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New 3DS Firmware Update 6.0.0-11U Now Live

Posted by Orla Madden

New StreetPass features in Europe, update is worldwide

With no warning or fanfare Nintendo has released the latest update for the 3DS, version 6.0.0-11U. The update includes a save data backup feature for downloaded content, as well as a small improvement in system ability and usability.

Save Data Backup Feature:

  • Users can now back up save data for downloadable versions of Nintendo 3DS software and most Virtual Console games

Improved system stability and usability:

Further improvements to overall system stability and other minor adjustments have been made to enhance the user experience.

The following, which were included within previous system updates, are not included with system menu versions 6.0.0-0U through 6.0.0-4U:

  • New features for the Nintendo 3DS Camera
  • Content for StreetPass Mii Plaza
  • System Transfer between two Nintendo 3DS systems

The following, which were included within previous system updates, are not included with system menu versions 6.0.0-0U through 6.0.0-1U:

  • Addition of Internet Browser
  • Addition of Nintendo eShop
  • System Transfer from a Nintendo DSi or Nintendo DSi XL system

The StreetPass Mii Plaza, meanwhile, has had an overhaul in the European and Japanese update, now allowing users to purchase new downloadable games using their Nintendo eShop account. The new Plaza includes a Check for Updates icon for future improvements, Exchange Booth, a Shop section and a new Play button.

In the new games, achieving certain goals will reward you with new hats and plaza tickets. Plaza tickets are exchanged at the Exchange Booth for new Mii accessories. A special gift is given to celebrate the occasion, along with a new puzzle piece. New puzzles include The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword and Xenoblade Chronicles.

The Plaza update seems to be available in Europe and Japan only, with North America following suit at a later date. Have you downloaded the update yet? What puzzle piece did you obtain? Let us know in the comment section below.


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User Comments (128)



TysonOfTime said:

WOAH WOAH WOAH, When did this become a thing?!
This seems pretty significant to just come out of the blue don't you think?



9th_Sage said:

It's still a good thing sans cloud, you couldn't back that stuff up seperately before.



Captain_Toad said:

Well well well this update and probably next one seems interesting. : streetpass mii plaza'll put in an eshop integration? How come this wasn't announced in a direct or something?



haniwa said:

Huh, the save backup is interesting. I guess it's for when you transfer systems since I heard previously system transfer does not transfer the save file as well. I've backed up the save for all my downloaded games anyway.



mystman12 said:

The ability to back up save data (which seems to back up on the SD card[so you can store it on a PC or something]) kind of makes me wonder if I should have downloaded Animal Crossing, instead of getting a retail copy. :/



Cevan said:

Shame that NA isn't getting the Streetpass Mii Plaza stuff yet. It sounds quite interesting.



Knuckles said:

Funny, I can't make a back up for the data of Animal Crossing. I think it has something to do with the unused streetpass data.



tripunktoj said:

I hope this fixed SpotPass so that we don't any miss SpotPass gold Miis again. I missed Konno and Hayashida last week and I missed Moffit last year.



Morpheel said:

I updated and there's the backup thing, but there's no change at all with the plaza. Nothing.

Oh now I read it, well that's... Weird.



ejamer said:

Based on recent history, North America will probably release the Xenoblade puzzle shortly after I break down and import. They're dirty that way.



Knuckles said:

@undead_terror How? It is only backed up to the SD card. If something happens to the SD card, then the memory is gone. If you back up the memory on a computer, it doesn't make a difference if you backed it up on the card.
Unless I'm missing something.



Morpheel said:

Well, it certainly means you can go around deleting games from your SD card without having to lose your data and without the hassle of having to use your computer to backup the whole game.



RR529 said:

You can't back up the save data for either Zen Pinball 3D or Marvel Pinball 3D (I'm guessing because of the online leaderboards?).



Morpheel said:

You also can't back up the data of games where it would be too easy to take advantage of the feature to cheat, like Pomeon RadAR and Animal Crossing New Leaf.



SCAR said:

You can back-up multiples as far as I can tell, and from the home menu.



TimeGuy said:

Why the hell is there no Mii Plaza update for North America? What good reason could there be?

Also, does anyone know what was added to the Camera app?



Gioku said:

I can't backup my downloaded Animal Crossing: New Leaf game? And no Mii Plaza update? What is this, NoA?!



dizzy_boy said:

Make that three new puzzles, I just got a piece for a new super maario bros u + new super luigi puzzle panel.



