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Sun 9th Sep 2012

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Shiromikio commented on Review: HarmoKnight (3DS eShop):

I got it anyway even though initially I was expecting to remain stuck in the first world after playing the demo (like others I couldn't get past the bee boss). The Bumpy March melody is really nice for quick play sessions, there's a certain satisfaction when you hit the notes in time and they ring clearly like a glass chime. The 10-use demo limit isn't enough, lol.

Oddly, I had the same experience as @DRL with boss battles so far, if I just listen then play back the note sequences without watching the action, I did better or at least good enough to pass the stage. Going to play this a bit this weekend and see if any inroads can be made.



Shiromikio commented on Nintendo Announces Mint White 3DS XL For Japan:

Mint white is all right, almost a complementary to the pink XL. While I wouldn't have chosen the mint white colour for the Tomodachi Collection design (the colours should be more vibrant), it still looks very nice.

I still prefer the white version.



Shiromikio commented on Namco Bandai Announces Disney Magic Castle: My...:

Looks like a shorter, Disney-themed Animal Crossing kind of game? If it has a lot of content/fun mini-activities, I'd be interested in a western release. As an aside, Japan is lucky to have another nice special edition XL, I like the idea of the design in gold. Still waiting for plain white here ...



Shiromikio commented on Project Happiness is Now HomeTown Story:

Looking forward to this one. While I couldn't quite finish any of the HM games I've played, this and HM are still good additions to the 3DS library. Hopefully it won't be a very long wait for localisation.



Shiromikio commented on Rhythm Hunter: HarmoKnight's US Price Is Revealed:

Agreed with others who said "the right price" depends on content and experience.
That said, I was planning to pick it up and was expecting a $39 game like Theatrhythm, so the price point sounds good at the moment, providing they don't overdo DLC (if any).



Shiromikio commented on Nintendo of America Offering Free Retail Game ...:

Sorry, nope. Bring in the white XL that other regions already have and I'll line up for it. Don't even have to do a free game promotion, just release one of those special editions (Animal Crossing, or one with a simple but pleasant design like Culdcept) so we can at least have more choice, please.



Shiromikio commented on Animal Crossing: New Leaf Release Dates Announ...:

Finally! Thanks Nintendo. Looking forward to the release day. Just haven't decided to get in retail or download ... I'd like to collect a physical copy but it's also a game I'd keep conveniently on the front page. If there's a special edition I'll probably go for the physical copy.



Shiromikio commented on Talking Point: The Future Role of High Street ...:

Good discussion article.

For Nintendo games, I mostly go retail and cartridges partly because I like the extra content (accessories, art booklets, etc.) that comes with some games. Occasionally I order online if there's a cool pre-order bonus or if I can't find a title in-store, e.g. older DS games like Tetris DS. As long as they keep the prepaid eShop cards I don't mind whether a game is retail or downloadable, just glad that it's released. However, if I see a box set with bonus content and a downloadable version with no bonus content, both at the same price, guess which one I'd pick?

On used games: sometimes I find a gem in the used section (Rhythm Thief was surprisingly elusive here in Canada, unless you order online from a US store.) As for used games somehow hurting publishers because of lack of royalties paid back, admittedly it's a bit sad. That said, I see used games as somewhat like used books. There are lots of bookstores specialising in used books, I don't know if publishers get a chunk of the sales either, but these bookstores help make books more affordable and accessible. Some books go out of print fast, just like some games only get 1-2 runs. Retailers might make profit from used games, but the pre-owned system also keeps a lot of good games from going into game heaven/landfill, and gives people who have just started their collection another chance to pick up the older games. Usually, I try to get new when it's at hand, since for recently released games (providing they put out enough) I don't need to hunt in the used corner.

The other thing about retail vs online, it's down to the user experience. Some people like to hold a physical copy in their hands, and being able to talk to other gamers or the guy running the shop. I see parents taking their children to the games store on weekends, even if just to look at what's new. Some people prefer the space-saving/portable downloadable version, like having the games delivered straight to their door. No lineups to pay, no jostling crowds.



