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Talking Point: Important Steps to Bring the 3DS and Wii U Closer Together

Posted by Kerry Brunskill

Do cross the streams

The Wii U is struggling. It’s a lovely looking console with some great games, but large developers whose names don’t start with “Nin” and end with “Tendo” are hardly queuing up to make software for the system, and there's little publicly visible to change that situation; the download-only scene is, thankfully, much stronger. If only Nintendo had some sort of internationally-acclaimed and incredibly popular hardware already in the hands of millions of gamers that it could somehow use to try and entice people over to the touch screen-equipped home hardware…

We are, of course, talking about the 3DS. Unlike the Wii U, Nintendo’s handheld is doing rather well in the market – there’s a slew of amazing games out there from Nintendo and other publishers, making for a diverse library of quality titles no matter what your tastes are or where you happen to live. In contrast to the Wii U the 3DS has a solid userbase and is well loved; Nintendo is really missing a trick by not doing more to unify its customers under one giant Mario-branded gaming umbrella.

Some progress has been made, with the arrival of Nintendo Network IDs and Miiverse on the portable bringing the communities closer together. What we really want to see, however, is Nintendo tapping into that expansive 3DS userbase and actively encouraging those gamers to go the whole hog and throw their lot in with the legendary Japanese gaming company at home, as well as when they’re out and about. There’s a relatively straightforward two-step process to this, so let’s go over some key points in turn.

The first thing would be to sever the link between hardware and downloads and gather everything and everyone up under the universal Nintendo Network account – this would mean fewer headaches all round. With that done, and with all eShop purchases now tied to just one user ID / password in the cloud that gamers can use across multiple formats, Nintendo has just given its customers peace of mind that their purchases are valid and accessible so long as they can remember their login details. All those new Nintendo account users now have a digital future with the company and confidence in a service that doesn’t require a twenty-two step procedure just to use games they’ve already paid for on the latest limited edition 3DS XL they were loyal enough to buy. We've banged this drum a few times, but that's because it's the modern way to deal with consumers — switch smartphones with Android or iOS and see how quickly you can move apps and content to your new device.

With that done it’s now time to incentivize those 3DS gamers towards the Wii U, and although it sounds a little crass we’re going to suggest doing it by copying a few basic features from Sony’s PSN service.

Sony essentially has the same problem as Nintendo, just in reverse – the PlayStation 3 (and by all accounts so far, the PlayStation 4) are selling well and get a lot of third-party support, while the Vita struggles for shelf space in US and European shops. It’s highly unlikely that the Vita will ever come close to the sales figures Nintendo’s portable device enjoys, but one simple PlayStation Network policy means that the door is always open for Vita-curious PlayStation owners to make the leap, and that policy is its cross-buy system.

Let's get the aspirational, unlikely example out of the way first. PlayStation 3 gamers who purchase titles such as Smash Bros-alike Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale or indie games such as Lone Survivor and Limbo receive not only the console version of their chosen game but a free digital Vita copy too, ready and waiting for gamers should they choose to invest in Sony’s handheld. Some games, such as beautiful 2D side-scrolling beat ‘em up Dragon’s Crown may require separate purchases to play across the two formats, but they do feature the ability to play with users of either version of the game – this keeps the Vita side of online play more viable and vibrant for far longer that it would be by itself, and also reinforcing the notion that Sony’s handheld is a capable and relevant piece of kit by having it play the exact same games as its home counterpart.

The issue for 3DS and Wii U, in this respect, is the greater gulf in technology. Yet we've seen with Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate that cross-platform games can be done; unfortunately, aside from some retail promotions gamers still had to buy the game twice. The upcoming Super Smash Bros. also shows why we tagged this as "unrealistic", with cross-play ruled out. If there was a promotion for loyal gamers to get both versions for the price of one, however, it would sure motivate potential Wii U owners. It's one for the accountants, as it'll clearly be a big-selling game at full price for both, yet it's also a valuable opportunity to boost the HD system's userbase.

Now to the most realistic option that could bring customer satisfaction. Let's consider Sony’s Virtual Console equivalent, stuffed full of classic PlayStation titles as popular or as obscure as anyone could wish for. Just a single purchase allows you to play any classic PS1 game you choose across PlayStation 3, Vita, and even the good old PSP with no fuss or extra fees. Practice Tekken 2 on your lunch break at work, then come home and impress your loved ones with a perfectly executed ten hit combo to their (virtual) faces on PlayStation 3. We aren’t going to pretend that the thought of playing early 90’s polygonal beat ‘em ups is a real system seller in its own right but it does add a sense of value to PSN purchases that Nintendo could easily match without much effort; surely popularity of the (now-retro) Game Boy Player has already showed that cross-compatible Nintendo gaming was a feature fans liked to use?

