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Blathers commented on Video: Watch What Happens When Reggie and Bill...:

I didn't realize that sketch was supposed to be an ad for Yo-Kai Watch until you said so in this article, that's how large a waste of time that was

So I guess you missed the massive splash screen reading "Yokai Watch" with a picture of the game box.



Blathers commented on You Can't Alter The Chest Size Of Female Chara...:

By removing the ability to change the breast size, NoA is unintentionally implying that all females must be a certain size "to protect the children", but the fact of the matter is they're forcing their "ideal" female proportions onto us. I feel that that's more sexualization than the sliders themselves.



Blathers commented on 3DS Firmware Update Now Available, Stability R...:

"I have seen it for $70-150 on eBay in the past month

Just because you see something listed for $5000 on ebay doesn't mean you have to buy it at that price nor that's how much it's worth. It's commonly known that it's sold mostly around the 60-70 dollar mark and people won't buy it if it goes higher, unless availability takes a sharp decline.

"You can't access eShop without updating. "

You could, but this update (and obviously a server-side fix as well) has (at least temporarily) removed the ability to do this.



Blathers commented on 3DS Firmware Update Now Available, Stability R...:

Where'd you pull that number from? Cubic Ninja is only selling around the 60-70 dollar mark.

Anyway, anyone who is into homebrew should have the intuition not to install these optional updates. (inb4 Nintendo makes it so you can't start up your system without updating)



Blathers commented on Video: This Pokkén Tournament Commercial Shou...:


It's like you've missed the whole point of the entire franchise,

The point of a franchise is to move copies by developing content that might lure people in. The content lured someone in, the franchise served its purpose. You're not the starry-eyed developer of an indie title desperately hoping that someone interprets the game in a way you intended it to be, so why are you so taken back by the reason he wants the game?

And who cares if it's not a very good fighting game? Different styles of game will appeal to different people, and genre mashing as well as spinoffs tend to not conform to particular genre rules. Judging a game before it comes out, much?

you'll probably blame it on the fact it's Pokemon of all things if it disappoints you.

If he's never bought a Pokemon game until now, then why would this be a problem? If he hates it and doesn't buy future Pokemon games, then that's barely any different if this game never came out and he never got it in the first place. If it turns out to be good and gets him into the genre, then that's a win-win situation for everyone, right? Just because you can't see past your tunnel-vision idea of what makes a franchise, what makes a game good, and what marketing techniques a company is permitted to use, doesn't mean that everything outside of that scope is not worth anyone's time

What a sad way to view the gaming ecosystem



Blathers commented on Video: This Pokkén Tournament Commercial Shou...:

How dare people only want to play one spin-off title from a franchise because they don't enjoy the genre the franchise usually runs. A person who plays video games but chooses not to play a popular RPG? What a sad existence they must be.

If someone wants to play a game from a franchise, they must play the main series, and shun all spin-off games that aren't similar because those are terrible games that ruin the premise of the series.



Blathers commented on Video: Learn the Basics of the Pokémon Tradin...:

I tend to enjoy the Card Game far more than I enjoy the actual pokemon game, since there's no obnoxious levelling system that blots out the ability to play eachother fairly without grinding up to the other player's level, and the retreat system allows you to swap out your pokemon at any time without having to sit out a turn, (albeit there is a minor fee via the energy card system) massively increasing the variety of actions that you can perform per turn.



Blathers commented on Video: The Game Theorists Explain Why We Shoul...:

I think MatPat is a glutton for attention who obnoxiously spews clickbait titles, ridiculous hooks and exaggerated declarations, but his theories are usually on the mark, or at the very least, close enough to be interesting.



Blathers commented on 3DS System Update 10.1.0-27 Available Now, Hac...:

AKA cough up another $200 or so dollars for a console that leaves you screwed if it gets damaged, lost, or is faulty as warranty and tech support for Japanese consoles have to go through Japan, and Nintendo of Japan don't operate internationally.

Piracy is possible with flash carts, not with homebrew.



Blathers commented on Out Now: Animal Crossing: New Leaf:

Generally due to having a faulty connection? I think it does that even if one of your visitors bug out as well.
You can minimize the damage by saving frequently during multiplayer sessions (or ask the host to do so if you're a visitor)



Blathers commented on Talking Point: Why Nintendo Life is a Part of ...:

@Mowzle I feel ya. Wild World was where I got my social "fix" (hint: I was a geek with few friends and I lived in a place in the middle of nowhere a.k.a Darwin) and I enjoyed the hourly soundtrack, fell in love with Mitzi, and all in all, had a blast.
I hope New Leaf captures and adds onto that quiet, personal experience.



Blathers commented on Nintendo Has A Sense Of Humour About Poor 3DS ...:

Y'know you can increase the battery life of your DS if you buy a 2000mAh battery (as opposed to the stock 1750mAh for XL and the 1300mAh for 3DS)
Shouldn't set you back more than $10, although since the XL is new to the market, those batteries are a little scarce.

Also, apparently Nintendo did their best to give you the best battery life for the 3DS: