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Talking Point: Games That Need Wii U - World of Warcraft

Posted by Ray Willmott

Or maybe this one's a game that Wii U needs?

We’ve highlighted the importance of having well-established franchises on Wii U. We’ve also indicated how vital it is for Wii U to be open to new ideas and intellectual properties.

This time, we’re saying that in order for Wii U to keep in-line with the competition, exceed it in fact, then it needs to make the first move into uncharted territory. It needs to be doing things that nobody else is doing.

Perhaps the game we’re talking about is overly ambitious. Perhaps we’re taking things one step too far. One thing is for sure, nobody can deny that this addition to the Wii U library would make jaws drop and systems sell. MMOs (massive multiplayer online) are an untapped resource in the console space — with the possible exception of Minecraft on Xbox 360 — but World of Warcraft can definitely change that mind-set. It will prove to critics that complex MMO titles are possible on consoles, and that there's more to this system than meets the eye.

Thanks to the GamePad, World of Warcraft is a plausible and possible fit on Wii U. Here’s how…


There are two ways this can work. The left analogue can easily move the character and the right analogue can adjust the camera. We doubt that navigation has ever been an issue in bringing MMOs to consoles.

Need to attack an enemy or talk to an ally? Simply tap shoulder buttons to cycle through targets, touch the second screen to highlight the character and then A to interact with them. Roaming NPCs or foes would be fairly easy to tap and then tap again for an attack, or double tap for an auto-attack.

With Wii U however, we have options. Another way to control the game would be to combine the use of the Wii Remote with the GamePad. The Wii Remote can easily be used to point, click and move. The nunchuk could then be used to rotate the camera while playing. Meanwhile, the touchscreen would control everything else. This enables a closer experience to a mouse, though perhaps would make for a clunkier interface.

Either way, controlling your toon in WoW is no longer an issue.


The touchscreen presents a wealth of possibilities, but most importantly, makes the combat interface entirely useable and easily manageable. Tap a button to unleash an attack, drag and drop to alternate between different modes of attack and defence, and freely navigate the action bars. This enables the dynamic action that a game like WoW needs and makes it completely possible.

This also enables players to access their backpack, move items between slots and equip them to their character. They’ll also be able to look at their achievements, follow the map and track mission requirements, join dungeon queues, look into their guild happenings and get involved in PVP (player vs. player). The touchscreen can also be used to tap and collect items for quests.

Perhaps most excitingly, because of the potential touch-screen virtual keyboard, macros are also very achievable in the Wii U Miiverse; once created they can be assigned as hotkeys to make seemingly impossible actions a simple button press away. As long as players become familiar with in-game coding they can, theoretically, do anything they please and then assign it to the D-Pad or a button. What’s more, through Miiverse, players can share their macros, enabling others to download them to their Wii U. This creates an exciting community for sharing and understanding the game in new, amazing ways.

This is just the beginning. The touchscreen is so diverse and capable that it opens up the realm of possibility on Wii U where it’s never been achievable on any other home console.


A key part of the WoW experience is interacting with people. Interacting with the guild, interacting with strangers. It’s a crucial game element; it can be in WoW Wii U as well. A virtual keyboard has worked on Wii in the past by using the remote, but it’s even easier with a touchscreen. Tap a button to enter a text box, bring up the virtual keyboard and off you go. This can also tie into the Miiverse, making WoW a more social hub than it has ever been, taking screen-grabs, setting up raid chats, getting guilds together, exchanging dungeon strategies, voice chat etc.

WoW features party channels in all of its zones and these can be switched between with a screen tap or an assigned button. Want to chat while on the move? With any of the free buttons, WoW Wii U can allow for an assigned button to enable autorun and then type away with the touchscreen.


WoW is 8 years old and Wii U is as capable as current technology. There’s no doubt, on a technical level, that Wii U is more than capable of the graphical and sound output the PC already enjoys. WoW would run absolutely fine on Wii U, whether it’s a 720p or 1080p standard. Graphics and sound are in no way an issue, so the biggest headache is down to the online infrastructure on the system. If it’s as good as Nintendo suggests it is, then it should be workable, and we know that the system is packing a decent amount of on-board RAM for developers to use.

