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Fez For Wii U Is Highly Unlikely Unless Nintendo Pays For It

Posted by Orla Madden

It'd have to port it, too

Fez creator, Phil Fish, has been doing the rounds across the internet recently, with his comments that Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate would be more suited to the Playstation Vita; he later attempted to clear up the fact that he was taken out of context on Twitter, by saying that he loves Nintendo more than it deserves.

In a fresh tweet on his widely praised title, Fez, Fish has stated that it will be unlikely to reach the Wii U unless it's funded and ported by Nintendo:

Similar noises have been made — potentially with tongue in cheek in this example — by Team Meat, stating that the presence of Meat Boy in Super Smash Bros. would get the popular platformer onto Wii U. On the flipside, Nintendo of America's Dan Adelman has recently spoken about making eShop publication "as frictionless as possible"; we're not sure that'll include paying for titles such as Fez itself.

So not only will it not arrive on Nintendo's latest home console, a 3DS port has also been ruled out too, which we reported on last week. What are your thoughts? Is it a game you would have liked to see released for either system?


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Chunky_Droid said:

It merely sounds like he doesn't see it being a hit on the eShop.

Or finds it being too much effort for him to add a 3D effect, Gamepad integration, whatever.

I remember him being way frustrated with Microsoft's treatment of Fez on XBLA, I'm a little surprised if he isn't communicating with Nintendo, especially if Nintendo are as indie friendly as other devs are making them out to be.



ToneDeath said:

Oh well, guess we won't be reading about Phil Fish around HERE any more then...




Slapshot said:

@pheonixology Actually, Fish makes a living developing video games, so I'd like to think he knows a little something about the industry - eh?

The short of it is this: nearly every ranting fan here that's dishing out obscenities at Fish are doing nothing but putting themselves down to the same level as him, and loose tongue. Had his game - that's all but perfectly fitting on a Nintendo console - landed on the Wii U/3DS exclusively, I have no doubt that it would be widely praised here.



Usagi-san said:

I've never played the game but instead of waiting for Nintendo to do it for him why doesn't he just start a kickstarter and hire somebody to port it? If the fans love it that much it well get funded but if not then no real loss.



BF-Medic said:

Well, at least he's right about that last sentence.
Wondering why he won't port it himself...betting he would earn some decent $ on it...but what do I know..



Peach64 said:

He's not asking Nintendo to pay him to put it on Wii U, he's saying he has no plans to bring it to the platform, but if Nintendo pay someone to do the port, then he'll agree to it. Nothing wrong with that, no need for the hateful comments towards the guy. He probably just wants to focus on the platforms that will make him the most money, PSN, IOS and Steam, and then work on something new. He could spend six months porting it to the Wii U and have it sell 100k, or spend the same time porting to any of the other ones and have it sell 5 million. It's common sense.



DarkCoolEdge said:

I suppose he doesn't want to stop with whatever he is doing right now. It makes perfect sense.



Usagi-san said:

@Slapshot "Actually, Fish makes a living developing video games, so I'd like to think he knows a little something about the industry"

Really? what else has he done? I can't find anything on his other stuff, but admittedly I haven't looked very hard.



Bucho said:

oh Fish, like i told you once, your game is ok, but get over yourself, you're no celebrity.



SilentHunter382 said:

@Peach64 I couldn't agree with you more. As a person studing game design you would want to release your game on the system that has a large player based so you can make the most money on.

No point in creating a port for a system where you may only make your money back. And if that happened and judging by the comments from past threads he would make a loss because of people not getting it because of spite.

@Usagi-san If you create one product and making money from it it means your making a living off it. >.<



Mk_II said:

how can you be taken out of context on Twitter? Does not compute. He made some very stupid and immature comments and now he'll probably never get a game released on a Nintendo platform. Business 101: do not bite the hand that feeds you.



akabenjy said:

I think what he meant to say was "I will port Fez to the Wii U when hell freezes over".



Usagi-san said:

@SilentHunter382 But Slapshot was using this to argue that he must obviously know something about making it in the game industry.

I'm not trying to be mean or anything. If he has only made a one-hit wonder then he's a newcomer and actually may not be all that familiar with the industry. When slapshot said he made a living developing video games I assumed he had worked on other games and was a little known veteran.



DePapier said:

@Peach64 ...You're aware the 3DS eShop can be more viable than iOS and even Android in some cases, right? It wouldn't make quite much sense to rule out the best-selling portable console.

