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Wed 8th Jan 2014

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rotekps_aniger commented on Sega Has No Plans To Bring Alien: Isolation To...:

This song again. I've seen it before. Despite the rosy glasses history has for SNES, after release, games dried up for a few months. 'Til about April of '92. Did that doom and gloom stop us from getting SNESs for Christmas '91? Nah. And we enjoyed all of the games that were out at the time. (Street Fighter II, the dude-bro game of the era, changed SNESs fortune, then Mortal Kombat II, the other dude-bro game, regained their crown after losing it to Sega for a year.) Then N64 came out, and talk about a "drought" of games. I worked at a game store, and the dude-bro or nerdy loser (you know the type: the know-nothing know-it-all who's jealous of himself because he played Final Fantasy VII too much and can't get over it) would come it and bash N64, while every bratty child would scream that they want N64. In 2002, we looked at our books, and we sold more N64s than any other system (just our store, I can't comment on any other store). Maybe it was because we were in a suburban neighborhood full of Boy Meets World types mostly. N64 did just fine, and most video gamers I hang out with, who are 10 to 15 years younger than me, want Wii U/have Wii U. So, let the dude-bros and otakus have their other systems. Let them have true shovelware like this Aliens game. (Want to see actual shovelware, just look at the majority of PlayStation and PlayStation 2 titles, and take off the rosy glasses. Work at a video game store/own a video game store, and you see the reality is Nintendo, no matter what false reports the anti-Nintendo media reports.)

Just had to post this, because I don't ever see anybody post comments from a store owner's perspective.