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Sun 17th Mar 2013

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hayes1516 commented on The Amazing Spider-Man: Ultimate Edition:

There is a bit, thought I have noticed the screen tearing a lot more in the videos than in the game itself. Never looked but possibly the videos are PAL? I'm NTSC and like I said there is some screen tearing but not a whole lot.



hayes1516 commented on Review: LEGO City Undercover: The Chase Begins...:

I was actually fairly impressed with this game. The city isn't as robust as the Wii U version but they chock that up to construction. Yes the load times are long but hey, you're getting an open world game on a handheld system. My only complaint so far is the camera sometimes goes where you don't want it to.



hayes1516 commented on Review: Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate (3DS):

I picked up the Wii U version on launch day but after having played a bit i decided it might be a good idea to have the 3DS version so I could do some grinding while on breaks at work as well and keep my game going. Picked up the 3DS version yesterday and it really is the most impressive looking game for the system that I've seen yet.