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Nintendo Download: 14th March 2013 (North America)

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Hunting monsters, going to the City, throwing retro punches, being Mega and much more

It's Nintendo Download update time, North America, with so much packing the eShops and DSi store that we even had the information earlier than normal — all the more time to soak it up. Quite a few high profile retail downloads are joined by some demo action, a new 30 cent retro classic, a handheld Mega treat and more; let's get to it.

Wii U Virtual Console

Punch Out!! Featuring Mr. Dream (Nintendo, $0.30) — Available from 20th March, this will be just $0.30 for one month as part of the Famicom Anniversary promotion on the Wii U eShop. This is an iconic NES classic, and we'll get the gloves on to let you know how well it translates to the Wii U Virtual Console.

Wii U Download Demo

Chasing Aurora (Broken Rules, free) — This launch download-only title recently had a major update to improve gameplay and overall performance, and Broken Rules is releasing a demo to show off the final result. It's free, so why not?

Wii U Retail Downloads

LEGO City Undercover (Nintendo, $49.99) — The Wii U-exclusive LEGO title arrives on the eShop alongside the high street release on 18th March. We rather like its approach to a new franchise, with an open-world and a huge amount to do, awarding 8/10 in our LEGO City Undercover review

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate (Capcom, $59.99) — Available for download and in stores from 19th March, this is an expanded version of the Wii original with additional content and upgraded HD visuals. Our review will be with you very soon.

Need for Speed: Most Wanted U (Electronic Arts, $59.99) — With lead development by Criterion — the team that produced last year's popular release on Xbox 360 and PS3 — as well as exclusive features, there's certainly optimism that this will be a racing title worth owning on Wii U. It arrives on the eShop and in stores on 19th March, and we'll also be reviewing it to let you know what we think.

The Croods: Prehistoric Party (D3Publisher, TBC) — Based on the big budget animation movie, this is a collection of mini games and challenges for the family to enjoy.

3DS Virtual Console

Mega Man 3 (Capcom, $4.99) — The gradual release of all six NES Mega Man titles continues this week with the third entry, a title that showed the series was well and truly getting into its stride. You can expect the usual running, jumping and blasting, while it's worth figuring out those Robot Master weaknesses. We rated this very highly in our Mega Man 3 Wii Virtual Console review, and we'll gear up for more action in this 3DS release.

3DS eShop Discount

Ketzal's Corridors (Nintendo, $4.99 until 21/03 / normally $6.99) — The latest in the weekly promotion of discounted 3DS eShop software, this one is an action puzzle game where you guide shapes of various sizes through ever-increasingly difficult gaps. It's an enjoyable slice of download fun, at least we said so in our Ketzal's Corridors review.

3DS Download Demo

HarmoKnight (Nintendo, free) — Arriving in two weeks and developed by Game Freak, this is an action-rhythm title that sees you venturing across various lands while sticking to the beat. It's looked like a lot of fun in previews and trailers, and now you can sample it for yourself.

3DS Retail Downloads

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate (Capcom, $39.99) — This 3DS release of Capcom's blockbuster offers the same level of content as the Wii U equivalent and also arrives on 19th March, but without online multiplayer (unless you use a Wii U LAN router workaround), though it does include StreetPass and supports local multiplayer with other 3DS players and also someone playing the Wii U version. Our review of the handheld version will arrive alongside the Wii U equivalent very soon.

Rayman Origins (Ubisoft, $29.99) — Not exactly the Wii U title expected last week, but it's Rayman's latest platformer arriving belatedly on the 3DS eShop. While the home console version is regarded as a classic by some, this handheld port doesn't reach quite the same heights, as our Rayman Origins review explains.

Reel Fishing 3D Paradise (Natsume, $19.99) — This is the full retail release of Reel Fishing 3D Paradise Mini, which has been available in stores since last year.

The Croods: Prehistoric Party! (D3Publisher, $39.99) — This 3DS version of the movie tie-in similarly offers family friendly mini-games and challenges, though this is listed as single player only.