If Nintendo brought out a similar cross-buy system gamers that had already invested even just a small amount of money into eShop would be able to look at the Wii U and think of it as an extension of their existing entertainment library, not a closed system that can’t even recognise the 3DS content they've been enjoying, never mind Wii content. Even moving beyond unlikely dreams of playing 3DS games on the TV through a Wii U adaptor — we doubt it's even possible — allowing gamers to enjoy Virtual Console games across platforms without buying each individually would get positive attention. At the moment there is a promotion to get VC games for less on Wii U if you've transferred your Wii data, which is a positive. Again it's all about balance, as Nintendo will consider just how many times it can sell us Super Mario Bros. before we stop buying. It's about the value proposition for gamers, and if buying a Wii U allowed gamers to access additional copies of the VC games they'd downloaded on Wii and 3DS (with a quick ID-driven recognition of content on the latter) without forking out more money, it adds a feel-good factor.

Arguments can be made for Nintendo to charge fresh fees for each Virtual Console iteration, but in a fiercely competitive market can more be gained by matching the promotions of rivals with top-notch big N content?

Nobody’s ever doubted the overall quality of Nintendo’s games or hardware, but there is an increasing gulf between its handheld and home console divisions that the likes of Super Mario 3D World can’t fix by itself. There are limits to what can be done, and the company has made clear that such gaps will be closed in the next generation of hardware. Yet a few simple steps and small incentives could unify not just accounts but Nintendo gamers as a whole in this generation – and give millions of 3DS owners a gentle nudge in the direction of the company’s latest home console.

What do you think about these issues? Do you want more shared content between 3DS and Wii U, in particular with the Virtual Console?

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Blast said:

Agreed with everything in the article. I luv my Wii U and 3DS but Nintendo needs to step it up!!!



cammy said:

Still waiting for that killer feature to get a Wii U. I love my 3DS and certainly knowing that games play across all devices would be an interesting one. Knowing that future Nintendo consoles would support that too would be even better.



Yoshi said:

Guys, the reason this issue is taking so long is because Nintendo is remaking Four Swords Adventures for the Wii U with the 3DS as controllers and second screens. Extensive technology, yes. Because, you know, games are better than online services and operating systems and whatnot, right??



ericthecheese said:

I agree with everything in this article. As much as I love Nintendo, it is beyond disappointing that they still tie downloads to the console itself and not to a universal username. The 360 and PS3 have done this right from the get-go, up to almost nine years ago. To have to jump through hoops to upgrade your 3DS or whatever to take your games with you is ridiculous. Every other gaming platform (Xbox/PS/iOS/Android) allows you to just easily redownload anything you have bought. And the whole business of your Nintendo ID being tied to a single system forever is absurd. If your 3DS or Wii U dies unexpectedly, your NNID goes with it, unless you call up Nintendo and beg for them to transfer it to the replacement.

I think the shared crossplay is needed to, and only goes to show how far Nintendo is in comparison to its rivals.

I hope they are really taking note of these complaints for whenever they begin to consider their next generation of systems.



JadedGamer said:

Sounds nice,but Nintendo milks it franchises to death. I don't see why they would do cross buy etc ,when we are more than happy to buy the same game multiple times. Somethings got to give though. I just hope for a truly unified account were my games aren't tied to my system..



SuperCharlie78 said:

I just don't care about the VC anymore for this very reason.
Nintendo: pay 3 times in order to play the same old NES Punch Out on our 3 different platforms.
Sony: pay once and play Vagrant Story on the PSP, PS3 or Vita.
Enough said.



unrandomsam said:

Does Sony not have some type of phone home DRM that one it is stopped then all access is lost to the content ?

I don't think the 3DS library is well rounded either.

The Vita has the advantage that PSP content doesn't look worse than on the PSP. (I can barely play DS games on my 3DS XL). Disadvantage is loads of stuff I want is JPN UMD only. Some stuff is only on the JPN PSN Store as well like Silhouette Mirage.

Dragon's Crown is the only Vita game I am bothered about.



Wilford111 said:

@NbaJunkie No one would say that Nintendo milks their franchises if, say, they replaced "Paper Mario" with another star character, or if in their tennis or golf series they would just stick with anime characters and left Mario out.
If Mario games were only about platforming and you never saw Mario anywhere else, no one would say Nintendo is milking him.
You see where I'm going with this? The point is, Nintendo isn't milking the same franchises. They just choose Mario to be the main star in many of their different games because Mario is their mascot. That's all.



GalacticMario28 said:

I'm not sure about crossplay, but I agree with the two steps outlined in this article. I wouldn't be surprised if Nintendo is working on those things, but is trying to give them a 'Nintendo' spin so as not to directly copy Sony or anyone else for that matter. At least I hope that's what they're doing.



vdallos said:

Pokemon stadium U online. 3ds connection ala supergameboy, cross features (additional but no obligatory)...and Pokemon stadium U online.



Yoshi said:

@unrandomsam Can't complain about how DS games look on a 3DS XL, it's a bigger screen. It's like playing an NES game on a big screen TV. It's not an advantage towards Vita because the 3DS has the same screen as the DS, albeit being a little wider.



Luna-Harmony said:

Games should cross over like the PS3 & Vita if you buy a game for ps3 it's free on vita. Or buy a game for vita it's free on ps3.



Captain_Toad said:

Account based system! Not console based system! Every 2 hours that they're not doing this is a WiiU or 3ds precious save files being gone forever! Cross-play is nice but it feels like too much of a luxury at least to me.



DreamOn said:

The frustration with Nintendo isn't a matter of IF rather WHEN. Like broad indie support with limitless file sizes, HD output, Online support etc. It seemingly takes them much longer than Sony to figure out how to make all the $$$ it can off of every new feature it adds to its devices, and to also maintain that it won't destroy the Nintendo brand 20 years on, or upset all the moms in the world or the retail partners, or give hackers and pirates total control over everything, or undermine its region-lock policies and regional sales and on and on and on! Sheesh! Lol.



cornishlee said:

Some good thoughts here - and I'm speaking as a Wii U owner and not a 3DS owner. Particularly good thoughts on the VC: when Nintendo first announced the discount for owners that transferred their data from their Wii I understood the reasons for still making a small charge - it seemed fair for their input. There was a backlash against it though and, a year on, I find myself reluctant to pay even the small fees required to re-purchase games for the new system. In other words, it's no longer a selling point.



divinelite said:

Kinda tired of this...
Can we somehow tell this article to nintendo?

Its been so many times discussed and never change
Account based system is a must and nintendo even made now eshop tied to account AND console

Dare to format 3ds and you will lost your game...
Not to say even you cannot use different id in 3ds if you still want your game...



Ralek85 said:

Interesting, actually since I have a Ps3 and a Ps4 and because of the aforementioned synergy of those two homeconsoles with PS Vita, as well as VITA's amazing Oled screen, low price (as low as 150€ for a new system) and PS+ (great value), I decided recently to get me one, also of course in no small part to be able to finally play Persona 4 Golden, which I already own on PSN ^^
But I have to say since I own (and very much love) a 3DS XL there is really little drive to get WiiU. The WiiU similar to the VITA is on it's on merit (meaning mostly exclusive games) not quite there yet to justify the investment. That being said, with 'X' as well as SMT X FE and MK8 upcoming this could change sooner rather than later, still I wished I would get some value out of it owning a 3DS as well as WiiU besides access to new exclusives. For a PS4 as well as PS+ owner/suscriber VITA manages just that quite nicely, you can go ahead and download quite a few games you have amassed over time (and that's not "just" some indiegames or the likes but also rather recent fullprice AAA games like Soul Sacrifice) without additional cost, you can use the 2nd screen feature, I'm also looking forward to setting on my balcony and playing some Infamous 2nd son via remote play (also the feature is still somewhat imperfect) in the next weeks ... Nintendo could definitely learn a thing or two from what Sony did here, conversely Sony could manage to learn a thing or two about dedicated handheld games from Nintendo mind you.
6 months ago I considered the VITA a great but useless piece of hardware ...



JCnator said:

All of what was said in this article could possibly apply to the next generation of Nintendo home consoles and handhelds, given that Iwata told at Investor Q&A is planning to merge both hardware development teams in one and to adequately absorb the Wii U architecture. I'm all for seamlessly transitioning between my home console and handheld!

Given that it's about Nintendo, we shouldn't be surprised on how the online services compare to PSN and Xbox Live. Some Wii U developer who shared the inside story of the development of game(s) designed for the console noticed: "At some point in this conversation we were informed that it was no good referencing Live and PSN as nobody in [Nintendo's] development teams used those systems (!) so could we provide more detailed explanations for them?". Uh oh, this is going to take a longer while for Nintendo to get online right than you anticipate.



PinkSpider said:

If when the next nintendo console comes out and I have to repurchase all my virtual console games again for a fee then that is the time I stop buying nintendo and stick with what I have. I will then move to Sony
There is no excuse now to keep rebuying the same games over and over. I bought them on snes and nes then Wii now Wii U. I think they have had enough money from me. It's time to update nintendo get with the times and look at the reason why you are failing this console war so badly.



FJOJR said:

Agreed on a lot of things. I am holding out on VC purchases that Nintendo isn't giving to me for free until they allow my purchases to be used on the 3DS or Wii U.



