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Rumour: Rockstar Won't Be Bringing WWE Or Grand Theft Auto To The Wii U

Posted by Damien McFerran

More positive news, then

According to a post on 4chan (the source alone may well set alarm bells ringing), Rockstar Games is not looking to support the Wii U in any meaningful way.

The poster — who claims to be working on the next iteration of the official WWE game — had this to say:

There's no plans to ever bring a WWE game to the Wii U anytime in the distant future. I know this information because a 3D Animator on the project. I am working directly with people like Jeff Godfrey who is the art director on the project. Visual Concepts and 2K Sports is working with Yukes on the project.

You may remember that Wii U never received WWE '13 at launch while 360/PS3 did. Yukes has no interest in Wii U when they were working with THQ, and they still don't now that they're working with 2K Sports.

Also word around the offices is that Take Two and Rockstar have no plans to bring Grand Theft Auto or any of Rockstar's major M rated games to the Wii U.

Given the dubious nature of the source, this should definitely be considered a rumour for now — but Rockstar wouldn't be the first publisher to pass on Nintendo's console. We hope there's no truth in the report, or that Rockstar will at least consider bringing some of its titles to the Wii U.


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Tertis said:

I can expect at least some developers to work with the Wii U. If Rockstar is a hold-out, so be it.



Sentinator said:

This is absolutely not news to me. Zelnick made his feelings clear the second he uttered the words "I'm skeptical". Seriously guys stand with me and buy games like Watch Dogs and ACIV to put this douche in his place. Make him regret shafting the system.



-KwB- said:

Pfff .. are u kidding me ? No GTA V for Wii U ? Come on Nintendo .. But why not ?



Zyph said:

I sure hope Nintendo can hold off these negative rumours at least until E3. They really need to make the U turn on this.



Midnight3DS said:

Nintendo needs a vehicular homicide spree game, or it's curtains for them.

~ waits for someone to take above statement seriously, again ~



element187 said:

"Dude, I met this 3d animator at rockstar and he said they don't want to work with the Wii U because their cousins' friends' uncle said EA doesn't like Nintendo."

Yeah sounds real legit.... I'll wait for Rockstar's investor meeting. Sounds more ps360 fans hate that Nintendo has a superior console, so making up rumors is the next best thing.



Einherjar said:

Now you get your negative news from sites like 4chan ? Are you so desperate to bring negative news that you consider this ? I laughed at the forum thread about nintendolife becoming more or less "anti nintendo" not so sure if i laugh about it now...



SteveW said:

Rockstar always has some excuse... now Nintendo has a powerful system it's going to be that the user base is too small... but I guarantee that they will jump on the Nextbox and next sony systems on day one. Lets just face it, they don't like Nintendo. Lego City is better anyway.



Midnight3DS said:

If the Wii got 'Bully', I'd be surprised if they neglected WiiU. This 'rumor' makes it sound like these devs are holding their nose at the stench of WiiU. We'll see the facts soon. These would be heavy hits though, and WiiU will get the rep of being a shovelWare kiddie box.

Please Nintendo, rock the VC like you've never rocked it before. This would be so much win.



rjejr said:

Regardless of the source, did anybody really think the WiiU was going to get GTA? Not hope for or wish for or want, but actually get it?



Sentinator said:

@rjejr The series on Wii U? No. I really would love to see it get there because the idea of a "true" console GTA on Nintendo is extremely appealing to me.

Getting on 3DS? I wouldn't rule it out.



Morph said:

Sorry but thats not really news its just someone making crap up, mainly it wouldnt be up to yukes it'd be up the publisher and maybe ultimately wwe, and 2k sports has already brought nba to wii u so they arent adverse to the system.



TheAdza said:

its a reported rumour.

and will probably turn out true.
if only nintendo would start their Wii U game roll out.

i need games. good ones.



banacheck said:

The only two consoles getting GTA V is PS3 & 360 then sometime in the future PC, i just cannot see R* making a Wii U version some how.



siavm said:

Last time I checked rockstar had nothing to do with take two's sports games. So this definitely sounds like false info.



Nintenjoe64 said:

I hope this isn't true. I don't know why anyone would jeopardise their job by posting inside information on 4chan but maybe he just wanted to put Wii U fans out of their misery. Rockstar were good to Wii by most 3rd party standards but maybe they didn't get the sales.

