that the new version can arrive on Wii U and 3DS?

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WesCash said:

I'm super excited for Rebirth. I'll be getting it right away on PC, but it would be great to see it available on Nintendo consoles too.



MagusDiablo said:

As a "The Binding of Isaac" fan, I would LOVE to play it on my Wii U. Let's hope that it works out ok for us!



EverythingAmiibo said:

I find Nintendo's reluctance understandable. To be honest Edmund McMillen's work disgusts me ( All his content is 'questionable'!



Giygas_95 said:

I'd LOVE to see the system settings icon on my 3DS.

Honestly, it looks like he's talking about the system settings icon.



Mrclaycoat said:

Nintendo needs games desperately, a game is presented, Nintendo rejects the game despite it's popularity...Nintendo asks us to please understand.



PokeTune said:

These are the times when I really hate how stuck up Ninty can be. Just let them bring the game over already!



sinalefa said:

I guess he will be as successful with this as with getting Nicalis' games in Europe. Hopefully I am wrong.



VoiceOfReason said:

I've never played the game, but from a quick Google search, it looks like this game would have been rated AO (if it was rated by the ESRB). So maybe that's the reason it won't be coming to 3DS and Wii U?



Usagi-san said:

Makes perfect sense to me. They want to avoid any kind of trouble releasing the game on the eshop may cause.

In answer to Tyrone Rodriguez's question I would gladly raise my hand. These grotesque and strange games aren't for me and even if it was on the eshop I would never buy it.



WesCash said:

I'm not sure how Nintendo justifies rejecting Binding of Isaac for having inappropriate content while a game like Senran Kagura Burst is apparently fine.



Kirk said:

I don't see any genuinely good reason for Nintendo not letting them put this game on the 3DS.



Shambo said:

Oh yes please! I want to play this game but I don't want to get it on pc... If this happens -especially in the case of a physical release- I'll buy it on BOTH systems!



Dr_Corndog said:

@Mrclaycoat But we're not talking about a government here; Nintendo's its own company. In a sense it's censorship, but it's not really "censorship."



Zach said:

Assassin's Creed III — and, probably, the other Assassin's Creed games — begin with a disclaimer that it was made by a team of various faiths and beliefs. I don't understand why they can't just do that here and call it a day.



Zemus-DJ said:

My 3DS needs this game!! Come on Nintendo, lighting up it's a game! It's cool to shoot someone's head off but this game.....DO IT!! Gimme gimme



Rezalack said:

I would definitely buy this if it came to Wii U or 3DS. I put tons of hours into the PC version.



AVahne said:

Nintendo needs all the support it can get, even if it's just indie support. They can simply lock the game away from minors using parental controls no?



Obito_Sigma said:

Yes, please. I already have it for the PC, so a Wii U version might be pointless. However, you can't let down a portable version of Binding of Isaac!



AceSpadeS said:

While Nintendo says no to the Binding of Isaac, we have these totally not at all mature, religion referencing, and definitely children friendly Shin Megami Tensei games on the 3DS and eShop...

Because hey, who needs logic in acceptable content policies, right?



Hyperstar96 said:

Religious themes just don't belong on Nintendo systems. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to go play some Shin Megami Tensei...



gatorboi352 said:

Nintendo is in no position to be actively rejecting games from coming to its platforms at the moment.



Zyph said:

Going by his comments last week, I'll doubt Ninty will ever publish the game on the eShop. Well not that it has any real bearing or anything .



sevex said:

This is kinda why we have a video game ratings system. Nintendo is in an unfortunate situation though where parents will hold them accountable for what their children play.



Yorumi said:

To me there's something quite different between games like DQ and SMT and such that draw inspiration of religious themes, and a game designed specifically to insult one group of people. What's wrong with showing a little maturity and making a game who's goal isn't to insult a group of people. Do you suppose everyone would be so supportive of a racist game, or one that attacks gays, or people with disabilities?

I'm sure you'd all just love going to the eshop and seeing advertisements insulting you personally plastered all over it. I'm glad nintendo has some level of decency and consideration for others.



Yorumi said:

Yes I'm just sure everyone would be so eager to support this game if it was instead a racist game. I'm sure no one would change their mind about the game in that case.



ejamer said:

I'm not interested personally and find the game to be kind of... disturbing? One of those cases where I question what "mature" really means in this industry, and where you worry slightly how youth would interpret the themes and actions (assuming they would stop to think about them at all).

However, I know many others loved the perverse humor in the game, and it certainly seemed to be well made. Regardless of how I feel about the themes and subject matter, I'd love to see it made available on the 3DS platform.



Kaze_Memaryu said:

@AceSpadeS Or the upcoming Bayonetta 2, which proceeds to make the church look more like a cult than the witches themselves.

Really, they're just being oversensitive here. Religions have calmed down quite some years ago about stuff like that, but NOA is living in the 90's when it comes to these kinds of topics.



unrandomsam said:

@Kaze_Memaryu Not all of them. Look at what happens just with the simple publication of a few cartoons. (By people who have no understanding of the reasoning behind it and do exactly what not visualising him was supposed to prevent).



Kaze_Memaryu said:

@unrandomsam Yeah, sometimes it still happens, but it's not nearly as bad as it used to be (which doesn't make the churches' complaints any less ridiculous).



TrueWiiMaster said:

Honestly, I wish he'd just give up. I have no desire to see this game on the eshop when I check for sales every week, ever the reminder of its insulting existence. I think Nintendo should stick to its policies here, and keep its distance from real religious themes, especially when it comes to offensive themes like those in BoI. So, to answer the question "Who wouldn't want to see this icon on their 3DS?", me.



Yasume said:

Yeah, it's probably not going to happen on 3DS. Thank god that it's also coming out on Vita. It would probably be amazing on a portable system.



PokeNas said:

If it has the same controversial content, I hope Nintendo rejects them again.



idork99 said:

We NintendoLife-ers love to rant about games we don't have on our Nintendo systems. Personally, I don't get all the fuzz about this game. All I've seen and heard was that it was a game that grew inspiration from the original Legend of Zelda for the NES with a dark plot. If that's the case, I'd rather just play Zelda



Peach64 said:

This is why I'm glad Nintendo did not get Atlus and the Persona series. They're still afraid of controversial topics and it WOULD effect the content of the games. I'm not talking censorship, but rather they'd just make sure to instruct the developers to not include it in the first place.

