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Rayman Legends Lands With A Thud At Japanese Retail

Posted by Damien McFerran

Less than 1,500 copies sold

Rayman Legends was supposed to be a Wii U exclusive, but Ubisoft changed its mind and delayed the title to accommodate a multiplatform release. However, the wacky epic remains unique to Nintendo's console in at least one region: Japan.

Sadly, it would appear that game hasn't been a hit with Japanese players. Although it ranked second in the Wii U chart, it shifted just 1,435 copies. Granted, that's technically only three days of sale — the chart only covers from October 17th (the game's launch day) to the 20th — but even so, it's a pretty dismal showing from one of the Wii U's best releases in 2013.

Perhaps the Japanese simply don't 'get' Rayman, or maybe the Wii U's weak position in the market has resigned the title to obscurity? Let us know what you think by posting a comment.


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Genesaur said:

I never liked Rayman very much at all, but this game is very good. I don't think Rayman ever sold well in Japan, though I could be wrong, of course.



mookysam said:

I think the real question is if Rayman was second in the Wii U chart what on earth are other Wii U games selling?



johndevine said:

Fact is.... that Rayman is a crap platformer. It has nice graphics and sound, even good level design.

But the gameplay doesn't flow like Mario, or even Sonic Lost world.

And it's a western-y type game.



Einherjar said:

@johndevine excuse me ? Origins and Legends both have one of the most fluent and innovative controlls for a platformer. Beeing able to master these distance challenges in high speed with pixel perfect jumps without any hassle wouldnt work if the controlls / the gameplay would be that bad.
And comparing it to Lost Worlds is a joke. This games controll scheme has a mind of its own and works only when it wants to.
It doesnt have nearly the amount of polish Legends has.
All in all its definitly not the games fault. Legends play in the master class of platformers. I guess its just the wrong target audience for it. As much as the west once loved japanese games, its not the other way around.
But i wouldnt dwell on these sales charts. We saw more than once that a single game can make console sales exlode suddenly. And with Mario World, Smash Bros and Mario Kart comming up, that could very well happen.



johndevine said:

@Einherjar the Rayman games (I own both and have finished both) are not as good as Mario platformers.

Lost Worlds is also not that good in my opinion, but it does have a more rhythmic gameplay style to it, which is quite hard to master.

Rayman doesn't have that. The jumps in it do not require PIXEL PERFECTION. It's easy. It's so easy.

That's probably why you can't play Sonic. Or Need for Speed for that matter. (Which you say is a good game, yet you can't play it????)

As for Mario World, Smash Bros, Mario Kart etc. Of course they will improve sales.

Ubisoft are never gonna boost console sales in Japan with any of their titles.

Anyway I'm not worried about either title. I have hero mode to finish in Wind Waker, which is a much more worthwhile distraction to either Rayman or Sonic.



Marshi said:

The bigger picture in wiiu sales is what worries me. Japan ADHORE Nintendo and the average jap gamer will buy his/her 2nd or even 3rd 3ds just because it has a new decal on it! They bought the wii in droves and sales in japan for the wii were frequently double that of its nearest competitor(ps3), but they really dont like the wiiu. I mean REALLY dont like it. I think even the 360 sold better than the wiiu is at the moment? Im worried



GoombaJMR said:

Yeah I am not a big fan of Rayman (but it is a good series), so I wouldn't get it unfortunately.



MAB said:

Only 1500 people own a WiiU in japan so that is 100% sales... Maybe they should port it to 3DS, add some monsters and weapons, change it into a RPG then BAM! a multi million seller



Kaze_Memaryu said:

It's a sad fact: Japan hates western cartoons, regardless of quality.
Just look at Avatar: The last Airbender. It looks fairly japanese for a western series, but most japanese try to boycott it fearing that america is taking their style away (I don't make this up, japanese communities are full of it).
They also have trouble getting used to the framerate: cartoons use 25 - 30 animation frames per second, while animé relies on 20 frames per sec. Japanese just aren't used to it, and avoid it at all cost - just like us westerners with 60 frame CG movies.

