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Wed 28th Dec 2011

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Vann commented on Nintendo Download: 11th December (North America):

Just came here to say this: If you haven't, buy steel empire. It's amazing, really satisfying and gorgeous.
Totally worth every penny! And on discount is definitely worth of your attention.



Vann commented on Features: The Biggest 3DS Games of 2014 - Spri...:

Persona Q, Conception II, Shovel Knight and Shantae on my list
Obviously Smash Bros is a must have for me also, but i'm 80% sure it'll come out by christmas season, to boost the nintendo consoles (A lot of people would buy a Wii U to be its "Smash Console")
Haven't seen gameplay footage of persona Q, but i played persona 3 and it was quite good (complex/weird story) so at least is in my radar.
Conception II was a game that wasn't getting my attention until the demo. What a quircky and weird RPG/dating sim. It got me interested at least.
I'm a self proclaimed eShop addict, and when we where told Shovel Knight and Shantae were going to be sold there, I got no choice. Must buy games for me!



Vann commented on Inazuma Eleven Shoots And Scores On The North ...:

I actually prefer the digital release rather than the physical copy (mostly because of the price and availability.
I played a bit on my friends R4 and it seemed awesome.
Its a must buy for me



Vann commented on Nintendo Download: 6th February (North America):

Nice week for the 3DS!

I'll most likely get Retro City Rampage and Bravely Default (but probably the physical copy).
Does anyone know if Urban Trial Freestyle is any good? Seems ok but I would prefer to hear some opinions before buying it



Vann commented on Nintendo Download: 30th January (North America):

Its a really good game, and very enjoyable.
It gets a bit repetitive but if you enjoy the gameplay you'll have a blast and possibly a lot of hours of fun. You may need some patience to kill some monsters (Hunts can go between 5-50 minutes, althought most of the monsters die in about 15-20 minutes the first time you kill them)
I would also suggest to play it with friends. It gets really really fun and challenging.



Vann commented on Nintendo Download: 30th January (North America):

Has anyone played Ohno Odyssey? Im kind of interested, so i would like to hear any opinions about it.
Also if anyone downloads tanks 2 share your comments please. The trailer seemed like fun



Vann commented on Nintendo Download: 23rd January (North America):

Btw, if you don't have project X zone (and you like the strategy genre) its quite fun (once you understand the story is not very complex/coherent)
And Shin Megami Tensei IV is one of the best RPG's of the system, if not the best, for that price its a must have



Vann commented on Talking Point: What Games Are You Playing This...:

A mix between Kingdom Hearts 3D(Just got it on Sale. Amazing so far!)
Paper Mario Sticker Star (Bought a while ago. Got me bored but I decided to finish all the games i own). It got more enjoyable after a while, but i still think its new system is flawed and far inferior compared to the other paper mario games)
Maybe some Luigi's Mansion (for the same reason. Although I admit this is way better than sticker star)
And Mario & Luigi Dream Team (Same reason. I honestly don't remember why i stopped playing this one, Dream Team is amazing!).
Maybe a bit of Monster hunter 3 Ultimate, Rhythm thief, and New SMB2 (coin rush is surprisingly adicting)

Thinking about getting Untold because of the sale but that would be for the next week



Vann commented on Iwata Accepts Responsibility For Poor Financia...:

I don't think Iwata should leave, but I certainly think its time for some changes. I don't want to be pessimist but I can't think of a scenario where the WiiU leaves the profit to keep supporting it. Don't get me wrong, I really like the system and I'm sure Nintendo can create great experiences with it, but its certainly far behind the new consoles (which would mean little to none third party support).
Nintendo should continue supporting the 3ds, and either try to reach next gen level or simply stick with portables next time (We all loved the n64 and the GC, but their sales weren't outstanding. Those generations were saved single-handed by the portables).
I actually would love to see a Hybrid of both (a Portable console with HDMI ports for console-like experience).
For now, I believe there's not a lot Nintendo can do to win this battle, but to withstand the hard times and comeback with an amazing piece of hardware (again, a Hybrid sound great, and that would mean no more branching games between two systems, just one nintendo console).
Either way, I highly doubt Nintendo will hang the gloves with the WiiU, and although that's honorable, it feels as fighting a battle already lost.
I love Nintendo (3DS is my favorite console of all time), and i really hope for the company to get out of this bad streak .



