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Sega Has No Plans To Bring Alien: Isolation To The Wii U

Posted by Damien McFerran

Game over, man

Yesterday, Sega dropped the news that The Creative Assembly is working on Alien: Isolation, a new title in the long-running series of games based on the famous movie franchise.

The title has been leaked several times recently and focuses on Ellen Ripley's daughter, Amanda. It has been confirmed for PS3, Xbox 360, PS4, Xbox One and PC, but no mention was made in the announcement regarding a Wii U version.

Keen to find out what's afoot — even though the answer should be obvious — several fans have taken to Twitter to quiz the publisher:

Given the sorry state of Aliens: Colonial Marines — a game which was set to hit the Wii U but was eventually canned after scathing reviews on other formats — you might assume this is a blessing. However, Alien: Isolation is shaping up to be something else entirely, and we personally think it's a real shame that Wii U owners won't be joining the party.

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SuperCharlie78 said:

Same old story...
They have no choice but bring some exclusive games from third parties, or, well, announce other 2-3 Mario by the end of the year.



PinkSpider said:

Surprise surprise another company dismissing wii u but still releasing on old consoles that have, to be fair been replaced buy newer hardware.
Oh well no loss game will probably be abisimal anyway



maneauleau said:

allright allright, I will play it on my PC then when it's on sales on steam...if it's any good of course :-



Emblem said:

If its good and sells well they will no doubt do a version with Wii U specifif features.



edhe said:

And it's all our fault for not buying Colonial Marines(!)



Kirk said:

Very few big developers have very many plans to bring all that much to Wii U.


No it is f'n not!

If you make crap games then they don't deserve to sell and you can't blame gamers for that. If you make a system no developers want to support because no one has bought it and it lacks proper next-gen graphics power and features then you can't really blame these developers and certainly not gamers for that either.

The blame lies with Nintendo first and then bad/lazy developers second, with fickle gamers coming way down the list of blame.



Kyloctopus said:

@Guitardude7 The difference is that the last game was made by Gearbox, who have been an iffy company, making Duke Nukem Forever.
This is made by The Creative Assembly, who have been a big company for Sega. So the chances are, we are missing out on this product.

The sad part here is that people are simply accepting this as "Same old news". It really shouldn't be. Especially when Nintendo said the Wii U was supposed to be a hardcore console.
It's also really sad that people are thinking the Aliens franchise is worth less than poo. The truth is that, the Alien's franchise deserves more respect. Does anyone remember how praised "Aliens Infestation" for DS was? That was made less than a year before Colonial Marines.



WaveBoy said:

the Wii U is a one man NintenShow. this wasn't the case in the Wii's exciting beginning, where we saw tons of creative & innovative ideas like Elebits, zack & wiki, Dragon Quest Swords(Pointer shield controls were pretty neat) ect ect. Strip the NIntendo developed exclusives away and what you're left with is an xbox 360 3rd party support wise with one really cool controller that's full of so much potential, but we're just not seeing it.

Props for ubi for fully utilizing it in the RIGHT way with ZombiU

sega needs to do streets of Rage 4. I'm just blown away that we haven't seen a sequel in so long...I wonder what skate is up to these days.




edhe said:


Sarcasm, jeez.

If they can deign to release this on the Xbox 360, then they can release it on the Wii U. As simple as that.



Peach64 said:

@edhe Except they'll make money on an Xbox 360 version, and there's very little evidence to suggest the same will happen on Wii U, but plenty examples of 3rd party games not selling enough to cover the cost of porting.

You can bet Sega are gonna be watching CA like a hawk after Gearbox outsourced the last game and spent Sega's money on Borderlands 2.



FullbringIchigo said:

I think this is more to do with the developer rather than the publisher (SEGA) after all SEGA and Nintendo are getting on pretty well

but still as they are making it for PS3 and 360 there is no reason for there not to be a WiiU version

still I get Nintendo consoles for Nintendo games (mainly Zelda) and the other consoles for other games although if a multiplatform game is released on a Nintendo I will get it on that over the others



edhe said:


That's because there are few consoles out there because 3rd party publishers aren't bringing their A-game to the Wii U.

Who's going to take the first step?



Kyloctopus said:

@CountWavula That's false
These third party companies have to please us. Tell us that "The Wii U version is the best". And soothe our egos making a good Wii U version.
If you look at software sales for Rayman Legends, you can see that it sold pretty well for Wii U. At one point it was the best selling version. Now it goes to the PS3 version. I wonder how many more would have bought it, had it been released for Wii U in February 2012.



SkywardLink98 said:

@TreesenHauser Or maybe, y'know, they don't think it was gonna sell and that it isn't worth the risk? If it were profitable, they'd hire more people and get it done. If it's not, they won't do it. Where does laziness come into play with this?




I don't know, it looks great, had a great atmosphere but I can't help but think it doesn't feel like Alien. Anyone else think the Alien seemed to move too slow to be an Alien? It was just creeping around and that's not how it moves in the films at all.



TreesenHauser said:

@SkywardLink98 Wow, sorry.

But I call BS on the game not potentially being profitable. How does any developer know that the game wouldn't sell well on Wii U if they don't at least try it out? I could understand them saying such after the console's launch, but a year later it's a different story. More consoles have been sold, the install base is going up--admittedly slowly--and I bet I'm not the only Wii U gamer that would love to play this with the GamePad.

I can understand the profit argument, but it doesn't change the fact that more and more great-looking third-party titles are being passed right by Wii U even though they very well could make a port for it, and it stinks.



Razzle said:

I thought the trailer looked cool, and the reviewer specifically remarked in how bringing up the map during the demo was jarring as it paused the game and ruined the atmosphere. Is the Gamepad not perfect for this? It's almost like developers wish they had a second screen to play with! Such a shame.



tanasten said:

Game over. Indeed.

WiiU is the Nintendo Only system.

Let's hope we will get another Call of duty next year, because I now have doubts. So Sad...



FritzFrapp said:

A crying shame as the game seems a perfect fit for the Wii U. Reggie, get your wallet out.



element187 said:

While I agree on the low install base argument because that's business but explain the. "lacks proper next-gen graphics"

@Kirk please explain what "proper next gen graphics" are because the Wii U supports the same OpenGL 4.3 API as ps4. Same lighting/shading technology and same effects as ps4. I'm curious what is this mystery graphics that the Wii U doesn't support....can't be 1080p/60fps gaming as both the xBone/ps4 is struggling (failing) to hit that litmus test that Sony and Microsoft fangirls assigned to "real Nextgen" back in February 2013/May 2013 at the announcement of those machines....

I'm generally curious now because looking at the changelog for the Wii U version of Project CARS it clearly shows it's using the same shading/lighting as the ps4/xBone editions. The only difference I see is resolution and post processing effects (AA), which both of those things don't make the graphics appear drastically different. So it can't be that.



BAGBOY said:

It's funny how a lot of people think the wii u has already lost the console wars for things like this. Nintendo showed their true colors with the wii u when super mario 3d world was unleashed, it was everything I expected and far more, nintendo isn't going anywhere soon.

