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32GB White Wii U, Rechargeable Wii Remote Battery And 2550mAh GamePad Battery Announced

Posted by Damien McFerran

I love the smell of new hardware in the morning

Nintendo has confirmed a new Premium SKU for its Wii U console. The system will be released in white with 32GB of internal memory — a configuration which was previously only available in black. It launches in Japan on July 13th for 31,500 Yen (that's about $312 / £206).

New accessories have also been revealed. The Wii Remote is finally getting an official rechargeable battery, along with a "Fast Charge" dock. The battery and the dock will retail for 4,200 Yen (approximately $41 / £27) or you can pay 2,625 Yen ($26 / £17) for just the battery itself.

Speaking of batteries, the GamePad is getting an official 2550mAh battery pack which will boost its stamina up to eight hours, according to Nintendo. It will cost 3,150 Yen (about $31 / £20) when it hits Japanese store shelves.

Finally, Nintendo is releasing Nintendo Land in a bundle pack with a Wii Remote.

There's no word on when these items will be coming to the west, but when we know, you'll know too.


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BetweenTheTrees said:

man. i really wanted a white one but i went with the deluxe which is black. can't wait to get a new gamepad battery though



gavn64 said:

8 HOURS!!!!! for the gamepad as Daniel Bryan would say YES!!! YES!!! YES!!! Hurry up the western release NINTENDO



Ducutzu said:

A GamePad battery that lasts up to 8 hours one one charge! Awesome.

Although, truth to be told, so far I got to see the red LED light only a few times. I'm using brightness level 3, and sometimes 4.

I wonder if it will make the GamePad a little heavier.



Yoshis_VGM said:

Rechargeable Wiimote batteries would mean SOO much money saved...we blow through so many batteries with all our Wiimotes it's not even funny.

I'm fine with my current GamePad battery. I lowered the brightness setting to level 2 and it greatly extends the battery life.



datamonkey said:

Nintendo REALLY should have included this battery pack with the Gamepad in the first place. In fact I feel a bit ripped off that they didn't.

Another poor choice from Nintendo after originally releasing a sub-standard products. Grrr...



erv said:

I want that better battery. The one in the pad right now is really pushing it...

It should've been in there in the first place.



Peach64 said:

I hope this comes west. I prefer the console in white. If 8 hours battery life for the game pad is a big improvement, what the heck is it now???



Fudgewhizzle said:

I really wanted to white Wii U as well, but went for the black one because it was much better... Maybe I'll get a white gamepad eventually. But I can't wait for the batteries! They are much needed!



Beta said:

At least that confirms that there are no price cuts for a while longer now?



Lobster said:

Very excited for the battery stuff when it gets here. Hope nobody buys the Nintendoland bundle with the Wiimote thinking it'll play on their Wii, though. Is that a problem in Japan, or just over here? I swear nobody knows Nintendo has a new console out.

White Wii U Deluxe model is cool, but I prefer black. Too bad the shiny black picks up fingerprints and dust so well. Think they'll release a matte finish anytime soon?



andreoni79 said:

I have the black one, but I hate my fingerprints on the gamepad!
I'm happy for those who will buy the WiiU, but why should others update their gamepad battery when they already have the gamepad cradle or buy one for $10 less than the new battery?



EdJericho said:

That charge dock is kind of disappointing especially compared to the ones Nyko has been selling since the Wii came out. It's only one Wiimote for the dock while Nyko has a dock for 2 and 4 Wiimotes. While it's nice to see Nintendo "finally" making their own they could've done something much better.



kevkeepsplaying said:

ughh... If they add the option to system transfer by then, I'll have to buy this iteration when it hits the states.

stop chewing at my wallet, Nintendo.



Jeremyx7 said:

Massive news for everyone who does not own a Wii U yet!! I will now officially wait awhile longer for this Wii U package deal to hit the U.S.



Intrepid said:

White looked good on the Wii, but not the WiiU, so I'm glad I have the black one. It's still good of Nintendo to give people more options though.



Mk_II said:

Meh... perfectly happy with my black console and i don't get the fuss about the Wii U battery. I just keep it plugged in at all times.



Sean_Aaron said:

I'm tempted by the battery, but I've only had the light come on once thus far. I am thinking about getting a charge cradle for the Gamepad, however...



Mr_Aks said:

i wish if the chrager held more than one wiimote since i dont want to buy four and plug each one to a diffent socket and also the should give us the choice to charge it vis usb too.



ungibbed said:

@hwrose379 I made the move to rechargeable AA batteries long ago as I used to buy the Energizer lithium for my old Wiimotes. On another battery subject I was reading of a 4000 mAh battery for the gamepad but from Nyko. Don't want to toast my gamepad but longer life for it in any way is a good thing.