I can understand why a lot of people wouldn't want to play it, but it would be easy for you to simply not buy it.



Bender said:

Binding of Isaac is a lot of fun, and I think a handheld version would be great. I'm catholic, and I can appreciate this game regardless the religious themes, as long as it's fun and worth my time I will play it!! Seriously, all they have to do is slap an M rating on it and let it go out into the wild, I know a lot of people who'd love to play it on the go.



Zach said:

@Usagi-san I think they can change the wording so it's true and it would have the same meaning and effect. As long as they get across that they're not pushing any beliefs on any players, the results are the same.



Yorumi said:

@Peach64 Why is censorship almost always called in defense of someone who wants to go out and attack someone else? Like I said there's a bit of a difference between a "controversial" subject and someone who just wants to attack a group of people.

Keep in mind too censorship is a legal thing, a private company deciding they have some standards isn't censorship. Have we really fallen so far that we think it's a great thing to attempt inflict the maximum amount of damage on the most people we can in our lives?

This game is specifically designed to insult, attack, and hurt people. Is it really so bad that some company says they're going to make at least some paltry effort to not act like savages?



LordGeovanni said:

All I want to say is that I heard about this game around 2012, (probably when NL was mentioning it). I looked it up around then and wished that I didn't.

To sum it up best, I turn to Wikipedia: "According to McMillen, the game touches on dark, adult themes including child abuse, gender identity, infanticide, neglect, suicide, abortion, and how religion might negatively affect a child; all concepts which video games generally avoid"



TheLohoped said:

I would really like the portable version of The Binding of Isaac on 3DS. Actually, if you manage to get through game's really disturbing presence and visuals and play it for a while you will find a really addicting game. A portable version would be the killer.



orocket333 said:

If you're offended by the content of the binding of Issac, then don't buy it. There's no need to withhold a game from people who want it because people who wont buy it anyway are offended. this censorship is part of the reason that Nintendo cant shake their reputation of "unable to grow up" that's killing them right now. The binding of Issac would be a perfect game for 3ds.



MikeLove said:

@LordGeovanni @Yorumi

Don't like it? Don't buy it!

Even better, don't try to force your beliefs on others here. If you don't want to play it and are offended by its content, why are you posting about it?



Yorumi said:

@orocket333 it's ironic that a game like this is designed specifically to appeal to immature people. Again this isn't censorship because nintendo is deciding not to insult people.

@JohnRedcorn also ironic that by saying that you're trying to force your views on other people.

Really I want to see all of you be consistent and say you'd support racist games, gay bashing games, and game re-enacting school shootings.

I'm glad nintendo isn't supporting that because common human decency says something like that shouldn't be supported. It's just sad that the current definition of maturity not involves how savage you can be.



LordGeovanni said:

I was merely making a statement that shared description of the game that the Creator himself made. I do not see how that is me "forc(ing my) beliefs on others here". I made a Statement to when I found out about it. Said that I didn't enjoy what I saw and supplied the statement previously mentioned.

Why are you attacking me and my post for something that Truthfully has only factual statements (as the first two statements are from me and therefore I am the perfect witness to their accuracy) that also contributes to the discussion being held. (Where people are discussing why Nintendo isn't "being cool" and letting this game be on the eShop, at least on the initial attempt).

I didn't get the game. Simple as that. Why did I comment? Well... Both the Creator and NL were asking for my input. Just keep in mind that I didn't ask for yours.



MeWario said:

Would love to see it on 3DS. Come on Nintendo! We can rub naked women on our 3DS but we can't play this???



MikeLove said:


I have played games where I drive cars through crowds of people, make drug deals, beat up women, shoot up innocent people at airports, ect. I don't really care, nor do I take it seriously or get offended by it. If I don't like it, I don't play it or watch it. It's that simple. If your hypothetical 'racist' and 'homophobic' games had cool graphics and made interesting use of the gamepad, I would probably play them too!

My view is 'let anyone play and enjoy what they want' while yours is 'what people play and enjoy should conform to my personal beliefs'.

When you bring up the phrase 'common human decency' while talking about vidya game content, it's a sign you are taking things too seriously.



Barbiegurl777 said:

I'd be glad to play a ''Christian'' video game or religious video game as long as it's true to the bible.

The Binding of Issac is mocking religion all the way around.

I'm completely 100% with Nintendo as for not letting that peice of trash on nintendo game system's. They've put religious stuff on nintendo system's before that I actually agree with:

Narnia - DS
The Story of Noah's Ark - DS
Super Noah's Ark - SNES
The Bible Game - PS2

Happy Gaming! (^_^)



Windy said:

@LordGeovanni You didnt say anything wrong. Dont worry to much about it. Personally I just steer away from games like this. I guess some people just don't get it when someone posts facts with links to information. my guess is your post was not interpreted correctly. it all has to do with the touchy subject matter of this game.



millarrp said:

From what I've seen of the game it doesn't appeal to me. At the same time I wouldn't object to having it on the Wii U or the 3DS. Maybe it's time for NoA to relax their stance on religion themed games in an attempt to expand their audience. It wouldn't be the first mature game released on a Nintendo system.



unrandomsam said:

Americans never get satire.

But when they go into other peoples countries like Iraq lots of people die.

Putin so far has caused less damage doing the same thing.



unrandomsam said:

(There is also the fact that the modern Bibles has loads of stuff added that wasn't in the earliest found versions so that is definitely false. I cannot believe that an all knowing entity would make mistakes either).

I am not sure I agree really with what he is saying really but it is only a game.



Traskin7 said:

Longtime reader, first time commenter.
I mostly regular destructoid, being able to speak your mind without fear of censorship, I find the community more on "my level".
I love nintendo. I've owned all the portables and consoles since the NES. Yes, even the virtual boy. I had a psx back in the day for FFVII, but that's it.
I guess I'm a hardcore fan. So it irks me when I come to sites like this and read countless comments from nintendo fans whining over things like this game possibly coming to a nintendo system.
It should. It's a good game. I may not agree with the views expressed in the game, but I can respect another's view point. I guess I just like diversity in my video gaming. There's diversity in the world. Get over it. Some of you fans are part of the problem Nintendo is facing right now. I know I'm just one fan but it has me embarrassed. Maybe I just grew up and my sheltered life caved in around me, but I still love the artistry that nintendo puts into its games. It's good for the hobby so many people love.
Anyway, without profanity, I want this game on Nintendo platforms. It blows that people like some of you are blowing it for me and others. Have fun with super new yoshi's island in 5 years. You asked for it.