Funny thing is, there was one game that caught my eye when the xbox one was released, and that was crimson dragon, a game that looked really good, even though I dislike the xbox one, and in the end, the game was garbage, meaning that not everything that shines is gold; yes, the newer consoles are pretty powerful and all, but that doesn't mean nintendo lost for that reason, far from it.

Just look at the ps vita, it was marketed as the definitive portable console that would revolutionize the market and put nintendo to shame and tears, where is it now? having the lamest of all times, completely ignored by sony and I don't even know a person that has one yet I know like 20 people or more that have a 3ds.

That's the bright side nintendo will always have, that somehow, they sacrifice power on their consoles for awesome experiences with their games, and even with that in mind, they somehow achieve impressive visuals, just look at A LINK BETWEEN WORLDS, a beautiful game despite being a portable experience.

In 10 years people will be discussing this very same topic over a game that will be released on the xxxbox and the ps999 but not on the miyamoto3000, and again, people will be having this same argument in that time, claiming that yeah, nintendo will fall soon, pretty soon.

What a time that'll be.



GamerGleek47 said:

Bringing this to Wii U was the fair thing to do because of the abomination CM was. What about that relationship SEGA and Nintendo, huh? Is that just for Sonic? -.-



WaveBoy said:

if these powerhoused' HD games were less expensive to make, had far less people in these gigantic dev teams and were less time consuming to make you bet you're tooshie we'd start seeing some unique & daring retail releases. But it seems developers can't afford to take the risk anymore in this day and expensive video game age.

I mean...We saw some brilliant 3rd party stuff on the Wii like Zack & Wiki, which was an amazing revolutionary point & 'motion' click adventure that sold next to nothing, same deal with Elebits and Nintendo's very own brilliant wario land shake it ect ect. People are afraid to take the plunge into unfamiliar territory _and _ territory that provides bright colors, whimsical worlds and enchanting atmosphere which is usually deemed 'kiddy' by tweeners IN favor of Blood soaked Brown & grey Post Appocalyptic Bro shooter/zombie smasher carnage.

There's too much money on the line with these big developers and things are only going to get worse from here on out. If you were sega would you take the chance and release it on the Wii u? you Know it would do poor in sales because most kids these days would rather play it on their other so called big boy consoles. If i were sega i'd work on smaller projects for the eShop(Both wii u & 3DS) and start testing the waters with retro-based sequels to Streets of Rage, maybe Altered Beast ect ect.

It seems like that originality and creativity these days is through eshop indie titles. At least we're getting fresh new franchises, even though 85% of them are complete shovelware. sorry may know how to get the 'most' out console horse power, but you don't have one single trinket of creativity in your bones. Anybody can hire a group of skilled Robo artists, but it takes creative genious like Miyamoto, Inafune ect to start making some amazing memorable games.

But you're right, somebody needs to step up. the only company that has is Platinum games with The Wonderful 101(failed hard in sales)and Ubi's attempt with ZombiU which also failed hard. I wonder how Bayonetta 2 will fair?.... It's a real damn shame. New born franchises typically fale in this day and age because people would rather be playing Call of Duty 99, Battlfield: poop squad zombie edition, New Super 'stale' Bros and every other popular successful franchise that has taken an epic beating to the canvas.

I also find it hilarious that Nintendo threw in Link in the new Samurai warriors for the Wii U. Samurai warriors would most likely sell even worse than ZombiU, but seeing how Link the dink has made it in, one can only assume that sales will get a nice boost. the link footage looked lame imo. Nintendo acted as if they were giving us some sort of amazing magical tekken got the same Nintendo treatment. what's next? It just shows how sketchy nintendo is when it comes to 3rd party support failing hard. Developers at this point are SCARED to develop for the wii u. they are going to need a big NintenBribe in order to support this underrated wonderful console..



CaviarMeths said:

Anyone here actually play Colonial Marines? It's actually pretty fun if you get a group of buds over and have some beers and laugh at how utterly terrible the game is.



taffy said:

Hate to say this but after Watchdogs, the only third party support we're going to get is from e-shop. And let's be realistic here people, Watchdogs is going to tank on the Wii U just like Splinter Cell Blacklist did. AND don't come back with the nonsense of the local co-op missing cause that's the least used aspect in those type of games, COD on the Wii sold decent and that didn't have local multi-player either!!



MAB said:

Did someone just say beers (cracks one open then hammers it down) Ahhhh!



MKCustodial said:

We as consumers really can only "accept it". All we can do is ask and then hang our hands in sadness. Nintendo is the one who needs to work harder to change developers' minds. Offer incentives, I don't know.

And even then… I'm from Brazil. The Wii U was finally launched officially down here in November, and we STILL have no access to the eShop. So maybe needs to not make it so difficult for developers to get their stuff out there to a wide audience?



AyeHaley said:

Arghh I would love to play it on my Wii U! Not interested in X1/PS4/PC versions and I've already put my 360 back in its box. [Can't get myself to play a game on it (despite having a huge backlog) cause of that horrible interface.]



edhe said:


I'll have to admit, I tend not to gravitate towards these AAA blockbusters (I'd like to have had the chance to buy GTA V at least), but it could only be good for the Wii U if people were able to buy these sort of games on the console. I won't deny that Nintendo aren't blameless in that respect.

Then again, I don't gravitate towards Nintendo's first party offering either - of the 6 Wii U games I currently own, only one of them is a Nintendo developed game - Wind Waker. Nintendoland and the several Mario games just don't appeal to me. I'm not anticipating Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze nor Smash Bros.

What I am looking forward to is the quality third party exclusives (something which is thin on the gound at the moment) - games like X. I'm yet to buy Wonderful 101, but I'll probably strive to buy it (via eShop) and I will definitely keep my eye on Bayonetta 2.



AJ_Lethal said:

Ah, the typical 3rd party catch-22...

When they will understand the only way of breaking it is giving in?



ajcismo said:

I want to say I'm disappointed, but instead I'm simply not surprised. At what point will Nintendo brass start taking responsibility for the lack of 3rd party support? Quality game or not, alienating (ha!) an entire consumer base is not the fault of the consumer. This falls directly on the shoulders of Iwata, and frankly, I'm tired of it.



GraveLordXD said:

@Kirk wow this again so you think the The Wii u is too weak to run alien isolation? Fact is neither the ps4 or xbox1 have a game that can't be run on the Wii u and I'm sure this has nothing to do with this game not coming to Nintendo
The game is coming to the 360 and ps3 so I'm sure the severely underpowered Wii u can handle this game man
Ohh I forgot you actually think the Wii u is less powerful than both last gen systems lol sorry I forgot who I was talking to



Rezalack said:

I was interested in this game, yet skeptical. I know how bad the last one was, but this actually looks much better than that one did right from the get-go. I probably would have got this for Wii U if it actually was released on it, seeing as I don't have any other home console ATM. Oh well, I didn't expect it to come to Wii U.. yet it still manages to disappoint.



kolz said:

Guess it's not kiddy enough like animal crossing for a nintendo system. Means cartoonish goofy smiles with big headed characters.



shonenjump86 said:

I've been dying to have a new SOR game for years, I was even hoping that a character in SOR would make in the Sonic Transformed racing game . I think Sega is just to scared to make a new game for it, they know the fan base is there. They like to rerelease those games on the current consoles though.