Potential Wii U Functionality: 9/10

There’s a risk that responses in PVP may be far slower than the standard on PC. There’s also a gamble that the very same philosophy could hinder groups in dungeons and raids where timing is everything. Then there’s the subscription scheme. How will that work with Nintendo Network? Would players on Wii U be able to connect to and converse with PC players? Nintendo says that it’s going to be more open to the needs of the developer and publisher, but would it allow a subscription based system on its network? Would WoW have to be F2P? Would Blizzard agree to that?

There are many questions. All are major points, but these things are impossible to answer without extensive playtests or further knowledge. What seems clear, however, is that the Wii U gamepad and the system itself are the ones capable of finally bringing World of Warcraft to consoles. After 8 years the MMO still thrives, but it remains confined to one format. This would present a great opportunity to reinvigorate the brand and attract brand new audiences to its charms; bundle all of the expansions into a Battle Chest edition and this would be an attractive package.

It’s a great fit for a Nintendo console and an important package for its library. Is it a gamble? Yes. However, we think many Nintendo owners would welcome this world with open arms.

Yet, despite all of this, the idea seems to be a pipe-dream. WoW Wii U will probably never happen, but it absolutely definitely should and we see no reason why it can't work well and control expertly.

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Azooooz said:

No, and thousands no. The reason why no is because you will be required to get the game card and you have to recharge it on monthly basis, which Nintendo wouldn't want to.



Jaco said:

Interesting Ideas, if not for WoW but for other MMOs that may want to use the system



Discostew said:

There is a difference between being able to do something, and being able to do something effectively. Functionality of WOW on the Wii U would fall under the first category.



Norfair said:

I didn't like WoW very much, way too addictive..
But it could work, not sure the Wii U could run such a massive MMO (hehehe)..



seronja said:

nah, of all mmo's in the world, i think that phantasy star online 2 would be much better =)



SCAR said:

Meh. Never tried this game, and probably never will. I must say, if it DID appear on Wii U, I probably would play it, as long as it had at least 90% of the features and whatever else is going on in that game(expansions).

Nintendo just need to make a Pokemon World game for the Wii U, including all regions, pokemon, real time feild encounters, nice environments, and seemlessly infinite gameplay allowing online players to be in the same game real time like those MMO games. Challenging anyone in the world to a Pokemon battle within the game seemlessly is what I think Pokemon fans have always wanted the most since the beginning, so my comment stands.



GameLord08 said:

The idea seems miraculous, but has not a snowball's chance in the fires of hell. This entire notion extends hazardously well beyond gameplay.

Besides, we've got Dragon Quest X. Booyah.



19Robb92 said:

Nothing I'd care about even if it did happen, I think there are lots of other titles would be a better fit.



V8_Ninja said:

@shinpichu Try Guild Wars 2. It's an MMO with a unique partying system (AKA a whole server is a party) and there is no subscription fee. Granted, it's a PC only title, so that may factor into your decision.

A Little More OT: I can actually see WOW working on the Wii U. Granted, if Nintendo allowed Blizzard to use their own servers, WOW on the Wii U could be a very real possibility.



theblackdragon said:

I swear we went over this a while back when the WoW-on-Wii-U rumor first started floating around. It wound up coming down to patches (Nintendo is notorious for dragging their feet on patches, and WoW has updates and patching like every Tuesday for goodness' sake), lag issues, and the fact that no serious WoW player would touch a console version with a ten-foot pole. not when there are so many available plugins and mods (not to mention devices like mice with ten bazillion buttons for macros during battle) available for the computer version to streamline the experience and help users get the most out of their characters during raids and the like. a Wii U version of WoW would be a novelty at best, and when you tack on the subscription fees... yeah, good luck with that.



Geonjaha said:

WoW is starting to die. People are looking for more than just the typical MMORPG that WoW created, and their numbers keep decreasing - so no, I wouldnt say that Wii U needs WoW.



Klinny said:

As a WoW player, I'm not sure how well this particular game would work out.

For one I don't think WoW is the type of game Nintendo wants to promote. It can be very addictive, and while Nintendo does release addictive games, (such as Animal Crossing) they are almost always limited in how often you can play the game in one day.

theblackdragon has brought up a good point about mods and plugins. The interface screenshot used in this article is using several third-party modifications that are not available in the core game. Even if the Wii-U can access the interface using keyboard and touch screen, it will still be limited compared to the PC version.

