Rayman Legends Screen6

Rayman Legends is out now in Europe, with the North America release on 3rd September, and we think it's wonderful. The concensus around the web to date has generally been that this is a top-notch experience that's unmissable, yet for some Nintendo fans it's still a sore point that it's taken this long to arrive, and that it's also nestling on the shelves for PS3, Xbox 360 and eventually the Vita.

There is one region where this is still a Wii U exclusive, however, and that's in Nintendo's homeland of Japan. In fact, Nintendo is reportedly publishing the game in the region, clearly showing a renewal of cordiality with Ubisoft. There was a spell — after Ubisoft's multiplatform announcement — when Rayman Legends was off the promotional menu at Nintendo, or was at least a lot less prominent in Nintendo Direct broadcasts and other marketing efforts. That's rather notably changed as the Western launch approached, and there were even Mario and Luigi outfits unveiled for use in game; perhaps this publishing deal in Japan helped to smooth over the relationship.

Whatever the case, this title will only be available on the Wii U in Japan. Is Rayman a popular franchise in the region? If Nintendo shows off what the game is all about, the identity of the mascot shouldn't actually be an issue; it arrives in Japan on 17th October.

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