Anyone who thinks Wii U doesn't want or need GTAV is misguided. For the Wii U to be a success it has to at least have some mainstream appeal and there's already going to be a 1-2 year EA drought guaranteed. If sales don't pick up, Nintendo will just start putting resources into 3DS instead. GTAV with its own Wii U advert showing off unique features would be a better system seller than anything confirmed to be out by then and the Wii U needs system sellers. Not getting WWE doesn't bother me in the slightest. It's not real wrastling



OorWullie said:

The link to the board has been removed so I'm guessing it was just some random spouting crap!?



Link41x said:

If Rockstar released both Bully: Scholarship Edition and Manhunt 2 on the Wii, I can't see them ignoring Wii U totally. And this source is definitely fake, WWE '14 will be published by 2K / 2K Sports...not Rockstar games, Rockstar is a owned part of 2K (aka Take-Two Interactive).



LordJumpMad said:

I'm sorry but, 4Chan?
I wouldn't get any information from that site, giving the known nature of that place.
And its not best to even link it to NL, with out a NSFW warning.




I think I heard somewhere that Rockstar was gonna talk about next-gen versions on May 16th so I'm not making any assumtions until that date.



gavn64 said:

WWE isnt the best wrestling promotion in the world therefore C.M PUNK aint the "best in the world" Hiroshi Tanahashi is, just thought i would share
C.M PUNK aint even the best in WWE Bryan Danielson is.



TooManyToasters said:

We don't need GTA on Wii U because: Retro City Rampage.

We don't need WWE on Wii U because: Smash Bros. And also Tekken TT2. Those are not only far more ridiculous but more stupidly fun as well.



GraveLordXD said:

This isn't news and is a rumor a bad one at that. I have to say I'm beginning to get a little disappointed in NL lately



SKTTR said:

I love Bully: Scholarship Edition on Wii. Rated it 10/10 as it's a fantastically realistic and vivid game with lots of freedom, great music and voice acting, plus with great Wii enhancements. I also rated Manhunt 2 on Wii rather high for its stealth gameplay, baddonkey controls and interesting plot. I even have the third Rockstar game on Wii: Tabletennis, but honestly, that one became redundant with the arrival of Wii Sports Resort.

I would pick up anything Rockstar would do for Wii U, especially GTA5 with Flying Lotus radio station!!!! Don't care much for wrestling but if it's made by Rockstar I'd give it a try as well.

Apart from that, these rumour news are a new low. I mean, 4chan, really?!?



bizcuthammer said:

So what? Gamecube and Wii didn't have GTA either and it wasnt the end of the world. Nintendo still made profits. For me personally, i've never liked GTA anyway, so no big deal. I always found the story and gameplay to fall flat, and the only thing i liked was stealing cool cars/helicopters and wrecking them into stuff. Outside of that, i found the missions and stuff frustrating and bland. Oh and its treatment of female characters is pretty degrading as well, and i'm not just talking about the prostitution either. Even the women that arent whores are treated similarly.




"wii u never received WWE 13"

Because they released it on the wii and the game was released a month before the release of the wii u.

I will say this though, wwe 14 better come out for wii u

I'm a mega wrestling fan and to me that's a system killer, sorry nintendo



NintendoLel said:

4chan is a cesspool of trolls.

And in the case of /v/, furries and neckbeards.

Article disregarded.



Prof_Elvin_Gadd said:

@Zellybeanie Da Bears, of course.

In my opinion, and if this rumor is true, it only hurts Rockstar in the long run. Forming a good relationship with Nintendo would only help them, but by shunning them it hurts both financially (if and when the Wii U install base booms) and by making them look like pompous douches. Nintendo is the greatest gaming company of them all, and they will survive with or without GTAV and WWE either way.



bonesy91 said:

But 4chan is reliable! They told me slender man was real and I shouldn't collect pages at lavender town or I'll commit suicide!



GraveLordXD said:

Gta 5 has been in development for years with the ps3 and 360s hardware in mind, if they were to bring it to the ps4 and the nextbox and completely leave out Nintendo, then I'd have a problem




To be fair, rockstar games never really do that bad on nintendo consoles anyway

GTA china town wars broke the 1 million mark and even outsold the psp version, bully and manhunt 2 on wii didn't fare any worse than the other consoles these games were released on.