That being said, I am not against console MMO's. I just don't think WoW is the best example of one that should be on Wii-U.



CanisWolfred said:

I agree with TBD, a console version of WoW just wouldn't work out.

I still say the Wii U needs Dungeons & Dragons, Card Games, Diablo, and RTS games, if we're talking about bringing experiences to the Home Consoles that only the Wii U could pull off, that are usually found in other, less mainstream mediums.



Squashie said:

I've never really got into the series, but it would be really awesome to try it on the Wii U. I'd imagine that it would cost alot mind, considering subscription fees etc...



Squiggle55 said:

I say yes please to mmos. Just give me a keyboard peripheral and a headset and I'm all about it. Patches would certainly be something to hold it back since it's Nintendo we're talking about, but that doesn't mean I wouldn't want it. Still lookin forward to trying dragon quest x and other RPGs and mmos where I think wii u will shine.



Boo_Buster said:

@WesCash Did you catch them sleeping with a teddy bear when you were younger? lol jk. Some RPG's are amazing... but "that is like, your opinion man" - The Dude



CanisWolfred said:

I'm tempted to play WoW now that you can play as Kung Fu Fighting pandas...but I dunno, I found WoW pretty boring last time I played it.



AcesHigh said:

I agree with the majority on here. Nintendo doesn't NEED MMORPGs. It doesn't need to be a console for absolutely everyone. It's doing a pretty damn good job right now as it is. To be fair, I think Nintendo has gone and done an incredible job of designing a system and courting 3rd party developers to make games that they normally wouldn't make for a nintendo platform.

So we can all sit here and say, "Nintendo will fail if they don't make {x} game for it..." all we want. But that would be pretty unrealistic... not to mention pretty fan-boy-ish. They're doing a great job right now leading up to this launch. Give them time and room to fill the niches THEY want. They're a gaming company, not Santa Clause.



AVahne said:

No, anything but WoW. I would MUCH rather have PSO2, as it is a superior game.



Void said:

Never played WoW, but I doubt you would have enough buttons on the Wii U game pad, even if a ton of them were on the touch screen.
And I'm with @MickeyMack, we need RTS games on the Wii U.



SPEtheridge said:

Nah this wouldn't be that great of an idea, first the game is mega old n i think if the Wii U does have MMORPG's then they should be made for the Wii U in mind from the off set.



Malkeor said:

All I gotta say.

Some things just need to stay on the PC. For many reasons.



DarkCoolEdge said:

The only mmo's I could be interested in are Guild Wars 2 and The Secret World. Specially the second one.



CanisWolfred said:

@SPEtheridge Yeah, it's a little late for a Port, and a game like Dragon Quest X which is made with the Wii U in mind, would probably be better in the end anyways.



Wanderhope said:

Haha, everyone has a WoW allergy. It would certainly work well on Wii U and something like it would be fabulous. I am actually hoping Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate will scratch this similar itch. The difficulty with WoW right now is that it is pretty mod dependent, as someone else already mentioned. I can't imagine playing it without Deadly Boss Mods or others. There is a better chance that Diablo III will be ported over, given that Blizzard is actually exploring the console scene with that game already.



aaronsullivan said:

Guild Wars 2 is maybe a better fit, though performance could be an issue. At least there's no subscription...

League of Legends could work pretty well maybe or a game like it.



Wheels2050 said:

As others have pointed out, the mods alone would be a huge incentive to play on PC over the Wii U.

I really don't see this working. I can't imagine there are many people out there itching to play WoW who don't already have a PC capable of handling it. In fact, I can't imagine many people out there taking up WoW for the first time, period. I don't have new subscriber numbers to back me up, but WoW is in a slow decline - I think they're probably just losing existing players for the most part and not picking up new ones.

It's still a powerhouse in the MMO space, but I can't see getting it onto the Wii U being a profitable endeavour.



NintendoCat14 said:

No, laughs, no. Warcraft was ruined after Warcraft 3, when I believe it became World of Warcraft.



XCWarrior said:

Wow I love how maybe 2 people actually read the article. It's not saying that they should bring WOW to Wii U necessarily, just that an MMO might be possible now. That is thanks to the ability to use the gamepad for more complex controls.