SavoirFaire said:

Throw in another "ditto" for the comments made in the article. As much as I am against Nintnedos current system of hardware linked purchases, I have somehow spent over $150 on the eshop and VC!



kereke12 said:

There doesn't need to be a "Talking Point". What needs to be done is Nintendo to get off there Bleep and start marketing and put 3DS and WII U together as one. Make the 3DS and Wii U work together maybe if Nintendo was smart. Maybe they will sell. But no! That's never going to happen...Especially if Nintendo keeps taking there time to do things.



Kirk said:

Nintendo needs to get it's *ss in gear with stuff like this and not when the next generation rolls around, which is more than likely the realistic scenario here (totally pathetic but more than likely true), but NOW...THIS GEN.



Starwolf_UK said:

Cross play is not going to happen with Nintendo. The best you can hope for is an upgrade fee.

I totally get the emulator costs money to port but the build should be very similar across a system (Nintendo uses a single game single emulator approach while Sony use the same for all games but run older games on older versions if compatibility allows) and as such if I paid less the more I upgraded where it eventually became free, I think that would be a good compromise.

I guess some would use the analogy of a "hey you didn't complain when you upgraded your VHS to DVD and then to Blu-Ray" but that only works if the Blu-Ray was the exact same as the VHS except the system you play it on...which it is not.

As for the shop accounts. They mistake they made was initially making 3DS have multiple wallets then devolving into a single country single account system (which locks you in for added insult). The successor hardware will probably use NNID which means I'll have to make one on the 3DS to transfer purchases and this would mean I lose access to some games I've bought due to the downloads being unavailable on the UK eShop (as the games are not sold on the UK eShop). Then again I prefer playing on the original hardware (and may well buy US hardware next time making a transfer impossible anyway) so would probably not bother.



jjx1000 said:

Nintendo should've kept the WiiU VC exclusive to past home consoles and kept the 3DS VC exclusive to past handheld consoles...OR release all the games for both consoles at the exact same time. Right now it's anyone's guess what is coming out on what console.

...and who do I need to speak with about getting a Metroid game (other than the original) on the 3DS VC?! How about an old Fire Emblem too?!



Josaku said:

The problem I see here is, that it seems they can't even get the games they portert to the Wii VC to work on the WiiU VC, or they don't want the to work, or they are to busy porting the Wii VC games to WiiU VC. Either way it might be, I just want to see what the big N is planing to "Unifie" the systems.



KFlow325 said:

Metal Gear Solid Ghost Babel
Metroid Zero Mission
And more VC and regular titles in general for WiiU. Star Wars Pinball DLC should help deaf, dumb & blind Nintendo to get the ball rolling.



SuperCharlie78 said:

I'll add something in response to Kerry's article.
If you are a PS Plus member and a PS3 owner only, since they featured the Vita you could have downloaded (or just tied them to your PSN ID for that matter) a ridicolous amount of Vita games (Uncharted, Gravity Rush, Soul Sacrifice, Wipeout, Lumines, well more than 30 games), and if you go and buy a PS Vita you would find all of them in your download history, but this is not helping Vita sales in the west.
Just saying... And thinking about it, why not a Nintendo Plus among all the other things they should definitely do?



Maxie93 said:

Whilst I do agree that adding a cross buy feature is needed and would be awesome, I'm not sure if it'll "save" the Wii U. The only reason I say this is like Kerry says Sony are in a position opposite to Nintendo, but the problem is the same. And the tactics Sony have been using to save the vita haven't worked. So I doubt they will work for Nintendo.



DarkKirby said:

It's time to bring up Nintendo's region locking and tied to console digital purchases again!

Get with the times and have an account linked digital purchases system Nintendo!



Tender_Cutlet said:

Idealistic. If any of this were simple, surely Nintendo would have taken steps towards it by now - they were doing this type of thing with the SNES and Super Gameboy back when Playstation was just a twinkle in Kutaragi-san's eye!. Unfortunately Nintendo's leadership seem totally unprepared for the challenge of turning around the Wii U's fortunes and even less so to counter the media barrage. Choosing to ignore their criticism may be the moral high ground but it's nothing but feckless in the minds of impressionable consumers and journalists who love a public fall from grace.



PokeMario said:

I'd buy a lot more Virtual Console games if I had the ability to buy it once and have it on both my 3DS and Wii U.

Also, make it possible to Streetpass if your 3DS is near a Wii U, sort of like those relay spots. That would be cool.



AshFoxX said:

It's too late to consider the Wii at this point, but if they really wanted my business in the present with VC in particular, transfers from my Wii should be free on my Wii-U. So what if the Wii U versions sport off-tv play? they both cost the same, so I shouldn't have to buy the same game AGAIN just to have the convenience of playing SMB3 in my living room, while my Wii stays in the bedroom. This is the smaller point of my case.