Come on rockstar, Don't be pr!cks and give the wii u GTA5, just to knock that grin off of all those haters faces.



Elhijodelrio said:

I really wish that people that give negative feedback about mature titles coming to the Nintendo Wii you would really stopjust because you feel that games are immoral or bad for a system does it mean in actuality your opinion is correct or correct for some homes its a game if you dont know difference between reality and fantasy or havent been taught i fell sorry for you, I would love for more mature titles to come whether there will be immoral or not its up to you, yourself if you're old enough or up to your parents to buy that video or that game that you think in your opinion is bad or immoral or whatever label you want to put on a game but don't be so sour for everyone else that may look forward to that particular title



JSuede said:

4chan......that right there is enough to dispel this as a blatant lie.

The original post has since been removed too.

Nothing to see here people.



bassoongoon said:

Honestly I have given up hope for GTA V on Wii U for a long time now. If it does not show up on Wii U, so be it. Plenty of other great titles will be coming out.



GuyMan said:

@Elhijodelrio Same here. ? are giving Nintendo fans like me a bad name as 'man children'. I don't want the Nintendo fan community to be seen as that. Hence why I'm supporting mature Wii U games. I'm hoping more will come. The Wii U deserves them.

watch the language. k8smum



DrDingus said:

4chan is not a remotely reliable source. Why is this even a story? If I felt like it I could go on 4chan right now and say the exact opposite of this. Would that make it a story worth reporting? "Rumor: Some guy on 4chan claims that Wii U is TOTALLY getting GTA 5!"



tanookisuit said:

Sure it's 4chan, but let's say they're right. Should we be surprised? Rockstar has steadily had it in for Nintendo all through the 3D generations of systems bringing nothing for the most part, and when they do it isn't exactly well advertised so it doesn't move much on top of it coming out later so interested buyers would get it elsewhere as with Manhunt and Bully. They've never put GTA on any Nintendo home system, just portables and they're nowhere near as brutal as the home stuff. Rockstar is like Epic Games and a few others, chronic excuse making fanboy haters you just have to learn to accept and ignore or buy their junk elsewhere.

I can believe GTA never coming but WWE would be a huge stretch as wrestling games have been titles that move nicely enough on Nintendo systems going way way back.



Dpishere said:

While not having the support of a big company like Rockstar is unfortunate, it is also old news. This doesn't bother me too much though, since I haven't been too impressed with any of their games for a long time. Though if I ever did consider purchasing GTA V, it would have to be on Wii U, but given Rockstar's history of hardly ever releasing games for Nintendo's systems, it seems highly unlikely that they would start now. All in all, not too big of a loss for me anyway.



GraveLordXD said:

@tanookisuit I don't think rockstar has it in for Nintendo, from what I remember when gta3 came out Nintendo didn't want it because it was too violent

But anyways I don't see this coming to the wii u if it does it will probably come to late and most people who really want it will already have it on another system
Lets just hope that if sleeping dogs 2 comes out it doesn't skip the wii u



TheHeroOfLegend said:

Stops reading after 4chan is mentioned. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! sniffs 4chan is definitely not a good source. Just another Wii U hater wanting to grab attention.



JuanitoShet said:

@gavn64 And that's all just a matter of opinion & on-screen character acting. Phil (Punk) doesn't think he's the best in actuality. I personally think he's great all-around, but I would give Bryan the edge when it comes to perfornance in the ring. I'm a huge fan of both though. :3

That said, I hope Wii U owners do get their WWE games. Even though most aren't fans.



Midnight3DS said:

If WiiU can't even get a wrestling game, then it IS the laughing stock of consoles.

I just don't buy it.



XCWarrior said:

Can't wait to see what developers say when PS4 and next Xbox sell just as well as Wii U. I'm starting to wonder if developers will just keep making games for PS3 and 360 and just ignore next gen at this point.



3DS said:

100% False, if it was official they wouldn't post the info to 4chan. They wouldn't even post it to Reddit, if anything it would be said through the press. More reliable source is press, 4chan is full of do...'amazing people that always speak the truth, and know everthing!......'



retro_player_22 said:

WWE games had been disappointing since Day of Reckoning 2. Grand Theft Auto on the other hands, never played it, don't care about it.