READ, THEN POST. Try it sometime.



MYCO said:

I heard that Guild Wars 2 is coming to the Wii U from sometime soon I play with this game for the Wii U.
They need a good RTS game for the Wii U.
We have heard that some kind of Star Wars game is coming to the Wii U its a MMO or a shooting game of some kind this was from LucasArts website and other website too.



CanisWolfred said:

@XCWarrior Maybe they should do better titling then? Because "Games Technically Possible on the Wii U Now" Doesn't sound anything like "Games the Wii U Needs". Not by any stretch of the imagination.



LolWut said:

Tho series of articles has led me to the conclusion that your logic is "it would be better on Wii U, because Nintendo"



ThomasBW84 said:

Hey all. Ray was deliberately bold with this article, which is a reason we liked it (and why I ultimately pushed to get it up). The point of this series is to look at games that can be enhanced by Wii U and vice-versa, taking advantage of the fact that Wii U's in a position, with the GamePad, to do things that PS3 and Xbox 360 can't.

WoW is still hugely popular, so this looks at why it could be possible on Wii U. It's acknowledged a couple of times that this may be a pipe dream, but that it could represent something bold and exciting on the unlikely chance it happened. MMOs in general could be a great fit for Wii U, and some good alternative options have popped up in the comments, but this focuses on the most ambitious of the lot. It's speculative, that's the whole point

I wish the main point was remembered: Nintendo has a period where it's doing something not quite possible on the other systems (SmartGlass and Vita-PS3 crossplay are similar, but not as effective yet), so these articles look at hypothetical ways that this can be utilised.

Clearly not much of a WoW crowd here, but I think there's food for thought in the concepts being suggested.



GazPlant said:

I don't think MMOs are a good fit for consoles whatsoever personally. The inherent nature of them having a ton of buttons makes it problematic and then you've got connectivity stuff to consider, patching and all the rest. That and I can't see Nintendo backing a subscription service on their console - they only just got in the DLC game remember



jags623 said:

@theblackdragon If WoW came out for the WiiU I'd definitely get it. It's never going to happen though. Generally speaking, Blizzard's attitude when it comes to fan pressure to change something is "ok, ok I give up" and Nintendo is more along the lines of "No hard drive because we know what's best". Not hating on either company; both roads has it's pros and cons. I've been playing the Warcraft games since the first one (Orcs and Humans) and the Wii converted me from Xbox fanboy to Nintendaddict.



jags623 said:

@Wanderhope It's nice to see genuine criticism over "It's not going to work because I don't like it." WoW itself might not work on the WiiU but I think there should be complicated RTS and RPG's for the WiiU's library (examples are Age of Empires for the former and Baldur's Gate 2 for the ladder). I always felt that is something that the Wii was lacking. Red Alert 3 and Batle for Middle Earth 2 didn't feel right with a console controller and I think they would've been translated well onto the Wii. Halo Wars was garbage and Civilization Revolution was too watered down.



CanisWolfred said:

Eh, I'm not a fan of "Boldness" in articles. Just saying.

And out of nowhere, but I'm glad you guys have more staff now.

As for controls for the Wii U version, I don't know if anyone's noticed, but WoW is kind of a Nightmare when it comes to its interface. I can see them filling the Tablet screen with Shortcut Bars, Mini-Maps, and status stuff. Perhaps the controller might make navigating those menues easier, and I guess if they're smart, they'll try to split the load between screens.

Perhaps this could work on a functional level. It's just that, well, other than that, it really wouldn't make sense to do such a thing. Not from what we know at least.



AcesHigh said:

@ThomasBW84 I appreciate your clarification. It's good for you guys to jump in to the discussion that you create. I like to see that. it shows that you're not the seagull that takes a dump on the beach-goers and flies away.

My response (#27) really had to do with the tagline of the article, "Or maybe this one's a game that Wii U needs?" In that subtitle, the author is not making a generality about the genre, he's saying the WiiU needs WoW. And he also calls out WoW at the end specifically.

