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Thu 20th Jun 2013

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ravens326 commented on Nintendo Download: 5th November (North America):

Nothing for me this week, but very glad to see a VC game. Hooray for Konami! NOA and other game companies: DO NOT LET THE 3DS VC DIE! Release SNES games on the 3DS VC and watch the money flow in like Niagara Falls.



ravens326 commented on More Details Emerge on How Nintendo Accounts W...:

My main question is will points earned through playing be retroactive? Meaning can we get points for the hours we have put in to games before the service is rolled out? For instance, some of us have played games that were released after Club Nintendo was shutdown and before My Nintendo will be rolled out, example: Tri Force Heroes. Will we automatically have points in our accounts when the My Nintendo service is launched, since we couldn't get points for registering the game on Club Nintendo?



ravens326 commented on Video: Here's What Xenoblade Chronicles Looks ...:

@bofis They did release the smaller New 3DS in the U.S. It is the bundle with Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer. I waited to see if the smaller system would be released, and since this is the only version available in the U.S. I just broke down and bought it. I have no intention to play Happy Home Designer in the near future if at all. I also ordered Majora's Mask cover plates from Japan, since they are not available yet in the U.S. When it comes in the mail and I change the Animal Crossing cover plates, it won't even appear that I got the HHD bundle unless I pull out the box. Maybe one day I will play the game, but I feel it was worth it to get the bundle just to get the smaller New 3DS. Now I have an ambassador standard new 3DS since I got my original 3DS at launch and transferred everything to the N3DS. I feel it was the right move.



ravens326 commented on Video: Here's What Xenoblade Chronicles Looks ...:

I upgraded to the New 3DS without any regard to Xenoblade Chronicles 3D. I bought the game when I got the New 3DS because I figured since I had the system, I might as well try the game. It is an amazing RPG. One of my favorites along with Shining Force 2, Lunar, and the Dragon Quest franchise. I decided to get the New 3DS for the faster CPU and more RAM, and better 3D. It was well worth it even though Xenoblade and the Binding of Isaac are the only New 3DS exclusive games, however Smash Brothers performs much better on the New 3DS and I intend to get Hyrule Warrior Legends which can be played in 3D only on the New 3DS. If you have the resources to upgrade, I highly recommend get the New 3DS. To me, the gaming experience is noticeably better.



ravens326 commented on The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes:

Just played the demo using online play, and I gotta say it's pretty fun. Looking forward to the release and trying it on one player. I was worried that I wouldn't like the game because I don't have anyone to play with but online play negates that feeling. Next week is going to be awesome.



ravens326 commented on Video: This is How Single Player Works in The ...:

It's not as bad as everyone is making it look to be. It's kind of like the gameplay in the Lego Batman games, switching back and forth with different characters, without the AI which was terrible in Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham.



ravens326 commented on Video: See the Unboxing of the Animal Crossing...:

I bought the new 3DS HHD bundle at Toys R Us. It is the best system Nintendo has made so far, not counting the NES and SNES, those two systems are on a level by themselves. I ordered Majora's Mask faceplates from Japan. Can't wait to get them. I recommend that everyone who has a 3DS or wants one to get the new 3DS, it's that good. Haven't played HHD yet. I hope Nintendo release Twilight Princess and Windwaker for the new 3DS. That would be amazing.



ravens326 commented on Video: Learn How to Clear The Legend of Zelda:...:

I'm sorry but I just don't understand why glitches and speedruns are so interesting. It defeats the entire purpose of the adventure and journey through the game. I watched the video and was not impressed at all. Again, sorry but it's just lame imo. You can't get the triforce without fighting Gannon.



ravens326 commented on Dragon Quest VIII Storms to Number One in Japa...:

I guess Square Enix doesn't really like money, because these Dragon Quest games would be a hot seller in the west. I've played 1,4,5,6, and 9 and I would absolutely buy any other installments released in the U.S. There is no reason why SE shouldn't release these games in the west. So much money is at stake it's insane. Just do it Square Enix!



ravens326 commented on The Nintendo 3DS Was North America's Best-Sell...:

Good, now maybe they can release the standard New 3DS in North America. I tried the New 3DS XL at Best Buy and it is too big. What happened to the idea that people should walk around with their 3DS to earn coins and communicate through streetpass? How could I do that if the New 3DS XL can't fit in my pocket? I want it so badly, NOA listen to my words. I am not the only one.



ravens326 commented on The 3DS YouTube App Has Finally Gone Live:

The app is live in North America. Yes, the resolution is not great, but whatever at least Nintendo kept their promise and released it during November. I checked out some of my own videos and they look alright. But Zelda is amazing! Thanks Nintendo, happy holidays to you.



ravens326 commented on Feature: Our Top 10 3DS Games - Summer 2013:

1. Animal Crossing: New Leaf
2. New Super Mario Brothers 2
3. Mario Kart 7
4. Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes
5. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D
6. Super Mario 3D Land
7. Lego Marvel Superheroes: Universe in Peril
8. Super Street Fighter VI 3D Edition
9. Castlevania: Lords of Shadow - Mirror of Fate
10. Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars