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Fri 20th Dec 2013

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Seren77 commented on Nintendo Australia Confirms Fourth Wave of ami...:

@Nintendzoey I'm not sure how much they restocked, but my local EBgames sold out of amiibo's on day 1 when smash came out, and never got anymore since. After hearing about the restock I dropped in there this week and they had 1 kirby and 2 links so I bought the 2 links. (one for friend) so now I have 4 amiibo's but they are too frustrating to collect in Australia you are right.



Seren77 commented on Nintendo Download: 6th February (Europe):

@MAB well two tribes did send a tweet to fran, and he tweeted back, as far as the conversation went I don't think unepic will be coming to Australia, his just not comfortable with paying for classification here



Seren77 commented on Nintendo Download: 30th January (Europe):

I got reply back from Fran about UnEpic and he doesn't know why it hasn't been released in Australia, he was not made aware of any restrictions.

"No entiendo por qué no ha salido. Nunca se ha hablado de restricción en Australia"



Seren77 commented on We Cannot Continue Without Winning, But It's N...:

VC could do with a much faster turnaround, and why not n64 and gamecube stuff. Pursue indie games much more than they are, pressure notch for minecraft, get spelunky. Show us some teasers at least of Zelda U, get some hype going



Seren77 commented on Nintendo Acknowledges Network Issues and Sugge...:

I unboxed my wiiu and updated it before xmas incase something like this happened, for those that happen to have mario 3d, that has most of the OS updates on the disc. Sorry that some people cannot play their new digital download games but the flipside is it's great that there are a lot of new nintendo owners out there.



Seren77 commented on Feature: 12 Days of Christmas - Super Mario 3D...:

I only got this a couple days a go, I'd been waiting so long to play it and knew it had got a lot of 10/10 so I had very high expectations. Only took 30 seconds for me to realise this was truly something special, I havn't felt this blown away by a game since mario64. Worth buying a wii u for.



Seren77 commented on Rumour: Minecraft Is Already In Development Fo...:

if it's anything like the other console versions it will have better network code and local co-op, plus be coded in c++. I like the mods on pc, but if they use the gamepad well, I'll be happy to buy the game for a third time.