Shiromikio commented on Nintendo Download: 3rd January 2013 (North Ame...:

Possibly Unchained Blade, will have to find out what the RPG mechanics are like first.

Already got the retail version of CoP and pre-order was $39.99, my guess is the download version would be around that price. That said, the retail version came with a soundtrack CD/art booklet, with any luck it might be a slightly lower price for the downloadable version without the extra content.



Shiromikio commented on Nintendo of Europe's Satoru Shibata Gives a Ch...:

From Mr Shibata's post: "I jump for joy when I read that someone is excited about an upcoming game that I announced. Conversely, I feel down when I read comments such as “I’m disappointed that there was no new information” or “The release date is too far ahead!” (which was the case last time…)."

If any Nintendo staff ever happen to read the comments: please don't feel down. I don't know about others, but when I say something like that, it's exactly because I'm excited about the game. ND is a great way to hear about upcoming games, and once you hear about it and like what you heard, naturally you would like a release date so you can get it as soon as it's ready. So, it is not meant as a negative comment as much as it is anticipation for a game and hoping that the wait won't be (too) long. If people still remember - still care - that such a game is in the works, you've already done something right.

Thanks for the ND and for reading player comments. Merry Christmas!



Shiromikio commented on Mario And Friends Wish Us All Happy Holidays:

A fun little e-card. I like the background music! Can easily imagine a winter wonderland-themed NSMB2 course with the music as background, and Mario bouncing across the tops of giant moving candy canes ... no, no, it's not something in my cider.

Happy Holidays to all at NL!



Shiromikio commented on Nintendo Download: 6th December 2012 (North Am...:

Nice week for 3DS with a few retail downloads. I haven't picked up HM:ANB yet so voted it as a likely possibility. Also considering Scribblenauts Unlimited, though I would've gotten it sooner if they'd included the item editor in the Wii U version.



Shiromikio commented on Pikmin 3 and Animal Crossing: New Leaf Drop In...:

Part of me suspects they're holding back AC so they can have a major title to boost sales in the summer. If they're going to postpone release, I would've preferred they didn't bring out teasers every time to remind people of the wait, especially when it's already released in one region. It would've been nicer to remind people only when there's new information, e.g. with a release date.

Nevertheless, if they're going to make people wait, then wait it will be. Better late than never, I guess. If they really do need the extra time, e.g. for localisation, then they're welcome to it.



Shiromikio commented on Nintendo Direct: Watch The North American Pres...:

Still no AC date, HarmoKnight confirmation (expected already just not "official"), and most of the 3DS items have no release dates except the Luigi Mansion game. Nice ND for Wii U players (Ninja Gaiden 3, Lego City Undercover), though. 3DS followers can go back to sleep.



Shiromikio commented on Nintendo of America Confirms Its Own Nintendo ...:

Thanks for the notice, looking forward to it.

This time around, a release date for Animal Crossing: A New Leaf, please, not just recycling teaser trailers and summaries we've had for months. Release window for Fantasy Life would be good too, but it's probably still too early.

As for a surprise, a white XL in NA in time for the holidays? Chances looking slim to zero at this point, though.



Shiromikio commented on Register Paper Mario: Sticker Star On Club Nin...:

Very nice! Would get one if they ever publish one for sale.

As usual, EU gets cool Nintendo rewards, unlike a certain dull region that doesn't have PMSS restaurant launch parties and no choice of a free game out of 5 to go with a 3DS XL. If it's any consolation, the November issue of Nintendo Power had PMSS ads with a few stickers, just enough to use on a 3DS and maybe a notebook or two.



Shiromikio commented on Wii Mini Doesn't Include an SD Slot:

No SD card slot might be a problem if people ever decide to get a Wii U down the road and then find out they can't transfer their progress to the other console. That said, this limitation is minor compared to the lack of online features. Anyone who wanted this would probably still be on track to get it, and others will plan for Wii U.

Although, releasing a stripped-down Wii makes the regular Wii look a little better too (compared to the Mini, regular Wii looks like a solid deal with maybe a bundled game for just a little more than the Mini).