Peach64 said:

@Yorumi I'm sorry, but enjoying media that explores those themes does not mean a person embraces them. Look at books, some of the most widely acclaimed of all time such as To Kill a Mocking Bird being all about racism. Does that make anyone that has enjoyed or even read that book a racist? Do all those people that have seen Silence of the Lambs support serial killers? It's a ridiculous notion. Books and film will explore topics that people might not find pleasant, so why should games be different? They're not just made for kids anymore. As I said above, I can understand why people would want to avoid them, but let people make that choice themselves.



LordGeovanni said:

Welcome to the commenting side of NL. If you now look towards your left there is a Gift basket with a small pile of cookies. After you have commented on at least 10 articles, please let us know so that we can allow you into the VIP lounge and its awesome Cookie-buffet bar.

More seriously, I actually agree wholeheartedly with your comment. Nintendo has the right to censor their console if they want to. I still don't think that is a good idea. It limits growth. Especially on consoles like the Wii U which is suffering right now. If this came out, I would merely avoid it. Simple as that.
More on Nintendo, I would actually prefer more games with less focus on graphics. I would much rather have a new Zelda game with New concepts like the LBW Buy-your-weapons system than continue playing the same mario platformers all the time. As it is, Mario is only semi-stale, but it is still getting to that point...



Yorumi said:

@Peach64 You're really using a straw man here, I said already there's a difference between exploring a controversial subject, and setting out to insult people. It's a false equivalence to say insulting equals exploring an issue. It's like saying the KKK is exploring a controversial issue, there's just a bit of a different between vile insults and social commentary.



Peach64 said:

@Yorumi I'm the one clutching at straws? How is a game closer to an organisation like the KKK than creative works like those books? It's a fictional creation where characters do depraved things, just like those books and movies. The creator of the game does not recommend everyone go out and commit these horrible acts in real life, nor did those authors. Members of the KKK on the other hand...



Wolfgabe said:

@PokeTune Must you always be so negative? Nintendo has their reasons. This game does push the religious boundaries significantly and there is the risk that this game could wind up downloaded by little kids



BinaryFragger said:

Here's a quote from Iwata about the Wii U at E3 2011:
"This system is designed to appeal to all people especially veteran gamers."

Fine, let the people decide what they want to play then! I doubt that Nintendo will ever shed its "kiddie" image.
I'm glad that Sony and Microsoft allow games like South Park: The Stick of Truth on their consoles. If people don't like it, they can simply not buy it. I don't understand the "if I hate something, everyone else has to hate it too" mentality. It's like the people who know shows such as South Park and Family Guy have offensive humour, watch it anyways then complain about being offended.



Yorumi said:

@Peach64 straw man does not meant grasping at straws. It means you attacked an argument I never made. It refers to erecting a straw man(ie. fake argument) and then attacking the straw man, claiming victory over the original(ie. the real argument). It's a type of logical fallacy much like a false equivalence.

If you're that confused about things I have a feeling we're speaking two different languages.



unrandomsam said:

@Yorumi Satire is acceptable in civilised places. (America has always been a bit weird with it though banning stuff for no good reason. All the while standing up for the rights of people like the Westbro Baptist Church).



LordGeovanni said:

I am not completely opposed to what you say, but just take it from another perspective.

You built something. Put YEARS of effort into it. Let us say that it is something expansive. Millions of people want to use it or already do. Then you have one snot-nosed punk that starts railing on you because you don't want something associated with your product. I am sure that there is Something that you do not like. It could be drugs, cursing, prostitution, rape, sexual acts in general, Teletubbies, Microsoft, whatever. Should you not have the Right to refuse something be associated, especially this intimately, with your masterpiece?

Just consider something for a moment: I wasn't thinking about Nintendo for the entirety of this post. I was thinking of YouTube. Good luck getting Sex and associated acts on it. If you want that, go somewhere else.



Yorumi said:

@unrandomsam I was unaware the american government is responsible for stopping this game, please could you link me to your source of information for this? Last I checked a private company is making a decision about what will appear on this product.



Gridatttack said:

Of course, people don't get it. It doesn't matter the content, what the matter IS HOW is it presented. This game obviously comes in full force on mocking other peoples belief in a way its harsh.



stipey said:

@Yorumi @Gridatttack
I understand where you're coming from. The game has a whole bunch of adult themes, and in crossing them with your faith, it is apparently crossing a line. If the game was only setting out to make fun of Christianity, I don't think I would have enjoyed it nearly as much.

It's actually a very personal game to Edmund McMillen, and it touches upon a whole lot of themes that I grapple with myself, as someone who was brought up in the church, and then left it when I was old enough to make my own decisions. To many, many people who have struggled with the ideas in the game, I think it comes as a great solace to experience the ideas of someone feeling similarly.

Even though the imagery is a corrupted version of things you consider sacred, the way it's presented is really in the sense that Isaac's mother is actually the one corrupting it. She's the one misinterpreting the bible, using it for violent ways, being an incredible hypocrite and ultimately being led by the devil. McMillen is saying, to me, that people like Isaac's mother are the ones who have done this. And those people sure are out there in full force, who have more hate in their heart than love.

So it's much more subtle than simply ragging on a particular faith, it's really criticising people who are Doing it Wrong.



LordGeovanni said:

Please let us all remember that we are talking about the United States, Not "America". That would include Canada, Mexico, and the entire South American Continent. (No, I actually am from the USA, but I know many that get offended with the neglect.)

(Remaining post is to the general population)

As it is, the United States has "moral values" in its society. Ones that allow things like cursing, tattoos, and drugs in its movies, TV shows, and games. The US does NOT truly like religious persecution, nudity, sex, and other similar avenues in its media. While Japan would discriminate against Tattoos, the US discriminates against Religious Hate.

Nintendo is just trying to make sure that they don't have to get involved with all that.



theblackdragon said:

If it was just NoA who wasn't approving the game, EU and JP would already have it. Until they do, quit blaming it on the US, guys. You're jumping the gun in a race to point fingers.

That said, it's their platform and their rules. It doesn't bother me that they've said 'no', i'm completely uninterested in playing this game, but if you're aching to play it, It's not like you can't already do so via other means. It's not been barred from release entirely, it's just not on a Nintendo console. Show them what they're missing by making the purchase on other platforms and having your fun that way if it means that much to you.



