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The 3DS YouTube App Has Finally Gone Live

Posted by Thomas Whitehead


In the most recent major Nintendo Direct broadcast it was confirmed that a YouTube app was finally coming to the 3DS; it's been in demand for a good while. It was stated that it would arrive in November yet passed this week's official download updates by; thankfully the app has now arrived on the 3DS eShop in Europe and North America, so we can all drop the pitchforks.

The app itself is a modest 113 blocks — in the UK, at least — but that makes sense in light of the fact that most of the legwork is done through online streaming; it follows the recent YouTube app update on Wii U.

Unlike on the Wii U the 3DS doesn't have a web browser capable of streaming the YouTube website, so this free app is certainly a welcome release. In our early dabbling we've been able to sign into our account, while the layout is generally similar to mobile apps and even the main site, except with menus and navigation condensed on the touch screen and videos playing on the top screen. You can see your subscribed channels, subscribe to others, like / dislike videos, add to your playlists and generally search and navigate easily; we can't find any way to comment on videos, however.

Our main observation so far, unfortunately, is that it delivers a low level of picture quality. Naturally the 3DS has low resolution screens compared to many smartphones and tablets, but even with that in mind the picture is heavily distorted and flawed, even with the "HQ" option selected. We've been unable to find any videos that play in 3D — as these support glasses-based tech rather than autostereoscopic 3D — and, in general, the experience is less enjoyable than even that on a modest smartphone. It seems like a last gasp option to watch some YouTube videos, rather than a go-to app.

But still, check it out and let us know what you think.

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HappyHappyist said:

now i can watch JonTron in my bed! yay! i hope the videos are nice and fluid. i hated the old WiiU youtube app because the videos never loaded fast enough.



HappyHappyist said:

wait... i can't find it in the eShop. and i tried a system update, i can't get it! it isn't in NA yet, NintendoLife!



MetaRyan said:

Hale-Bopp is right; this isn't available in North America as of right now.



RetroBaby67 said:

Where is it?! Seriously people, posting its up in N.America before it is basically proves you have the I.Q. of a square of 1-ply toilet paper.



Dyl_73 said:

Whoop de doo!
Can't imagine that I'll ever use it. Why bother when it's quicker and better on my phone? A few people may find it useful but I'm sure that most people won't bother.

Yep... tried it and it's rubbish. It works but it looks terrible. A waste of time really. Nintendo would be better off trying to create something new and worthwhile instead of joining the party after everyone else is moving on to the next party.



BenAV said:

Still broken for me.
It gets stuck at 99% no matter how I try to download it.
Oh well, I guess no crappy 3DS Youtube for me.



felix330 said:

Wow, extremely disappointing. The "High quality" still looks worse than 240p. The 3DS should be capable of handling much higher quality videos. Well, it's not like I really need it, especially while there isn't even a 3D option.



Gioku said:

Saw someone with it as their favorite title on my friends list... so jealous right now, lol. Even if the quality's low... I like the novelty of it, lol.



Kaze_Memaryu said:

I didn't expect much to begin with, but this is just gross. I tried some old LQ videos that I know they looked good on PC on 240p, but even those were hideous. Who developed this, anyway?



Captain_Toad said:

I can finally look at youtube videos on my soon as the NA eShop finally gets it. Tis a shame from what I'm hearing the video quality is of below average quality. Heh, I'll take what I get.



R-L-A-George said:

It's definitely not in America yet. If they wanted to get away with lower quality. They could have released it for DSi a long time ago. LOL. I wouldn't mind giving YouTube 3DS a try. Though I have my phone, media player and Wii (Whenever I get a new controller) to compete with it.



blinkpunk02 said:

The resolution is useless for video. I have a Vita whivh I use for Netflix and Youtube (and mostly just MLB 13 The Show) my 3DS is lucky it has the awesome 3D effect and a way better catalog of games than Vita lol.



HaastMK7 said:

@ nightmaremoon

I think it is because I have Italian friend online and he is using, yet I have some American friends and they don't. Its also available in Australia/New Zealand now.



ouroborous said:

yea this totally is not on the eShop in NA so far and its almost 2pm here on Black Friday. did you get the release date wrong?



Gioku said:

I'll probably just use it when I'm without my laptop (my only two devices are my 3DS and my laptop!)



Shiryu said:

I can finally "play" F-Zero on my 3DS!
... did you take the subtle hint, Nintendo?



Bass_X0 said:

downloading now.

It would have to be SERIOUSLY poor quality for me to not use it. I don't have a phone that can play Youtube videos.