I'm sure Dan Adelman would and still could have been friends with him to bring the game over to the 3DS eShop. But it's obvious here on this website that we do not like him and hence yes, the platform would definitely not be profitable for him.



XCWarrior said:

Pretty sure after the Wii Music debacle, Nintendo isn't going to be spending any more money on shovelware. so don't expect Fez on Wii U.



Chunky_Droid said:

Fez was received well critically, and I believe it sold well on XBLA.

I would have thought bringing it to 3DS would have made more sense than bringing it to Vita from a business perspective, but maybe he just has a preference? I'm not gonna get my pitchforks over this.



Spoony_Tech said:

@Peach64 After all the stuff he has said the past few days how can you still defend him?! He obviously is just trying to draw attention to himself and unfortunately this site as well as many others are giving it to him! I'm not saying the guy needs to shut up but the media needs to just ignore him already. This is like the fourth or fifth topic about him in like the last week or so. Who cares about his one game?! He's acting like its the best game on the internet and everyone wants to play it. I for one wouldn't play it now if it was given to me for free! Just shut up already and make games for whatever console you want Mr Fish!!

Edit: Ok so maybe he does need to shut up lol!



Peach64 said:

@DePapier The thing is, Gunman Clive isn't that great. It's not bad, but it doesn't stand out at all on any of those other marketplaces. The choice on the 3DS eShop is quite small, so it has a captive audience.

Fez won numerous game of the year awards, and it would not get overlooked on the other marketplaces like Gunman Clive did. The best selling games on all those other marketplaces vastly outsell the best selling games on 3DS or Wii U eShops.



Captain_Toad said:

in b4 i hate fez anyway com.....never mind
"In order 4 Fez to be ported, Nintendo needs to pay for it." Okay.
"Then port it." Wait, What?
"Which will never happen." .......No comment
If this WiiU port is so difficult as this guy says, then how come he's planning on an PSN and other systems port with no such complications? (as of yet)



SkywardLink98 said:

I think what he means here, is he's not gonna port it, but Nintendo is welcome to. After all this, I'm wondering if he just has a strange way of talking :/



lebad said:

Why asking other people to port ITS game, ITS Baby. If he ports it himself he will earn money when selling it??



Dizzard said:

I really don't see the great appeal of this game, it doesn't help that the maker seems like a douche....but even if he wasn't I don't see what's so amazing or ground breaking about it.

Certainly not worth Nintendo's time and money paying for it.



Kagamine said:

I wish i could hear more about what he has to say. I never really liked the guys attitude to much, but I would still like to hear him expand on his reasoning. Why does he feel this way? Maybe an interview or something Nintendolife?



Aviator said:

I love how some people think one case of an eShop game outselling an iOS/Android game means the platform is better.



Aviator said:

@Chunky_Droid I haven't thought about it in depth, (and I'm not sure how much the two are alike), but I imagine it's mostly due to Fez coming to the PS3.



Pod said:

I get why these people may feel burned on Nintendo.

Phil can stick it where the sun don't shine though.

Maybe Nicalis might be into handling a Wii U port, but that would require Phil to communicate with someone and reach some sort of agreement.



Realgamer4life said:

People who defend this guy crack me up. HE flat out blasted a Nintendo product for having two screens. Now you honestly think he cares about his game on a product with two screens?
Nintendo has already said there not paying for games but they have made it profitable for indie developers to release there games



PinkSpider said:

Why would we want this game, didn't the guy the other day completely slag the 3DS off love off keep your game




@Grubdog and @Nintenjoe64 LOL! Both your comments made me laugh.

Anyway I'm gonna try to keep this as FAMILY FRIENDLY as possible. This guy can seriously go.......sheer himself, self absorbed COC........I mean AS.......I mean CLOWNS like that aren't even worth the dirt I walk on. I can see where he's coming from to a certain degree but it's the way you say things.

The best thing to do is to keep your mouth shut! You can't just pretty much say "I don't think your worth dealing with unless your company pays for me" Ofcourse fans are gonna be abset you son of a........HAMSTER!! I don't even know why people are defending this KITTEN. I've heard of the trials there are to being an indie developers but that doesn't mean you can run around and diss other products!!

There's so much I wanna say right now but to be honest this FISH isn't even worth my time.



Spoony_Tech said:

@Peach64 Yes he is entitled to those comments. Heck he could even say why is this even on a Nintendo platform. It makes more sense to go multiplatform for Capcom but he didn't stop there and that's the problem so many have for him!! When you say something that all the world can see of course its going to be taken out of context.