Romeo said:

buying wii remote battery+charger + better wii u gamepad battery
cool cool
thanks, nintendo : )



Kirk said:

Both the Wiimote and the GamePad need to come with those new batteries from now on.

If Nintendo has any sense...



MeWario said:

I wanted white so got the basic model. So glad I did! No finger prints at all and it looks great I second hand copy of Nintendo Land and a simple USB stick later and I am sorted!



ULTRA-64 said:

Do the pro controllers come in white aswell? I've only seen black in shops! I'm for all black or bright electronics in my house but the pink/blue colours of Wii-mote still being pushed makes me worry. They are literally baby colours! I want red/purple?



Shworange said:

I have had the light come on a few times now... I'll have to think about it. Anyone who doesn't have the wii u cradle, get it! I love it. It's very solid and secure. It charges like a champ.



MAB said:

I have been using rechargeable battery packs with a dual wiimote dock for years... Gamepad lasts 5 hours using brightness 1 with powersave (screen still looks good) never used a higher setting because you don't need to



Therad said:

I wonder if this means the basic model will be phased out? Would be logical, so that consumers don't get confused...



FiveDigitLP said:

Sweet. This is great news! Now all we need is a range extender so I can play on the Gamepad upstairs in my bedroom!



Mahe said:

They should have cut the price at the same time. But a bigger battery is very good. Bundling Nintendoland with a Wiimote is also good, because that game isn't worth full price on its own. Now they just need to get the price of the Premium down.



belmont said:

The updated battery is a great idea although I 'd like a 750GB-1TB model since I don't like to have extra stuff hooked in my consoles. Sometime through the console's life when costs drop more it could be possible. 32GB is sooo few even if you don't plan to go digital with retail games.



ThumperUK said:

I'm unsure why people keep saying they go through loads of batteries for their wiimotes. Why not just buy a set of AA rechargable batteries and a charger? High capacity 2400 mAh one are about £5 per pack of 4 on Amazon plus chargers about £10-£15.



TruenoGT said:

Damn, would have liked the white as well as a premium set... Fingerprints on the black gamepad drive me bananas. Rechargeable AAs do the trick for the remotes, but that docking setup is pretty slick (not having to take the jacket off) and I've never trusted 3rd party battery kits.



TheAdrock said:

I've got the Energizer recharging Wiimote batteries and charging dock already, but I really want an upgraded Gamepad battery with better/longer life. Please someone bring that to market.



tsm7 said:

I expected this. I'm glad we're getting official battery packs. Hopefully,maybe, a gold one for my Zelda Wiimote?? Please.
It'd be cool if they released a black console w/ white gamepad.



Koapa said:

This is all very nice, but where is Official 3DS battery that boost its life over 3,5 Hours?



triforcepower73 said:

Awesome! I was thinking about getting a white one but decided that, since I would be getting nintendo land anyway, the black one would save me $10 as well as the digital promotion thingy and 32 gbs and the stands which I haven't even used yet.



gohanrage said:

I would of Bought white if it was in Deluxe at launch. white doesn't have the finger print problem the black version does. I bought a White Wii U Pro Controller in white. because I hate finger prints



rjejr said:

I'm confused - maybe it's just me - but does the new 32GB bundle come w/ NintendoLand? It's says "Premium" on the box, but at $312 it's closer in price to the Basic ($299) than the black Premium ($349). I can't imagine a system ever costing $312 in the US, maybe $319? In which case Nintendo is adding only $19 for an extra 24GB. Which for storage is cheap, tablets usually charge double that. And if the 2 extra stands are in there, then the extra 24G are basically free, which brings me to my actual point -

Doesn't this then kill the 8Gb Basic, or lower the price to $249? Nobody is going to pay $299 for 8GB and no cradles vs. $319 for 32GB and 2 cradles.

As for rechargeable batteries, 2 or 3 years ago I bought a Duracell dual charging platform and 2 battery packs for $12 clearance at Target. I think it was normally $40, so this dock and battery is not only really late to the party but overpriced as well. And the new rechargeables should just come standard in the Gamepad and future Wiimotes.



ouroborous said:

wanted the black model because of the color but decided that whoever sells it for the lowest price wins in the end (heard Target had the white one for $240, which ain't bad at all). 32g is a miniscule hard drive anyway, any system now should really come with a minimum of a 1TB drive, they are pretty cheap and very common at this point. anyway, i don't plan to be downloading much as of now (aside from nano assault neo). its still strictly retail copies of games for me at this point, except for eShop stuff that's worth getting on the 3DS.

3DS took forever to get off the ground but now its totally awesome, hopefully the wii U will get there as well, probably by sometime next year if the 3DS is any indication. no idea why nintendo loves to release new hardware before there is basically ANY software for it at all, but then nintendo NEVER does the sensible anything and they still manage to always scrape by.
i never ever care about hardware until there is a nice handful of must-have games, and waiting usually means that a price-cut will come along before i buy, which is always awesome.



GiftedGimp said:

Wouldn't be suprised if at e3 Nintendo announce a game compatable with 2 gamepads, and a gamepad bundle, with the longer lasting battery with that game.



gohanrage said:


All are AA Batteries
DURACELL come in 2000mAh and 2450mAh
Energizer come in 2300mAh
Panasonic 2300mAh

I have a 15 Minute Duracell Charger that charges the 2000mAh in 15 minutes.

I've had these same 6 panasonic batteries since 2005 and they still hold a charge. I originally bought them for my First Digital Camera.



Morph said:

Cant help but think the gamepad should have come with that battery in the first place



DarkNinja9 said:

yeah the white on the wii u does not look good too much white anyway i also agree that they kinda screwed up with the gamepad battery about time they release a longer one but now to see if this comes to the US

liking that wii remote quick charger dock though but i already have chargeable batteries on 2 of my remotes not enough to convince me to get it for the last remote



Kurtis_the_Red said:

Idk, am I the only one that sees a problem with yet another charging cable for my Nintendo stuff.

In a year or two, its possible I'll have My Wii U power cable, with two gamepads, I could get away with just using one charging dock by just switching them out, but add an additional charging cable for a Wii remote. A total of three dedicated plugs for my Wii equipment.



TomJ said:

Bring the whole thing to America! I need that battery pack ASAP



Whopper744 said:

I understand why, but I hate it how the people who are the first ones in line to get a new game systesm, always get the short end of the stick. Usually cost more, and doesn't have as many features as the one people who wait 2 years get. At least the 3DS has the Ambassador program though, and that was pretty cool....still traded in my old one to get an XL.



Pierceton said:

I hate when Nintendo does this I bought a Wii U at midnight first day it came out it should have had all of this in the box.



WindWakerLink said:

"Now they release 32GB in white??? (face palm) (face palm) (face palm) (multiple face palm) Seriously??!!!! sigh -___- It's okay. It's alright. We will survive! (Chuckles)"



Faruko said:

THIS is why i never EVER buy consoles on launch (at least not after the disaster that was the 360, god i hate that console with all my heart, worst LAUNCH EVER)



sinalefa said:

I wonder when this will come to the States and how much is going to cost.

I would pick some wiimote batteries when they are available.

And you will not hear me complaining about getting the shaft for being an early adopter. No one put a gun to my head to buy it. And if I say I support Nintendo, why should I regret to pay more for the console? Love my Black Wii U.



hYdeks said:

Bring the first two out immediately, as for the Remote and NintendoLand pack, I can pass on that



deitypower said:

For those who want longer battery. I was able to watch an IGN video about the CES. The NYKO POWER PAK replaces the battery and gives you triple its battery life. It has 4000 mAh.



element187 said:

@RoyalXIII I disagree. My wife bought me the white model, It looks skexy and I plugged one of my extra 1 TB drive into the back and now it has almost 32 times the amount of space as the black one at less $50 the black model.



SetupDisk said:

It's neat that there is a longer life battery but I won't get one till the original starts dying. I play games right next to a power outlet anyway.



FiveDigitLP said:

If I recall correctly, the bundles in Japan have never come with Nintendo Land. Also, the conversion rate is never accurate when it comes to what it actually costs us here. Generally, the converted price is much higher than what we actually pay, but in this case I'm guessing when they brought the premium over here they upped the price a bit since it included Nintendo Land.

So based on what I've seen, this would be no different than if they just released a white version of the Premium package over here in the US. Everything would be the same (including the price), just the color would be different. Of course, there have been no announcements yet if they are even bringing these updates over here (though it'd be nice if they did).



chiefeagle02 said:

Seeing the Wii Remote Battery Charger has mixed vibes for me.

On one hand, I've had my Wii since launch, so seeing this feels like Nintendo is late to the game, especially after several third-party companies have offered their own battery chargers for much cheaper than what Nintendo is asking. A battery and a dock are $41. Seriously? The best charger I ever had was $20 back in 2007, could charge two controllers, and plugged into the Wii via USB (provided WiiConnect24 was on, but it saved a wall outlet).

