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Thu 21st Feb 2013

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Therad commented on Rumour: Nintendo Software Technology Working O...:

@TheLastLugia you are wrong about dungeon keeper, they haven't changed it, at least not because of legality. A uk court found that they had no mentions of in app purchases in their ads.

And no, it is the same principle. Make it hard to continue without paying. This is what nintendo means with free to start, dungeon keepers model. Which ea still calls free to play.



Therad commented on Rumour: Nintendo Software Technology Working O...:

@TheLastLugia nintendo badge arcade gives you one free fetch each day, or if you want to play more you can pay. You can also get more through other means.

In candy crush you have lives which you lose after a lost level. If you want to play again, you have to pay a fee or wait.

Yeah totally different.



Therad commented on More Details Emerge on How Miitomo Will Work:

I think nintendos share price will go down after this. I don't think this will woe anyone and definitely not shareholders who wanted 'Mario on the phone'. Social gaming is also not one of Nintendos strength, so they have an uphill battle with this.

Edit: btw, why is there section on thr forum for mobile gaming and a nintendo?



Therad commented on Talking Point: Why Does Investor Confidence in...:

@LilC you are talking purely from an american stand point. I have for example already beaten yoshi and xcx has been out a long time in japan. And even so, not everyone want those games. They are both pretty niche. It is a pretty abysmal holiday season for the wii u.



Therad commented on Talking Point: A History of the Sexualisation ...:

@bngrybt Therad's wife (being a woman) answering your question: Brad Pitt. Or George Clooney. Or their genetically engineered hybrid.

(though of course I can't speak for all women...).

As for the original subject of discussion: I don't think the problem is Samus's outfit, or body shape as such. If it were another woman, in another game, with another backstory, then big boobs and high heels could be quite ok.

The problem is that Samus is supposed to be a kick-as athletic warrior, so presumably she works out. And I don't mind her clothes, as such, they're ok for a workout... But although there are plenty of big-chested women in the world, I challenge you to show me a female athlete or bodybuilder with big boobs. Because boobs are fat. If you work out, they shrink. Also, please try to go out and fight someone in high heels. Please.

I also think that this is a less adressed angle on the whole "but the men are sexy too!!!!"-issue. Yes, the men are sexy, although on the whole they do get more functional cloths and armor than the women do (fun fact: boob armor will kill you). But if, as a man, you work out a lot (= like bodybuilder a lot), then your body will end up as something at least vaguely resembling Zangief. But if a woman works out a lot, then her body will ALSO end up looking a little like Zangief. Not like Linda Lovelace.

I wish games in general would get better at showcasing all kinds of bodies, male and female. And I don't mind unrealistically shaped characters, if it is consistent with the game and backstory of the character. The problem for me is the ridiculous lengths to which gaming companies and internet commentators will go to defend design decisions which are becoming more and more out of sync with the games themselves, and which are only motivated by "what the focus groups and target audience wants".

Especially when it seems to be assumed that boobs, ass and heels are the ONLY thing target audiences want (without actually checking with the audience in question, or questioning the choice of target audience).

If "lets add more boobs to sell games" isn't the definitions of sexism and objectification of women, it should be.

(also, male characters also being objectified does not make female objectification ok, they are BOTH wrong, and part of the SAME problem)

/wifey out



Therad commented on Talking Point: A History of the Sexualisation ...:

Where have you seen all those girls that go and work out in really high heels irl?

And if you look at brawl, you clearly see that she is more sexualise in this entry. Not only the more skimpier alt, but also the zero suit version. She has bigger boobs, high heels and seems to have a smaller waist.

So why does Samus look like this in this game? The answer is simple, she is being designed as a sex object for the male audience. There is no in-game reason to have idiotic gear like this, it is all about pandering to a certain type of male gamer. (which is also idiotic from a financial stand point)



Therad commented on First Impressions: Mario Kart 8:

@19Robb92 it shouldn't be a surprise. Graphical power is all about the gpu. It has a gpu that is 2-3 generations ahead of ps360. Granted, ps360 had trouble outputting that.

Hd is also highly overrated. Shaders and polycount are much more important. Most people can't see the difference between 720p and 1080p from their normal viewing distance.



Therad commented on Talking Point: The Wii U Controller Options Op...:

@Strongo9 You are right, the wiimote is not good for pointing. But the gamepad is, especially with a pen. You could have an abstract map on the screen where you give orders and have better visuals on the TV.

In fact, this could work out better than on a PC, since you wouldn't have to worry about obstacles (like trees and buildings) obstructing the mouse. So it could be a true 3d-environment where all the action is and it could have more camera movements to give a more cinemalike experience.