Heiki said:

@MKCustodial You just have to set your location to the US and you can use eShop. I got my Wii U still in 2012 and never had a problem with that.
Even though the 3DS has a Brazilian eShop, I prefer to use the North American eShop... It has way many titles. Truth is, Nintendo doesn't give a cr** about Brazil.



MikeLove said:

By the time this game releases, Wii-U console sales well be well behind those of the PS4/Xbox (and obviously the PS3/360), so it's no surprise it will be skipping it.



MKCustodial said:

@Heiki Yeah, I found out about that after I created my account. So if I change it now, I'm gonna lose my screen name and stats. I'm thinking about creating one for the wife to go around that issue.



IronMan28 said:

Oh well, I probably wasn't going to buy this game anyway. I'm sick of being told what I should and shouldn't want to play, and before you start attacking me as a Nintendrone, I own mostly third party games for my Wii U. A lot of these games look very samey, with predictable settings that I don't care for and "mature" themes. As gamers, we need to stop taking ourselves so seriously, it's just a hobby and games are more or less toys. And btw, look up Professordrogbat on Miiverse and see the games I post on, and which ones I own if you REALLY want to prove me a liar.



WingedSnagret said:

I honestly don't care anymore. I've accepted the fact that Wii U is on its own by now. Most 3rd party titles don't interest me anyway.




@Kaine_Morrison You're right actually, sorry! They got speedy with Aliens. But it's implied that he's fast with the way it gets around the ship and re-watching this trailer it does have that feeling.

Impulse impressions sometimes suck!



ULTRA-64 said:

I'm gutted....Wii u demo units still state aliens colonial marines is coming'd thing Sega owe for all that advertising a game they never got!!
I've never bought a console not made by Nintendo.......I don't know how much more I can take =(



Of_Folsense said:

And while I'm at it, I don't see how they acted like it was a "magical present". They showed the footage and moved on with the direct. What else were they supposed to do?



Kirk said:


The combination of the lack of power AND the lack of hardware sales, looking forward, has basically everything to do with this not coming to Wii U.

If one is not the issue with a particular game not coming to the system then it's the other and in the case of most next-gen games it's usually both to varying degrees.

I've never once said the Wii U is less powerful than either the Xbox 360 or PS3.


I'm really not going to waste my time.


And yet they aren't.

I'm telling you why these games aren't coming to Wii U; It's either a lack of graphics power or a lack of hardware sales (and usually lower software sales than it would sell on other platforms too), looking forward, or a combination of both.

That's basically the cut and dry of it.



rotekps_aniger said:

This song again. I've seen it before. Despite the rosy glasses history has for SNES, after release, games dried up for a few months. 'Til about April of '92. Did that doom and gloom stop us from getting SNESs for Christmas '91? Nah. And we enjoyed all of the games that were out at the time. (Street Fighter II, the dude-bro game of the era, changed SNESs fortune, then Mortal Kombat II, the other dude-bro game, regained their crown after losing it to Sega for a year.) Then N64 came out, and talk about a "drought" of games. I worked at a game store, and the dude-bro or nerdy loser (you know the type: the know-nothing know-it-all who's jealous of himself because he played Final Fantasy VII too much and can't get over it) would come it and bash N64, while every bratty child would scream that they want N64. In 2002, we looked at our books, and we sold more N64s than any other system (just our store, I can't comment on any other store). Maybe it was because we were in a suburban neighborhood full of Boy Meets World types mostly. N64 did just fine, and most video gamers I hang out with, who are 10 to 15 years younger than me, want Wii U/have Wii U. So, let the dude-bros and otakus have their other systems. Let them have true shovelware like this Aliens game. (Want to see actual shovelware, just look at the majority of PlayStation and PlayStation 2 titles, and take off the rosy glasses. Work at a video game store/own a video game store, and you see the reality is Nintendo, no matter what false reports the anti-Nintendo media reports.)

Just had to post this, because I don't ever see anybody post comments from a store owner's perspective.



mozie said:

Idont know looking forward to playing this although I feel one of the main issues is that the wii u is seen as a second console rather than a main one, all my friends that own a wii u also have a 360 or ps3 and I think developers who are very firmiliar with the architecture of these consoles at this point are hedging their bets that most will pick it up on one of the other formats so why invest in a wii u port. unfortunately this is what ya get for bringing out a comparable console technically while there are two others that have been well established in the market for years. First party titles is what will sell nintendo hardware as always.




Put it this way, ps3 and 360 owners have just as much if not more to look forward to in 2014 than a Wii U owner.

dying light ? the evil within ? wolfenstien new order ? wwe 2K15 ?

And now this, I'm sorry but thats just wrong. I wouldn't say the Wii U is doomed because it will no dought have great first and second party exclusives not available elsewhere, but none can say that owning a Wii U only will be enough this generation.

But it's still not to late, nintendo need to buy up some studios and get some hype going, but they won't.

They will once again try and do the whole family thing and fall flat, and then the real nintendo will come back, a shame really because the Wii U is such a great system, but like I always say........a console is only as good as its games

Don't get me wrong the Wii U has and will have great games, but the will be spread so thin that it just wont be enough.



Kirk said:


"Despite the rosy glasses history has for SNES, after release, games dried up for a few months."

The difference is that there was usually at least one 90+ scoring game released* every single month for SNES and sometimes as many as three, that's 90+ scoring games I'm on about let alone any other releases in the same month, and that's just based on the games that were reviewed in the mainstream gaming magazines of the time.

I shall now once again go and get all the links, that I apparently have to post regularly in places like this, when assertions like this are raised...

If the Wii U even sniffed having a steady release of games of this standard, from both first and third party developers, we really wouldn't be having any of these debates at all and yet we are, for good reason.

ANYONE who suggests that it's only because we're looking at things with "rose tinted glasses" regarding the SNES is a total and utter ignorant moron (in my humble opinion).

*Well the links I've provided actually show the reviews the magazine had each month as opposed to when the games were specifically released but it shows just how regularly these great games were being released on the SNES, given there was usually at least one 90+ scoring game every month and sometimes as many as three, and indeed how many truly great games there were for that system in general.



GraveLordXD said:

@Kirk it is better to say that its the combination of hardware sales and games like this have a hard time selling on Nintendo consoles in the first place these two things are a deadly combination
Now the whole power thing you can take that out of your vocabulary because there's no proof of that in fact the proof is in my favor because like I said the game is being ported to the 360 and ps3
Another thing to take into consideration is how much more time consuming is it to port a game to the Wii u compared to the ps4 and how much are the development cost its probably just not worth it
Anyway I hope this game turns out good I love aliens the movies anyway but I have my doubts about this game considering the track record with alien games and the developers and publisher behind this title




If I was in charge at nintendo, I would accept 3rd party support is gone and try to counter them.