On the other hand, it's great that Nintendo decided to use the Wii Remotes again in this generation (ie: to make Wii U games feel more accessible for everyone; and to help folks with a Wii and several controllers make the transition to the Wii U easier), so it makes sense that if the Gamepad has a rechargeable battery, the Wii Remotes should have them from a first party source as well at this point. This is especially true for new Nintendo customers who buy a Wii U and a few Wii Remotes and expect to be able to charge everything. On that note, I'd like to know when/if the battery and charger will come standard on Wii Remotes, much as the MotionPlus eventually did once it became cost effective to do so (if Nintendo released the Wii Remote with a rechargeable battery back in November 2006, they might not have been able to sell them for $40).

Great to see Nintendo Land come with a Wii Remote. Wii Play was also bundled with a Remote to show off the controller, so I'm curious to see if this bundle will show the Wii U as a social system (a "look what you can do" with a Remote AND a Gamepad, however holistically asymmetric it is, as Nintendo pointed out at E3).

The White 32GB Wii U looks cool, but I've got my eye on a $300 Black 32GB System with Nintendo Land at a Mom and Pop store.

I realize these announcements are currently for Japan and I'm comparing them to US examples, so this could be comparing apples and oranges on some levels. All the same, these are my thoughts.



FullbringIchigo said:

i really hope that we get the battery packs over here because we really need them because the Wiimote goes through battery's like hot knife through butter and the life of the Wii U Gamepad battery is a joke



Blue_Yoshi said:

I could sure use that 8 hour battery for my Gamepad. Don't really fancy white though, it reminds me of when the Wii came out in only that color rather the cool ones they showed when it premiered.



Prof_Elvin_Gadd said:

Nice! I'd at least pick up the new GamePad battery. I've been thinking about getting a Wii U for my sister so she can play some Wii U titles and VC games, and if this White 32GB model comes West it'll be the one.



kereke12 said:

As always it comes out 4 japan ur slacking Nintendo...Bring it to the west and put a price-drop and i'll buy it



Cyberbotv2 said:

I don't own a WiiU yet. Still rolling with my Wii. But this is the type of information that is substantial. I'll be getting it, but just not yet. Nintendo has fooled me before, and I need more before I plunk down money like I did on the Wii, GC, and N64.



Doma said:

All this cost-cutting makes Nintendo look so cheap and desperate. Add-ons always required for the most basic of things.



miiandmario said:

Nice although I already have the white Wii U and Nintendo Land, I would get the new battery and accessories.



ultraraichu said:

I would so love that white deluxe Wii U. It would of match with all my other Nintendo systems since Gamecube (minus 3ds atm) and mobile devices. Awell function over fashion with time in the mix.

The batterypack for the gamepad is a plus for me but not a necessity. Always dying but never dead, just like my 7+ years goldfish.



renaryuugufan92 said:

hopefully the new gamepad battery and rechargable Wii remote set will be sold separately once Nintendo brings this sku to the west~



ompgsag said:

Wiimote batteries should have been available a long time ago. I already have rechargeable AA batteries, and I got them for a lot cheaper than $40.



SCAR said:

I'm definitely getting the battery for the GamePad. As for the other stuff, I have alternatives that works just as well(faster, actually. AAs). I have tons of AAs just because of the Wii remotes and the wireless sensor bar. I also have 2 Energizer 15 minute chargers just because of that stuff. The only way I would get the Nintendo batteries, is if they make the Wii remote last like 50 hours, otherwise I'll stick with my abundance of AAs.



Dreamcaster-X said:

@SteveW Thanks!! Yeah I see that reseller on Amazon is selling it for $50. That's nuts, I guess I'll get it from Gamestop then! Have you tried it yet?



Dauntless said:

The gamepad battery is something we all need. I don't really care about the wii mote batteries because rechargeable AA work fine. A white 32GB WiiU is cool, I have the 8GB, but it doesn't matter once you get a 500GB USB Hard Drive or larger.



super-nintendo said:

I have waited so patiently for the White Deluxe and hopefully it will make it to the USA soon. At least I had my 3DS (with awesome games) to help me get through!! ;p

@NintendoLife Staff...does this new Deluxe already have the longer battery life in the box?



GamerZack87 said:

A white Premium Pack?! WOOHOO! I'm so happy my black Wii U crashed and had to be returned now! The wait may yet pay off! White consoles FTW!



GooRoo said:

Can't wait for these to make it to the U.S. Our Wiimotes eat through batteries like candy and it would be nice to have a better U battery, too!



JoaoMagalhaesBH said:

I'm really trying to resist buying a Wii U since 2012 just to get a white Deluxe model, and now it's announced just for Japan! Hope it comes to the other countries!

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