Mad or not I'm pretty sure he meant every word he said about the 3ds and ds. It's like a drunk person saying something and its usually their true feeling about a subject!

It's his choice to make a game for any platform he wants and say whatever he wants but when you are in the industry your comments weigh more then someone who is not!



ultraraichu said:

Fish should be careful what he types on the Internet. Unlike using your voice, you have time to read back on your comment, edit, and send before the world that follows your posts reads it.

FYI this is my third retype on this comment before I reply. The first two was alittle childish and/or mean of me.



HeatBombastic said:

He's a hardworking indie, he almost got bankrupt making a Fez game, and from a business standpoint this statement obviously makes sense. But he's got to work on his speaking skills or people will start to get mad at him. Really, he almost passed the line the other day of becoming a ego-filled indie. I hope that he isn't, but right now I see him as a hardworking indie who's bad at making public statements and such.



meppi said:

It doesn't even matter to me. After the disgusting way he acted about not patching the XBLA version, he's not getting a cent from me ever again. Doesn't help that he comes of as a douche most of the time either.



MrWalkieTalkie said:

Ok I'm serious when I say that I think he might have some social disorder based on his behavior that seems to be an up and down rollercoaster.



Spoony_Tech said:

@Aviator And you just kinda proved my point. Twitter isn't private anyone can see it. You allow people to follow you and you have no idea what their motives are. Nothing you say in public or the internet is private anymore. Whether he meant for his comments to get out or not isn't the problem. The problem is he said it where all can see it if they so choose.



SilentHunter382 said:

@meppi While it is true that he wouldn't patch the XBLA version but i agree on him with that.

If microsoft never bothered to have a charge on the patches I bet that more games on the system would get the same treatment the PC versions would get for patches



C7_ said:

I respect Phil because he released an indie game which was pretty, but at this point you can't take 5 years to release 1 game, choose the system with a bad patching policy, release a patch that breaks the game for some people, and talk this much smack on the industry.
And suggesting that Nintendo would handle the port themselves? How pretentious can you get? Surely he could convince a 3rd party like Nicalis or something to help with the port; now he just sounds like an ass.



nomeacuerdo said:

Tomorrow we'll see this headline: "Fez creator threatens to move to Antarctica if he isn't promoted as Nintendo's CEO". He douesn't get what he wants, he goes away and the world is a better place.


He continues crying with this nonesense and gets free publicity.



Spoony_Tech said:

@Peach64 Yeah but he's acting like the face of a multinational corporation. Like I said he can say anything he wants but as we learned through history what you say can define who you are or what you stand for!



Aviator said:

Why? Because he uses twitter to express his views?

Guess we should forget about everyone on twitter then!

He has a view that's different to yours?

Say goodbye to everyone then!



blondeandy said:

Held out on buying fez after his opinions on Japanese developers but cracked eventually, regretting my purchase now as it funds thus idiot. After having played it I can say it would really benefit from two screens as I lost track of the amount of time I spent going between the game and the map screen....

As for mh3u, having a blast with it. Most psp monster hunters would've given their left "claw" for an abomination like the circle pad pro. Although 3ds should've had 2 sticks as standard...



OverturePT said:

Everyone has the right to say what they want but he could make sure he doesn't say something absurd or at least choose his words a bit more carefully when it came out to that 3DS tweet. Obviously the guy has his opinion and I couldn't care less (though some people here seem to care), but he isn't just a guy like me or you, he has fans, potential buyers, etc, so yea, he could think for a second before saying something.



meppi said:

It's not just that, it's the way he acted when talking about those problems.
Not to mention how jealous he seemed towards Notch when Minecraft did so well and got major support from Microsoft. If he had played his cards right and actually talked to them about the issues, he probably would have gotten a similar deal. But instead he started badmouthing everyone involved, so I find it hard to feel any sympathy for him.



Jaz007 said:

All of the rage here is complete unreasonable. He is just saying that he doesn't think it's worth it to port over to Nintendo and that they would need to do it themselves if they wanted the game. He's not asking them to port it and would be rather surprised if they did. No ego or pride in this tweet at all. The only people who are being ridiculous, unreasonable, and acting immature right now are the people insulting Phil for this comment.



LztheQuack said:

Well I'm a Nintendo fan myself, so I'll throw my two cents in. He's basically saying it's not happening! Plain and simple!



SilverSeraph said:

Nintendo should do the exact opposite of what everyone expects and actually extend an olive branch to Fish. In the end it's customers that matter and Wii U really needs content. Nintendo in reaching out to Fish, perhaps even porting the game as he says, would take the higher ground and create some good PR.



supersix said:

Hard to believe someone close to him wouldn't tell him he's sounding like a huge douche and needs to step away from the keyboard. Sad.



