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Sun 28th Aug 2011

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aris77 commented on Review: SteamWorld Dig (3DS eShop):

cool review! i really like the game. i was thinking of downloading later when (if) a discount takes place, but then i decided that such efforts need to be rewarded! i have this game as a break between mario & luigi + donkey kong playing times...



aris77 commented on StreetPass Mii Plaza Update Brings New Paid Do...:

just tell the rabbit that you want to buy a game (whichever) and then it will tell you that there is a combo option.... you just get the discount offer just once (ie before you make your first purchase)...
from what i can see so far, it is worth going for the combo option... the games look cool!



aris77 commented on New 3DS Firmware Update 6.0.0-11U Now Live:

i bought all 4 games.... they are from different genres and appear to be really cool!!!! time to start taking my 3ds with me more (once again)...
btw... firmware version for me (Europe/Greece) is 6.0.0-12E



aris77 commented on Wii U And 3DS Firmware Updates Go Live:

maybe i'm making a very dumb comment, but for the 3ds the firmware went from 4.4.10 to 4.5.10. if it were just a small incremental update regarding flashcard etc. wouldn't it just go to 4.4.11??? just wondering....



aris77 commented on CRUSH 3D Delayed Again in North America:

i'm really curious about this game. sometimes i think it is going to be incredibly dull, sometimes i think it is going to be very engaging... looking forward to the first reviews this weekend