So, to cut it short: Japan doesn't like this Rayman because of the artistic difference. The 3D games might've been more popular, but I can't say for sure.



Rief said:

Well, i only played the demo, and because of it, i didn't buy the game. It was plainly boring. And the characters are just not as memorable as all the Nintendo ones. And most of them are rather ugly.
The Game tries to be so unique, that it totally looks like it tries to be.
All my own opinion, of course, but i can see why it sells so badly.



unrandomsam said:

@johndevine I played the demo of Rayman for a bit last week when I had nothing better to do - I still don't like it. (I bought Origins twice and still hated it). Some of the parts that annoyed me most in recent Mario games are more like what Rayman does.

(Sonic Generations and Donkey Kong Country Returns have none of those problems and they started being enjoyable immediately.)



iphys said:

They're probably all playing Pokemon right now instead I suppose.



cookiex said:

This isn't due to low WiiU install base I should say. Origins tanked badly in Japan as well. Only the PS3 version has sold over 10k total.



Einherjar said:

@johndevine Who said that i cant play sonic games ? Im pretty good at platformers to say the least. I can even play MegaMan 2 with my feet
But that aside, i wouldnt call Legends too easy. Its no Meat Boy but it doesnt want to be. Its a fair platformer with great level design, fluent controlls and a truckload of innovative ideas. And to be honest, the latest 2D Mario games almost bored me to tears. I never finished NSMB Wii because of that. They are not bad, dont get me wrong but they just didnt grip me like rayman did.



Jack_Package said:

I didn't buy it either. I don't live in Japan though

P.S. I think you rename the site Nintendodeath. Editorial team? Nah.



johndevine said:


"And comparing it to Lost Worlds is a joke. This games controll scheme has a mind of its own and works only when it wants to."

Forgive me for believing you didn't get to grips with the controls from reading the above statement.

Innovative ideas do not constitute good platforming gameplay/mechanics, which are the most important elements for a platformer, especially in the eyes of the more rational japanese gameplaying market, who's judgement doesn't get clouded by the sort of guff that attracts a western audience.

Anyone who thinks Rayman PLAYS better than Mario is quite frankly bonkers.

What you are basically saying, is that Mario would be better if it had better graphics and more cheesy american style humor in it.
Because that is all that Rayman offers over Mario.



Einherjar said:

@johndevine No one said that it plays better than mario but i would definitly say that it does in no way play worse. The coalition of controlls and level design of both, origins and legends is flawless in my opinion. And i would say the same about the recent mario games. They work perfectly on a technical level, and the level design compliments that very well.
You cant make a game that plays better than a Mario game, since Mario is not without a reason king of the platformer genre. You cant be better than perfect, but you can be equaly as good, which (in my opinion) both rayman titles are.
Sadly, you cant say that about the recent sonic games. The targeting for the homing attack is finichy, the momentum is often unpredictable and the level design isnt on par with say, mario games.



MAB said:

Sonic says ' Mario & Rayman can't harness my hardcore awesomeness, ya dig'



boynerdrambling said:

You all still seem surprised by this. Console gaming is on the way out in japan. The ps4 and xbone will have the same problem over there. But lets face it, which japanese console owner would be playing a game like rayman right now when they have monster hunter and pokemon? Ubisoft is having a terrible year as it is, and i don't see things changing with AC4. Oh well, dont delay a finished game next time and you might come out on top



johndevine said:

@Einherjar I never said Sonic was on a par with Mario games.

I don't think Sonic Lost World is a great game.
I don't think Rayman Legends is a great game either.

It doesn't surprise me that the game sold poorly in Japan.



Luke8400 said:

Ha...anyone who thinks Sonic is better than Rayman is still just butthurt over losing Wii U exclusivity and the subsequent delay. Yeah it sucks, but it's time to get over it. It's the best platformer on the Wii U, though I'm not terribly surprised it didn't do well in Japan. The main Rayman series has been as consistently good as Mario...Rayman 2 on Dreamcast put the sub-par Sonic Adventure to shame, and Rayman Origins was the first time a non-Nintendo 2D platformer awed me that much.



Tsuchinoko said:

@gingerbeardman&Mooglemuffins Don't generalize too much. Actually Studio Ghibli has more in common with European animation than Japanese in many cases (many Ghibli films are pseudo-European inspired), and some French films do quite well here.
The thing is, Rayman is just not well known here at all. I kinda forgot he even existed. Its pretty obscure, and considering the poor performance of the WiiU, that only makes it worse.

Anyway, if anyone wants to see an amazing short film done in a French animation style, there's the beautiful Oscar winning short film La Maison en Petits Cubes by Japanese animation company Robot.



johndevine said:

@Einherjar the article relates to Japanese sales. Hence the discussion being on this actual web page.

Western gamers don't give a toss about gameplay, that's why Assassin's Creed sells well.



Pod said:

Unfortunately this game has everything against it sales-wise in Japan.

Though I'd imagine the Japanese might generally dig a character like Barbara.



Zael said:

I explain you
the wii u is selling bad in japan, after the zelda hd bundle (during the second week) it solds only 3000 pieces, in na and eu about 60.000 so I think tha the problem is in japan
rayman sold better here
Also, rayman legends is very similar to origins and many japanee have the game on ps3, ps3 is very common in japan



Kirk said:

I wonder why the Japanese didn't find this compelling?

I'm thinking maybe the particular artstyle isn't quite to their tastes or something...



Savino said:

Mario a better platform than Rayman? Only on your dreams!!!

Nintendo needs to have some lesson on level design and variet with ubisoft!



Araknie said:

I'm telling you, japan is lost to handhelds.
Why nobody has picked up this topic yet?

Console games sell well only when first party over there, it's been like so for 2 years, come on, open your eyes!



MrWalkieTalkie said:

Either way, its clearly Ubisoft's fault for the bad sales. Why release the game now when all of Japan is lost in the wonderful world of Monster Hunter & Pokemon is beyond me.



Pod said:

Nintendo is publishing it in Japan, though.

They will probably keep it on shelves for a long times, with some weeks hitting a better result than the opening.




Monster hunter is rubbish.

Bad controls, bad graphics, terrible fighting mechanics, hard to get into.

I dunno what they are smoking over there, but for some reason Japanese gamers don't seem interested in good games anymore, even the ones that are developed in their homeland.



DualWielding said:

didn't expect this game to do well in Japan, the scary party is that this is the second best seller for the Wii U



AlexSora89 said:

If Rayman Legends stayed Wii U-exclusive in Europe, instead of Japan, things would have gone WAY better. Just sayin'.



rjejr said:

Neither Xbox ever sold well in Japan, Wi U isn't selling in Japan, Sony isn't even bothering to put the PS4 out in Japan - their home native country - until 2014.

The writing is on the wall for the home console market in Japan.

Nintendo didn't release the 2DS in Japan b/c when you can sell all you make at full price you don't need a budget handheld.

They really should just drop home consoles and make a 3DU Gamepad like device w/ HDMI out or wireless to the tv.

Rayman still wouldn't have sold on the 3DS, b/c its Rayman, but at least we could stop w/ the Wii U dreariness on a Monday morning. This and the cancellation are not a good way tot start the week.



ikki5 said:

@Luke8400 that is your opinion. honestly, I'd take a Mario, Gaina Sisters, or Sonic over Rayman. Rayman was alright, I wouldn't call it a bad game but it just never appealed to me. So am I butthurt that it wasn't exclusive? no, I really couldn't care less, I just prefer other games.




I want Ubisoft to release a music-level pack for the game. I'd buy it. Those levels were the best and I want more of them.



Kishijugo said:

I don't get Rayman. He's a charmless character design no matter how nice the game surrounding him looks.