This is also true for 3DS and Wii-U, which is what Nintendo should really be listening to us about. While I agree that N64 games probably wont translate well to 3DS due to lack of controls, NES, SNES, Genesis/Megadrive and even Game Boy/Color/Advance titles should be cross compatible. Because of the present situation with not being able to play VC games I already bought on 3DS, I have neglected to purchase VC games on Wii-U since my original Wii can play just about anything from NES to Gamecube backups. Change this small thing, and you will see a significant rise in sales, at least on my end, especially if I can play Earthbound before work, save my game, and continue on my lunch break with my 3DS. The rom I have for my hacked Wii works fine, but I would actually buy the game if it did something useful across both of my favorite game consoles.

TL;DR, Buying a VC game on Wii-U/3DS and being able to play it on both with one purchase with a cross save feature will entice me and others to actually use the service.



drumsandperc92 said:

completely agree with the article.
If VC and eShop games were tied to a Nintendo Network ID, not a console, it would be a brilliant marketing move, and I would be much more inclined to invest in the digital games.
If a cross-buy system (for games like Smash Bros) as WELL as a way to play 3DS titles thru the TV via Wii U were in place, it would be another major reason for me to purchase a Wii U, AND a 3DS. That would make the 3DS the first handheld i'd own since the GBA.
Not having a unified account system is archaic at best, Nintendo really does need to look towards Sony as an example of how to do it correctly, even if it meant purchasing a monthly/annual fee in order for Nintendo to make it happen.



Falkor said:

I would estimate that I had fifteen or so Virtual Console/E-Shop games on my original Wii--at least a few hundred dollars worth of content. Well, my Wii bricked about a year ago (stuck at the health warning screen). Needless to say, I lost all of my purchases forever.



erv said:

Nintendo does not compete on technology levels, so as long as systems are differentiated in handhelds and consoles they are not going to match in experience.

Convergence is worth a lot for nintendo next gen. But well, get the network technology sorted out first, as that is where people will expect the benefits from while enjoying your ecosystem.



luke88 said:

Just had a look at the lists of ps1 and ps2 games on Sony's vc equivalent and it's embarrassing. I don't understand why Nintendo can't do that with their vc, seriously, can anyone explain why the selection offered to us is so meagre by comparison? Guessing it has something to do with who owns what rights and so on because I can't believe emulating content can take that many man hours.



chiefeagle02 said:

The CrossPlay feature on the PS3/Vita is the reason I haven't purchased Retro City Rampage on the 3DS.



Windy said:

Do it Nintendo! Do it! I still dont get why Nintendo doesnt load up the VC. its almost like a great big secret or better yet, a holdout



Doma said:

Until they provide us with proper accounts (Iwata already stated this won't happen on current platforms, btw), all other points are irrelevant. I won't support anything from them, digitally.



Patchouli said:

Very particularly VC. Put GBA and SNES games on the 3DS eshop. That won't help the Wii U, but it will help 3DS sales. :/



rockodoodle said:

Excellent article. I have thought about these very points now for the last few months. I bought a Wii u last April and 3ds in August. I think a lot of problems could be solved if Nintendo could market And to a degree tie the two systems more closely together.



BinaryFragger said:

I agree with the article and the comments about the need of account unification. I love being able to buy a PS1 Classic on my PSP and being able to play it on my Vita, and vice-versa. If I had a PS3 (which I probably will soon now that they're really cheap), I'd be able to play them on that too.

I've been a Nintendo fan since the NES era, but they really need to finally join the 21st century. They're really pushing digital distribution but their infrastructure is archaic.



Sidewaydriver said:

I came up with a way to bring my 3DS and WiiU closer together. I threw them both in the same dumpster.



Manaphy2007 said:

@Blast me too and yes nintendo needs to or they will fall far behind but they wont be close to debt as they can afford flops for the next 15 year or 20 if they get lucky



Slapshot said:

Very good article.

Just a bit of FYI: Dragon's Crown also has cross-save compatibility, just like the many other cross-buy games on the PSN service.



Ricube said:

@NbaJunkie the thing is that even the minority of the fanbase really buys VC games more than once. I only bought Metroid because the was the 30 cents promotion. Prices for VC games are way to high (higer then new and really good indie games). I would buy a lot of them if they were cheaper and tied to my account so that I can play them wherw I want.
Another point is tha I would like to upgrade from my 3DS to a 3DS xl (that means buy a new console, nintendo) but I have a lot of downloaded games on my 3DS so that is not going to happen (non more money to you, Nintendo). The VC market has never been a success also because of those problems, mainly because you always have a cheap, easy to use alternative: emulators (i have heard they work perfectly with NES, SNES, GB, GBA games...)



Captain_Toad said:

Well if they are going to do that cross-buy thingy, i think they probably gonna have to do a paid service like xbox/ps. I don't see that happening without some financial compensation.