WingedSnagret said:

Still not in NA. Sigh, I'm putting Christmas decorations soon anyway, so it doesn't matter to me. /flies off



ModernMARVEL said:

Well, I'm glad it's finally on its way. I hoped for at least 380p(?), but oh well, maybe it'll get an update someday.



Gioku said:

@chiefeagle02 OK, yep there it is!

Okay, guys, I can confirm that it is available in Oregon now. I'd assume there's a good chance it's in other states now, too!



Chris720 said:

Oh good lord... That is horrid. Absolutely horrid. Back to my phone... HD YouTube with comments. <3



sinalefa said:

Dont really care about it and it is hard for me to understand the ridiculous tantrums some people threw yesterday when it did not show in the update.



Gioku said:

Wow OK... so the video doesn't even take up the whole screen... it's utterly atrocious... I'm... I'm... what is this?



b23cdq said:

Meh, I'll just watch on my Wii U, my Retina iPad, or my iPhone 5, where I can actually get good quality.



iphys said:

It is a bit fuzzy, but not unwatchable. Without 3D compatibility, it's sort of pointless though.



DStanton said:

Does anybody know if this app is by Google, or Nintendo?
Google owns youtube btw



ravens326 said:

The app is live in North America. Yes, the resolution is not great, but whatever at least Nintendo kept their promise and released it during November. I checked out some of my own videos and they look alright. But Zelda is amazing! Thanks Nintendo, happy holidays to you.



HMNIM said:

i dont see why people were expecting any better. i mean if they have seen nexflix, they know what to expect. tbh, this is awesome for my little sister, and shes loving it right now. obviously it isnt the best for people who own phones. but hey, its a feature, that for some reason ppl wanted, and it works, stop complaning. as for the video being smaller then the screen, im guessing they were using an XL? i dont think its been fully optimized to all videos yet, as for the 3ds, its completly fine, while for XL, only some are.



chiefeagle02 said:

Saw a few videos to try the app out (egoraptor, AgentXPQ, WiiViewr). The quality isn't as good as my iPod Touch (2nd Gen), but it's head and shoulders above my cell phone. I'm probably in the minority here, but I'm actually pretty satisfied with this app (maybe I haven't been spoiled by HD). Don't know how much use it will get, but the option for YouTube on the 3DS is good to have (like the Netflix app).



ModernMARVEL said:

Alright, so I tried it out. The quality's nit THAT bad IMO. The problem is that there's so many system restarting errors. Animated videos look fine, Let's Plays aren't the best, but watchable. Subtitles that aren't via the CC button are terrible, but that's likely cause they were so small to begin with. If the HQ button when red means it's on, then keep it that way. Without it, the vids take a mere fraction of the screen.

All in all, no true gropes. Video quality could be better and errors better be patched. At least I don't gotta buy a stupid phone, or get my own laptop/PC to watch videos (almost) whenevr I want.



Chris720 said:

The quality is below 240p, that's for sure. It is absolutely atrocious... I wasn't expecting HD quality, but this isn't even close to being decent. Not to mention the sound quality is AWFUL! Tinny and very low quality, even with headphones.

Like every YouTube app not on phones or tablets.. Utterly awful.



millarrp said:

I didn't mind the video quality but agree it could be better. What I found irritating was the app as a whole felt sluggish, hopefully they will make improvements to it



kyuubikid213 said:

It's not the best quality ever video wise. Sound quality is good with HQ selected. Definitely not a "go to" option for YouTube (that's still the Wii U for sure!), but since it lets me watch YouTube on my 3DS in places I couldn't bring my Wii U and probably wouldn't bring my laptop (and on a side note, my iPhone is a 3G, so it's about on par with that), it is a welcome app for me.



Justaguest said:

I am still grateful. something people have been waiting for many years now. The quality is not the best but this could be just the first step..



AhabSpampurse said:

I am furious! I spent at least 40 seconds of my life downloading this, at the huge cost of nothing. And now I have my free application, I'm going to rant that it doesn't suit my high standards! Rah rah rah etc...

It's free. Stop moaning and being an idiot. If you don't like it, don't use it. Or better yet, email Nintendo and ask for a refund.



DracioKoi said:

@HMNIM You're saying the Netflix app has poor quality? I used Netflix on my 3DS(original not XL) to watch movies and shows quite often. The video quality of the Netflix is very good, but the quality of the Youtube app isn't at it's best. The developers can and should do better.
I am very pleased we finally got the long awaited Youtube app and that I can watch videos away from my computer(my 3DS is the only portable device I have for streaming), but I hope the developers work harder and improve the app from here.