Yoshis_VGM said:

Miiverse functionality is now added! Oh isn't...

Come on, Nintendo! When are we going to get Miiverse on the 3DS?



nothankyou said:

Hopefully the NA update comes soon, the new stuff looks neat.
Also, when is 3DS Miiverse coming? ASAP would be nice Nintendo.



Morpheel said:

Seriously, who ever thought nintendo would allow us to back up Animal Crossing data? The game won't even let you back it up in a computer.



Koapa said:

Buying a game in StreetPass is not working...
It crash down.

Edit : It worked after second start of the StreetPass.
Mansion game cost 4,99 €



EarthboundBenjy said:

I can't access the new streetpass shop. The bunny tries to talk to me, but it then crashes before anything happens.



Knuckles said:

@0-172 It appears to load much faster to me, but other than that nothing.

Maybe NoA held out on the update because of all of the bugs being mentioned?



MadAdam81 said:

Australia has it - no idea if we get the same as Europe for 3DS. Update for Mii Plaza takes longer than the system update.



EaZy_T said:

I don't remember having access to manual controls (B&W, contrast, etc.) while shooting video before this update, it's in there now.



catsrnice said:

Awesome, I'll be buying the 4-pack of games when it comes out in NA...but why isn't it? Baah.



SubZer023 said:

OMG Guys The Update is For NA look if You Go to The Home Menu and go to an empty spot then you will realize an Arrow Going ← click it and then it shows the back up Save data



Blathers said:

I do hope that the backup function cannot be abused in order to dupe items in games.



SubZer023 said:

No im sorry Go to an app on the home menu just dont Click the app and you will See it, THE UPDATE IS FOR NA GUYSXD



Palom said:

@Blathers It doesn't work for Animal Crossing, but it does for Paper Mario and OoT. So don't worry about dupes.



TimeGuy said:

@Knuckles Yeah, after hearing about the bugginess NoA holding off makes sense. The release for Europe and Japan seems to be a little pre-mature.



Pichuka97 said:

I noticed in the NA update, if you go to system setting under other or whatever, there is a brightness button in the top left corner now. Weird why it's in system settings and that it's left out of the rest of the menues. Maybe it's because if your about to update yoy system and want to save juice, you can just switch it quickly without leaving the settings then returning.



Yai said:

Just got it. Kinda annoying that I can't backup Animal Crossing or Pokemon Mystery Dungeon but nice that games like Fire Emblem are covered!

Still getting the plaza update.



XFsWorld said:

Great it works for my downloaded retail games: New Super Mario Bros. 2, Luigi Mansion: Dark Moon, Resident Evil: Revelations, Lego City: Chase Begins, Donkey Kong Country 3D, but now Animal Crossing?!! WTF Nintendo!



Alienfish said:

You could back everything up on a separate SD card so you don't lose anything if the 3DS stolen. Good luck getting Nintendo to give you those games back though even if the broccoli who stole it was going to reformat your system anyway and pawn it. The only reason I can think of to back that stuff up on the SD card in the 3DS would be if you have kids that might know how to play games but not be able to read the word 'erase' or something to that effect.

Here's hoping they do eventually get a cloud service up and running and also tying games to people, not the systems.



Koapa said:

If you select buy it right from first screen, you got to buy combo pack (all four games) for 14.99 €
But with purchase, it falls down



Collision_Cat said:

The new Streetpass games are awesome, definitely worth the money for the combo pack! And I love that a cute bunny mii sells them to you~



catsrnice said:

You know guys, on the Wii Animal Crossing save data couldn't be copied or moved either. I think it's just paying homage to that.



DualWielding said:

The following, which were included within previous system updates, are not included with system menu versions 6.0.0-0U through 6.0.0-4U:

New features for the Nintendo 3DS Camera
Content for StreetPass Mii Plaza
System Transfer between two Nintendo 3DS systems

The following, which were included within previous system updates, are not included with system menu versions 6.0.0-0U through 6.0.0-1U:

Addition of Internet Browser
Addition of Nintendo eShop
System Transfer from a Nintendo DSi or Nintendo DSi XL system

What does that mean? don't get it



Koapa said:

I got no new puzzle piece
Nintendo, what have you done? Your update is not working correctly



MadAdam81 said:

@Koapa I have no idea how much they cost in Australia, as on both 3DSs in my house keep crashing when I select one in the shop in Plaza.