Gridatttack said:

@stipey I know where you are coming from, I played the game too. While that point of view might be correct, still the way it was presented its not completely right.
You can see in the start of the game how it is presented. Im sure if the developer was with the intention you said, it wouldn't be so crud in the way it decided to represent it.



Yorumi said:

@LordGeovanni you're right, but given his comments I believe that was implied. But yes I meant the US government.

@stipey Implying that I can't make my own decisions is rather insulting. The other problem I have is what you're basically saying is that as long as you have a deep personal dislike of someone, something, or a group of people it's ok to hate them and insult them. We don't need anything legally against that, but it just doesn't make something right because you feel strongly about it.



stipey said:

@Yorumi No, sorry, that wasn't what I meant at all, but I can see how the first part was unclear. I was brought up in the church because my parents baptised me and took me with them. But at a certain point, you make your own decision, whether that's to keep going with them or not to go anymore. I just meant that I was at an age where I was ALLOWED to make that decision, not that people who choose to go to church are not making one. If that makes sense?

Your other problem is something I am not saying at all, I'm saying the opposite: It's not attacking a group, but the tendancy for some individuals to turn something beautiful (I do believe Christianity is a beautiful thing, despite not being a believer) into something hateful.

@gridatttack I understand what you're saying. I do think there is something important in the crudeness of it, but I also understand that Edmund McMillen also just likes gross things, so I can see why you might find it distasteful.



MikeLove said:


What America do you live in?! Religious beliefs, especially Christianity/Catholicism, are mocked or criticized on a daily basis in films, televisions shows and news programming in the US.

And the US media doesn't support sex/nudity?! The US produces and consumes more pornography than any other country on earth combined!

People have the choice to watch it or buy it, it's not like its banned and doesn't exist. Same should go for games. If there is a market for it, it should be made available. Just because it contains religious subject matter that some people find offensive, doesn't mean that the game shouldn't be allowed to exist.



Yorumi said:

@stipey You may not be intending to but it's what you are saying. It's a game that's horribly insulting and attacking a group of people. You're saying that's ok because of a personal belief. Imagine if it was a different subject "no no it's ok that he's calling one race inferior and sub-human, he's only talking about the ones that really are." That kind of explanation would never be allowed in countless other issues, but since it's christianity it's ok.

All it's really shown me is how the creator is just a vile person, cloaking his hatred behind a mask. It's just silly to act like hatred is social commentary.

@unrandomsam and what does the US government have to do with this game? Or are you bringing this up simply out of some sort of prejudice?



LordGeovanni said:

The part of America that is known as the United States. You missed the part about "moral values" I think. Sex is easily discriminated against. (And I mean nudity and sexual acts, not Gender, At least for this topic...). Regardless of amount produced or purchased, it is still against the majority's moral values. It is why there are stupid stories of High School girls being brought up on charges of Child Pornography just because they texted a nude picture of herself to their boyfriend. I really doubt that Japan or the UK would be so intolerant for situations where they want to make a 16 year old girl into a Sexual Predator for LIFE over this type of stupid mistake.

Like I said, Nintendo doesn't want to get involved with stupid things like this. Good for them, I don't want to be involved either.



LoveSugoi said:

From a neutral stand point, iirc Mature rated games (which I assume this is) cannot be viewed by 3DS/Wii U owners under 18 so I don't see why it would be a problem to bring it to the eshop. Yes kids lie about their age but Nintendo does all they should do on their end, parents need to take responsibility.

From a more personal standpoint, I never wish to see this game's icon on my 3DS and frankly don't care to see it on the eshop either. I'm not religious or pro-PC/censorship/whatever but I do try to respect others' faith and do not find this game's messages amusing in the least.



LordGeovanni said:

Just to point out something, you are propping up unrandomsam's use of the United States and then are attacking that target. It sounds like you are using a strawman...



TheLohoped said:

When I was playing this game I had no idea that it could lead to such heated discussions. To me it was just a game which uses various religious symbols to create an own universe just like various horror movies or similar stuff. It doesn't really scream hatred to religion at every corner.



stipey said:

@Yorumi Ok homie! I'm telling you it's not attacking a group of people, it's criticising individuals, because I don't believe it's ok to attack a whole group either! But if you read my words and hear the opposite of what I'm trying to say then I can't help. I hope you enjoy what you are playing!

EDIT: Just a quick edit, when you say it's not ok to criticise other groups, how do you feel about a group criticising everyone else? For example certain Christians preaching that non-believers are going to H-E-double-hockey-sticks, or that people who don't fit heteronormative gender roles are performing evil acts? That's what I would equate your analogies to, rather than racism. Criticising the actions of someone who acts out of accordance to a belief is not the same thing as attacking someone who is born of a certain skin colour, or gender persuasion.



LordGeovanni said:

Wouldn't work. At least in the United States. The whole "18 years old" thing only works if the parents get involved. They really only get involved when they have their child get denied something. Have you ever seen an adult scream at a game store attendant because they refused to sell an M rated game to a 12-year-old? I have. Children lie and parents don't care. They just freak out on the companies after something bad happens because otherwise it would be their fault for not paying enough attention to their kids.
Just another thing that I support Nintendo for not wanting to get involved with...



MikeLove said:


Questioning/debating/satirizing religious beliefs are all legal under US law, so I don't understand why you keep comparing it to racism and calling other people 'sub human'. They are two completely different things, and a poor argument to make in support of your case.



Yorumi said:

@LordGeovanni does anyone know what that fallacy means? He's making the argument, he's talking about the government, they have nothing to do with this at all. When he talks about "rights" that has nothing to do with private entities, a discussion of rights has to do with the government of a nation and what they're doing to the people with laws. When it's a private entity "rights" has nothing to do with it.

@stipey as I said, try this with any other issue "no no when I say africans are sub-human I'm not talking about the entire group, I just mean individuals." You can make social commentary without insulting people.

@JohnRedcorn It's a similar act of hatred, and I'll remind you at one point it was legal. If you're going to anchor your ethics to whatever the majority wants then you're going to find yourself support some truly horrific things.



MikeLove said:


Again, it's not similar, as the law attests, so I don't understand why you continue to cling to this comparison. It's only weakening your own position (i.e calling out people for using logical fallacies, then arguing your point by comparing two dissimilar things).