Sonzumaki said:

The video quality is horrible, and I've already had to restart the App twice. So disappointed...



KTT said:

I think the quality of videos is okay: average. It isn't the best but good enough to make most videos watchable. No errors and crashes for me.
I don't have the need to use YouTube "on the go" so I don't think I'll make great use of this app, but it's still nice to have it.



crazyj2312 said:

@AhabSpampurse I don't think anyone is upset to that degree, I mean I don't see any long crazy rants in the comments to justify "stop moaning and being an idiot".

It being free doesn't mean that people shouldn't or aren't allowed to voice their opinions about it. It may not cost anything but there's some standard of quality attributed to other free youtube apps that this one falls a fair bit below, so people are going to be a tad upset when the phone version that is also free is 5x better in comparison.

No one is going to keep using it if they find it janky and useless, but not without telling other people why they think it is or isn't worth their or anyone else's time.



sonicfan1373 said:

-Low res videos (seen better streamed on eShop)
-Awkward user interface (seems like they slabbed the mobile Youtube website onto the bottom screen with little optimization)
-No 3D videos (although I did not expect it due to implementation differences)
-BUGGY and SLOW!!!! (crashed on me 3-4 times in less then an hour)
-No option to send videos to consoles or set-top boxes

Thus, I will continue to use the iPad and PC for my primary Youtube and video needs. I am not a fan of watching videos on a small screen (I have the regular 3DS not XL) anyways unless I really have to, which is also why I do not use my phone to watch Youtube. But hopefully this app gets updated so it is more useful for those who do want to watch on their 3DS.



Poketendo said:

so dissapointed! my version keeps crashing! I tryed deleting and redownloading it but it didn't fix it. and when it didn't crash, the video kept pausing every 4 seconds, the picture quality is terrible, and the sound is bad too! This app is terrible!



Banker-Style said:

The app isn't bad, it loads fairly quick,but the quality of the videos are pretty poor and it can sometimes get quite glitchy,overall not that bad.



3DSfan134 said:

Yes! I can finally watch that funny videos I like to watch on my 3DS! Hazzah indeed.



Wolfgabe said:

Will people just quit their yapping about the video quality. Yes it may not tbe the best but at least its better than nothing and its not like stuff like this can't be fixed in a future update. Be grateful for what you get



daveh30 said:

Am i the only one not completely enamored with youtube? for the amount of time i spend watching youtube videos, and the number of devices i own with much nicer screens, i dont see me ever using this...



clavier141 said:

I don't really care about the quality so this app's useful for me. Decent screen size on my xl and don't need to carry a laptop around to watch YouTube.



ModernMARVEL said:

I didn't think sound was a problem, but on my XL I get some high quality sound (not really sure how to tell sound's quality...) with my headset.



daveh30 said:

after having used it, the video quality is no where near as bad as people are crying about (considering its on an 800 x 240 screen), but the audio is pretty awful, even with headphones. Still not a big deal, because everyone owns half a dozen devices better suited for viewing video clips.



CapeSmash said:

I actually like this app. The video quality isn't that bad. But the sound could be better.



heathenmagic said:

Already crashed on me after a minute lol. For music videos which I mainly watch, it is passable apart from the sound not so much (if on high). The HQ link is bad - I am sure the 3DS can do better at video dispay than this, as the search is quite snappy really.



2Sang said:

Awesome. Now they just need flash. Most of the technical features of the 3ds aren't that good, but they're coming along. Besides, the gaems are where it's at.



Morpheel said:


It's nice.

The videos may not be hd stuff but at least they load better than on the eshop.

Now, is there any way to see/post comments?



HaastMK7 said:

  • Installed a couple of hours ago.*

Looking pretty good, does take time to load sometimes, could be just my Internet connection. Am hoping they add some form of Uploading.



Kaze_Memaryu said:

@Wolfgabe Now that's stupid. Why be grateful for this? They gotta work to earn some gratitude, and this sure as hell isn't worth it.
I've had lengthy discussions about this app on the announcement thread, and I didn't expect it to be good in the first place. But if they manage to mess up that badly, something's wrong with them - or they couldn't care less.



OdnetninAges said:

It's better than nothing. I'm happy with it, even if it does crash sometimes for me.

Although, I do wonder why it didn't come out yesterday.



divinelite said:

Worse than even my eshop streaming for trailers
I'll keep my YouTube with my vita then, it's far better build



SKYW4LK3R said:

If other apps on Wii, XBOX 360, PS3,Vita phones and tablets are any indication, there will be multiple updates to improve the streaming codec and fix the crashing issues...