Forgotten Legions (Cypronia, 500 Nintendo Points) — A side-scrolling real-time strategy title, this is set in a fantasy world and is said to include 30 campaign levels, 18 unit types and an endless mode. We'll be preparing our armies for battle to bring you our review.

Goony (CIRCLE Entertainment, 200 Nintendo Points) — This is an endless runner from a top-down viewpoint, where you simply use one button to change direction from left to right. The levels are randomly generated, though you can place assist Special Blocks and then share them via QR codes, while there's also an option of multiplayer with two players using the same system. It seems like a bit of arcade fun at a budget price, but we'll see whether it's worth your loose change in our review, soon.

Phew, quite a lot of retail and download-only options to choose from this week; let us know if any of these offerings will drain your funds in the poll and comments below.

Some prices have not yet been provided by Nintendo, these will be updated as soon as possible.

What will you be downloading first this week? (359 votes)

Punch Out!! Featuring Mr. Dream (Wii U Virtual Console)


LEGO City Undercover (Wii U retail download)


Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate (Wii U retail download)


Need for Speed: Most Wanted U (Wii U retail download)


The Croods: Prehistoric Party (Wii U retail download)


Mega Man 3 (3DS Virtual Console)


Ketzal's Corridors (3DS eShop discount)


Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate (3DS retail download)


Rayman Origins (3DS retail download)


Reel Fishing 3D Paradise (3DS retail download)


The Croods: Prehistoric Party (3DS retail download)


Forgotten Legions (DSiWare)


Goony (DSiWare)


Just freebies for me


Nothing for me this week


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User Comments (128)



Sonicfan11589 said:

Yeah I already pre-ordered a retail version of Monster Hunter along with Resident Evil: Revelations as part of Best Buy's Buy 1 Get 1 Half off.



Sonicfan11589 said:

I'd never expected Nintendo to release a game early or at least its digital counterpart of that game early. That's great for people whom want to buy it digitally.



Rafie said:

I'm getting MM3 and Punchout! I'm still waiting on Zen Pinball 2, Nintendo Of America.



ThomasBW84 said:

@Sonicfan11589 Please note the text — these retail downloads aren't early, they arrive on the same day as the games arrive in stores. If you're lucky they'll arrive on midnight on those days, but no earlier than that



Handy_Man said:

Lots of good stuff this week! I think I'll be picking up the HarmoKnight demo, Mega Man 3, and Punch-Out.



ThomasBW84 said:

@divinealpha Thank you, I've updated that. A shame it didn't get a Resi Evil: Mercenaries 3D-style discount.

Still no price on the DSiWare game, Forgotten Legions, but I'll keep checking.



sinsalaca said:

Harmoknight demo for me. May get Mega Man 3, but may pass on it and get Nano Assualt EX instead.



WesGrogan said:

OK, yeah, the wife will not be loving my hobby this week. Lego City Undercover is a must, but also going to be picking up Mega Man 3, PunchOut! (c'mon, does anyone even have to debate this at thirty cents), Kid Icarus 3D thanks to the Club Nintendo offer, and Need for Speed Most Wanted, and my very first experience with Monster Hunter, Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate. Whew!



ohhaime said:

BLARG!! Why are MH3U and Punchout include in this weeks update when they are not released until next week! I got all exited thinking they had an early release only to have my dreams dashed to pieces.

Just the HarmoKnight Demo for me today. I just wish it was Tuesday already..



kitroplious said:

@ThomasBW84 You're welcome. I noticed the price on Nintendo eShop yesterday (just checked again now).

Anyways, I'll be buying both Virtual Console and DSiWare games today and within the next week, along with the HarmoKnight demo.



TreesenHauser said:

I already have Punch-Out through the Wii Virtual Console, so I'll pass on that. I'm interested in trying out the Chasing Aurora demo this week.



Captain_Toad said:

Which score do you guys think that Croods: Prehistoric Party will get? I think a 3 out of 10.



Pokefanmum82 said:

ketzal's corridors and harmoknight demo for me. i've got to save what money i get on the 20th for getting the Pikachu XL.