TrueWiiMaster said:

Hate is hate. Whether the game was bashing a race, a sexual orientation, or a religion, it would still be bashing people. And what do you mean by "as the law attests"?

Also, BoI isn't questioning or debating religion, and satire is putting it too lightly. It's taking something personal and sacred to millions (if not billions) of people, and doing its absolute best to twist, distort, and dirty it. This game should be avoided simply out of respect for other people's beliefs. To support the game is to join it in throwing their views in the mud.



MamaLuigi said:

Ty, first you bash Nintendo for their $100 extra fee on Gamepad support, now you beg them to help bring The Binding of Issac on both platforms? Make up your mind already. :/



unrandomsam said:

@theblackdragon Very very rare NoE does anything NoA has not already decided first. Only likely path would be after it had been published in Japan by someone like Arc System Works. (Has to be a Japanese one).



JustinH said:

I'd buy it.

Wasn't Dan Adelman trying to get something done to get the game on Nintendo platforms, bending the rules a little or reconsidering the rules?



theblackdragon said:

@unrandomsam: It's easy for NA to get things before EU because we only have to have it translated into maybe two or three different languages depending on the game involved. However, remember Xenoblade, The Last Story, and Pandora's Tower — three recent, glaring examples of things EU got first that NA took its sweet time with. There have been other games which EU got months before we did here in NA. In no way is it set in stone that NA has to get something before EU does.



Action51 said:

Here's the real problem:

This is Nintendo, and the media HATE Nintendo. Well, perhaps they don't hate Nintendo as much as they love writing negative articles and stirring up controversy around Nintendo for clicks and ratings.

There is stuff Sony, Sega, Capcom, Ubisoft, and even Microsoft(though they too have a certain level of applied scrutiny too) can get away with that Nintendo will be called to account for by hypocritical activists and so-called games journalists.

It's a situation similar to Disney, and that's why Disney has created alternate studios like they can release stuff that other studios can release without being bashed or boycotted for it.



Gridatttack said:

@stipey We might never know, but the way the things are implied, it does it in a not friendly mode Best thing to do would be to ask directly to tyrone, but I really dont see that possible :/

I wonder something, this tyrone rodriguez has worked or is on the team meat? Because otherwise I can go dig proof, because a blog post they made in christmas some years ago, they flat out made fun of Christianity with a mocking remark.



unrandomsam said:

@theblackdragon Those are examples of games that were first released in Japan and then released in Europe second. (Same thing could happen if this was first released in Japan). What won't happen is it is published first in Europe.



theblackdragon said:

@unrandomsam: Of course it won't be published first in Europe, not with people too busy pointing fingers at the US to actually point at the people sitting on the sidelines and watching the show — NoE. The only controlling entity with regard to which games hit Nintendo systems in the EU, besides NoJ, is NoE. NoA has no say on your turf.



TrueWiiMaster said:

If that was where it ended, it wouldn't be that big a deal. I mean, it would still be unnecessarily gross and graphic, but it wouldn't be as bad. The biggest problems are the characters (imo). BoI is a twisted, disgusting retelling of the story of Isaac. If the plot had been just slightly different, and different names had been used, this game wouldn't have been any worse, and it would have been far less controversial and offensive.



WesCash said:

@Yorumi - You keep ignorantly saying that the game was specifically designed to insult Christians and that the creator is a vile person. It's clear you don't actually know anything about the game or creator. I'm a big fan of his work; he comes across as a very likable person with unique ideas. I suggest watching Indie Game: The Movie. Anyway, here's a link to the second page of an article Edmund McMillen wrote about the game:

I think this paragraph is a good one:

"I wanted Isaac to embody this duality I experienced with religion. I wanted it to show the positive and negative effects it had on me as a child — the self-hate and isolation it instilled in me, but also the dark creativity it inspired. The Bible is a very good, creatively written book, and one of my favorite aspects of it is how so many people can find different meanings in one passage. I wanted Isaac to have this in its story as well, which is why the game's final ending(s) have many possible interpretations."

That doesn't exactly support your accusations. I'll admit, I'm not religious. But I've put over 100 hours into the game, and in no way do I feel that it is mocking Christianity. In fact, the game has overwhelmingly positive messages about God, holiness, and the bible. Heck, the bible is one of the most powerful weapons in the game.

@Frapp - There's little to get upset about with a few religious references.



Yorumi said:

@WesCash I know plenty about it. It's taking a historical event and making an absolute mockery of it. It twists characters, twists the events, and makes them into something uttery vile and disgusting. It is absolutely derranged and demented portrayal of jewish history. It presents the jewish patriarchs are psychotic lunatics and you see this as being a positive thing? That is entirely sick. It takes holy things and makes them entirely profrane. "They will call good evil and evil good."

Oh btw a lot a tremendously evil and horrific people throughout history have been likable. His actions tell me he's desperately depraved, I don't care if he's likable.



WaxxyOne said:

Nintendo needs all the support they can get right now, and turning this offer down would be a really foolish move for them. That said, Nintendo is no stranger to foolish moves....



Capt_N said:

"Would you like the big N to reconsider so that the new version can arrive on Wii U and 3DS?" - That's a broad question, so lemme answer some rephrased questions.

1. Would I personally(key word) like to see it on the e-Shops? No. Regardless of game genre, I feel the themes expressed in this game are deragatory to my faith(I'm a Christian). To me, this is similar to my issue with Senran Kagura Burst's theme, except Binding of Isaac's theme to me is derogatory to my faith, while Burst's theme, to me, is perverted.

2. Do I care if it's on the e-Shops? Yes, because I personally find it offensive. There are other games by Nintendo, as well as other game co.s that now, & have in the past made games that I have been offended by for one reason, or another. So what's the difference? The difference is Binding of Isaac is much more offensive, since it actually takes a piece of my faith, & parodies it. I don't find satire of Christianity funny, & I'm not going to pretend I don't care. I also am not going to insult those that do find that kind of satire funny.

3. Am I going to badmouth anyone that wants this game? No. Matter of fact, I would highly encourage those gamers, if you want the game that badly, to inform Nintendo of your desire to play BoI. It can't hurt. Again, I find satire of Christianity, & of other faiths very disrespectful, & not funny. However, I know others do find it funny, & I'm not some better-than-they-are type of person, so enjoy it if you do. I personally do not.