MasterChordles said:

1,500. Wow. Though I shouldn't be surprised. I've only seen about two Japanese players in the challenges



Geonjaha said:

@johndevine - I dont know if you're trolling or not, but just in case you aren't:

Rayman games, (at least Origins and Legends) are widely regarded as great platformers. Not requiring pixel perfection for jumps doesnt make for a bad platformer, and in reality is a really cheap way to create difficulty (We're not talking about NES games anymore where this stuff was necessary - platforming has surprisingly moved past that in the last 30 years).

Saying the gameplay just doesnt 'flow' like Mario or other platformers is just ridiculous. Rayman Origins and Legends have been some of the smoothest platforming experiences I've ever played (And I didnt really try or get into Rayman games until Origins), and cant even be compared to the poor Mario titles that've been released lately.

Now I dont like ever referencing metacritic scores, but with a score of 91 you're a bit over your head to start suggesting that the game is a poor platformer. A game not being recieved well in a different region doesnt make it a bad game. Hell, the Dragon Quest series is brilliant, and sells millions of copies in Japan, but wont even be released in the west anymore due to poor sales.

"especially in the eyes of the more rational japanese gameplaying market, who's judgement doesn't get clouded by the sort of guff that attracts a western audience" - I find it hard to even try and discuss this with you if you're going to make such generalised racist statements.



Geonjaha said:

@johndevine - Yup. That's gotta be trolling. Either you somehow derive enjoyment from saying stupid things, or you actually believe them. Either way, I think we're done here.



Ren said:

Interesting how when a company cancels a WiiU version of something people here jump all over them like it's some mean spirited personal excuse because "they hate Nintendo" or something. (see 2 articles back). Then Ubisoft who has tossed more support at WiiU than Nintendo has, is hurting and coming up empty like here, then it's all a big strange mystery and we just move on.
I wouldn't spend precious dev dollars on WiiU either, with the ridiculous install base. No one canceling any WiiU game owes anyone an explanation. Nintendo maybe, but they've long since lost interest in giving us console experiences that reflect this generation.



johndevine said:

@Geonjaha the fact of the matter is that I am simply justifying the fact that Rayman Legends didn't sell well.
Why would someone be expecting people to buy another platformer on the Wii U and hope to come close to emulating the success of Mario?

As a platformer fan for years... pixel perfect jumping is pretty much one of the main reasons platformer fans play platformers.

Would you honestly say that Rayman is better than Mario U or Donkey Kong Country returns?

In my opinion, it really doesn't even come close, because of it's slack gameplay and over reliance in it's muddled art style, which doesn't even clearly denote the edge of each platform.

I'll admit it does have some nice aspects. But they are mainly frivolous factors that don't contribute to the gameplay.

The guys that live with me enjoyed the game, they also enjoy COD, FIFA, Assassin's Creed etc.
(They aren't really gamers)

They find a proper platformer like Mario a bit taxing.



johndevine said:

@Geonjaha you are obviously too young to understand the definition of what a platform game is.
I'm guessing you miss Spyro and Crash.

"Games where jumping is automated completely, such as The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, fall outside of the genre."

A lot of the jumping in Rayman occurs automatically when you move the platforms with the touch screen. This is not platforming.



Mommar said:

I disagree with you. I've played and beat every Mario game ever made. Rayman Legends is a better platformer then Mario U was. There's more variation and the levels are more interesting. Your argument that Rayman doesn't clearly denote where platforms are is based purely on Origins, you obviously haven't played Legends as they've remedied that. The platforming/controlling is also far tighter as well. Origins was good but flawed. They fixed those flaws in Legends. If you don't care for the character style, whatever, but this nonsense that someone who likes Legends better than Mario U isn't a real gamer is total bullpoopsiedoodoocacapoopiedoodoo.
It's okay to vehemently disagree, but please do watch the profanity and insults — TBD



ducktrapper said:

@johndevine Very well said. It has a kind of wacky beauty, but if it's anything like Origins it simply doesn't play well. It also has a dream-like, floaty quality that somehow makes my mind wander from the action on screen.



