As you're no doubt aware, Animal Crossing: New Leaf is now available in North America.

It's an astonishingly good piece of software, as you'll know if you've taken the time to read and digest our Animal Crossing: New Leaf review. It's also the kind of game which is sure to keep players busy throughout the entire year — which is why Nintendo president Satoru Iwata is urging 3DS owners to download the digital copy instead of picking up the physical release:

Animal Crossing is a game that I hope people will play throughout the whole year. But we want people to play other games too. So something I would recommend is the digital download version. I think a title like Animal Crossing: New Leaf, which you can play throughout the year, is ideally suited to this format. That makes me sound a little like a salesman, doesn’t it? (laughs)

Which version have you purchased, or do you intend to purchase? Let us know by voting in the poll below.

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