Specters said:

I'm getting it for PC but would most definitely have to have it on my 3DS too if it came out. Wish Rogue Legacy came out on the 3DS I think that would do fantastic on the eShop.



plainj said:

Yay, let's hope Nintendo approves... oh, it's Nicalis... So either way it's not coming to Europe...



ecco6t9 said:

I would rather have Legend of Raven on the 3DS eShop like he said they would make.



brandonbwii said:

Okay this is going to come out wrong, but I would NEVER buy this game.

Now that that's out of the way. This game should definitely show up on one or both eshops. After watching Indie Game the Movie I have developed a deep respect for Edmund Mcmillen, even if many of his games' content is, well, questionable to say the least.

The thing though is Edmund is a profound individual with profound ideas. As simple game players and not artists we tend to look at the industry as just an area to have fun and not display art or expression of self. I can see the depth and story behind Meat Boy and Isaac. There's shock value but there are also great themes behind his content.



brandonbwii said:

I love the South Park game and fully support the animated series. You can label South Park as all of the above.,

I think the thing to look at here is that Binding of Isaac would make a statement, just like South Park did for animated comedies. Whether you think that statement is a good or bad thing is purely personal opinion. Look at other games for example that pushed the industry forward by making "statements."

Doom, Mortal Kombat, GTA, Resident Evil, etc. People hated that those existed but they're here now and very few are hating them in the gaming community. Only the vocal minority. So did these push the industry forward or put it in the toilet because last time I checked it's not these games that are hurting anybody, but they're murder simulators aren't they? So people, unless they have problems with the South Park series or the aforementioned trendsetters, should trumpet the potential arrival of BoI. It's themes are a bit refreshing compared to all the 3DS eshop drek that tries to do everything that Nintendo does better (Jett Rocket, Shantae series etc.)

As stated I would never buy this game being a Christian myself, but I'm not going to knock it if it's released as I believe strongly in personal creativity even if that creativity occasionally offends me and others (like South Park).



SKTTR said:

Apparently it's one of those indie hits for a reason, and I'm willing to find out.
When it lands on Wii U.

I have no problem with controversial and/or religious content. With so many religions on this planet, there come many truths and lies. With the exception of a few enlightened people, religion is conditioned opinion after all.



Pod said:

I can see why Nintendo might want to keep their hands of something as overtly critical of Christianity as The Binding of Isaac.

Really though, the actual critique is of religious zealots, and not belief in itself. But maybe the mixture of themes on violence, abortion, and religion just becomes too much.



brandonbwii said:

This is why even with a slight Christian faith I can't hate on the idea of Isaac coming to Nintendo systems. NIntendo games are great, bouncy fun. I don't want them to ever change.

Some times though I would love heavy themes only indies can provide instead of the usual "chosen one to vanquish villian who want to engulf the world in darkness" schlock.



noctowl said:

@Traskin7 I guess you missed the part of destructoid where if you post anything that's not in line with how liberals think you get censored and deleted.



Yorumi said:

@Pod People keep wanting to say it's about zealots but the problem is he picked out very specific people. The entire jewish race began with Abraham and Sarah. The jews have referred to themselves as sons of Abraham. God is referred to as the God of Isreal, and He referrs to the jews as His people.

This game singles out what are really the very first jews, a race whom God revealed nearly the entire bible through, portrays them as phsychotic lunatics, and singled out an event that was one of the foretellings of Christ. Yet we're supposed to believe the creators of this game just have the utmost respect for these people and wern't trying to be at all insulting. That's insane.

Other than maybe king David or Moses he couldn't have been more insulting to the jews, and the only way he could have been more insulting to christians is by using Jesus himself. If he's ignorant of that fact then he didn't have enough respect to do any research and, and or enough creativity to make his point in a proper way, and if he knew it then it's intentional.

That's why I'm glad that nintendo isn't supporting people who target groups and seek to harm them.



retro_player_22 said:

If Nintendo really wants to support indie-devs, approved this game. C'mon Nintendo you already lose a lot of 3rd parties support, don't lose on indie-dev awesomeness too. If this game gets rejected again, then I had no faith in Iwata.



theberrage said:

@Yorumi Someone somewhere can always perceive anything to be offensive. Some people think the Legend of Zelda is dripping with satanic imagery. Is that a Pokemon in your avatar? Don't you know that Pokemon is Satanic? A lot of people believe that. What is more insulting to Christianity than Satan? But I guess you don't see it that way. You're allowed to pick and choose and justify what is wrong and right.
This is an example how the moral police are making life dull and sterile for everyone else. Really if you don't like something then don't purchase it, it's quite simple. If not have fun gathering all the worlds books, games, music, art, etc and start a Bon fire but you will never be satisfied nor will you get anywhere in your moral crusade .



Yorumi said:

@theberrage nice ad hominem attacks, there's no need for that, but I also already addressed this. It's not at all about someone somewhere trying to construe something as offensive, it's about someone who went out of their way to target a group of people(technically two, a religion and a race) and attack and insult them. Nintendo shouldn't be supporting hate. There's a big difference between drawing inspiration but being otherwise dissociated, and targeting with the specific goal to harm.



theberrage said:

@Yorumi Pokemon's creator has stated that he created Pokemon to rebel against his Christian parents. He wanted the game and world to BE anti-Christian. Therefore, he went out of his way to directly insult his parents and his parents religion. So what I gather from you is that it's ok to attack and insult a group of people as long as it's subliminal and not apparently obvious? I'm just trying to figure out where the line is drawn in what is offensive and what is not.



Yorumi said:

@theberrage I want to see sources for this. First of all the christian population is not exactly thriving in japan, so I have serious doubts that he was the child of one of the tiny few japanese christian families. Then there's the japanese culture so steeped in honor. While there are rebels there, it just makes it even more unlikely he'd attack his parents. Then there's the fact his inspiration for pokemon was collecting insects as a kid. And finally if he really wanted to insult christianity he did an amazingly poor job of it? I'm not even sure I can see any single thing in the game that's specifically anti-christian. The wackos have poured over those games with a fine toothed comb and the best they can do is grasp a few tiny straws in the wind.

It sure sounds to me like you're just making things up so I want to see reliable sources for you information.



WesCash said:

Speaking of reliable sources, where's your proof that Edmund McMillen specifically created Binding of Isaac to insult and attack Christianity? That's what you keep saying. Do you have a quote or something? Because the paragraph I posted above (along with everything else I've read) suggests otherwise.