Alien isolation ? pfft, here's a new trailer for metroid prime 4, no battlefield 4 ? shove it, here's conduit 3, no dying light ? heres zombi u 2.



Kirk said:


Well there is all the evidence in the world that the Wii U is under powered compared to the other next-gen systems, by a large amount in many areas, and it absolutely factors into devs deciding whether to port a game when the system doesn't have a huge number of units in sales to make it worthwhile and especially with talking about those next-gen games that are not also being ported to last-gen systems like the Xbox 360 and PS3. In the case of Alien: Isolation I guess it's mostly due to the dev not seeing the system selling enough units or people buying enough copies on Wii U for it to be worthwhile but in general my point stands regarding both graphics and system sales.



MikeLove said:


...Or from the perspective of somebody with warped stereotypes. That may be the worst first post I have ever seen.

The console market today is a little bit more cluttered today than back when it was just Sega vs Nintendo in 1991 too, so that comparison doesn't work at all. Now if people don't want to buy a Nintendo console they can get a Sony or Microsoft one, or play games on a PC or iPad. Back then if you bought an SNES, you knew you were going to get most if not all third party software since there were only two console options for publishers.

I'm not buying that 'game store owner' thing either. Your observations are so out of touch with reality it's shocking. 'Dude-bros', 'nerdy loser', 'otakus' and 'boy meets world types' used to describe gamers?? Really? And you claim you are a business owning adult?



GraveLordXD said:

@Kirk wow man your not understanding me at all
Yes no kidding the Wii u is less powerful than the ps4 and the x1 it doesn't take a rocket science to figure that out, what I'm telling you is that its not the reason Nintendo isn't getting any of these games it can run it no problem
If you think a game developer is sitting there going "no point in porting this to the Wii u its just to damn weak I mean we can do it but its not gonna look as good as the ps4 version" there main motivation is cash not get wrapped up in console wars if the Wii u is to weak for this game then why the hell is it being ported to the last gen system? If you answer this question you will just prove my point



Ryno said:

So we got Sonic Lost World and free and upcoming DLC; everybody else will get Aliens. I'm fine with this trade off.



Ryno said:

So we got Sonic Lost World and free and upcoming DLC; everybody else will get Aliens. I'm fine with this trade off.



Laxeybobby said:

The game may well be successful if bought to the WiiU, it may well score high in the reviews and maybe 1 in 3 WiiU owners all go out and buy a copy, but that still wouldn't make the game financially successful for the developer and that (Money) in the eyes of the developer and publisher alike determines a games success. Has it made a profit over the development costs?
With the WiiU in it current (and some might say permanent state) the answer to this is no. Why because to make a WiiU version the developer has to specifically build it for the WiiU, gamepad functionality and graphics that need to be better than the Xbox and PS3 but not as good as the XOne and PS4. If I understand the WiiU right the architecture is unique and its not as straight forward as a 'quick port' plus there are not enough WiiU's out their to make any AAA third party title a success,

No company other than Nintendo themselves would make a AAA title to make a loss. Lets face it Mario 3D world has made a loss for Nintendo so why would any other publisher who has no financial interest in the WiiU succeeding want to take this risk.

I would love to see Aliens along with all the other AAA titles that are whizzing past our console without even providing a glancing look back at us, come to the WiiU.
However I am a realist and have accepted the fact that as this year progresses we are going to see less AAA (near to zero) big publisher multi platform titles and more indie e-shop and virtual console releases.
The WiiU will end up being an Indie Console and a Retro Library, with no doubt Sega releasing all their old console titles.



Kirk said:


Sorry. I initially mistook your comment as a follow up to someone else who claimed the Wii U wasn't under-powered compared to the other next-gen systems. I've updated my comment accordingly since then.

In the case of this particular game, Alien: Isolation, I think it's mainly just because of the low system sales, especially as developers see it going forward, along with them expecting their games to sell less on Nintendo's system in general.

In the case of other next-gen games that aren't getting down-ported to other systems I 100% believe it's both a matter of graphics and sales as to why those games are not coming to Wii U (as well as probably a couple of other factors too, like feeling they have to force some kind of Wii U GamePad functionality or Nintendo's consumers won't be interested, for example).

That's my main and original point.



AdanVC said:

I think we, Wii U owners, should get used to this kind of news from 3rd Parties. We should be used to that since pretty much the Game Cube days... but either way, it's good since the last Alien title was aaaabsolute crap.



GraveLordXD said:

@Kirk I think its a deadly combination of low hardware sales and software like this has a hard time selling on Nintendo systems its not like the old days anymore
Most gamers buy Nintendo consoles just for 1st and 2nd party games I'm guilty of this BTW most other games I get on the other systems
Edit: yeah that's no problem misunderstandings happen I think other reasons are a factor as well maybe Nintendo is asking to much of a % from the developers or lack of communication maybe the Wii u is to much of a pain to port games to and its costing them to much the low install base sure don't help either



mike_intv said:

This series of game has never been a super big seller. Couple that with the lower potential for sales of an M-rated game on a Nintendo console (given the general demographics of owners), and the probable business decision becomes apparent.

As for other third-party games, I think it will be a rough go. But I also feel like the entire industry is in for a "readjustment." If Pachter's predictions are to be believed, then only 90M consoles will be sold by the end of 2016. That will make it hard for anyone to get the sales (5M?) needed to break even on many "AAA" titles.



MadAdam81 said:

@taffy I have Black Ops 2 and that has local multiplayer, upto 4 players and one player can use the gamepad as their screen. 2 screen local multiplayer is what Wii U owners want.



Laxeybobby said:


I see your point, but surely back then (the days when I was a kid), these AAA games only took 6 months+ to develop and create, compared to the years they do now. Not to mention the cost back then may have been under 100k compared to the multi millions hollywood budgets they do now.
I'm only guessing these times and figures, purely to maybe explain why there isnt a steady release of titles like there were in the 80's and 90's.



gameboy1975 said:

Man Sega, that is a title from you guys that I may have actually been interested in. It is a shame really; especially since you've screwed Nintendo gamers over woth the other Alien game fiasco. Well, screw me o er & I'll return the favor. So I will get the game used (if at all) or rent it so as to make sure that you don't see a dime of my money. And that Sonic game that was going to recieve a purchase as a gift (and that I contemplated trying out for myself since it looked sort of decent & I was willing to show some love) will stay on the shelf.



Kirk said:


Well that's certainly true but the real issue is that the third party support just isn't there any more.

If third party developers were supporting Nintendo's systems the way they did in the days of the NES and SNES then along with Nintendo's first party games I think it's current systems would actually have some of the best all-round games libraries ever.

Imagine all those generally very good first party games that are out now and coming in the near future for the Wii U alongside all the big third party titles that have come to the likes of Xbox 360 and PS3 in the last year as well as all the big third party titles that will be coming to those systems and the proper next-gen systems in the future too...

Now that would a Nintendo system actually worth getting excited about again.