My feedback basically said that Nintendo doesn't NEED any one single game or type of game. They are going to do just fine with the strategy they are currently pursuing. And in fact, they've made tremendous strides in trying to finally break into the core market of more mature games. I think they're doing pretty good right now. If they choose to dabble in the MMO arena, so be it. And you're right. The controller would make really good support of it. But the way I took the article was that the WiiU NEEDs this game or type of game. And I just disagree. We can all sit here and say, "Nintendo needs this type of game or that type of game to be successful". But the reality is, they're going to just fine with the direction they're taking. They have tremendously experienced people at the helm of their brands and market development. If they deem they need to break into the MMO market, and you're an MMO fan, awesome for you. If not, there are tons of gamers out there that will be happy with the direction they're taking now.



doctor_doak said:

It's a PC MMO and an old and decaying one at that. I refuse to play subscription based MMO's, and I know there are a lot of others that feel the same way. Plus i'm done with Blizzard after the whole Diablo 3 BS anyway.

I guess MMO's are going to become more viable on the WiiU, I just don't think porting PC MMO's is the way to go. The gamepad is a unique and interesting device, and I think the MMO's and games of all genres that will be the best on the system, are the one's that utilize the tech from the ground up. Too difficult to do this, and not much point really considering it's pretty much on its last legs.



Auracle said:

I haven't had anything to do with WoW ever since I saw a friend of mine get sucked into it. I'd go over to his house and he'd just sit at his computer while I looked at Pokemon cards. It was pretty sad.



WaxxyOne said:

@The_Other_M: MMORPGs do not cause people to throw their lives away any more than Grand Theft Auto causes a child to kill their classmate. If your friend got sucked into MMORPGs enough that he was neglecting the rest of his life, that's an issue he should work on. Don't blame WOW or Blizzard for his addiction.

As far as WOW on the Wii U, I seriously doubt it. At least not in its current form. I could see a more scaled-down MMORPG working quite well; much better than other consoles have been able to do things previously, certainly.

The problem is not just the interface, but that console gamers are usually expecting something more streamlined while MMORPGs and the more hardcore PC games tend to be more complex and deep.

Still, I would be interested in seeing an MMORPG done right on a console. The only attempt I'm aware of is Phantasy Star Online and that failed because they wanted you to hook a freaking keyboard up to your console. A proper console MMORPG would keep the massive world, lots of content and plenty of interpersonal communication and cooperative gameplay while simplifying the controls and gameplay to fit better in the console realm. With the Wii U gamepad, a whole lot of possibilities are certainly opened up. However, I have to categorically say no to the idea of Wiimote + Gamepad control. If you have to put down one controller to pick up another you have failed to provide a good experience.



Auracle said:

Uh, you obviously missed the point of what I said. I was simply recalling how one of my friends grew more interested in a game than me and a few other friends. I never said he threw his life away. I was never really that interested in it anyway, but losing a friend didn't help its case.
Anyway, I really don't care if this game is brought onto Wii U or not. If so, that's great, but I'll have nothing to do with it.



CanisWolfred said:

@The_Other_M Your reaction to him enjoying a game a lot probably tipped him off. Because that's a pretty extreme reaction. Most people see their friends liking something and go: "Oh hey, maybe I should try it, too!" But instead you're saying: "Man, I should stay away from this!" WTF, man? You afraid of enjoying it or something? Otherwise that usually means: "Man, he got obsessed with it! I should stay away in case I get obsessed with it too! I don't want bad things to happen!", which is more reasonable, but implies that WoW was the cause of his obsession.



Tasuki said:

Just like everything else its the person and how they let it WoW consume them. I know people that will play for 2 to 3 days straight but that doesn't keep me from enjoying it a few hours a night.

With that said as much as I would like to see WoW or any MMO for that matter come to the Wii U I just cant see playing it on a touch screen rather than a keyboard and mouse, but thats just me. I would just keep playing it on my PC but it would be a nice choice for others who want to play but dont have or want a PC.



kdognumba1 said:

As a MMO vet and a WoW vet with over 400 days of playtime, I honestly don't think WoW will work well on anything but a mouse and keyboard due to the input.

Even though the Wii U offers much more in terms of input options for MMO's then any other console out there, the fact of the matter is using the touch pad to access the bars would be similar to clicking the bars with your mouse and not using the keys or a gaming mouse. Ultimately it will gimp players making them vastly slower at being able to respond to things as well as it would make players on the Wii U easy kill targets in PVP.