Bolt_Strike said:

I think it might help a little bit, but not by much. You need more than the ability to play games you already have to justify shelling out $300 for a shiny new console, you need strong exclusives. And the Wii U is currently lacking in that department.



electrolite77 said:

It's genuinely bizarre and a sad reflection on those leading Nintendo that even though they've dominated the portable arena for 25 years and had a fleeting attempt to link portable and home consoles 10 years ago they've been so utterly embarrassed by Sony in terms of linking home and portable consoles (and the modern digital distribution model that comes with it). It's like they've all been asleep in the boardroom for years. Bizarre.



Squiggle55 said:

This article is absolutely exactly right. The absolute biggest problem with Nintendo right now is that they are lagging far behind in providing an entire Nintendo ecosystem that is up to par with the competition. I think this is greatly affecting their success and stifling the potential for more loyalty.



SMW said:

Nintendo's convinced me to buy a couple games from the eShop, but with the way things are, I still prefer owning the physical disc/cartridge. It just feels like the future is uncertain when you 'own' digital copies of games.



Cyberbotv2 said:

Everyone has to realize Nintendo is not doing anything until the new fiscal year on April 1st.



AyeHaley said:

I would buy pretty much every VC game if I could play them on all my 3DSs and Wii U...I'm not even joking. I love replaying retro games with the save state option turned on and having everything available without switching cartridges or discs.

I'm still dumbfounded by the fact I can't have all my content on both my 3DS systems, let alone VC games on 3DS+Wii U...

Just imagine playing the games you love wherever you want..



Glaceon said:

They made Miiverse originally for Wii U, but as of December, 2013, the 3DS now has Miiverse. For people who don't know what Miiverse is; its a big community (like facebook) that people can talk to eachother of the games they like, only on Nintendo consoles. (It used to be fun for me, until I got banned from it... XD)



QuickSilver88 said:

About time someone wrote on this topic as I and others have talked it in threads for months.......I do think Nintendo is heading twoards acvount based so they will get there. One thing the writer failed to mention is that Iwata said at the shareholders meeting that Ninendo would move to a unfied devlopment platform starting with WiiU. Nintendo has so many good properties they cluld build true cross over experiences far beyond what Sny has accomplished with cross buy/save. Imagine two seperate Fire Emblem games with unque but intertwining stories where you could move your units back and forth when you shifted from home to the road. Or a new pokemon stadium with pokecloud and pokebox as well as online battling and trading or even pokemon hunter that lets you team up with other trainers and go out and slay tough megga wild pokemon. I thoughy MH3U was a missed oppertunity...i thought capcom shouod have sold retail WiiU with 3DS download code....For a cross play game like that Nintendo should have done a wiiU/3ds bundle with both games. I think Nintendo is waking up it just may take longer than we like.



macmilk said:

This is exactly why Nintendo is slowly losing me, a lifelong nintendo fanboy, to Sony...



DualWielding said:

if they want to do cross buy or vc being multiplat (which is two different things) that's good but its up to then......but having you lose hundreds of dollar on digital games only because your system stopped working is just a violation of consumer rights and unaceptable (yah I know if you are in a major market you can send your console back to nintendo but what about those of us who aren't)



FlaygletheBagel said:

I think Nintendo's going in a confusing direction in a lot of ways, not only with the lack of synchrony between 3DS and Wii U, and not only with the slow, pitiful trickle of Virtual Console games, but also in their long-term planning.

Take the Virtual Console as an example. Just about any game from the Gamecube era and back could (potentially) be mapped and emulated on the Wii U (analog trigger quibbles aside). But what happens when Nintendo tries to start emulating Wii games on future consoles? Or Wii U games, for that matter? Is every Nintendo home console that comes out in the future going to need to be compatible with Wii Remotes in order to download old Wii titles? Will future consoles need to have a Gamepad-like accessory in order to play or emulate Wii U games?

You see what I'm getting at here? Nintendo introduced innovations in the Wii and Wii U that they ultimately have to include in future consoles, if they want to keep up with their tradition of backward compatibility. That could potentially hamper their console development in a lot of ways.

Granted, Nintendo isn't bound by backwards compatibility, nor is it an obligation that they make the next console compatible with Wii U games (Gamecube obviously was not compatible with N64 games, nor was an N64 compatible with SNES titles). But considering Nintendo is a company with such a rich back catalog of games, it seems disheartening to consider the possibility that future consoles will need to cap their selection at the Gamecube and exclude games that require the Wii's motion control or the Wii U's Gamepad. But who knows? Nintendo has come up with some crazy stuff before, so it's possible they can do it again. With or without their more recent titles.