That however is just a fairy tale and quite simply ain't going to happen.

Of course, I still absolutely blame Nintendo for this ongoing drop in third party support and until Nintendo figures out how to make systems that actually excite third party developers again then nothing is going to get better.

Hardware sales are VERY important but they are obviously not the only factor as shown by the generally crap AAA third party support on Wii, and that system sold over 100 million units. Developers need to actually be excited by the system too and right now I just don't think the Wii U excites them at all for the most part and even if the sales do increase that's really not going to change imo.

Nintendo dropped the ball from day one with the Wii U imo, before then even, and I think it's night-on impossible to turn it into a TRULY satisfying console at this point as I see it, even as more great first party games come out for it.

A few great first party games and not a lot else, be it cutting edge power, standard multi-media features or even third party support, just isn't enough for a truly satisfying modern console experience.

Personally, I expect and want more these days.



AVahne said:

Sigh... Now I worry for Watch_Dogs, Bayonetta 2, and Project CARS. These all seem like they'll be high quality 3rd party games on Wii U, rather than half-assed ports, yet that fact likely won't make a difference anymore if you consider Wonderful 101's sad fate. The fact that Wii U has sold so poorly and, even worse, that Nintendo just doesn't have the correct audience for many types of game genres and styles supporting their platforms paints a dark future for the Wii U. Perhaps it'll survive off of first party and paid third party exclusives, but this wasn't what Nintendo promised me.
Good thing I also game on PC and other gaming platforms. Would've been nice to have LESS boxes hooked up to the TV though.



Laxeybobby said:

You've made another well written opinion, especially the point about a console that needs to get the developers excited.

However I think the true answer is a little more shallow than that. I think the developers want a console that they can easily code for and port to and from, they want to be lazy and recycle engines and code time and time again.

Unfortunately with the Wii the reason that as you state "generally crap AAA third party support on Wii, and that system sold over 100 million units." was purely due to the Wii had a very different coding architecture, which meant that the developers couldn't be lazy had to learn new skills and re-code universal game engines that until the Wii came along was used to power numerous games on both Xbox and Play Station Consoles or code new ones from the ground up and that meant a new added budget to the the development cost of the game. I'm sure we can both name several games on Wii where the developer has tried to avoid this and made a complete hash of what should have been a good game on Wii with its then new control method.

Well the same is true with the WiiU. Nintendo, instead of using a more universal coding architecture for WiiU continued in its uniqueness by improving on but ultimately using the same architecture of the Wii, therefore making the WiiU no easier or cheaper to port to or code for.

Like I said in an earlier post I am a realist and have accepted the fact that as this year progresses we are going to see less AAA (near to zero) big publisher multi platform titles and more indie e-shop and virtual console releases.
I think the WiiU will end up being a niche console and a platform for Nintendo loving Indie developers via the e-shop and a Retro Library.



Laxeybobby said:

I too worry for those games. I really want all three and they are all on my wish list, with two already pre-ordered online. However I fully expect to hear within the next 8 weeks at worst that WatchDogs is cancelled for WiiU or at best is cut down so much compared to the other consoles that it wont be worth buying.
I also fully expect by summer to hear that Project Cars going the same way.
The only ones I truly have faith of ever seeing is Bayonetta 2 and Project X as both of these are likely to sell well in Japan first and probably have Nintendo money invested in them.



ricklongo said:

Zero interest in this kind of game, so I've got nothing to see here.

True, it's always nice when the Wii U gets games (even if they don't appeal to me), but, truth be told, I buy Nintendo hardware for other kinds of experience; if the Wii U were simply a PS/Xbox clone, focusing on gritty shooters and games such as this one, I'd simply not have gotten it.



Melkaticox said:

"However, Alien: Isolation is shaping up to be something else entirely, and we personally think it's a real shame that Wii U owners won't be joining the party."

Yeah, just like Aliens CM was shaping up to be one of the best Wii U third party games of 2013.



Mrclaycoat said:

Isn't it weird that one minute sega and nintendo are buddy buddy with 3-d classics on the 3DS and a three game exclusive deal with Sonic, but when it comes to more current games Nintendo gets the shaft?



AltDotNerd said:

What a shame, because Alien: Colonial Marines was SOOOO AMAZING!
Disclaimer: This is sarcasm.



AltDotNerd said:

@Jellitoe Why would anyone be excited for ANY Sega game? True, some Sonic games have been better than usual (I didn't like Lost World), but they've had a VERY bad track record in recent years, ESPECIALLY with the Aliens franchise.



electrolite77 said:


Probably pretty close to the truth. However it's harsh to blame it all on developers. They get their money from publishers and it's they who set budgets and deadlines. With the ever-spiralling costs of game development developers will be pleased to keep their development time and costs down. That's only natural.

Sony and MS have been very clever making their machines similar to PC's. It helps attract games even if the sales don't meet expectations and publishers aren't attracted by the money on the table. It happened on the 'Cube in fact. It's something Nintendo may have to consider if they ever want proper third party support, though I doubt they ever will.



AVahne said:

Well, Watch_Dogs releases in a month a believe, so I don't think we have to worry about a cancellation. Framerate issues, bugs, and glitches will be a concern though, especially if they outsourced the Wii U version to some other studio.
And I don't think we have to worry about Project CARS. Unlike most developers, the guys behind it really seem to support the idea of pushing the Wii U's limits. They seem to be proud of their work and the fact that they'll be the only ones providing Nintendo-only gamers with a realistic racing sim.

EDIT: And actually... the original Bayonetta sold pretty poorly in Japan, especially when compared to the other regions. Like Wonderful 101, Bayonetta 2 will also likely sell poorly in Japan. As for X...well, if we look into past sales for JRPGs on the Wii, most of them sold far better in the west than they did in Japan. I think the only notable exception was Monster Hunter 3.



Manaphy2007 said:

sega did not want to tarnish the relationship with nintendo so they nixed the colonial marines and will skip the wii u but will make games for wii u that wont make fans hate sega. if this game does do bad then it will be a great decision on sega's part by skipping wii u.



Kirk said:

Yeah, I think that's another big factor too.

Basically, when you add up all the various negatives/issues/complaints/reservations with the Wii U, many of which have been listed above by various posters including myself, it's no wonder at all that most developers and indeed gamers are avoiding the system.

And, once again, it ultimately comes/traces back to Nintendo and it's decisions for the most part.



unrandomsam said:

@Kirk 3D World seems fine. 3rd parties can produce that kind of quality if they wish they choose not to. (Any dev that chooses extra graphics gimmicks over making sure the framerate is a solid 60fps is not going to make a game I want to play anyway).



tanookisuit said:

It's good: Look how high quality every release of an Alien game has been before to this date aside from the Capcom arcade title. Garbage.

It's bad: Because Sega in this case is being just lazy with this given they're making it for slightly less powerful hardware with the PS3 and 360, so a port wouldn't be a huge effort as it would be making a specific engine if it had only be on the PS4/One. Sega then again has rarely been good at making smart decisions going back to their 'kill everything' strategy in the Saturn era and games in general since.