Jukilum said:

The way I see it the two previous Phil Fish articles were not news but this one is because it contains actual information, ie Fez is not coming to Wii U.
Fez is a great game for the most part by the way.



Mickey said:

Indie devs--from what I've seen--are getting kinda stuck up... I used to think they were like other companies, minus the big egos. But everytime it's:





ShadJV said:

I'm sorry, call me immature about this if you want, but I lost all interest in this game anyways after Fish's lack of tact and professionalism. I am aware of him more than his recent tweets that appeared here and I actually was planning on downloading Fez but his ego really has bugged the heck out of me. It's not even that he spoke out against Nintendo, I've nothing against that. He just needs to learn some humility and what is appropriate to say in public mediums. A lot of good indie developers are competing for my money. I respect his opinion on disliking Nintendo, I just don't agree with how he chose to express it. He really has no filter.



AVahne said:

No matter how much anyone defends this guy here, I'll still see him as incredibly arrogant. I've looked into his game as a PC gamer, and it's not that interesting, so no loss here.
Though, these articles are giving him and his game free publicity. Some of the people here who have negative feelings toward him may also develop curiosity towards his game and may want to check it out on other platforms. Maybe those people will find more fun out of it than I did.



MonsieurRosbif said:

Phil Fish seems like video gaming's own Scrooge. It's not the first time he's refused to pay for something - a patch for Fez on the 360 corrupted file saves and he refused to sort it out because it would have cost him too much.

Way to treat your paying customers Fishboy!



AcesHigh said:

This guy is the new Pachter. I'm sick of hearing the noise coming from his suck hole. Dude, your game IS NOT THAT GOOD... get over yourself. I wouldn't play your game if it was free.



AcesHigh said:

@MickeyTheGreat Yup! I agree with you 100%. They get more credit than they deserve. Honestly, I really cannot stand indie games. They don't hold a candle in terms of quality and depth to the pros as Nintendo, Capcom, Konami, etc... And the funny thing is, all of these indie games are so dirivative of each other. This reminds me of the early 90s that pumped out land-fills full of crappy hipster indie music. No worries though, these guys won't last long. In a decade, I guarantee we won't be playing Fez. We'll still be playing Chrono Trigger, Secret of Mana, SMB, Mario Galaxy, Pikmin, Metroid, etc...



moomoo said:

Why do people hate the fact that he won't self-publish Fez on Wii U? It'd cost a lot of money, and I honestly don't know if it'd be worth the venture on the Wii U, what with its paltry user-base. The lack of consistent releases is hurting usage as well. Yeah, we got three games a week ago. Next month, however, is looking as barren as February. That results in people not using their system.

I mean, I get people not liking him becuase of his tone and acting like a jerk, but the overall thing he's saying isn't that hard of a thing to understand.

@AcesHigh You need to get to playing Journey and Mark of the Ninja. We will be playing those in a decade.



Kirk said:

I don't see any GENUINELY good reason why these games aren't being released on Nintendo's platforms.



Kirk said:



The comment system on Nintendo Life is fine just the way it is. In fact, imo it's superior to most other sites in it's simplicity and lack of convoluted garbage getting in the way of simply reading people's comments and posting your own.

I don't want a crappy popularity based comments system like on IGN for example, where basically the first post stays at the top because everyone simply reads that one, responds to it and rates it (because they want to be popular too), with barely any other comments getting a sniff as they are pushed further and further down the list onto page 60 or whatever.


The comment system on Nintendo Life is just fine the way it is, thanks.

At least here all the comments actually tend to get read and no specific comment get's an unfair bias, either positive or negative, based on a totally broken rating system.

Just comment that you like the comment from the other guy and leave it at that.



retro_player_22 said:

Thanks for ruining an opportunity for everybody Mr. Fish. Instead of making your game well-known for everyone, you had to be a douchebag instead.



Morpheel said:

The only way Petit Farm 3D Special Edition 2013 is coming to the 3DS is if Nintendo made it themselves.



SuperMinusWorld said:

"I love Nintendo in ways it doesn't deserve. That's why I don't feel like porting Fez their consoles."

Screw off, Fish. You idiot.



RoboConker said:

I really hate it when the money and success gets to their head. Gotta slap some sense into those indie heads!!!