Midnight3DS said:


It's wrestling. The kids apparently like it. Today's product anyway. If most of the negative rumors added up to be true, it would just be embarassing. All the spinning of this in the world can't ignore the probability that Nintendo did not launch the system, and intend to get shutout of big titles from big developers.

But other than EA and some handful of devs who don't know what to do with the dev kit, most of it is probably hogwash.



fluggy said:

Not a fan but its a huge franchise and the lack of support for Wii U is one blow after another.



JusticeColde said:

Wait a minute.
Yuke's always had interest in the Wii U, it was THQ that didn't want WWE '13 on the Wii U for reasons of douchebaggery.

Now I'm questioning this rumour.



hcfwesker said:

For me GTA games have been basically become "drive here shoot this guy, drive there shoot that guy, repeat for about 20+ hours, roll credits". and, lol, WWE? They're still on the air? Not in the least bit disappointed in this rumor, even if it actually does become official, which I'm sure we're all expecting.



Captain_Toad said:

Only 1 source.... and it's from 4chan.......and there's a grammar error.......and what would 3d animator and art directors know about consoles, wouldn't the publishers be in charge of of ports?....
My lakitu senses is telling me that this rumor is false....



CaPPa said:

I probably wouldn't bother with GTA5 or WWE, but I definitely won't if they are only on 360/PS3. They are both high profile franchises though, so if they do appear it would give the Wii U a boost.

A lot of recent releases that have skipped the Wii U have turned out to be pretty mediocre/bad though (i.e. Aliens CM, Star Trek etc), so I'm starting to think it isn't necessarily a bad thing when hyped up shovelware isn't coming to the Wii U.



MadAdam81 said:

@-KwB- Lego City Undercover > every GTA game combined. GTA 3 was the last GTA game to have any form of decent story, since then they've been about how many 12 year olds they can entertain with their over the top use of swear words.



HeatBombastic said:

To be fair I wasn't going to buy it in the first place, and perhaps I'm weak-willed when looking at fictional violence at GTA level (but I'm not against them, of course). Given that this is a popular franchise, it would help the Wii U, and I say the more games the better. I hope this rumor is false, and if it isn't, let's prove them wrong about being unprofitable by buying Watch Dogs and Splinter Cell.



ToxorAxiom said:

@Elhijodelrio Last I heard, stealing cars, killing cops, dealing drugs and banging prostitutes were immoral acts, simulated or otherwise. You think that's just a matter of personal opinion? Then answer me this: would you take the same stand for one of those Japanese rape simulators? (Yes, they are considered video games.)

@GuyMan Yeah... really. Take a good look. You give yourself and others like you a bad name like 'man children' by resorting to childish name-calling ('moralfags'?) instead of mannered, intellectual discourse. Grow up.



ToxorAxiom said:

Were the ESRB to issue a more literal rating for games, then games like the GTA series would be 'I' for Immature. Super Mario games are more 'Mature' in the real sense of the word.



Dpullam said:

These are just rumors for now but I fully expect Grand Theft Auto 5 to not come to the Wii U. As for future WWE games, I'm not completely sure why they wouldn't release it on Wii U. Perhaps they don't feel like porting it over from the PS4 and the next Xbox since the Wii U isn't selling incredibly well right now. That would be unfortunate because I'd like to buy one of the WWE games at some point.



G3ry said:

Don't talk crap about these titles, they might be coming to Wii U and ANY HELP WII U CAN GET, IS GOOD!!! Lets hope these games get to the console (especially GTA V!!!)



dragon_rider said:

4Chan? Really? What next, considering Eurogamer as a reputable source?

Anyone dumb enough to believe 4Chan needs to see a psychiatrist.

@GuyMan, what's that sound? You don't hear it? It's the sound of me not caring about your "opinion"



DaemonSword said:

Eh, there's only 4-6 guys (and that's being nice) kinda worth liking in WWE right now, the rest of the roster and storylines are forgettable, hasn't been watchable in years, which is sad, as I've been a wrasslin fan my whole life. I'd rather see a better TNA game made instead.