Koapa said:

Thanks for you message. Unfortunatelly, it doesn´t work.
I´m waiting more then hour and nothing
I already have the update and the new Mii-Plaza.



Digital-Deviant said:

I think Nintendo are having server issues, it will most likely be sorted once the updates are complete...



Tsuchinoko said:

I got the new puzzle piece right away. All I had to do was walk to my nearest konbini (in my case a 7-11, although there are like, 4 within a 5 minute walk). I got a Skyward Sword piece.

Its nice to see that Nintendo is paying attention to the 3DS again, since it is their more consistent money-maker. And with a lot of big games coming up, they really should give it more love.

BTW, I'm back. Nothing major, just super busy. My 3DS had been gathering dust. No joke, it really had been by the time I returned to it last week.



Wesbert said:

I think Nintendo haven't uploaded the new Streetpass minigames yet, since I would expect them to up in the eshop as well. That might explain why the MiiPlaza shop crashes when you try to access them.



Harrison_Peter said:

@catsrnice "Paying homage" is a weird way of putting it. Nintendo really want people to go for download versions. More profit for them, less impact from used sales etc. The primary reason I've heard from people picking up the retail version is that they don't want to lose it all if they were to break their 3DS. If they allowed AC:NL backups, then a lot more customers will go for the download.

I downloaded it because I always prefer digital and having everything on the system. Disappointed by this. Maybe they can update AC:NL to allow it if there are enough complaints.



JoostinOnline said:

"Further improvements to overall system stability and other minor adjustments have been made to enhance the user experience."
Generally meaning they blocked flash carts. And they did. Testing isn't done, but it seems like they blocked ALL of them.



Tobias95 said:

When does the Streetpass crash?
Here it seems to work fine, I talk to the rabbit, It asks what I want,I select one it says what it costs



Harrison_Peter said:

@ferthepoet I think that will be on the way when they give the 3DS MiiVerse etc. Hopefully they'll make a unified account like on PSN. Redownload games if you move to a new system.



dartmonkey said:

When you talk to the rabbit no text comes up and it freezes, sending you back to the Home menu and restarting the system. From what I can tell all EU people are having this issue.

Also, it looks to me like Mii Plaza has been boshed up to 60FPS.



Silvervisiona said:

The timing for the save data backup is impeccable. I just spent hours last week researching and experimenting with how to merge two of my full 3DS SD cards into a 3rd bigger SD card, and miraculously was able to recover and transfer all of my save data. This certainly took some risk, considering I had over 50 games to merge. This feature would have saved me a lot of peace of mind, since it is much easier to locate and transfer save files in the updated file system. Now I am more comfortable using digital nintendo products, now that I can be more assured my progress will not vanish so easily.



Koapa said:

New StreetPass game cost 4,99 € / each or 14,99 for bundle (all four together).
But the shop is not working



AhabSpampurse said:

Thank god I'm not alone, mine is crashing too, right at the point where the rabbit taoes the tablet out... was panicking then thinking my 3DS was borked.



Mk_II said:

4,99 each for the Streetpass games? ouch, that's quite expensive IMHO



paniccoffee said:

Backup capability sounds good . EU getting the update first? Weird. Now, if games actually arrive to the EU at this rate or at least a few weeks as other regions, it would certainly better! (Shin Megami Tensei IV, Soul Hackers, etc.)



SilentHunter382 said:

Ok thats good about the save data for downloadable games. I was gonna ask that question sometime this week if downloadable games had the ability to save it to the SD card.

EDIT: Ok I tried to packup my save data for animal crossing but its not letting me. Well that sucks.



paniccoffee said:

Data Backup does not work to backup save data of Animal Crossing: New Leaf. To avoid cheating or maybe too big?



aris77 said:

i bought all 4 games.... they are from different genres and appear to be really cool!!!! time to start taking my 3ds with me more (once again)...
btw... firmware version for me (Europe/Greece) is 6.0.0-12E



aris77 said:

yes! the games look much better when you play them than the images that the rabbit uses in his promo!!! really looking forward to streetpass hits so i can move on with the mystery story!