AcesHigh said:

@moomoo Played them... sorry, they don't float my boat. And those aren't even close to the classics I mentioned in so many ways: depth, breadth, value. Comparing them to the titles you mentioned, to me, is inconceivable.

And yeah, a lot of peoples' dislike for him IS in his tone and arrogance. He likes Nintendo more than they deserve? What the hell does that mean actually? Couple that with the other points I and others have mentioned - about his work not being that great and you can see why people don't think HE deserves the bandwidth and attention he's already gotten.

As for your point about it not being worth porting to WiiU because of install base?? What, and Vita has a bigger install base? Because that's where he said Monster Hunter should have gone... and 3DS has how many TIMES the install base tha Vita does? So that logic doesn't hold water. Logic simply implies that this guys has a hard-on against Nintendo. Nothing other than him just not liking his dealings with them. Just read his words, dude. Who knows the reason? But it's obvious that he's not looking at things objectively and he has some kind of issue with Nintendo. Otherwise he wouldn't like them "more than they deserve".



FernandoMachado said:

Meat Boy is cute but I guess its inclusion in Smash Bros is a bit of a strech. If Nintendo manages to get them to create a new exclusive sequel to WII U then it seems plausible.

Sonic and Snake appeared on Smash Bros after having exclusives released on Game Cube and Wii



Solatorobo said:


I think this guy has had his run. He has made a dissapointing indie game, acted like an ass in Indie Game: The Movie and now he thinks he is the toast of the entire industry, at this point we might as well do the do the best we can and ignore him. I've had my call outs towards him, and at this point we have covered all the crap he has done.



IAmNotWill said:

I don't understand why anyone defends this guy. He says something really stupid and the Internet rages at him for it, and some of you think it's not fair to him.

I get that you shouldn't not want to play his game (I for one think Fez looks fantastic and I'm certainly interested in the PSN release), but a stupid person is still a stupid person, no matter how good their stuff is.



grimbldoo said:

As big as your head may get...the world will never revolve around you. Stop taking things so personally and to such extremes.



Ambassador_Kong said:

This guy has a track record of inserting his foot every time he opens his mouth. This is the same guy that said Japanese games suck:

Hates the 3DS and loves the Vita

Of course, he tries to damage control everything after the fact, but the fact of the matter that he doesn't like Nintendo and he loves Sony. That's perfectly fine, he can have his opinion, but he shouldn't be shocked when he discovers that people are going to hold his opinions against him.



felix330 said:

I would even buy this game for the PC, but I think this will be the first game I won't buy just because I dislike its developer so much. Nearly every time he says something it seems to be extremely stupid and offensive.



AugustusOxy said:

He just needs to shut up already. I'm kind of tired of people giving him attention. Just let the little hater go hang out with his hordes of sony fanboys. He needs to understand that monster hunter wont be on any of sony's new systems because they made it too expensive to develope for them.



Charley_U said:

Im thinking nintendo might suprise us. In the Nintendo surveys I have taken recently they had sliped some independent game questions in there.



GamecubeMan said:

This guy needs to shut up already. Yes, you don’t like the 3DS's layout. Yes, well all know that you have decided to go into extreme detail why. NOBODY CARES if you decide to put your indie game on the eshop. Now you decide to complain that Nintendo has to pay for your game to show up on Nintendo Eshop?!?! What is wrong with you! You’re an indie developer; it not like Nintendo is going to waste their time with a simple indie game like yours in the first place must less, pay money for it to even be considered. Phil Fish, shut up already. You can talk all you want when you develop a better Ethos in the gaming community!



9th_Sage said:

Haha, well obviously a lot of us DO care, because here we are discussing it. I mean really...don't say 'no one cares' when you mean 'I don't care'. That said, I'm a little annoyed by the tweet, but it's not what he said but how he says it. I don't think he probably means to, but he comes off in kind of a bad way on something of a regular basis. Personally I think people overall should chill for a bit, go relax, and come at this with a fresh head if they're going to discuss it. Ranting isn't useful at all cough cough.



Hamguar said:

Wow OK so now along with Patches, I won't waste anymore time even reading anything on Chumley here. I won't pander to infantile corperate monkies nor spoiled indie brats. They are nothing more than the attention grabbing fools.



SethNintendo said:

Please don't make anymore articles about this guy NintendoLife. He likes Nintendo as much as Pachter. I'm tired of all the anti Nintendo news. I'm tired of video game websites.




There's an abundance of mediocre games on the eshop I really don't care that fez will not be another one. fish who???