Yorumi said:

@WesCash considering the characters he used there's only two options: He picked the characters knowing just who they were and that it would say the entire jewish race and traditions came from lunatics, or he's completely ignorant of this making him a 2-bit shock jock just trying to get a rise out of people. On top of that he goes on to make a second version when he knows now that it's insulting to people.

If I called your parents criminals and murderers and said I'm praising them would you be going around telling everyone about the great praise I gave to your family and the subtle points I'm making? I think not. He know full well he can't go out and "I hate jews" so he's just go out and utterly profane, blaspheme, twist, distort, and entirely disrespect their culture and we call that praise now.

It's disgusting hate and it's always amazing the lengths people will go to in order to defend hate when they like the person.



Capt_N said:

@theberrage: "Someone somewhere can always perceive anything to be offensive" - I just wanna say, that you make a good point about that. A good, fair point.

@WesCash : "Speaking of reliable sources, where's your proof that Edmund McMillen specifically created Binding of Isaac to insult and attack Christianity?" - I know you're talking to Yorumi, but to answer the question, it has to do with the presentation/theme of BoI. Good, & bad assumptions could be drawn from that. McMillen may actually be a Christian/Jewish. Again though, the presentation, & theme of BoI can make people assume that he is attacking/mocking Christianity, &/or Judaism.

@Yorumi: Lots of game series have some sort of spirituality elements to them. While it does appear that BoI's creator had intention to insult, & mock by theme alone, keep in mind that may not have been his goal. It's easy to say he intended to, though, even if he actually didn't.



brandonbwii said:

Edmund simply sets out to make games to leave an impression. If he didn't people would probably feel his games are me too. Yes, his stuff is offensive, but no more offensive than something you'd find on TV (Morel Orel anyone)?

If I'm going to defend the game, that's my defense. It's no worse than any other form of entertainment and don't we all want games to be treated the same way as movies and music? As an art form? Even an avenue for self-expression?

I would not buy the game due to my beliefs but that by no means means the game should miss out on Nintendo platforms.



WesCash said:

I'm not defending hatred, I'm defending freedom of speech. Is the game making light of religion? Definitely. Is it mocking religion? I suppose in a way it is. But it's an exaggeration to claim that there's any sort of "hatred". Games should be allowed to touch on controversial issues. Considering the unanimous critical acclaim and impressive sales that Binding of Isaac has, it's clear that people have responded positively.
I agree that the theme/presentation can potentially be interpreted as an attack, but as the saying goes, "never judge a book by its cover". I've played over 100 hours of the game and certainly never got the impression that the game was trying to make a statement one way or the other. It's not really a game about religion, rather a game that uses it to touch on other issues.



Yorumi said:

@WesCash this isn't a freedom of speech issue at all, unless you're saying nintendo doesn't have the freedom to decide what does and does not appear on it's services. No one is saying he can't make the game, they're saying nintendo shouldn't support it.

Furthermore appealing to popularity doesn't make something right. Majorities and popular opinion has support some really horrific things. I'll remind you it wasn't all that long ago that racism was both popular and legal. No one is stopping him from showing the world what kind of a person he is, but no one can be forced to support his disgusting work either.



Capt_N said:

@WesCash: That's why I said to Yorumi to, "keep in mind that may not have been his goal. It's easy to say he intended to, though, even if he actually didn't." It easily looks like he did intend insult, though I wouldn't say with certainty that was the goal Tyrone had in mind. I'm just saying it's easy to accuse, & in light of that, I'm not going to accuse Tyrone of intended insult.

@EveryoneElse: Edit #1: Slightly related point - This totally reminds me of the Muslim chant in the Ocarina of Time Fire Temple music, that was removed in later versions of the game. Supposedly, the change was done by Nintendo themselves, after the initial wave of carts were shipped. Also, while I am not Muslim, I have read from people who supposedly were, that the issue was the particular chant(s)/prayers were not to be spoken during music, & that such was blasphemous to Muslims.



unrandomsam said:

@Capt_N I think Tyrone only cares about the resources he has already put into it.

What annoys me most is people that claim to be of a certain religion (And perform the ritual parts) but yet totally ignore the absolute fundamentals of the thing.

If the legend is true and Christ is real and was present now what would he do about this ? (That is the important question).

The final important thing is trying to locate the spear of destiny and the holy grail.



theberrage said:

@Yorumi I can assure you I did not make that up. However I also doubt that it is true. But just for fun, what if it were true? Would that change how you feel about Pokemon or would you let it slide because of the relationship created between you and the characters/your perception of Pokemon? If the latter, how would you like it if a group of people succeeded in eliminating Pokemon for your consumption? I bet you'd be disappointed if a group of the politically correct took away one of your interests. It's also not for you to decide what will offend others. Being offended is actually a choice regulated from within. If I'm offended , it's not from what you said but because I allowed myself to be offended. Coming around full circle now, as I will leave the debate, if you don't like it don't buy it. No one is forcing you to play the game, don't ruin for the open minded people who have piqued interest for the game. Vote for more games.



theberrage said:

@Yorumi of course the question is moot... It's a question... The nature of a question is moot . So why don't you answer the question?



Giygas_95 said:

@Uberchu I know. I just saw the tweet and his question, and it looked like he was saying, "Wouldn't you love to see this system settings icon on your 3DS?"



Yorumi said:

@theberrage because it's entirely asinine just like you making things up because you have nothing to make you point with. Your question is "what if you were playing a game you hate all this time, would you still like it?" I hope you can see how uttery asinine it is.



snarkysnicker93 said:

@Yorumi comparing a game that bashes certain elements of an organized religion (elements which DO exist, the creator isn't bashing religion for no reason whatsoever) to games that support racism or gay bashing is a horrible argument. It's fallacious reasoning, and merely distracts from the point at hand; the game isn't explicitly taking a dump on Christianity merely for the sake of bothering people. The themes of religious fundamentalism and child neglect that often follows in the wake of fundamentalism (I've seen firsthand both the miracles religion can work and the irreparable damage that it can cause) are the subjects on blast here, and whether of not you've personally witnessed such acts doesn't decide whether these issues exist or not; they do.