Hamguar said:

Got Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate for the 3ds and Wii U preordered def getting Punchout, and may get Lego Undercover and Megaman 3 later. Gotta space out the sheer awesomeness.



RedYoshi999 said:

Seems like the retail downloads are closer to next week's update rather than this one but whatever. Promising to see Need for Speed on the eShop, hopefully it will be on the Aussie eShop too next week.



kitroplious said:

ThomasBW84 wrote:

…with so much packing the eShops and DSi store that we even had the information earlier than normal

It might be because of the time change to daylight savings time around here, although we'll see if that trend continues or not.



Romeo said:

oh look
NA gets the goodies again (Mega Man 3), and europe has to wait another 100 years
same old, same old
nothing to see here, folks



Flowerlark said:

Already pre-ordered the cart of MH3U 3D and I've had the cart for Reel Fishing Paradise 3D for aeons, so no retail downloads for me. MIGHT look into Forgotten Legions if it looks decent. Definitely DLing the HarmoKnight demo. It looks like so much fun, but I think it might be too hard for me (I suck at good timing... it's a freakin' miracle that I managed to beat Sakura Samurai).



AlexSora89 said:

As @Romeo said, I can't quite vote here - I'm European.

Anyway, I have to ask @ThomasBW84 about the Naruto demo that should have come out today in Europe. IIRC, the demo for Naruto Ultimate Shippuden was supposed to come out today in Europe... so how come it didn't? (I last checked after 3 PM.)



Romeo said:

im really wondering why we (europe) constantly get these stupid eShop games thrown at us which no people in their right mind would ever buy

and why do we always have to wait so much longer for the good games to get released?
Fire Emblem: Awakening, Etrian Odyssey, Mega Man 3 already out in NA

for us:
Fire Emblem (April 19th)
Etrian Odyssey (
Mega Man 3 (who knows?!)

i love my 3ds xl and nintendo, but this is the one thing i can't stop complaining about.. simply because it's too damn annoying



FineLerv said:

Wow. Games on the WiiU e-shop! Hopefully Australia won't be far behind. It's getting depressing and I believe F-Zero was our last game...



ThomasBW84 said:

@AlexSora89 - I just checked (I'm UK-based) and it's under the demo section on the bottom; don't let the "not available in eShop" notification on the game's page fool you



Jukilum said:

@ohhaime They're in this weeks update because they all come out before next Thursday, so while they won't technically be out this week if they were in next weeks update they would already have been out for at least a day.

This does create a problem for the polls though. Since it is asking what we're downloading first I'll be marking "Just freebies for me" because I'll be downloading the Harmoknight demo today, but I'll still probably get PunchOut when it comes out later so just freebies is inaccurate. Especially since I vote that way almost every single time there's a demo I want regardless of whether I'm also buying something because I almost always download the free thing first because I have to take an extra step, i.e. adding funds before I download a paid item.



rosemo said:

I'm going to pick up the HarmoKnight demo and take the dive on Ketzal's Corridors (even though I've not finished Crashmo yet).



zenverak said:

Punch out is a must.. I honestly don't know if I have ever really played one for long... it has been a while so YAY!!! I am liking these 30 cent titles. As for the rest.. I will have to wait and see.



Marioman64 said:

ABOUT TIME CHASING AURORA GOT A DEMO. every single post on miiverse says "is this game any good? "this game is crap" "don't waste your money on this game" "this game is awesome" "i love this game!", and their trailers showed me nothing. maybe if I actually try it it might seem better
also, YAY HARMOKNIGHT DEMO!!! i'm gonna be playing that constantly until the game comes out, I'll probably run my number of uses out, just like I'm doing with mystery dungeon



Shanksta said:

Not downloading anything. I am getting Lego City, Monster Hunter, and Need for Speed in disc format though.



element187 said:

I have MH3U preordered from Amazon for both Wii U and 3DS.... amazon usually gets the game to its preorder customers a few days early... I'm so excited.



JuleyJules said:

Can't wait for Lego City to download on Monday and then NFS:MW is pre-ordered to ship out as well! Finally new games to play.