Spoony_Tech said:

I still say Nintendo missed a very good opportunity to make Mario Gold for both systems! Cross play would've been easy as graphics really wouldn't matter.



jayclayx said:

it is kind of sad but since zelda a link between worlds I am not interesting on any game recently for my 3ds , the next game would be smash bros but besides bravely default I don't feel like the console is getting third party support



Bolt_Strike said:

@FlaygletheBagel With VR just around the corner, I doubt this will be much of an issue. If you use a Virtuix Omni type device, then you can do pretty much anything that the Wii or Wii U can do.



Lalivero said:

@ashfoxx Well you need a CC(P) to play N64 on Wii, so I wouldn't mind buying an add-on to play them on-the-go on 3DS(if possible to get them running well).

Like another poster said above, once they have this kind of system in place(and better the pricing), I'd probably buy a much larger portion of VC games, if not all of them.



OzMikey said:

Can't get my games from my 3DS to my 3DS XL and feel ripped off about the lack of a single account which would make my games available on either system...



Boxmonkey said:

It's quite clear to me now, nintendo don't listen to what their customers want and they don't seem to care! They are too busy trying to find some other new customer base to tap into just like they were with the blue ocean approach and now the health and lifestyle thing they are talking about. The hardcore fans base on nintendo seems to be getting smaller and smaller and after zelda u I will be another one to leave forever!



thatguyEZ said:

I've always been a Ninty/Sony guy and love both of them to death. But the lack of a unified account to tie purchases to is just ridiculous and borderline unacceptable imo. I'm big on downloading my games and have a ton of games on my 3DS with a ton of time put into them, and I've been worrying lately about what happens if my 3DS just gives out one day. I should NOT have to go through some huge hassle just to get the game I bought with my hard earned money back. And if I were to lose all that you can bet I'm not about to just give it up and say 'oh well.' On my PS4 all it takes it opening the PS store and hitting download, and that's all I should have to do if something happens to my 3DS. The fact that Iwata is talking about not unifying accounts until next gen is totally absurd, the Wii U is still practically a fresh new console that should have 4+ years ahead of it. I love Nintendo to death but the lack of any openness or even empathy on the subject gets on my nerves like nothing else. Seriously Ninty, step it up.



The-Chosen-one said:

I'm reading everywhere on the internet about a rumor: that Nintendo is making a new console? did i miss something? was called something like: Nintendo Fusion.
If Nintendo was really planning to do something like that i would buy their system again if its on par or more powerfull than the ps4 and xbone.

And for the one owning a wiiU get 150$ off for the new console. that would be a nice gift for the Nintendo fans who support Nintendo all the time.
But hey it was just a thought lol.



andreoni79 said:

Nintendo will never go cross-buy until people accept to spend again and again up to $ 10 for 20 years old games. And the only reason Nintendo will never publish games for tablets and smartphones it's because they won't be able to justify their ridiculous prices on those platforms.



SuperCharlie78 said:

"Another point is tha I would like to upgrade from my 3DS to a 3DS xl (that means buy a new console, nintendo) but I have a lot of downloaded games on my 3DS so that is not going to happen (non more money to you, Nintendo)."
Well actually you can transfer everything from a 3DS to another one through the proper trasfer option.
It will transfer even your diary data, friend list, Mii Plaza puzzles, everything.
You need the two 3DS near to you and connected to the internet.



OldWeeDog said:

I just read the rumoured specs of the rumoured 'Fusion' console. That is what the wii u should have been. The rumoured specs of that machine would make it a beast. You are talking about a €800+ machine here. As for the article above; Ninty needs to get their finger out their a**es and listen to what their customers are wanting. They are slowly going up s*it creek without a paddle. I don't know what they are doing over there in Japan. They seem to be like politicians and not have a clue what is going on. I mean , come on, purchases tied to a NNID? What is difficult about that? Region Locking? Basically forcing you to have multiple machines to play different versions of games? etc.etc etc.

But I suppose getting all this sorted is just TOO much to ask. Also, we would only get the answer:


Nintendo do yourself a favour and get this rumoured Fusion console out asap and give the WiiU owners a generous trade in discount for adopting early. The specs of this machine would wipe the floor with Sony and Microsoft for years.

This is my opinion anyway. So, how was your day peeps?



8bitforever said:

I hear a lot of people saying "this could apply to Nintendo's next hardware", but they honestly don't have that kind of time. Sony has set the stage and is pulling people away from Nintendo left and right (me included). I have been a Nintendo fanboy for 20 years buying only their systems. I recently bought a PS3 and Vita though because I was tired of getting screwed on my WiiU purchases (no DLC, etc). I cannot believe how much better Sony's account system is setup. I can buy a game from their Web based interface and work and then go home and download it. Heck, the PS4 will actually download it for you. My PS1, Indie games are all cross buy! No more paying twice! With PS+ you get cloud saves! I don't think Nintendo even cares any more and isn't likely to change under Iwata's crappy leadership. I would love to be wrong but for me, I am going PS4 this summer and I am not going back. The WiiU will just be for the kids. I only want to play Mario Kart 8 and that is it this whole year. Same for the kids outside of Smash Bros which I think they want for 3DS.



