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Fri 14th Mar 2014

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snarkysnicker93 commented on Tyrone Rodriguez Continues to Lobby Nintendo t...:

@Yorumi comparing a game that bashes certain elements of an organized religion (elements which DO exist, the creator isn't bashing religion for no reason whatsoever) to games that support racism or gay bashing is a horrible argument. It's fallacious reasoning, and merely distracts from the point at hand; the game isn't explicitly taking a dump on Christianity merely for the sake of bothering people. The themes of religious fundamentalism and child neglect that often follows in the wake of fundamentalism (I've seen firsthand both the miracles religion can work and the irreparable damage that it can cause) are the subjects on blast here, and whether of not you've personally witnessed such acts doesn't decide whether these issues exist or not; they do.

Comparing this game to your theoretical racist/homophobic games is distracting, and ignores the valid reasons for why this game should exist. Just because it upsets you doesn't mean it should be restricted from everyone else. Guess what? I'm a confirmed Catholic (meaning that even after hitting adulthood I agreed to become part of the church community based on my own opinions of what they taught), and even I support this game drawing attention to some of the worse parts of Christianity. It's hard to deny the facts, so I don't even try and defend what I obviously recognize as being a problem with my religion.

Maybe instead of supporting to censor all dissenting views, you should lead by example and prove that the views in the game aren't true of all Christians. That'll do more good and make you look more intelligent than saying "waaaah, this game hates on my religion!".