Comparing this game to your theoretical racist/homophobic games is distracting, and ignores the valid reasons for why this game should exist. Just because it upsets you doesn't mean it should be restricted from everyone else. Guess what? I'm a confirmed Catholic (meaning that even after hitting adulthood I agreed to become part of the church community based on my own opinions of what they taught), and even I support this game drawing attention to some of the worse parts of Christianity. It's hard to deny the facts, so I don't even try and defend what I obviously recognize as being a problem with my religion.

Maybe instead of supporting to censor all dissenting views, you should lead by example and prove that the views in the game aren't true of all Christians. That'll do more good and make you look more intelligent than saying "waaaah, this game hates on my religion!".



Yorumi said:

@snarkysnicker93 ok so by your argument if you have something to support your hate it's justified. Well crime statistics in america show a disparity between the number of crimes as a percent of population committed by blacks vs whites. So then you think there would be nothing wrong with a game portraying blacks lawless savages? Again it's the "oh i'm really insulting them, I'm just talking about certain ones." That doesn't fly with any other group and I'm not going to let it stand here.

You last paragraph is just one huge logical fallacy. Show me one single quote of mine where I said I support censoring all dissenting views.



Doma said:

Nintendo's download platform isn't worth supporting, it's an inferior joke.

I'll look forward to buying this elsewhere.



theberrage said:

@Yorumi no that is clearly not the question I asked so don't put it in quotes. I'm asking if you discovered Pokemon ( a game you obviously support) used satanic elements/inspiration would you still play it? Please answer the question or stay quiet (which you want others with different viewpoints to do by means of censorship).



Capt_N said:

@unrandomsam: "If the legend is true and Christ is real and was present now what would he do about this ? (That is the important question)." - That's a fair question, but to be honest, I could not speak what Christ would say exactly, but to base my opinion on what is in the King James Bible, I would assume that Christ would probably point out how this game, if not taken in light of the proper context, could really cause confusion, & possible hate toward Christianity. In that sense, I'll say that this game is what it is, offends me personally, but I don't have to buy it, nor will I. Neither will I make fun of gamers that do like this. Same thing with SKB. So, in that regard, while I personally wouldn't d/l it, I am not against it coming to the e-Shops. Because after long thinking about it, Christ doesn't want His followers to stuff our faith down others' throats. We are to present it to them, but not force it on them. So yeah, I am not against this coming to the e-Shop. I will not be d/ling it, however.

@Doma: Isn't it already available elsewhere? I thought it got released last year...



Yorumi said:

@theberrage if they started bashing christianity or God yes I'd drop it, and probably nintendo as a whole in an instant. Also again show where I said anyone with different viewpoints shouldn't speak or supported actual censorship? If suggesting something of nitnendo is forcing something then isn't everyone else suggesting to force nintendo to put it on the eshop? I merely said I'm glad they've chosen not to support this game.



Aviator said:

Okay. There's a few things we need to clear up here.

First of all, The Binding of Issac (the story), does not only belong to the Christian faith. As part of the Bible, it belongs to the Islamic and Jewish faith as well.

Second, @theblackdragon you are a little wrong in your description of NOA, NOE and NOJ.

You are right, NOA and NOE report back to NOJ. However, NOAU sits in the corner and plays with all his invisible friends.

@Yorumi It seems that your objections to the Binding of Issac stems from your faith.

So why should what a group of people believe affect creative control. It shouldn't and that's why the game has been released on PC and soon to be released on Sony systems.



theblackdragon said:

@Aviator: I didn't bother mentioning NoAU for exactly that reason — it's too busy playing with its invisible friends in the corner to matter in terms of this discussion :3
you know i love you though, right?



AkDeath said:

I'm absolutely against censorship in any form. This game needs to come to 3DS and if you don't like what it's about then don't play it, it's that simple.



FriedSquid said:

Nintendo ought to accept the game, just let people who want to play the game on Nintendo consoles play it, nothing wrong with that.

The religious themes thing is kind of ridiculous. I was curious about the game, I did my own research on it and I honestly don't see the problem. If anything Nintendo ought to be getting their panties in knot for the gore, but even then it should still be allowed on the eShop.

If people don't like it, then just don't play it plain and simple. It sucks that the creator can't seem to get the game up there because NoA is afraid of getting people angry.



Kolzig said:

Well, it will never come to European eshops anyway even if Nintendo gave the ok to release Binding of Isaac. Already enjoying Binding of Isaac on PC through Steam which thankfully Nicalis and Rodriguez had nothing to do with.



Barbiegurl777 said:


I agree with you binding of isaac does defently go against the christian religion & does not need to be on any nintendo system 100% percent with you. As for pokemon I'm not for it or against it personally. I've seen a few questionable thing's in the pokemon games over the years. But I've only played pokemon for the GB/GBC... pokemon red & yellow to be exact.

Happy Gaming! (^_^)



enderballar said:

@Yorumi there isn't anything offensive in this game, i have played it and the original to 100%, the two most offensive things are 'The Lamb' and 'Satan', even then those are just boss names, and have nothing to do with Christian believes, if you have a descent counter argument i would love to hear it



KimonoBoxFox said:

@WesCash What's even funnier is that The Binding of Isaac is based on the mechanics of and aesthetically inspired by The Legend of Zelda.



KimonoBoxFox said:

@PvtOttobot If your perspective were the norm, and people refused to publish what was gorey or religiously insensitive, John Carmack might never have founded id Software, or made Doom.

More to the point, Nintendo's argument is flimsy and incongruous, since they already have the Castlevania series staining their pastel shirts and priestly vestments. And in recent history, they're announcing Fatal Frame 5, from a series about creepy religious sacrifices...



KimonoBoxFox said:

@PvtOttobot What, an overzealous thirst for 'decency'?

I get that weak-knee'd politically-correct, half-informed-Christianity-revering America is trying to stifle all forms of expression, out of a misguided sense of cleaning up the world.

But fast-forward here Captain--this isn't the 90's where every video game will purportedly turn your child into a serial murderer, and Nintendo has both a careless policy of pandering to avoid negative reception, 'and' an intent to make money despite their so-called 'family friendly' image. See also why everything they make involves 'killing things' in the least offensive visual presentation possible--except when they're licensing Capcom games, in which case it's just killing things. (See Resident Evil 4 ).

'Relating' to Nintendo in a decision that's going to cost them revenue on a popular title, when they're in the hole, and when they're not consistent in their policies or image anyway, takes some serious brain surgery.

Now, if your point is just 'ban this filth, it hurts my eyes'...

You have two eyes. You have several fingers. Ban your own eyes.

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