Tsuchinoko said:

@ShadowFox254 Not a factor, since this is a Wii U game and those are 3DS games. But what IS a factor is the low sales of the actual console, and the limited knowledge that people have of Rayman here. Also, I've seen next to no advertisement for this game at all.

And please people, can we keep this about the game. I'm detecting some comments that are nearing trolling and somewhat rude. I know I'm one of the only Japanese citizens on this site, but still.



Hamguar said:

or it's the 'genius' of releasing it when Monster Hunter 4 and Pokemon XY is out and still very fresh. Hell there's even GTA V. I simply feel bad for any relatively unknown game coming out around now, granted Rayman is far from unknown. I know I would only have so much time to dedicate to games and all three would suck it all up. As was said before, waiting this long was poor judgement.



johndevine said:

@Mommar as stated earlier I own/have completed Rayman Legends. I can post it to Miiverse if it would be pleasing to you.

Maybe you would regard such a move as Elitest?

You will clearly see the little ticked box at the bottom of the comment which will suggest that I do indeed own the game.



johndevine said:

@ducktrapper thanks for not going down my throat. It's a good enough game. Not totally deserving of it's extremely high scores.

It kept the guys in my house who don't usually play games out of trouble for a while

But then FIFA came out and they stopped playing it. (They are obviously elitests)



blinkpunk02 said:

They're all either playing Monster Hunter on their 3DS or their PSP. Lol I mean doesn't PSP still sell like crazy over there? Japan shouldn't be used as a measuring stick for anything.



Ryno said:

I don't blame them, I have never been able to get into Rayman either.



Mahe said:

The Japanese just have never been into the Rayman games. They have never done well there, not even the Rabbids games.



Legromancer said:

their loss. Avatar is one of the best series i know.
But yes, this tendencies in japanese audiences is something i found out some time ago. They also don't like western super heroes. I once heard ( in the Japan Times i think) that Japanese want their soperheroes to look sexy while they save the world. Really, i don't make this up ( i really read this). But if i look at their life action movies based on mangas/animes i tend to believe this...



johndevine said:

@Mommar how does a gamer become elitest? I am keen to know...

Is an elitest gamer someone who plays good games?

I guess a true gamer such as yourself likes the occasional poor game thrown in for good measure, helps you to "keep it real" against us elitests.



ACK said:

For all the hype, it's my least favorite platformer on Wii U. Should have learned after Origins... I love the original Rayman, but there is nothing appealing or compelling to me about these newer games. Doesn't mean they aren't great games, I just think, despite appearances, they are very niche.



DreamDrop said:

I didn't know WiiU was still being sold, anyways, Ubi will get their fair share of earnings for Rayman Legends from the other consoles and Steam.



GreatPlayer said:

I know it sounds bad. But poor sales of Rayman Wii U version actually means a faster price cut and thus I can get the game later at a lower price. Hehe...



ouroborous said:

wow thats really a shame because the game is actually totally awesome and totally fun and happens to be one of the very best of the very few wii u titles that are out so far.



AdanVC said:

This is so bad! Rayman Legends is such an amazing game, I've been playing it non-stop since september. But I have to agree with some of you guys that even if it's such a great game I just can't get used to the controls and the feel of movement... it feels floaty, like if Rayman was floating all the time and doesn't feel natural, in that aspect New Super Mario Bros beats Rayman in a wink.



MikeLove said:

Wait...a game featuring boring characters with no nostalgic value made by French people didnt sell well?! You gotta be kidding me!!



Kaze_Memaryu said:

@Legromancer Not neccessarily, since comic writers and artists have rebooted a lot lately, and quite a few superheroines returned a lot more curvy than ever before.
It's more of a mental case: western characters tend to be either dumb as sliced bread, or have those kinds of personalities that make them seem unreachable or out of league. Japan has great demand for unrealistic situations in plausible environment with relatable characters, and most western stuff lacks one of those (which isn't a bad thing, actually).
That's also why stuff like My Little Pony or Adventure Time is surprisingly popular in japan. The quirkiness mixed with simple, almost cliché mindsets and surprising traits from time to time is what the japanese want.