ZebraCardeath said:

that first game was PR equivalent to getting a face tattoo, this game is the equivalent to Sega saying "No, i like my face tattoo. I'm gonna get another one"



GraveLordXD said:

@Kirk I can see a lot of truth in some of the points you are trying to make
I'm not game developer but as a gamer for a very very long time I don't see how a developer can be more excited about a ps4 or xbox1 maybe because its easier to develop for but that's it because anything they could possibly be done with those systems has already been done millions of times over with PC
As for the Wii u I have so many ideas running through my mind of different possibilities that can be done with the gamepad that no one is using not even Nintendo
I remember me and my cousin playing phantasy star on the game cube split screen I can't tell you how many hrs but it was hundreds now why can't Nintendo come up with a brand new IP that takes advantage of the game pad have more local co-op games no split screen no other system is capable of this a huge multiplayer action RPG would be awesome from Nintendo
Who am I kidding it will never happen... bummer



MikeLove said:


"Look how high quality every release of an Alien game has been before to this date aside from the Capcom arcade title. Garbage"

Aliens vs Predator on the PC and Jaguar were both great, as were the Alien 3 titles on the SNES/Genesis and Aliens: Infestation on the DS.



TonyCrispy said:

Aliens colonial marines SUCKED so bad. they didn't add it to the wii u. But why aren't they adding aliens: isolation to the wii u?! Is this game gonna suck too or are they just too lazy to make it for the wii u?! Explain why Sega!!!



Rafie said:

@FutureAlphaMale Tell'em again! What the heck is that guy chiefing on?! AvP was awesome. Yes the Capcom version was excellent.

@Kirk Man you bring some excellent points to the table. To the point where I don't even have to reply to certain individuals about their stance on the 60fps and such.



LoveSugoi said:


"So we got Sonic Lost World, Bayonetta 2 and free and upcoming DLC; everybody else will get Aliens. I'm fine with this trade off."




SomeoneDifferent said:

Well, I'm sure any hardcore gamer owns more than one gaming machine/console. I own an incredible PC and a Wii U - I find that this combination is just incredible for me, as a gamer. I buy anything I can for PC (better experience and graphics), but I have to still play my Nintendo games, for that is where my heart will always be - let's be honest!



SomeoneDifferent said:

@LordFamicom Well, it's because the console IS. NOT. SELLING. It's a catch 22! Don't sell consoles? 3rd party publishers aren't going to make games for such a console. A console without much 3rd party support? The console isn't going to sell.

So, for now, Nintendo needs to pony up some major cash to bring some AAA 3rd party titles to the U. If not, this system, though I own one and love it, is going to go down in history as one of Nintendo's worst offerings.



GunstarHero234 said:

@FutureAlphaMale THANK YOU MAN those games are great also man you forgot the 90's Classic Sega arcade Aliens amazing shooter (Alien 3 The Gun) and the other arcade brand shooter for the alien series that came in 2006 Alien Extermination and the Reboot 2000 AvP 1/2 for PC and the other reboot Next Gen 2006 AvP for 360, PS3, and PC. Irrelevant comments here as usual over 3rd Parties they just salty because this game isn't coming to the Wii U which wasn't going to probably buy anyways LOL. They probably thought because Sega and Nintendo are a "tag team" and they are developing Sonic exclusively on the Wii U this suppose to be a automatic tag out for all Sega titles for Nintendo Systems which isn't beyond the truth. Sega still a 3rd Party business not some friend that lets you borrow they stuff for a while at a playground. Sega are beyond buddies with Nintendo but contracted to them. (Also remember Atlus with Persona 5 coming ONLY for PS3 you welcome.)



PokeTune said:

You know what? I'm glad these games aren't coming to Nintendo systems. Maybe it will finally give Nintendo that push to pull their heads outta their a*s and actually make even a SLIGHT attempt at getting 3rd parties on board.Sigh maybe 3 generations from now, Nintendo will get the message.



TheRealThanos said:

Well, some interesting comments once again, although I do feel that some people confuse realism with pessimism, but maybe that depends on where you're coming from...
Also VERY stupid of some people to judge a game not even out yet, made by an entirely different company, based upon a game that was canceled for Wii U because of bad sales on other platforms and promises not fulfilled, because although arguably fun, it DEFINITELY looked NOTHING like all those HD E3 trailers...
@Kirk, you definitely have some valid points, but I think you could use a bit more color in your opinion (no pun intended) concerning the graphics point, because it isn't all that black and white. Just look at what Slightly Mad Studios is saying about the Wii U and besides the obvious points that Wii U is underpowered and has a different architecture compared to the new HD twins, there's also the hard fact that ALL engines that are used in game development today are scalable, so besides the BS of some games coming to Xbox360/PS3 but NOT the Wii U, the graphics issue is even debatable with games NOT coming to these older HD consoles.
Slightly Mad have also stated that OF COURSE there will be some things that are not possible on Wii U compared to the other two new consoles, but they still aim for the game to be something to be proud of as a Wii U owner, both in gameplay AND graphics. If that translates to high-end, realistic looking games having less AA, less or no tessellation and being 720p instead of 1080p, then sign me up. As long as we get the games and the third party support, I couldn't care less. And I think that most of the people that own or like Nintendo consoles will feel the same way. I do however completely agree with you on the installed base problem leading to insufficient profit margins for third parties and they (Nintendo) also have to step up their marketing plan, BIG time.



fluggy said:

Thank love!!! Everything Sega touch turns to crap ... A reverse King Midas if you will!!! U just have to look at what Sega have done to Sonic and compare it to the recent Mario games!!!! Not to mention the fact that Colonial Marines was awful!!!
Please watch the language — TBD



GunstarHero234 said:

@Rafie I agree to your reply of the 60fps fiasco I didn't even want to reply either LOL. Sadly it was just too funny and painful to comment such.



GunstarHero234 said:

@fluggy "Great Comment" man you get a round of a applause Clap......Clap....Clap...Clap "Bravo" lol whooo.........How long you thought of this "marvelous" statement.



Anguspuss said:

So sega happy to release some sonic game that wouldnt sell on ps3/xbox but other games are stuff you. Sega are one company that would be no loss. Screwed there fan bass over & almost killed themselves. Here have a dreamcast then goodbye. After playing some of the cough cough AAA games on pc/ps3 I dont think wii u will be missing out on this one.



LordFamicom said:

@KrautMcFriend I agree with you and one of the promblems with the Wii U is the horrible marketing. They keep trying to go the the casual crowd they had with the Wii but it isn't there anymore. When Nintendo start releasing more first-party titles to the Wii U and sells more, then more third party companies will start developing for the Wii U.



taffy said:

@MadAdam81 I have Black Ops 2 as well, the game which didn't get the DLC support like Splinter Cell has done. Also, if we're going by Black Ops 2 as a gauge of third party sales then that doesn't paint a pretty picture for future endeavors on the Wii U



retro_player_22 said:

Instead of asking if the game is coming to Wii U, we should had ask if the game not sucks first. The last game was indeed garbage



jayclayx said:

Sega don't have a choice, sonic lost world sold poorly, third party companies almost abandoned the wii U, nothing sell well enough unless the game comes from Nintendo.