Koapa said:

Mine still crash when I select to buy games. Do you have region set to Greece? I use the Germany. Maybe there is a problem only with some Nintendo servers
Thanks for you report.



jpxdude said:

I got a different 3D puzzle to what has been mentioned here today! I got 'Heroines' and it appears to be Nintendo girl characters.



aris77 said:

sorry to hear that... yes, my region is set to greece. maybe you should try again? tell us how it goes...



RedYoshi999 said:

My StreetPass shop works in Australia. Individual prices are $6.50 and the combo pack is $19.50. Not sure if I want to spend that much on StreetPass games, I rarely get any as it is! I did notice that the StreetPass map has been updated for us Australians, so it now works! Although New Zealand is left with a blank screen, no map for them.
Also disappointed I can't backup Animal Crossing. Why exactly would it cause cheating? It can't be any more cheating than changing the time on your system.



Koapa said:

I have tried to buy games with Greece as region. Haven´t helped
Will try whole day



jpxdude said:

Even scrolling through all the Mii's in my Plaza crashes it What's going on Nintendo?? Very unstable!!



Cero said:

I got a "New super mario bros U - Super Luigi U" puzzle piece.
But I won't update my 3dsXL, don't want to have any problem until nintendo resolve.
Btw, new streetpass games for money? No thanks



PinkSpider said:

The 3DS is just the best thing ever right now. As soon as miiverse comes it will never be out of my hand



Sakura said:

yay! I LOVE Nintendo! It's not working 100% for purchasing the new games, but is sure to be sorted soon, looks stunning and it's so cool that we get more hats and other accessories. Why didn't they announce this at E3? This is epic. Is Nintendo cutting its own maverick path in terms of announcements? At least it's full of surprises...and good ones at that!



Kit said:

Save Data Backup Feature. I really could have used this a month ago before my Save Game data went corrupt and I lost my 30 hours of progress on Fire Emblem. Meh!



BakaKnight said:

An update with the perfect timing!
I just filled fully my 4GB SD cards, but thanks the backup feature I can delete the games I care less without losing the save datas and gain some free space!
(Which I will use for new streetpass games as soon as my 3DS will decide to stop crushing >>; )



Gnoll said:

I actually got a piece for a Super Mario Bros U/Super Luigi U puzzle...



OdnetninAges said:

The 3DS just keeps getting better and better...

The StreetPass update not coming to NA is strange, but apparently it's not ready yet anyway, if there are bugs and crashes going on for some people in EU and JP.



AVahne said:

It's live in America now, I just got it.
EDIT: Well...there's the update, but there's no Streetpass Mii Plaza changes...



Marioman64 said:

oh hey I figured out what the backup save thing is ACTUALLY for. Before, if you wanted to delete 3dsWare to make room for more stuff, your save data would be deleted too. now, you can do that and it'll AUTOMATICALLY create a backup file that sits in your 3ds until you download it again (says so in the manual, hover over the options software and click manual on the bottom) . how handy



LunarJade said:

So I went digging on my 3DS because I also was not happy to find out I couldn't backup my save file for Animal Crossing.
I bought AC:NL digitally because it was going to be a daily played game. And in the manual under important information there is a portion that specifically states: "Back-up" or "archival" copies are not authorized.

So that would probably be the actual reason for it not having a backup function. Or from what I understand being able to back it onto a computer? I haven't tried that yet its just what I've read other people say.

However under the System Settings Manual in the 18. Nintendo 3DS Data section I found this written:

Backups cannot be created for the following types of software:
-card-based software
-built-in applications
-Downloadable software that does not support backups
Note: Even if the downloadable software does not support the save-data-backup feature, you can still create a backup but only when deleting the downloadable software from the system in Software Management (excluding Game Boy Advace games on Virtual Console.) When you redownload the software and touch the gift icon, the save data will be automatically restored once from the backup data.

So there's that?



HaastMK7 said:

I am actually looking forward to this new update. Also Do you use your e-shop funds to buy the street pass games?

Others - Please stop whimpering about not getting your update/street pass games yet, you know it will come to you sooner or later :l



Sionyn said:

seems Nintendo are trying counteract the the new flash card thing by adding a new save game crypto to counteract a exploit thought to be used by the unreleased flashcard. Quite funny if it has been blocked before its been released.

This updated firmware added support for a new gamecard savegame keyY generation method, enabled via NCSD flags. Every gamecard which has a system-update >= 2.2.0-X uses the keyY generation method added with 2.2.0-X, therefore every game which would release with this 6.0.0-X system-update would use this new keyY generation method.

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