SebCroc said:

Wow, what flimsy software. Looks like minimal effort was put into making the app. SHAME ON YOU GOOGLE.
I don't expect anything better in future updates (if there even will be any). The official YouTube app for iPad is quite bad, even after several updates that literally did nothing.



Dpullam said:

The YouTube app actually works quite a bit better than I expected it to. Live concerts here I come!



skywake said:

The article is wrong defending them for the lack of 3D. There's no technical reason why it couldn't have supported 3D videos. I've been able to rip 3D videos from youtube and convert them to play on the 3DS Camera software fairly easily. The tech it uses doesn't matter it's just two videos side-by-side.

So there's no excuse for not having 3D support. They've really dropped the ball here.



Kolzig said:

I hope Google works with Nintendo and fixes the 3D possibility in videos.

The Youtube app is useless without 3D enabled videos that could be watched on 3DS. Because we could see more gameplay videos and trailers for 3DS games this way and also watch all the possible 3D movie trailers for Hollywood etc movies too.



Nintonic said:

That would have been amazing if the 3d worked. But despite the quality people without smartphones will really find use out of this.



ReshiramZekrom said:

The app has already made my 3DS restart 5 times... it's the only portable device that I have that can stream YouTube videos, so I guess I'll have to stick with it until Google fixes everything.



DaveGX said:

This is kinda cool, but the sign-in's broken. Plus it doesn't seem to recognize my nickname rather than asking for my real name .



9th_Sage said:

It's SOOO awful. It looks and feels like something they made in a weekend because Nintendo kept bugging them about making a Youtube app for 3DS.



grumblegrumble said:

I'm sure with a few software updates that I'm sure are already in the pipeline, this will be a good app to use. I'm glad Nintendo stuck to their promise!



alwaysasn said:

People seem surprised at the terrible quality of the video quality. If you ever saw the Netflix video quality, you shouldn't be surprised at all...



DemonnPrincess said:

@alwaysasn I actually thought the Netflix quality was okay. Even with the YouTube's watchable. I'm not very particular or picky though, not that being picky is particularly bad.



alwaysasn said:

Yeah, they're both watchable, just extremely sub par. I don't really care though becasue, you know. I've got a computer and and a phone which do it better.



DaveGX said:

Meh, I watched 1 of my usual videos on it, HD no less. Honestly, my Droid 4 quality looks better, audio even. 3DS is a bigger screen, whatever they did honestly just doesn't cut it because it doesn't look HD to me.



retro_player_22 said:

Poor video quality and the fact that Google keeps turning YouTube into crap means this app ain't gonna get any better. I'll just stick to Netflix for all my handheld entertainment.



gamingreal said:

The video quality is unnecessarily bad, menus are slow to respond and load, and the app keeps crashing returning me to the 3ds firmware.

I will try pairing it with my xbox later because controlling my MS xbox with my Nintendo 3ds will be an interesting experience. I will probably stick with my low end tablet though until they can fix the 3ds app.



SSBMarioFan said:

Sorry, scratch that. What i meant to say is that it's HORRIBLE! Sega CD quality, loading times, framerate issues, and frequent crashing. I'll just stick to downloading MP4's to my 3DS.



andrea987 said:

That's exactly what I expected and wanted for YT on the 3DS. Well, minus the crashing... I'm sure that will be fixed soon, though.



soma said:

lol, c'mon guys the quality is poor but isn't as bad as old phones, at least is better than my Nokia E5 =p
It could be better, sure, but is good enough if I need to find something quick. Only problem is it crashes a lot.



thatoneguy4419 said:

I quite like this app, but maybe that's because I don't have a cellphone. But anyways, the quality is that bad in my opinion. It could be worse right?



SasukeUchiha said:

I'm sure the quality of the 3DS YouTube app along with the crashing will be fixed in future updates.



electrolite77 said:

Excellent. Now I'm sorted if my laptop, Wii U, Wii, Ipad, PS3, and Vita break.

Kidding, always good to have a YouTube option on any device



10000mario said:

And once again, people complain about a FREE app from nintendo.
If you pay and it stinks, I understand.
BUT, if it's free and you don't like it... DONT DOWNLOAD IT AND STOP COMPLAINING!!! I actually like this free app.



elitegundam said:

Saw this on the currently playing from a streetpass hit. I was shocked, and had to look it up. It's true, finally!! 3DS has Youtube, and it's available in NA.