TwilightOniAngel said:

okay did they even make the first pathetic alien game to the wiiu? i know they didnt cause i preorder it cause it looked awesome and they said it was cancelled so im happy about this sega is terrible i dont want to play this they already messed up the franchise with the first one freaking sega i dont know why your company is still alive the only thing thats giving you life is sonic.



TwilightOniAngel said:

anyone want to bet this game is going to look amazing at the e3 and there going to call it left 4 dead meets alien, then it takes like more than a year to make then its pathetic when it comes out whats the point and alien fans have to hope for a better alien game to come out.



MAB said:

Do we really need more of these space marine apocalyptic face shooters



1wiierdguy said:

What? After the run around they gave us over the last Aliens game we're getting snubbed this time around too? Despite owning other platforms that I could use for this........No Wii U = No buy!



CrimsonSkidmark said:

This is FANTASTIC news!!!!! The last Alien games was so bad it's a good thing the Wii U won't be tarnished by (what I assume will be a) terrible title.



Nico07 said:

@taffy Watchdogs unlike Blacklist will look visibly different than the PS3 and 360 versions, whereas Blacklist simply had Gamepad play with no other differences. This was already confirmed by Ubisoft. So if you haven't shelled over the money for both a PS4 or One and a Wii U, the Wii U version would be preferable to the PS3 and 360 version. But yeah, I think Sega had bigger plans with Sonic on the Wii U yet Nintendo hasn't been able to penetrate the market with the Wii U so Sonic hasn't sold incredibly well. Nintendo's best hope for the Wii U is to release DKC:TF, Mario Kart, Smash, and finally Zelda while continuing to innovate it's other franchises to encourage third party support. Nintendo has a few options with Wii U in another price cut to sell at a loss at say $250. It could make the GamePad optional to cut costs further, though I would hate to see it as it would undermine the Wii U compared to it's competition. Nintendo could offer a Nintendo Plus membership that gives you free content and exclusives, which would give them extra money to further their network, but I love their current free network. They could also do like Sony and Microsoft and start releasing droves of HD remakes with GamePad features. I think the best thing they could do is continue with what they are doing but drive more exclusives like Bayonetta, Monolith's X, and maybe even funding other things like the new Eternal Darkness successor. Whatever Nintendo does I will continue to support them as my Wii U is my preferred console right now with my 26 game collection.



TheRealThanos said:

And again with people judging a game that isn't even out yet, is made by an entirely different company AND has nothing to do with the situation last time. Do people really have such short term memories, or is it just hating for the sake of it? (shakes head at the ridiculousness of it all)
You people need to understand that ANY third party game coming to Wii U, REGARDLESS of YOU liking it or not, is a win seeing as the situation is bad enough as it is, so yet another one NOT coming to Nintendo's console is ultimately and ONLY a bad thing. It is not even debatable. Get over yourselves and please see the larger picture. No single console library exists of games that only you like, so there needs to be more third party support and this could have been an addition to making the Wii U's selection a bit bigger and more interesting for some people.



Seren77 said:

gamepad would have been so good with this game, oh well I have a pc for 3rd party



CrispyGoomba said:

It's no surprise hardly any third party games aren't coming to the Wii U. It's like last gen all over again. But it just makes me cringe when I read someone's comment saying something along the lines of "who cares, I don't like 3rd party games anyway". It's like holy jesus, these people must have missed out on some really great games that aren't made by Nintendo.



GraveLordXD said:

@TheRealThanos understandable but this is being published by the same company no less
Not only that the last game both Sega and creative assembly put out was a mess so I would be a little concerned



MAB said:

@LDXD Looking at what I have now there is about 10 games I can shoot and stab faces in anyway



MAB said:

COD Ghosts & Mass Effect 3... But I like aliens and what did they ever do to deserve being brutally defaced




hcfwesker said:

I'll just watch my Alien bluray with my GamePad in my hand and pretend I'm playing this game. Probably have a better experience than what the game will offer when its released. these Alien games always look so promising when first revealed .... but we already know how a majority of them actually turn out when rerleased.



taffy said:

@Nico07 OK I'll bite, you do know that SC:BL on the Wii U was the only one which ran in native 720p, didn't have the framerate the PS3 has or screen tearing issues the PS3 and the 360 have. Yes the Wii U version has god awful load times and the odd bland texture but it is not visibly the same as the others.

But the originally argument wasn't about visuals but of a certain game not coming to my favorite platform. Watchdog is (unless ubisoft do an AC 4, which I got for the Wii U) going to have all the bells and whistles of the others with gamepad integration and better visuals then last gen but the the likely outcome is that it is going to be the worst selling version of all platforms given current performance of third party games on it.



GunstarHero234 said:

@TheRealThanos Thank you TheRealThanos you are the only person on here besides the others that has smart and sophisticated comments also are SANE vs the idiot immature childish "hate sega" comments. The one fact I have to say about this in the first place which sadly I have to say annoying over and over that half of this community wasn't going to buy titles like this anyways they never buy 3rd party "dudebro" titles over Nintendo "quality" titles. Look at the polls for Project Cars and Watchdogs for instance 1% and 2% vs Smash Bros and Mario Kart 50% and that's from the last post a week ago so I wouldn't waste your breath to these people man even though you is right.



Kolzig said:

Would've bought the Wii U version since the possible Alien scanner can be for example in the Wii U gamepad.

If this turns out to be a good game and not like the horrible Colonial Marines, then it's time to buy it for PC at some point when the price is lower.



GraveLordXD said:

@GunstarHero234 yeah man I've been a fan of total war since the first shogun , I have pretty much every single total war game it is my favorite strategy series of all time and rome2 isn't the first time they fouled up
I never said they are a crap developer, what I did say is I don't trust them or Sega I don't like being a beta tester for a game I paid $60 for Rome 2 was an abomination it still is they lied to us plain and simple
The first patch released for rome2 fixed a few hundred bugs! Released days later you can't tell me they didn't already know about most of those issues, its crap dude and there's no excuse for it and like I said this isn't the first time they've done this I guess you haven't played empire? I take it you are new to the total war series I've been a fan for a while I'm familiar with them trust me
And they have every right to be judged by rome2 considering its their latest work
You can defend broken games till your face turns blue, I won't I call it like I see it man



valcoholic said:

the trailer actually looks quite promising and after colonial marines, theres some pressure on sega to not f**k this one up. so i guess it's a bad thing, it isn't being released on the wiiu.