WoW and games like it that use the bars rely on keybindings and without them, you can never really get everything out of the game.



hatehaerferage said:

Did we learn nothing from the massive failures that were Phantasy Star Universe and Final Fantasy 11? MMOs are lame and only get worse on consoles.



Zombie_Barioth said:

The problem with PC games is they tend to be built around the platform with mods and lots of commands, WOW is a good example here. They already use subscriptions for DQX and MH in Japan and we don't really need WOW if Wii U gets games like those imo.

PC gamers can also be pretty hardcore when it comes to these sorts of games, not only taking them very seriously but also putting console players to a huge disadvantage. Most wouldn't even consider switching platforms.



Ryoga said:

I was captivated by this dreamy idea, maybe the touchscreen solves the need to be close to the screen for the user interface.
But i have a better idea, World of Pikmin, or at least we have Pikmin 3 now.



Magi said:

Guild Wars 2 is a great fit. No monthly subscription fees. Plus, there are platforming elements in GW2 that would be a perfect fit for a console. (freaking Clocktower jumping puzzle....arrrrrrgggggggghhhhhhhhhhh)



ei8htbit said:

Super Smash Bros: The MMO **drops the mic**
**picks up mic again** co-produced by Masahiro Sakurai and Shigeru Miyamoto **drops the mic again**
Utilizes whole catalogue of characters from the entire Nintendo Universe (including legends from Capcom, Konami, Rare, and NamcoBandai) with locales mashed together from the Mushroom Kingdom, Hyrule, Onett, DreamLand, DonkeyKong Country, and beyond.

Oh yeah, Astroboy and Speed Racer also get licenced and thrown into the mix after the first year, with potential future updates to include other licences like Street Fighter and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Scrooge McDuck...

For all that is holy in the name of taking all of my money make this happen.

My Party Preference:
MONK: Little Mac from Punch-Out (with upgrade-able gloves, sneakers, and shorts)
WARRIOR: Ness (with baseball bat upgraded to Link's Master Sword and backpack upgraded to increase inventory capacity)
TANK: Donkey Kong (with upgradeable tie)
DARK MAGE: Kirby (with everything imaginable customizable)
WHITE MAGE: Princess Zelda (nothing more needs to be said here)
THIEF: Solid Snake (or Fox McCloud)

**proceeds to stare at the wall in silence until this game becomes a reality and slips deeper and deeper into the space madness**



Auracle said:

Maybe I'm not making myself clear. He started playing the game. I was younger and not interested much in computer games (plus my dad wouldn't let me, which was fine). Every time I came over to his house, he would play WoW and ignore me/try to convince me to start playing it. I saw him less and less then. So no, it wasn't entirely the game's fault, but I probably never would play it even if this hadn't happened.



erv said:

I'd like a good mmo, but their setup needs to change a bit. You need to be able to enjoy progress, uniqueness, environment, fun - without investing half a life and a liver in terms of time and health.

If difference is worth more than hierarchy in an mmo, lots of people will probably enjoy it. It is something like this I hope the wiiU will be getting.

Oh well. I'll be playing monster hunter tri ultimate online a lot anyways



CanisWolfred said:

@spoonshiro Your opinion is bad and you should feel bad. Phantasy Star Universe makes WoW look slow-paced and boring, and Final Fantasy XI actually offers an interesting story and Class variety, with sub-classes you can switch without making a brand new character.



CanisWolfred said:

My point is that I thought you were saying they were worse than WoW, but I see you're just a general MMO hater. I have nothing more to say to you.



Vehemont said:

I would pass on WoW for the Wii U and would rather the focus be on a new title from Blizzard being an MMO or whatever.



MadDuck said:

In my opinion something newer than WoW would be more impressive. Also, how is Minecraft an MMO? Especially on Xbox, i thought you could only get like 5 people on a server.



TheRealThanos said:

I've read the article AND all comments carefully and as with all the other "games that need Wii U" articles, people seem to categorically miss the whole point. To me it is VERY clear that the title/monicker alone CANNOT be misread for anything other than HOW a GAME could benefit from being run on the Wii U, NOT the other way around. The title does NOT mean that the Wii U desperately needs these games, so comments like 'the Wii U doesn't need MMO's' and such are actually quite silly and only show that you didn't get the point.
I'm not saying this to insult or bash anyone, I'm just so surprised that practically no one seems to understand that, as I've only seen 2 or 3 commenters that seem to actually be aware of that.