GameLord08 said:

Mm-hmm. So when it's speculated that the Wii U won't be receiving one of the most top-rated third-party franchises in modern gaming, it automatically becomes "immoral crap"? Makes sense.

I don't know what it'll take besides the disinterest of some 20+ third-party studios for you to realise that the Wii U is the problem here.



DarkNinja9 said:

hey with all the articles and news about games not coming to wii u anyone could post this and yes that seems fake do to the last part of it.... still it starts to piss me off if it eventually is true i mean from a business point of view if it was me i would be trying to put my game on every console so it sells more and it makes more money

so are dev. lazy? or just like to diss on a console/company for the fun of it?



Elhijodelrio said:

@toxoraxiom OMG DEBATE TIME SERIOUSLY,YOU CANT COMPARE USA WITH JAPAN NUMBER 1 THEY STANDARDS ARE DIFFERENT. example in some countries full frontal nudity is acceptable on tv is this right or wrong?banging prostitutes is legal in lots of areas of the world including some parts of usa,this is immoral according to who?hopefully you wont bring religious propaganda in this cause than it would be another thread and has no place here! killing maybe wrong,dealing drugs ect , but not immoral ,it depend on your personal accepted principles, there are very many people who have different ideas of right and wrong,do you think books that talk about incest, killing thousands of people, enslaving others and black magic, torture and numerous other eye raising situations to some should be banned from public view or view of our kids?than everything from the bible to cinderella would be banned, for you to tell me that these games are violating YOUR accepted principles of morality i can accept BUT for you to push the belief on me or act like your morality is my reality is WRONG,the way your houshold has been taught is obviously different than mine or anyone elses in this thread MOST OF US ARE ADULTS AND CAN CHOOSE WHAT WE WANT TO VIEW OR NOT VIEW, and if a child is in question there viewing/gaming habits will be altered according to how there parents were taught/learned and there views will be molded in a mirrior image of beliefs of who is doing the teaching. FANTASY violent cartoons/video games, REALITY violence of war outside all our doors.again video games are the least of our problems



Elhijodelrio said:

p.s your idea of morality,is having two people beating eachother senseless and inflicting pain and distress and possibly long term damage alright?i see your default profile picture looks to be a man in boxing gloves?...smh



Elhijodelrio said:

@toxoraxiom oh I'm sorry I overlooked the question you asked if the rating on that particular game was beyond rated M sure if there was such a rating as far as X I see no problem with it, but that game simulating a rape act I would consider more of something along the lines of porn type game to me and again this is only my personal opinion my opinion may be different than many others here, some people may want a game like that rated E for everyone, I would NOT buy this type of game for myself also me being a parent that wouldn't be a game I would buy my kids, but by no means does that mean that I would suggest to sensor someone else's household or alter thier playing/viewing habits for them or there kids its not my place to imply anythang, its only my place to intervene when it comes down to my own kids in my own household, if this is coming down to a point to where it's going to be said that video games are making people do violent things I totally disagree with that if someone is violent that seed has been there for a long time, some of the most diabolical deviants, malice hearted people have came from the best homes in the world



Midnight3DS said:


No, I wouldn't say they're doing it for the fun of it. The problem is mostly with Nintendo/Wii U. It's simply not built for the long term. Just like every console generation, they get tired towards the end of the life span. The problem with Wii U is not so much now, but in 2-3 years. It will be tired in the standard tech sense, and will lose out on more and more third party titles.

The other consoles will be set for longer term. Not to say at all Wii U won't have lots of great games. They definitely will. It's just pretty much a Wii rerun in the big picture.



retro_player_22 said:


Actually it will end up being more indie-dev than anything. Mostly all the hot games that are coming for it are mostly indie-dev games. It's sad too cause almost all the brand name retail games (Call of Duty, Resident Evil, Street Fighter, Final Fantasy, etc.) are becoming nothing but milked rehashes nowadays.



ToxorAxiom said:

@GameLord08 This franchise was immoral crap before it was one of the most top-rated, third-party franchises in modern gaming. The Postal series doesn´t have the popularity or high ratings that the GTA franchise has, but that doesn´t make the content any more moral. And if it became even more popular than GTA today, it wouldn´t make it any more immoral either.