Supposedly March 21st for Zen Pinball 2 but we've heard dates before. Let's hope this time it happens with Star Wars tables too.



DrKarl said:

Hopefully Zen will be released next week. I need to warm up my pinball skills before the Midwest Gaming Classic next weekend!



FiveDigitLP said:

Wow. There's a lot of great stuff coming out! It's hard to believe it's already almost time to download the next Wii U VC game! I haven't really played the others much because they're not my style, but for 30 cents, why not pick them up?
I'm mainly holding out for Super Metroid as I never got around to playing it on the SNES.



GumbyX84 said:

So the retail download of MH3U comes out 5 days earlier than the physical retail game. >.< You suck Capcom.

I'll be downloading the HarmoKnight demo and maybe MM3. I will have to wait till the 19th to get MH3U. Hoping the circle pad Pro XL comes out on the 19th.



ThomasBW84 said:

@GumbyX84 No, the retail downloads arrive alongside the store releases. Please read the text!

They're in this week's update from Nintendo, as someone has already observed that including them in next week's would be too late.



Lalivero said:

I'm getting the HarmoKnight Demo then and maybe I'll pick up Lego City soon. Still have LM2, Mystery Dungeon, and Harmo to get later on in the month, so it might have to wait just a little while longer.



ejamer said:

D'oh! Forgot to cancel my Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate 3DS preorder, and now it's in the mail already. Would've rather skipped this one due to lacking online play... but I really do like the series so am not that upset. Only downside: I'm flat broke now after shelling out full retail+shipping and won't be getting any games for the near future.



Ralizah said:

I'll download the Harmoknight demo for sure.
Otherwise, I'll be holding off. I REALLY want to be able to afford Oracle of Ages/Seasons when those are released.



blackknight77 said:

Boy they really overpriced Rayman origin. I think the superior PSN version is discounted to $20 or less



Zellybeanie said:

LEGO City Undercover, baby!

I just might pee the rug as it downloads. I'm THAT excited about the game.



JSuede said:

Hrmm.....I thought NFS was supposed to get a demo. Guess not :-

I really don't want to support EA because of their terrible business practices, but Criterion should be rewarded for actually trying with their port. Dilemma!



Marioman64 said:

@MultiMariosonic nintendolife gets their information at 10-11am here (my timezone is -5h, whichever that one is), and the eshop updates around 12:30-1:00pm

also, the harmoknight demo has only 10 uses!!! ack, even if I only play once a day it'll run out! what to do...



SonataAndante said:

Mega Man 3 for me today, might look into that HarmoKnight demo if I can squeeze it onto my SD card (I really need to get a bigger one). Also a new Fire Emblem DLC pack today (why the heck is it more expensive?), so I'll be grabbing that as well. I'll be getting MH3U on launch and Punch Out on Wednesday because hell, what's 30 cents? All in all, a very fine week for me.



SonataAndante said:

Wait what, only TEN? It's bad enough that demos have limited uses at all, but at least 30 was a number most people would never use up. 10 is pushing it though, and I'd call it mostly unacceptable. I've been tiding myself over by playing the MH3U demo a bunch, trying out different weapons and attempting to kill Plesioth, so I've probably played it 10 times by now.



cyrus_zuo said:

Chasing Aurora is good if you take the time to get it. I'd call it a gamer game b/c it honestly takes 30-60 minutes to figure out the controls and how to play effectively.
Once you get it, there is some good fun there. It's definitely worth a look, but clearly not for everyone and probably not a great mixed group game (better with experienced players).



odd69 said:

Suprise suprise,even with ALL the content, this week sucks. The wii u line up sucks, and since launch, Nothing worth a poop was been on the table. Nintendo, after having a ps3 i have to say, the wii u is a snooze fest week after week. Is this what i paid 399.99 for????? To sit and collect dust????? Oh and let me go off and say your sales suck.
Rayman is 29.99 on e shop? well its 13.99 on psn, its been that price TWICE since the wii u launched. As far as im concerned you have failed, im offically not impressed with the wii u's game line up. I have money to throw at you, give me something worth a poop and i may just make it rain

where is downloadble mario's, zeldas, kirbys? why is this not on the eshop. why because you nintendo are wasting potential just like you did with the wii.