Tried it, and it had an error after the second video. Both were bad quality.
This is perfect for those times when I am playing a game and want a video walkthrough, without having to find a computer etc. Won't be used every day, but it will get more use than Nintendo Video. Just needs 3D videos to work and it'll probably rack up more time than the Netflix app.



HaastMK7 said:

Stop the hate people

This is the 3DS we are talking about, not a XBOX ONE or PS4...



Lunapplebloom said:

Hey! You guys you stole my line.

But I actually think this app is good for what it does. Sure, it's no Iphone equivalent, but it doesn't really suck. I found the video quality to not be the greatest, but far from unwatchable.



Furik said:

It's basically the same version that you would open up in a mobile web browser. It needs a lot of work - it's almost embarrassing. However it's still nice to have YouTube on the 3DS and will be great for walkthroughs while playing a game.



ramstrong said:

Those of you saying the quality is bad, I have no idea what you mean. The quality is fine by me. I checked out 3 shows, and they're all fine. News (Paul Walker died in a car crash) works fine. Anime works fine. Dancing works fine, too. User interface is a bit sluggish, but video shows, at least on HQ level, is perfectly fine. No hanging either. I'm using N3DS XL, but I don't think it'll be different with standard 3DS.

It's not tablet quality, but it's still better than my phone. I tried the standard quality. The video is fuzzy, but what do you expect? Also, it seems that the program can run multiple videos at the same time. If you play more than one video, then it's possible that the software still streams the previous videos, thus eating up your bandwidth. Perhaps a better stop button is needed.



Windy said:

This app is Garbage. It force closes constantly and restarts my 3DS. The Quality of the videos are not even good. Shame on you Nintendo for not policing what looks to be about the worst app/game on the system. The Force closing is the worst part of this app. So far the most I can stay on Youtube before a Crash is 10 minutes. I think it has something to do with the Back button. Who knows what the heck is wrong with it. If they can fix the Force Closing I would be ok with this app. But right now its going to be rated a 1 star from me



grumblegrumble said:

@Furik I didn't even think of that! Great for game walkthroughs on the go! Great point. And yeah, people need to stop whining. This app will get better with updates. Just open your laptop to have a better experience, this is about convenience, not superior experience.



motang said:

I wasn't able to log into my account, kept asking for my username and password even though they were entered. Other than that, it seems functional, though the video quality is pretty bad.



Kingofthewinds said:

I really hope this gets an update. The app has closed on me multiple times so hopefully this will be fixed.



Windy said:

@RetroRider Actually the Video Quality for the 3DS is awesome on Hulu and on Netflix and those are movies. This Youtube app stinks. Mainly because of the 80% of people who are getting force close restarts. But that video quality is not near what it should be since the hulu and the Netflix apps are much better. They goof'd on this youtube app and I guarantee when its reviewed by IGN and others it's going to get ripped on. Poor effort.



LightAnimaux said:

I was watching videos all through last night and I've yet to have the app crash. It won't let me log in to my Youtube channel though; I can log in with my linked Google account, but it doesn't give me an option to switch over to my actual Youtube account (where I have all of my subscriptions and whatnot) like the real website does on my computer. Saw someone on the Google help forums talking about this problem as well. I hope they fix this soon.



EpicMonster said:

i just downloaded it an hour ago and its blowing my mind how fast the pages load with all the vids



StarDust4Ever said:

Terrible. Widescreen vids are letterboxed in a full frame on a widescreen device. Video quality looks worse than some of those early 90s video codecs. Sure Netflix and other apps are 240p due to the native screen resolution, but it's clean 240p. This YT abomination somehow manages to be worse than the 144p mobile 3gp video they used to have on dinosaur flip phones.



TheRealThanos said:

@StarDust Amen to that. I installed the app, checked a couple of vids once and I never want to use it again. In this day and age it's pathetic that Nintendo can't even offer a quality of video that is similar to their own videos. There are of course some things that are out of their control because it isn't their own service, but the difference in quality is painfully obvious.



mushroomer said:

make the best youtube experience you can have.. allowing for 3d content to be viewed and uploaded from 3ds video recorder!!!.!! please



Cristorm said:

Wow. After a month of using this app, it finally won't load. It spends forever even trying to get the app functioning properly, and it never does. It simply cannot, and will not, load. I have redownloaded it three times now, did a system reset, and even tried powering it off and on. Any ideas on what to do?



mushroomer said:

this is not news worthy... please post news not stuff we can discover by opening our 3ds.

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