As for my two cents on the topic of wanting WoW on Wii U, I'm also tempted to be critical and go with the nay sayers, because I don't like the game, but not because the game couldn't benefit from being on the Wii U. The patches/updates would probably be a thing, but the comments about 'a better experience on PC because of keyboard and mouse' are ridiculous.
Even game mouses with macros and such can be emulated on the pad, same as the keyboard, but of course you could even expand upon that by using an actual keyboard alongside the Wii U Game pad. A gamepad in general has more buttons than a mouse, and that combined with an interchangeable display, were at the touch of a button you could switch to another screen would easily make up for not having PC controls.
If your comment was based on liking PC controls better, then you should have just said that, but they are not better for a FACT, because they can easily be emulated/reproduced on Wii U.

So to conclude, seeing as the article theorises that WoW could benefit from being on Wii U, my thoughts on the ACTUAL question that you should ask yourself would be yes. (although not a very resounding one)



RayWillmott said:

Some very interesting responses to this one. It seems many would be quite happy not to have an MMO market on the system. The whole point of these pieces is to get people talking and thinking about the capabilities of this console outside of the norm. These aren't necessarily the games I want to see on the system, nor the functionality that should define them, however, I think, in terms of MMO scope and content, WoW is probably the best fit for a Nintendo console (or Dragon Quest X or a Pokemon MMO, of course ). In terms of popularity, as well as character cast and environment, I feel WoW would be a clearer fit than say, Guild Wars 2 (even though the Guild Wars 2 subscription model would obviously be much more appropriate).

There's a growing concern that people are only seeing the second controller as a live action mini-map or inventory management hub, and not really looking beyond that. Wii U is capable of so much more, and I'm really enjoying exploring those possibilities with the team at Nintendo Life. This is a very exciting console and one that can really mould entirely new gaming experiences outside of the ones we already know and love.

I'm very happy to see people offer their input and convey their opinions. Thanks for joining in with the discussions



DarkKirby said:

Even if I liked WoW, or supported the idea of a monthly subscription game (I refuse to pay X-Box's $60 a year already, screw them), which I don't, MMO's simply don't work on on console, which is why none of them are on console. Even if you simplified the controls, the bigger issue would be the need for the developer to pay the console company money every time they wanted to patch the game, which for MMOs is often, often. Having a game on PC means you have 100% control over everything at all times, no console company to pay or negotiate with.



SpaceApe said:

It can happen but I would rather see a brand new mmo instead of an 8 year old mmo.



Supremeist said:

I love WoW and I am a monthly subscriber, but - no. This will definitely not work on the WiiU. If it does, then I'll play it.



TheRealThanos said:

Would you by any chance care to explain?
I think 'will definitely not work' is way too heavy and a bit overrated.
It seems you mean something other than the controls, because that myth I've already explained away very simply in my previous comment, so I'm really curious as to why you would think that.



MeloMan said:

I probably won't be playing it, but then again, if it did come to WiiU I may.



NintendoFanBoii said:

I wouldn't mind this, and people remeber the more the Wii U has the better, Just don't buy what you don't like.



JimLad said:

Just getting a popular MMO running on a console would be a feat I would welcome no matter what the game is.
WoW would be a good contender due to it's immense popularity and it's aged graphics making it an easier port.

Interface-wise the WiiU would be a better fit than the other two because of it's touchscreen controller.
However the problem with console MMOs has always been patches, and I predict Nintendo would be the worst of the three to work with on it's online infrastructure.



SkywardLink98 said:

As an avid Guild Wars 2 player, I'd rather have that. Of course if Blizzard dropped the monthly fee I'd be all for it.



rmeyer said:

Nintendo sold 36 million Mario kart wiis, 86 million wii sports. Nobody in the industry has ever come close to those numbers. Even after unwrapping countries like China Blizzard got up to 12 million subscribers and the game is losing steam with half that today. Does Blizzard want money or not? Nintendo would be the perfect partnership.

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