this is the last time i get burnt from nintendo systems. A hardcore gamer system hahahahah what a joke



odd69 said:

Not really mad i just want to play my 400.00 system, and sony and microsoft does it cheaper and better, the facts are all there, i just didnt want to realize it

Most weeks does anyone notice, that the vote poll each week mostly gets "nothing for me" votes. Eh who cares my opinion is just what it is and im sure someone will argue



Windy said:

Harmoknight did not disappoint! very good and totally reminds me of Adventure island plays tight great controls




@odd69 You're comparing a relatively new console with only some games to a 6-year old console with a grown library of games >.>

Anyway, pretty decent lineup of games this week. Too bad I don't have a Wii U or 3DS.



odd69 said:

right but compare the wii's line up to the wii u's line up... notice anything lacking thats why i went off, dont care how that makes me look but i am a consumer i spend LOTS of money on gaming and i just have to voice my opinion,

but now i will have to eat everyone's flame sandwich LOL



Megumi said:

Nothing for me...though I'm still debating on whether or not to download Ultimate on the 3DS. (preordered the Wii U version at GameStop)



Windy said:

@odd69 Im going to agree with you. Its a pattern with Nintendo. They said be patient with the Wii. Now they said a few weeks back be patient with the Wii-U. My patience is over in regards to the Wii and Wii-U. Im glad I didnt buy a Wii-U because the Wii never really took off the way I wanted to game and im not going through that again. Nintendo will continue issuing the be patient statements just like they have in the past. Sure a handful of good games will come out for the system while the PS3 and Xbox get a boatload of great software titles each week and continue to have an awesome "Robust" (that was for you Reggie) online gaming service while Nintendo continues to falter in that respect. I love my 3ds it has recieved alot of love. but im not playing the patience game with the Wii-U like I did with Wii. In the End the Wait on Wii was kind of worth the wait Xenoblade and Last Story were just incredible. But why did it have to take so long? My guess is this.....They didn't have enough good software and had to spread out the releases. Just a guess




@odd69 If you mean launch games: other than Twilight Princess, I don't see much of a difference tbh. But your unhappiness would be understandable if you bought a Wii, Xbox 360, or PS3 at launch. But alas, I'll move on.

To each their own.



idork99 said:

"Noooooooo!..." That's what I yelled at my 3DS when the HarmoKnight demo was over. Didn't think I'd enjoy that demo as I really wasn't expecting much. Now, this is a day one purchase for me .



SCAR said:

I'm getting 3, but just voted Lego. I thought Lego was going to be $60, and I'm getting Monster Hunter as well. Good next couple weeks for Nintendo ahead.



Windy said:

@idork99 If you have a Wii I recommend downloading Adventure Island for TurboGrafx it pretty much plays identical to Harmoknight. Sure it doesnt look as good but its an awesome game. It also doesnt have the Rythm elements that Harmoknight has



odd69 said:

The wii's launch up had the virtual console , The first day of launch we had zelda, and many of the classic VC games to boot. Oh not to mention wiiware service. So thats 3 things the wii had that the wii u lacks

I buy each console every time one comes out , im just saying the wii u has failed to keep things interesting

BUT i do know it will pick up, i DO know i wont complain once it does. I sound like a nintendo hater but its actually because i LOVE nintendo and i care about the wii u.



Windy said:

@odd69 I hope you dont have to wait long. cause its always good when your playing what you bought



odd69 said:

thank you windy, im actually playing kirby's dream land on my wii u , so its getting love, i do want a kirby wii u game badly



ecco6t9 said:

Mega Man 3 but tomorrow is when I can download it. No time to get a points card today.



Void said:

Glad that LEGO City is only $50, that means I'll be able to get Luigi's Mansion a week sooner.



BetweenTheTrees said:

lego city midnight release! stoked, getting it the minute it arrives on Eshop.
and I will probably get monster hunter 3. i didn't like the demo much, but the game has potential, and i'm sure the game itself is better put together than the demo.