Then there's a crowd that can just get the Mini and feel like they got a brand new console (rather than 6 yr+ old tech) at an affordable price, so the new variant, albeit one with limited features, is a clever little move to get the latecomers on board.



Shiromikio commented on Wii U Wasn't The Only Nintendo Hardware Launch...:

Looks great. Saw a picture of the box earlier and was hoping it would be a NA release, but no, they pull out pink, of all choices.

local othercolours = get3DSColoursNA()
if (othercolours == nil) then print("No XL under the tree this holiday!") end



Shiromikio commented on Latest Iwata Asks Episode Reveals Why Paper Ma...:

The character art and graphics are great, I like the secret exits and the sticker battle turned out okay so far (midway through World 3). There are plenty of stickers to be found, so usually that's not a problem, unless it's a boss battle. Surviving boss battles mainly calls for 1-2 of the larger stickers (it seems there's a repeat request in World 1 that you can satisfy to get a sticker object if you've used it up once) and finding which of the regular ones will work best with that particular boss. The harder part for me was getting to the boss, rather than the boss itself. To tie in with some people's comments about the point of going into battle, I do it mostly to get the minions out of the way so I can run around unhindered when I'm looking for the right door/object to complete that level.

It's just, that as someone new to the series and was looking forward to a Mario RPG on the 3DS, there's a lot of platformer and puzzle elements and they aren't really my thing, as much as I like the exploration. For platformer I'd go to NSMB2. So for people looking for a Mario adventure and like to explore, this is a good game. Those looking for an RPG will be disappointed.



Shiromikio commented on Feature: Wii U Launch Day, Live!:

Thanks for the liveblog! I enjoyed reading the impressions and looking at the system screenshots. Hope to see more coverage of Miiverse and its features in the coming days.



Shiromikio commented on Nintendo Network IDs Are Tied To A Single Wii ...:

Sorry, but this is pathetic. The system's getting there, but so slowly. This should've been one of the first things tackled, it's five years late already. While most people would have only one home console of that kind active (i.e. one Wii, one Wii U, etc.), devices can break or who knows, people might pass on their old one to a relative/friend. With Miiverse and people having both portable and home consoles, it's obviously important to have a real network account and not this one-device-only nonsense.

Hopefully they'll push it out a bit faster.



Shiromikio commented on Father Gender-Bends Link For The Benefit of Hi...:

I'd agree with the camp that says it's nice of the dad, but unnecessary. It's joining a character (whether male, female, alien, object, etc.) on an adventure.

If he feels he should continue with it, good luck. Still, I hope he'll explain to her as soon as she's a little older, give her the option to play the original or modded game, so she doesn't end up in little arguments with other schoolkids about whether a whole parade characters are male/female and then finding out she got different stories. More likely for the memory to be of dad going out of his way to make a game better just for her (she could then play both and decide what she wants), not that dad took a game she liked and made some stupid changes to it so she couldn't play it the way other kids were playing it.



Shiromikio commented on 3DS Continues Hardware Sales Dominance in Japan:

Is it possible the hardware sales jump was due to some special edition XL (and in sufficiently higher quantities to show in the figures)? Pushed those who were still on the fence to buy/"upgrade" from 3DS, and the dedicated collectors. Or something simple like a nation-wide promotional event in the cities' busiest shopping centres.



Shiromikio commented on Nintendo Download: 8th November 2012 (North Am...:

Paper Mario Sticker Star, but undecided whether to get it in retail or as a download. I've never played the series before, admiring the graphics but not sure about the sticker-based battle. I was hoping it'd lean more towards the RPG genre.

It's funny as this is the 3rd game I'm planning to get that is eligible for the DK title (which is more a collector's title for me and not a regular play title) and the other two ended up as a retail copy. There's a chance I might regret the purchase as a download and can't trade it in, but then I had the same wariness about the previous game and it was fun after all. At this rate I might just end up with all five titles from retail and no DK. The collector part of me has a terrible sense of humour sometimes.