The character design (namely, plain fanservice 'n jiggling EVERYTHING) is a bad trend, since that's where audiences just can't agree on anything. Some like it, some don't, but those who like it take great influence on their surroundings by talking about it or referencing it via avatar.



Firejonie said:

Shame to see that it sold poorly, even worse that the 2nd best selling Wii U game only shifts over 1,000 units. Not too surprising, it'll probably sell more after some price drops. Similar to how Origins sold, at least over here that is.



LoveSugoi said:

SMDH @ some of these comments. Game didn't sell because Rayman isn't popular and the Wii U install base there is low. End of.

The only tragic news here is that the current 2nd best selling Wii U game shifted barely 1500. You have got to be freaking kidding me.



micronean said:

just from looking at the Japanese miiverse numbers, there's almost no fans on games like W101, or Rayman. It just doesn't appeal to the japanese for some reason. Yet minigames like Nintendo Land and Game & Wario are among the most popular. That's all they seem to like at the moment. Publishers should just send all their minigame shovelware over to japan, then. LOL!



element187 said:

"but even so, it's a pretty dismal showing from one of the Wii U's best releases in 2013."

I will be the odd man out and disagree. I played Legends and thought it was mediocre at best, maybe the Japanese have better taste in gaming, it's feasible, Call Of Duty doesn't sell well in Japan, but RPG's do. That tells me they have much more sophisticated tastes in gaming than my fellow westerners.

Maybe I didn't think legends was all that great because I never played a Rayman game before it, so it has no nostalgia value to me whatsoever... I think when the first Rayman game came out I was just getting into PC gaming, perhaps that is why I never bothered with the series.



element187 said:

@Rief I agree whole heartily. The characters look poorly drawn. I think my 5 year old nephew can draw better characters than the Rayman characters,

The art style reminds me of Ren and Stimpy. Just lazy, hastily and poorly drawn characters.



element187 said:

@DreamDrop the only problem with your comment is Rayman Legends sold better on Wii U than x360 and ps3.....

Let me leave you with a small suggestion:
Homework. It will help you avoid embarrassing yourself in the future.



element187 said:

@Tsuchinoko I agree with your sentiment. No need to troll over this because. A country didn't buy a mediocre game at best...

If anything this news of Rayman bombing in Japan means the Japanese have more refined tastes in gaming. I'd take Monster Hunter, Fire Emblem, Shin Megami Tensei any day of the year over a mediocre, floaty platformer with poorly/lazy/hastily drawn sprites.



WaxxyOne said:

Ahahahaha! How's the taste of just desserts, Ubisoft? If this had come out within the first couple months as the promised Wii U-exclusive it was supposed to be, I can't help but think those numbers would be much more satisfactory. Oh well, maybe the watered-down versions you pushed to last year's consoles will make up the difference for you? Yeah, probably not.



BlackStar9000 said:

@boynerdrambling Lol, same thing I thought, also it seems that Ubisoft hasnt learned their lesson yet, as Watchdogs is done, but because of the PS4 and Xbone verisons the game is delayed....but maybe this is good as they cant compete with all of the other games coming out right now.



JaxonH said:

You're nuts. Rayman Origins and Legends are some of THE most precise and perfectly tuned platformers ever made. With twice the mechanics of a Mario sidescroller it really opens up the game, like running up walls, shrinking, fluttering, mastering the spin-jump to maximize speed runs...

You my friend have obviously never played the game.



JaxonH said:

Perhaps in Japan, but not in the US. I think the Wii U will find it's popularity, and the bulk of its future sales, in the United States and Canada. It's slowly catching on here, and a lot of people I know either just recently bought one or are at least interested in buying one in the future.

