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Thu 22nd Mar 2012

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kaisersalsek commented on Thinking Of Buying Animal Crossing: New Leaf? ...:

I would get the download... if the physical copy wasn't £26. I love having some games on my 3ds, but they're either e-shop only, or because I had free e-shop credit and the so-many games promotion. Other than that, don't really see why I'd pay more for something that isn't even assigned to my account, if my 3ds gets lost or stolen, something with no resale value (not that I sell my games much) and without a box (lets me have a sense of ownership!)



kaisersalsek commented on Donkey Kong 64 Required Expansion Pak to Preve...:

wow, I spent almost 14 years thinking it needed the expansion pack because it was a super-progressive game. I can't believe that wasn't the sole reason for it! As I remember, the expansion pack wasn't exactly free - I remember the game was only bundled with the expansion pack, but they were charging about £20 more for DK64 than any other N64 game (obviously sans-expansion pack). Rare, please do me a 14 year back-dated refund!



kaisersalsek commented on Capcom UK Cancels Resident Evil "Blood Swimmin...:

Re: keeping politics out of it - it would have helped if NL hadn't used the image of the flowers at Woolwich, and including the second paragraph as they did.

Just annoys me, as there is no reason to cancel it, aside from the press acting out of proportion, which shouldn't happen in an ideal world. As a massive fan of gaming, horror and the resident evil franchise, I was really looking forward to going. It makes me angry that something so unconnected has cancelled this, and irritates me that we can't just get on with our lives, because of the press.



kaisersalsek commented on Capcom UK Cancels Resident Evil "Blood Swimmin...:

@Master-Nas EXCUSE ME??? I was referring to the a****les who mindlessly butchered a soldier in the street - THEY are disgraces to the human race. I am saying don't give them a platform to get any message across to any other extremists by playing the video with him preching his hate on national news. I am in no way against muslims - I have just learnt/am learning Arabic and work in equal opportunities - there's no one that could be more FOR diversity than me! Don't put words in my mouth!



kaisersalsek commented on Kid Icarus: Uprising Fails to Fly in UK Charts:

Oh dear UK, how you are missing out!

I'm from the UK and yes, it is quite to get hold of the game - game and gamestation don't stock it and hmv don't seem to stock it. When I went to asda the other night, it was sold out. That said, I pre-ordered mine. There aren't that many people who seem to have a 3ds, although Nottingham seems to have a fair few more than any other part of the UK for some reason.

I personally love this game, for me it's the best game on the 3DS and I can't stop playing it. I love multiplayer free for all and love the control system. You would stuggle to get that must control, precision and camera functionality with a dual analogue stick. I admit, I was dubious at first, but now they're totally natural and I wouldn't change it for the world.



kaisersalsek commented on GAME Group Files for Administration:

Bad for its employees; they won't have any jobs...... however, I have little sympathy for the GAME employees where I live.... they've been extremely rude in the past, to the point of not shopping there out of principle. Gamestation on the other hand have always been nice and helpful, so I feel bad for them. Sorry GAME, no sympathy for your rude staff and overpriced games from me.