Vann commented on Nintendo Download: 16th January (North America):

Thats all for the 3DS? no new eShop game? Don't get me wrong, im not bashing on Simon's Quest but to only get that on this week seams pretty weak IMHO.
I mean, january is a slow month for gaming in general, shouldn't it be a time to boost eShop sales with new content? Since reatail games usually don't come out at this time of the year, seams reasonable to me.
Anyway, I just bought 4 games last week between eShop discounts and retail sales so I guess I'll be fine.
Love my 3DS



Vann commented on Talking Point: What Games Are You Playing This...:

Just got Animal Crossing for the 3DS. Its amazing how soothing and fun it can be.
I'll be also playing a lot of Fire Emblem (3DS), my first playthrough on Hard/Classic, and i think im managing myself, with some resets needed here and there, but if i get stressed out I'll switch to new leaf again.
Maybe some No more heroes (got it about two weeks ago, and its really fun) or Fire emblem Radiant Dawn (which is my favourite of the series, next to Awakening).
Still haven't finished skyward sword, although i have to admit its a superb polished Nintendo experience. Maybe I'll pick that later this weekend



Vann commented on Review: NightSky (3DS eShop):

On the eShop, I had my most gratifying experiences from games published from Nicalis. VVVVVV is amazingly addictive and so much fun and challenge, and Cave Story is simply glorious(have to add, the music in both games is heavenly, i love it!) so without hesitation I'll buy this (even more sure of it after seeing Chicken reviewed it so well). Cant wait!



Vann commented on Cave Story Fix is "Coming Soon":

I was skeptical about buying the eShop version (I already own the Dsiware version), but since i heard so many good things about it, I bought it.
Oh god, what a great choice. This is the definitive form of Cave Story (in my honest opinion). The widescreen resolution looks fantastic, even the 3D looks good (5 layers of 3D, making it a great visual amusement).
When I found out Curly Story wasn't working, I was a bit upset (this was gonna be my first time playing it), so im really glad to hear they're gonna fix it.

Anyways, even if its not the topic i have to add: If you haven't played Cave Story, buy this as fast as possible. It's become one of my favorite games



Vann commented on New Super Mario Bros. 2 Will Cost £39.99 to D...:

I may en up buying it on the eShop, but only because i would pay less. In this zone of my country everything costs much because im away from the main city, so i normally pay up to 55 USD for the same game, so maybe the eShop title would be cheaper for me



Vann commented on Review: Planet Crashers (3DS eShop):

Doesn't sound that bad from reading the review. I dont think avoiding random encounters whenever you want to is a bad point. Maybe the thing is that the gameplay isn't that interesting (haven't played it)
Good review overall. I think I'll wait for a sale or something



Vann commented on Nintendo Download: 26th July 2012 (North America):

I thought they were stopping game of the week because of "The month of mario" Glad to see I was wrong, and even happier to see Colors 3D! on sale!! I've Been wanting to get it since launch but wasn't that motivated (mostly because im not that good painting, probably art academy would be better for me)
I will be getting warioland, colors 3D! and maybe planet crashers, depending on reviews



Vann commented on Nintendo Download: 19th July 2012 (North America):

Petit Computer seems quite interesting (didn't know anything about it until now). The sale is so so, seems like nintendo doesn't like to lower its prices (the games that get great offers arent from the big N itself).
The phantom Thief looks kind of lame, at least the trailers.
The next week its gonna be AWESOME!!!!



Vann commented on Planet Crashers Smash Down on 26th July:

@21 dude, its gonna be on the eshop, it can't be as gorgeus as Kid Icarus or Resident Evil: revelations.
Have fun with Heroes of ruin, doesn't have great graphics but the demo was quite fun!



Vann commented on Nintendo Download: 12th July 2012 (North America):

This tuesday i added money to my eshop. I bought the Maverl Pinball (which is amazing!) and held the rest of my money to see if there was gonna be something good this week. My decision was right! MSF for 3 dollars!?!? Insta-buy!
Does anyone know if the sword of hope II is good? seems interesting to me so far