Neram said:

Nintendo works pretty hard to cater to indie developers, I'd imagine what this guy is saying would be kind of offensive to Nintendo. What makes him think his game is so special that Nintendo should be the ones to have to pay for everything? This is the thing I can't stand about Phil Fish, it's that he's such a pretentious Hipster b*tch.



Peach64 said:

@Neram He doesn't think his game is so special that Nintendo should pay for it. He's saying he has no plans to port Fez to Wii U but if Nintendo want to do it, then they can.

@Koto Fez isn't out on anything but Xbox for now, so not sure how you tried it on PC. I think a lot of people on here bashing the game haven't actually played it and are just trying to put it down because they've misinterpreted Fish's comments as Nintendo hate. Fez is amazing. It's better than ANYTHING available on Wii U so far. It's won several game of the year awards including Eurogamer, one of, if not the most respected gaming website out there.



aaronsullivan said:

Phil Fish has foot-in-mouth disease to be sure, but he's just one guy. Developing a proprietary game for other platforms is a difficult task (PC and XBox 360 are virtually the same development platform so that is much easier) and unless he made a gazillion dollars he needs to be careful how he spends his time and money. I don't see why this statement is in any way controversial. Hopefully he develops his next game with a little more forward thinking about other platforms.



Thexare said:

Surely most of you have been on the internet long enough to be familiar with the concept of a troll. That's what this guy is. Quit feeding him.



Henmii said:

Mister Phil, we know it now: You don't want to bring it to any Nintendo device!!

Many of us would have liked it, but you can't be forced!

End of discussion, moving on to other things!



Gamer83 said:

Fez is a great game that would be a perfect fit on 3DS. Too bad it has pretty much zero percent chance of ever happening.



Zodiak13 said:

As I said in another Fish thread, I will never get a game from him. He reminds of Rob Liefield.



alLabouTandroiD said:

Why not give your full support to someone that will badmouth your system whenever he sees fit...
Honestly, has he ever heard of kickstarter before?



Traxx said:

What is this Fez thing I keep hearing about? A new Ubi soft petz game?



Pikminboy said:

btw Phil is a douche he made his whole dev team quit at some point.
Hope nintendo ignores him
he should be the one paying nintendo




@Pikminboy Nintendo won't search nobody, they don't need to, indie developers willingly search them because they know nintendo's interested in anything that's both ingenious and innovative for their systems and secondly, they aren't that stupid, by now they've probably seen fish's notion of nintendo by all this coverage he's had by now, so they will move on ignoring all these bullsh*t because it isn't important to them.

@Zodiak13 Yeah, I agree, while I don't hate the guy or anything, he kinda reminds me of rob, who also thinks he is a comic book god by creating mediocre characters and drawing like sh*t, he isn't mark millar, brian m. bendis, bryan hitch or david finch but like fish he feels like he's one of the big guns, go figure.




@Peach64 That is YOUR opinion, as someone who has played FEZ recently, I prefer mighty switch force hyper drive edition. You're comparing apples with oranges here, FEZ came out almost a year ago and the wii u eshop started operations a little more than 4 months ago, so at least wait another 8 months before you start criticizing.



THIZZLERS209 said:

Fish is actually a pretty good guy and I'll buy fez if it would come to the eshop.He just gave his opinion just like anybody can at anytime,just like me I think mister hunter is a terrible game but that's just me.



grimbldoo said:

@THIZZLERS209 #132
I think everybody here acknowledges his right to voice his opinion, it's just the way that he does and the backpedaling that comes afterward. And, as ultraraichu stated, he had time to edit his tweet before he posts it, so we can only assume that he is stating such negative things for attention, which doesn't help us like him.



softserve said:

I don't find this comment to be as awful as everyone states. I mean, he's basically saying I don't have time or interest in doing it — but if Nintendo (or seemingly some other publisher) handles all the work, then fine.

I can't figure out what's wrong with that. Maybe it could have been stated more eloquently, but people are acting like this was some sort of personal insult.



DerpSandwich said:

@Kirk I'd prefer it more like on Joystiq. You can like a person's comment, but it has no bearing on what order the comments are in. Seems perfect to me. Also, other than checking my Twitter, there's no good way for me to find out when someone's replied to my comment, so there's a good chance whoever I gave kudos to wouldn't even know. In fact, I'm doubtful you'll even see this by now.



Gregor said:

@NINTENBOY those are some sick spears right there bro. But seriously, this guy is just totally biased. He sees something he think he doesn't like, it's dead. Well guess what. World dont work that way. You think your the s**t just from your one little game? Go ta hell. We don't need assware devs like this guy.

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