OldWeeDog said:

I also have a PS3 and I agree with what you said. Nintendo is losing people left , right and centre. I also think that Nintendo doesn't care. I mean, GBA games on the WiiU vc ? I think it should be Handheld for the 3DS and Console for the WIIU. Also, PSN knocks spots off the Nintendo set up. Like above comments, Nintendo doesn't have a lot of time as they are alienating gamers at a ferocious pace. We all could complain until we are blue in the face and all we would get is :





TheAdza said:

If Nintendo can't unify Wii/Wii U/3DS VC games now, then they shouldn't be selling them at such a high price. Then people wouldn't have that much to complain about. Like most Nintendo fans, I am sick of the constant and relentless negativity toward them, but I'm not so blind as to realise they have put themselves into the position to be crucified by fans, critics, and everyone else for not going into the 3DS and Wii U generation with what has become standard features for years like account based systems. I thought that feature would come with the "making the Wii U faster" update that never came, or the "Miiverse for 3DS" that was so gimped that it's basically useless version of Miiverse with the only benefit that we can now share money between systems. I really am having a wait and see approach to the next round of Nintendo console(s). I usually buy straight away at launch, but faster the 3DS launch and price drop fiasco, and the continuing free fall of the Wii U into almost certain doom, I won't be an early adopter next time unless they get their heads out of the sand and join the 21st century. As much as I do love Nintendo and their games and consoles, they rightly deserve every attack they get because they just are doing too many things wrong and backwards and being very anti consumer at a time when they need it most. It's completely baffling.



TheWeird said:

I will not buy one single item from the eShop on either WiiU or 3DS until the account-based system is introduced.

I lost several DSi games when I traded the console in towards a 3DS at launch because it did not even occur to me that they were not linked to the eShop account, as I was so used to this system from Apple, Sony and Microsoft. I was literally astonished at the time. In fact it was some time before Nintendo even provided a transfer tool to move games from DSi to 3DS, so it was not even an option. To learn that this has still not been rectified with WiiU is literally incredible. They have absolutely no clue about internet services, their competitors, or the desires of their customers.

With the introduction of the NNID it seems they at least have an inkling of what they need to do, but clearly have no idea how to do it, and are too worried about eaking every last cent out of the miniscule WiiU user base, and gouging the 3DS users to stay afloat.



supermrmario123 said:

I wish That Smash Bros Was Cross play But Sony Does it Good with the ps3 And Vita Like Playstation all stars Cross pay Get a downloadable Ps vita yeah yet you can play ps vita to ps3 Nintendo needs to do more like that



supermrmario123 said:

@OldWeeDog but we did get GBA games for 3DS atLaunch But it was so rude that they said we have no plans to relasse Them But GBA Games on wii u Gamepad is great But My PSP's Could run Atari to GBA Just Fine and could plug in to the TV so Buying Games I played 30+ years ago is pointless



JimLad said:

They've been so keen on console/handheld connectivity for so many years, and now Sony is making a complete mockery of them.
Not to mention the Virtual Console is an absolute joke compared to the amount of PS1 classics on offer.



ToastyYogurt said:

Cross-play would be awesome, but I think Nintendo is on to something by leaving it out of Smash 4. The big reason it's absent is that the two versions differ in stages and graphical styles. They're essentially different games, and I believe that's exactly what Nintendo wants to think, what with the E3 trailer ending with two logos, one for each version, rather than one unifying logo. Betcha they'll have different names too. Originally I was going to get just the Wii U version, thinking there would be cross-platform online play and both games would sport the same stages. But now knowing they sport different stages, and most of my friends are likely to get the 3DS version over the Wii U one, I want both. And I'm not one to buy both versions of Pokemon or anything like that. Nintendo essentially guaranteed more money out of me with these decisions, and I'd be surprised to be the only one.



theBluntKnight said:

Nintendo needs to sort it's poopoodoodoocacapoopiedoodledoo out with online content. There's no point in trying to get people to pay for Mario 3 over and over again if they can just use another form of emulation to play it, like one that is freely available. The issue here is trust, we the game playing public need to have trust in the providers of this online distributed content. Having a unified account that allows you to play games across different platforms is more trustworthy than a console specific account.
Please watch the profanity — TBD



Alucard83 said:

Don't know.... I don't really feel they should mix together or something. But It would be nice to be able to use 1 account on many other consoles. But i'm sure they are afraid you will install for other people getting the game as download. It's hard thing... I'm sure they will be able to do fingerprint scan or something in the future. Let's use that one and only then able to redownload the game that you've bought. Voila enough security.

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