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Mon 9th Jan 2012

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Cero commented on New 3DS Firmware Update 6.0.0-11U Now Live:

I got a "New super mario bros U - Super Luigi U" puzzle piece.
But I won't update my 3dsXL, don't want to have any problem until nintendo resolve.
Btw, new streetpass games for money? No thanks



Cero commented on Nintendo Reconfirms Wii U Will Not Make Wii Ga...:

The usual shoe thrown to users from nintendo. Remember that this is the same people that did a new wii "restyle" which main feature is that hasn't the backward compatibility with gamecube games. What'd you expect from them?
Surely Wii U won't be mine at launch. It'll wait a long time



Cero commented on Review: 3D Classics: Kid Icarus (3DSWare):

I played it entirely twice, on "original" and "custom" modes, but every time the game ends, it don't let you continue like we used to do. It's really like the japanese version, once you end, you can't replay with your old goods :/
It's a shame