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Fri 13th Apr 2012

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Ryoga commented on Ocarina of Time Speedrunner Explains How To Be...:

Wow, this really just changed my way of seeing the world, heck, all of life. I'm thinking of any other cases that you may find a shortcut to do it. This example goes beyond playing a game. Well, maybe I'm exagerating a little.
Maybe you guys have seen this before, but this is news for me! Who says Zelda is that linear! XD



Ryoga commented on Talking Point: Games That Need Wii U - World o...:

I was captivated by this dreamy idea, maybe the touchscreen solves the need to be close to the screen for the user interface.
But i have a better idea, World of Pikmin, or at least we have Pikmin 3 now.



Ryoga commented on Pressure Group Makes Fresh Calls For Nintendo ...:

Well, now we're on the topic, one of my old dreams as a Nintendo fan is playing a fun Mario game in my cellphone. I imagined something like that when i got my first mobile.
It's not harm for Nintendo to make a spin-off of the Mario franchise, even in 8 bits, and they would make a big profit from fans like me. And I don't see it as Nintendo losing its "prestige", I better think of it as Nintendo taking over new lands. But I'm just a radical dreamer.
Oh, and what a funny Mario phone! Nailed it!



Ryoga commented on North America, Game Boy Tennis Is Your New Clu...:

So expensive! for the 150 coins I mean. Good thing I already bought it, and on my first time in the Eshop. It was the very first tennis game I played a long ago and I still love it. Great gameplay mechanics for a game so simple.



Ryoga commented on Planning To Download New Super Mario Bros. 2? ...:

Well, that's the point I was missing -and one of the bads- of this download thing..
Anyway i can't wait to download this game!! I'm still playing the NSMB for DS,
and how I wish the background was in 3D, haha.