GloryQuestor said:

Mega Man 3, Ketzal's Corridors, and HarmoKnight demo for me this week.

(Still waiting on Legend of the River King, next week maybe?)



Megumi said:

Forgot about the HarmoKnight Demo, lol. I was planning on buying the game anyways, but yeah Demo was fun. xD



slidecage said:

was thinking
Forgotten Legions
1... its a dsiwere game (meaning mostly crap anymore)
2.... from the images i can find the game does look like crap..

so i wait till someone else wastes their 5 before buying



Emaan said:

Nice week! I'll be downloading the HarmoKnight demo, along with Punch-Out for the Wii U next Wednesday :3



ajcismo said:

Might do the Need for Speed thing on download. Lego City is already pre-ordered and paid for. Punch Out and MM3 are happening, and its all just in time for Zen Pinball 2 next week.




@Windy Thank you.

@odd69 And so as someone who's fond of Nintendo, it irks you that the company seems so...behind with the times I'm guessing. That's okay, since it is kinda true. I guess it's the downside of having a company in the soft spot of our heart ^_^



OGGamer said:

No downloads for me . Only a disc copy of MHU will do . Man I can't wait , hurry up tuesday !!!!



theswweet said:

Let me put it this way; I have been waiting the last year and a half for a western release of Monster Hunter Tri G. After almost nine months with no news, I was just about ready to import a Japanese 3DS for just that one game. I would have ended up buying multiple Japan-only 3DS exclusives as well, but I decided to wait and see.

When Monster Hunter 3: Ultimate was not only announced for the west, but as an HD Wii U release to boot - I was sold. I didn't care I was buying a $350+tax system primarily for one game, because I knew I would get atleast 500 hours from the game, and potentially many more then that.

I have put 20+ hours combined between both the 3DS and Wii U demo. I have been counting off the days for months. I've been playing Monster Hunter Tri, Freedom Unite, and Portable 3rd almost non-stop in anticipation. 5 days. Just. 5. More. Days.

So, yes. I will be downloading something this week; Monster Hunter 3: Ultimate for Wii U and 3DS.


I might have a problem.



Irysse said:

Only downloading the HarmoKnight demo, but that's because I'm getting a physical copy of MH3U.



CaPPa said:

Punch Out! and the demos today. Disappointed that there's no Zen Pinball 2 yet again. I'm losing patience with it and I think that I'm going to buy the Star Wars tables on PS3 now rather than wait for them to show up on Wii U.

On Tuesday I'll be downloading Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate on the Wii U. I was going to get a retail copy but the announcement of offscreen play made up my mind to go digital. It'll mean that I can play it in any room without going to put in a disk and will save on disk/drive wear too (as Monster Hunter will inevitably take up hundreds of hours of my time).



MagicEmperor said:

Damn! What a good week! Well, I used my birthday present (gift card) to pre-order a physical copy of Lego City Undercover, so that's taken care of. Of course I'll buy Punch-Out!!. I'll need to check out Monster Hunter. I got the HarmoKnight demo. Yeah! Pretty solid week, I'd say.



Morpheel said:

Dem monster hunters, going to our cities, retro punching our megamen and stuff.



Urbanhispanic said:

I'm definitely getting Mega Man 3 and if I had a Wii U, I would pick up Need for Speed, Lego City Undercover and try out the demo for Monster Hunter 3.

Damn, I wish I had money for the Wii U now!



Tasuki said:

Going to pick up Mega Man 3 for sure when I get the money. For now I will be busy with Tomb Raider, Lego City and Monster Hunter.



TWK said:

@SpaceApe There is no targeting system... that's the whole point. It is an incredibly rewarding game when you master the controls.



hayes1516 said:

Nothing on the download front for me...but I do have physical copies of MH3U and LCU pre-ordered. Looking forward to a lot of gaming this week!



Vann said:

I think the price was wrong
The new games on Mexico's eShop are normally $800
This one was $400!
It was great news for me

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