GunstarHero234 said:

@LDXD Actually no (I was a beta tester for a $60 BF4 lol so I know what BS is) but i'm not going off topic here the point i'm trying to getting across is you and the rest of nintendolife is stating negative guidelines that this game is going to suck before this game even come out. Just because Sega had a failed Alien game which I see in the video from Creative Assembly in my opinion looks way better than Colonial Marines doesn't mean they are throwing out trash and also you still forgetting that Sega is still under contract with Fox. So just jumping the gun stating this game is going to suck just because Colonial Marines was terrible to some and not to others also people are immaturely disappointed that this game not coming to the Wii U and moaning "I Hate Sega" remarks isn't helping either. Again if you isn't a fan of just Nintendo Systems and have a PC, 360/One, PS3/PS4 just give the damn company one last chance and please stop complaining. If the game suck just don't buy it, if it's great hell buy the mofo jesus all this immature fanboyism needs to cease.



GunstarHero234 said:

@LDXD P.S. I despise any BROKEN games that's why I despise Crapcom/EA and the rest of the strap thank you but I just don't throw my immature agenda at others to know my opinions on forums or anywhere. I keep them to myself thank you very much so I don't need to go blue "defending nothing" I give my opinions about this new game and telling like it is that's a difference i'm not the one complaining about a game being "trash" which I have multiple systems to play this title on so have a great day.



GraveLordXD said:

@GunstarHero234 I know what you mean with some of the comments here but mine are sincere
If you look at all of my comments I did say I know that CA can put out great games and I hope they redeem themselves (I may have posted that one on push square) I'm not trying to hate I'm just calling it how it is
Rome2 was my most anticipated game last year and being let down is an understatement lol couple that in with alien and aliens being some of my favorite movies of all time I just hope this game turns out good I really do
Realize also that Sega is to blame for colonial mariens and rome2 considering they are publishers and in some way supposed to oversee the project I wouldn't be surprised if Sega made CA rush rome2 out like that but who knows
This game has been in development for around 3 years now I hope CA put their heart and soul into it and if so I k ow it would turn out great but for now we'll just have to wait and see, my fingers are crossed for now



GraveLordXD said:

@GunstarHero234 #152 I hear you on that I hope that trend of releasing broken games stops soon its really starting to aggravate the living hell out of me
Also I don't think I said anywhere that this game will be trash I do have my doubt's
If it turns out good you better believe I'll get it the day it comes out



GunstarHero234 said:

@LDXD Agreed man your comment is sincere than the rest but you isn't losing nothing CA are developing their game for us you hear me US. We gamers have the power of money if the game flops I'm not giving them one dime of my hard earned money but if the game be what I wanted in classic Alien flim or better yet ZombiU then hell yes take my mofo money lol. I'm being more patient for variety of games too but i'm no idiot either after the broken garbage that is BF4 that's why I wait and watch half of walkthroughs on youtube before I buy my games.



GunstarHero234 said:

@LDXD You win LOL so damn true man you mean Milked titles as well so I'm probably is in minority. I just hate getting the "dudebro" stamp on me from this community and the rest for liking games like GTA etc and series you have on your avatar.



GraveLordXD said:

@GunstarHero234 yeah its sad I get labeled all the time I'm either a PC elitest, Sony poney, Nintendo drone, xbot you name it lol I take it as a compliment cuz I guess I'm a fanboy of everything
I just ordered alien infestation its an older DS game that played similar to a SNES or Genesis game, it supposed to be good got it for $10 on Amazon should be arriving in the mail soon that's my alien fix until I find out more about this game



BertoFlyingFox said:

...Well this sucks. It looks like something that would work great with the gamepad, guess they just cant afford to release on a Nintendo console.

When watching the trailer, it seems like an evolution of ZombiU.



GraveLordXD said:

@BertoFlyingFox yeah I think the Wii u would be a good fit for a game like this if done right
Remember how gearbox teased us with the gamepad features one of them had it used as a tracking device like the movies? To bad though I guess because it could really add something to a game like this



Nico07 said:

@LDXD No shame in being multiconsole. Toward the end of the Wii's life offerings were scarce. That's when I added a 360 and PS3 to my collection. Nintendo has struggled for good third party support for a while. With Watchdogs, X, Project Cars, Bayonetta, and some undisclosed Level 5 title there isn't much being mentioned to the public on third party for Wii U.
I remember the good old days when RARE was Nintendo's awesome second party company rolling out Goldeneye, Blast Corps, Banjo Kazooie, Conker, and many other good titles. They could use another studio like them.



TheRealThanos said:

@GunstarHero234 You're welcome.
@LDXD I can see where you're coming from, especially with the experiences you've had with Creative Assembly, so you at least have a valid argument.
From most of these comments I just got the distinct feeling that just because they ate one bad steak at one restaurant, they will never eat steak again at ANY restaurant, because they will "probably" be just as bad. And the main reason for that being that they are all T-Bone steaks... (read: Sega published) So f*** Sega, right? (shakes head again)



GraveLordXD said:

@Nico07 that's the thing to me about the Wii its almost as if Nintendo abandoned it outside of galaxy and skyward sword I don't remember much that Nintendo themselves put out and because of that the Wii was the worst Nintendo console I've owned and I've had every system except the virtual boy
With the Wii U I'm getting more of a N64 or GameCube vibe from it, I don't think Nintendo will abandon it like the Wii in fact they will have to work harder to put out more software especially with the low sales, with the original Wii its almost as if Nintendo said hmm its selling like hotcakes we don't need to work as hard let's relax a bit
Now with the Wii u its just taking them so damn long to develop the games I don't think they realized how long development time for HD would take
Main problem I think with the Wii u is lack of first party software its what ultimately sells their consoles in the first place they have any two games pikman3 and 3D world and I guess you could say 3 counting nsmb but that's it these 3 games should have been ready with the system at launch and this holiday we should have got Mario kart and donkey Kong
Nintendo should know by now they can't count on 3rd party we the fans know it so should they nintendo might say they care about 3d party but honestly actions speak louder than words and from the N64 days till even now I can say I don't think nintendo really cares to much about them



GraveLordXD said:

@TheRealThanos no I'm more than willing to give them another chance I really do hope they make up for it with this game my expectations aren't to high I just don't want to be let down again but if it gets favorable reviews especially from gamers like you and me I'm all in



audiobrainiac said:

ANNOYING. True Aliens Colonial Marines was horrible but i still never got to experience even that! I want an Alien game on the Wii U Dammit!!!



unrandomsam said:

@LDXD Don't see why they cannot make a prototype at gamecube type quality and then get someone else to make it look nice. (There is companies who manage to do that very quickly). At least for some games - what is needed is more choice and quantity.

I think it wouldn't be difficult to play through all Nintendo's Wii U output in a week. (Not working just playing the games - maybe excluding Windwaker).



GraveLordXD said:

@unrandomsam yeah I rember reading how they didn't expect pikman 3 to take as long as it did due to HD quality graphics
If they could do as you say develop a game GameCube quality and just have another company shine it up that would be great but not sure if they could that's a decent leap graphics wise
I know one thing the games are moving slow as molasses maybe they need to do some hiring idk but it seems like they need help to get the games out a Lil faster without sacrificing quality



Bessestad said:

@AVahne Wii U-version of Watch Dogs is being made by Ubisofts cost-friendly studio in Bulgaria, Project Cars is a crowdfunded indie title and Bayonetta 2 is a Nintendo-production. So you dont have to worry.

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