GameLord08 said:

@ToxorAxiom: That's your personal opinion of the game, and that's fine. Nobody's forcing you to play it. Nonetheless, don't use that as an excuse to remain in denial of the Wii U's tangible issues right now.

Immoral game or not, everyone regards it as a blockbuster from a business perspective. It's mighty telling when such a franchise doesn't make an appearance on a console.



P-Gamer-C said:

All the games not coming to the wiiu if you bought this thing at best its a secondary console its missing pretty much everthing all my friends who bought 1 sold it that casual fanbase that helped the wii wont be coning back there on those stupid smart phone games.



Elhijodelrio said:

@GUYMAN my sentiments exactly but not in those exact words but pretty close, lol yes i also have supported most of the mature titles and will continue to do so.



ToxorAxiom said:

@GameLord08 Fail again. I´m not talking about the Wii U´s issues, you are. I said the series is immoral crap. Morality, not business. And the matter of morality is an opinion to you? Tell that to Amanda Berry and the other two poor women who´ve recently escaped the hands of their captor Ariel Castro. Tell them that what he did was just a matter of his own ´´personal opinion´´ and not a moral issue. I´ve said it once and I´ll say it again, immoral is still immoral, simulated or otherwise! Financial issues, critical acclaim, lack of popular franchises and the like has had nothing to do with what I said in the first place, yet people here like you here keep trying to pull the wool over our eyes by clouding the moral stand I took with ones pertaining to business, ratings and even childish name-calling. Get it right already.



GraveLordXD said:

@Elhijodelrio not that its any of my business but boxing is a sport dude stealing cars, dealing drugs, shooting innocent people and sleeping with prostitutes isn't, big difference



GameLord08 said:

@ToxorAxiom: I think I made it pretty clear the first time that I'm not interested in discussing my stand on GTA's moral values, much less since it has less to do with the actual issue at hand here that the article presents. This is neither the time nor the place.

It also amuses me that you accuse me of "pulling the wool over people's eyes" when you know nothing of my perspective on GTA or its moral values. I hardly mentioned anything on the subject, in fact. You'd have noticed that if you weren't intent on being so self-righteous over the matter.



GraveLordXD said:

@GameLord08 in one of your first post you say that its wii u that is the problem here and I have to ask how is wii u a problem that it may or may not be getting gta5?



GameLord08 said:

@LDXD: I was referring to the Wii U's dire third-party situation overall, not GTA V exclusively. This just happens to be another prominent example.



Elhijodelrio said:

@ldxd,boxing becuase of its sports status doest mean that its a good thang to have men/women beating on eachotha, for all that random people that fight on the streets for reason s unknown, can go to jail for assault, but becuase poeple pay to see a fight it makes it a sport, i guess, i dont agree, sorry my opinion, marujuana is legal in some parts i dont agree with that either, prostitutes doing there bussiness is also legal in some areas i dont agree with that either, killing innocent civilians is also legal in the name of War, big difference?to me just dipped in a different candy coating! It s all the same sorry i dont get what your saying.



Elhijodelrio said:

what's also very unsettling in this thread this is that someone has the audacity to compare games and morality and their personal beliefs with an actual tragedy that has happened to 3 woman and 1girl, just to make a point over a gaming issue are you serious you coulda made that point a different way, instead of exploiting them even more than they already been exploited, and naming their names on top of it, , thats tacky, don't play on others tragedies to get sympathy votes for your crusade against '' immoral'' games



GraveLordXD said:

@Elhijodelrio I was simply referring to your comment about boxing and morality and how boxing and the things you can do in gta is not even close to being the same thing and its their choice that they decide to beat on each other its also regulated and their is a professional doctor available right there, killing innocent civilians is also against the law in most parts of the world even when countries or at war not to mention morally wrong. My point is if you think boxing is the same morally as killing innocents, stealing cars ect well then I would question your sanity



GraveLordXD said:

But it isn't a big deal because I think we both know that gta is just a game and games shouldn't be taken to seriously its all fun



Elhijodelrio said:

@LDXD well this is the thang my statement you first responed too clearly stated 1st- to who it was directed to 2nd-obviously if yo took the time to scroll a lil futher up to see what the point of that and also the previous statment was concerning or was in reponce too, no need to be smart n question my sanity, but i am questioning you reading comprehension and thought process



Elhijodelrio said:

@LDXD futhermore that other persons comment was in question for thier stand on that game or in games like this, and i think if one is to be in front on a crusade of morality then why other things are not in question as far as falling within the beliefs of a person, i have been taught never to do a half butt job do 100percent not 50!or not to do at all!