Japanese gamers confuse me. On the one hand, they have some of the finest taste in gaming ala Monster Hunter. I'm over 150 hours into MH3 Ultimate on the Wii U, and it's the finest game I've ever played, bar none. However, they prefer the handheld versions over the luxurious HD iteration on Wii U, which to me is FAR more superior than the 3DS version. Nothing beats a gigantic TV screen with HD visuals.

Furthermore, they don't buy Rayman Legends... I thought they were a platformer culture? Perhaps those days have come and gone. Perhaps it's now just the west that enjoys platformers



Henmii said:

Shame on you, Japanese people! You rather play yet another uninspired new super mario bros!!



GreatPlayer said:

@Henmii While I also think that Mario U and Luigi U are both uninspiring, I do think that Japanese gamers have good gaming culture. They love Taiko Drum Master (similar to Guitar Hero but playing with a Japanese traditional drum) and Dragon Quest 10 and hate Xbox games. I am surprised that Rayman did not sell well there but it may be just because of the poor Wii U console sales there. Should the game be released for 3DS the sales may be much better.



Caryslan said:

@element187 Call of Duty does very well in Japan. No, it does not do the monster numbers that it does in the west, but the last few have broken the 200,000 to 300,000 mark over there.

Which is probally comparable to what Monster Hunter and Dragon Quest do here. Iits not insane numbers, but I've heard that Square Enix does pretty well bringing them overthere.

And here's the funny thing. Call of Duty and even Killzone on the Vita all did better than Rayman Legends did in their launch week. So no, don't think Call of Duty does poorlyin Japan. There has been a recent trend of western games like Call of Duty and Grand Theft Auto breaking the top 20 in Japan and getting pretty high over there.

As I said before, Call of Duty and Grand Theft Auto is to them what Dragon Quest and Monster Hunter is to us. A series that is does insane numbers in their home countries and do decent numbers in other markets.



Caryslan said:

Something else I want to point out, Call of Duty, Grand Theft Auto, and even Killzone on the Vita all posted better numbers than Wonderful 101 in Japan.



Senario said:

@I-AM-REGGIE clearly your body was not ready for monster hunter. Don't use the excuse that the controls are bad or the fighting system is bad when really you simply aren't good at the game or are too lazy to put in enough time to learn to play. It is a challenging game but not any more difficult than say dark souls which is loved more in the west for whatever reason. That and complaining about graphics, such a bad determiner of a good game. Good games are not a universal thing as different cultures will like different things. For example, call of duty and battlefield is super popular in the west and yet those games aren't that compelling in Asia. Similarly this will explain why western games are not popular in asia, different tastes.

Not too worried about the Wii U and its preformance in Japan. Games imo are moving to be all handheld and by the next few generations consoles will die out everywhere and be replaced by handhelds that attach to or wirelessly connect to TVs. After all, tech consistently gets smaller and with diminishing returns on what new tech changes in games in terms of available content and visuals there really won't be a need for any of the game consoles as a gaming platform.



DualWielding said:

if I recall correctly, Ubisoft didn't even wanted to release the game in Japan, Nintendo decided to publish it in Japan to get another exclusive in the region under the Wii U belt, guess Ubisoft was totally right about not wanting to expend in localizing the game for Japan (although as far as localization goes this should be in the cheaper side since there is very little story).... A decent effort from Nintendo but getting Rayman legends as a Japanese exclusive is far from what they need to save the Wii U



HunteROB said:

I heard GTA V sold pretty well over there. I didn't buy Rayman because of games like that and Pokemon coming out so close to it. They probably have similar reason accompanying their much lower Wii U install base.



johndevine said:

@JaxonH they are a platforming culture, don't you feel a tad "oxymoronic?"

Why would I comment on the gameplay of a game I hadn't played?



Henmii said:

" I am surprised that Rayman did not sell well there but it may be just because of the poor Wii U console sales there"

Yeah, but as far as I know the Wii u is more popular in Japan then in the west. And yet in the west the Wii u version of Rayman legends sold better! Maybe the Japanese where sceptic because it's a western game?!

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