GraveLordXD said:

@Elhijodelrio I've read like every comment on here trust me my comprehension is perfectly fine, you as trying to say that he has no right to judge gta because he has mike Tyson's punch out in his avatar, which morally is no where near the same thing morally as gta. My point was boxing is nowhere near the same thing morally if you think its fair to compare boxing to stealing, shooting,dealing drugs,sleeping with prostitutes ect well then your wrong



Elhijodelrio said:

@LDXD did i not state it was a matter of opinion? and also judging somethings according to your own personal beliefs...? I THINK I DID.



GraveLordXD said:

@Elhijodelrio do you not remember all the controversy gta got years ago for all this, I don't remember mike tyson's punch out, or any boxing or sports game going through that most of them are rated t- teen or e-everyone, the guy has every right to think gta has moral issues he's not the first



GraveLordXD said:

@Elhijodelrio not trying to get you upset because its not that big a deal its just a game and I agree I would love to see gta5 on the wii u I think it would do good for the system, my main argument was boxing and killing sprees lol don't worry about it I think we understand each others point



Elhijodelrio said:

@LDXD my piont was poeple living in glass house should nt throw stones, some shouldn't even look out of thier windows, besides all of the real issues that go on in the world game s morallity is the least of our problems



Elhijodelrio said:

@Elhijodelrio and i cant have my right to think it doesn't? OIC, so basiclly you are saying I cannot have an opinion like him and I also have to agree with what he says



Elhijodelrio said:

@LDXD my comments need to be look at more deeper than face value, but yes i can agree that we understand what eachother was trying to say



ToxorAxiom said:

@GameLord08 First, you regarded my moral stance as a "personal opinion" and then accused me of using "that as an excuse to remain in denial of the Wii U's tangible issues." I didn't bring up the Wii U's issues. The issue for me was (and is) Rockstar's M-rated franchises. That's pulling wool over the eyes of others regarding why I said what I did in the first place. My stance here is regarding morality, not business, and I can make that stand freely. Morally, they are garbage. Not opinion. Fact. Don't want to discuss it here? ("...not the time, nor the place...") Then don't reply in the first place. Simple.

This is a comments section of a public website and we're still free to make a stance if we wish, as we are also free to ignore them.



theblackdragon said:

all right, all right, enough is enough, please — let's stop making this argument personal. we understand there are those who love the GTA series and want a Wii U iteration and those who don't for many reasons, but any further attacks on one another from either side (which are against our Rules...) may result in temp-bans. Let's keep our focus on the article at hand and not each other, please :3



Elhijodelrio said:

@LDXD reality the boxing comment was, like i am against drugs i hate them, but i smoke cigarettes and am alcoholic at home BUT ITS LEGAL!!! in theory there different but in reality they're very much the same drug is a drug, or heavy taxing of cigarettes but not the same taxing on alcoholic beverages, and both kill.... Smh



GameLord08 said:

@ToxorAxiom: My statements on the Wii U's issues prior to the last comment weren't intended for you directly in the first place. I wasn't "accusing you" of anything personally, especially since it is obvious we were approaching this from entirely different wavelengths. I'm confused as to why you're continuing this when it's now so obvious we weren't discussing the same thing from the beginning.

And yes, a moral stance is a personal opinion. It can be influenced by anything from religion to personal tradition - take gay marriage, for example. Believe it or not, there is no universal perception of right and wrong. However, that does not in any way infer that I was agreeing or disagreeing with you or your stance in the first place.

Lastly, this is indeed a public forum and you are free to make a stance - regardless, it is unnecessary of you to force those values as anything more than opinion, much less accuse me of obscuring them.

Now if you'll care to pardon me, I'm no longer interested in continuing this. Let's just agree we have our differences and part ways with our views (and dignity) intact.



RandomNerds said:

I'm so over the GTA series, but it doese suck that there are even more rumors about "big budget" games missing the Wii U.

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