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La-Mulana Canned for North America, Europe

Posted by Jon Wahlgren

Nicalis breaks the news via Twitter

Few WiiWare games have had as public a storied development process as Nicalis' retro-inspired adventure La-Mulana. Today that story seems to have come to a whimpering end for North American and European players, as Nicalis broke the news on Twitter earlier this evening that the game would not be published in those regions:

Regarding La-Mulana, we have chosen to cancel publishing in North America and Europe for WiiWare.

La-Mulana released in Japan in June 2011 after a protracted and arduous development dating back to 2010. It was one of the few higher-profile releases remaining for WiiWare, next to the yep-still-actually-happening Retro City Rampage and a port of Descent that we'd frankly be shocked to see materialize. Then there's Nicalis' NightSky that was promised for the service but only made it to Steam a year ago.

We'll follow up with Nicalis and report back with any updates.

Many thanks to the army of readers who sent this in.

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cheetahman91 said:

Well that's pretty lame. I wasn't looking forward to it but there were plenty of other people who were. Nicalis really needs to release something else that's not Cave Story (VVVVVV's a good start but not enough).



Corbs said:

It's a shame, but sometimes things just don't work out. Nicalis still have 1000 Spikes and NightSky coming, among other things.



TheDreamingHawk said:

This was a Wiiware game I was interested in since I saw it in Nintendo Power. Hopefully they port this to the 3DS due to the fact that there are not as much limitations...



CanisWolfred said:

I certainly won't miss them. Sucks for anyone still waiting for it after all these years, though.



Henmii said:

So it WAS released in Japan?! And we don't get it!! What a bummer!!

Nicalis quite frankly did mess up big time on Nintendo platforms! How can we ever take them seriously ever again? If they don't get their act together, then I don't need them on Wii u!

And yeah, it's really time for a explanation! I want to know who is to blame for all this messing around: Nicalis, Nintendo, or both!!



C7_ said:

I'm not too impressed with Nicalis, it took them forever to release the first iteration of cave story and now they're spamming slightly different version of it all across the board, NightSky is all but dead for wiiware, and they were already taking forever on this.

Pretty terrible developer if you ask me.



Odnetnin said:

I am just a soldier doing my duty. salutes

But anyway, you forgot the "url=" part for Descent, and they confirmed that NightSky WiiWare was canceled a while ago.



BalrogtheMaster said:

I don't blame them, personally. On WiiWare, developers don't get paid A CENT until it's downloaded 6,000 times, and seeing that WiiWare is basically dying...

Either way, it's still coming out on PC. I'll still support them.



Rococoman said:

HOW does Nicalis stay in business? I refuse to believe that selling Cave Story over and over is enough to keep an entire business afloat, seeing how they just seem to cancel things left and right.



komicturtle said:

If they are moving Nightsky to eShop.. Then I think they could do the same for this game. Haven't been following La-Mulana though. Sucks for those who were looking forward to it.



accc said:

Aww man I was looking forward to this, hopefully they release it for 3DS or Wii-U.



Knuckles said:

Remember they still promised a DSiWare game Itchachan, from Pixel, over a year ago [Sorry about games spelling]



Aronos said:

I wonder if this can still come out on PC. The game was basically done, they just kept failing the Nintendo QA check. I feel let down that they made this decision. Maybe if they hired some better QA guys of their own and try to release it on Steam or any other clients they can bounce back.



Mandoble said:

Weird news. As far as I remember Wii version is the same as PC version but with graphics and music reworked. They already had the PC version working in English so what is stopping them for releasing it outside of Japan?



rayword45 said:

I'm probably the only one to actually LAUGH at this news.

I mean, how the hell did you not expect this? This crap screamed Vaporware more with every delay.

All it seems Nicalis can do off of PC is milk the tits off of Cave Story. This just proves it further, sadly, as I would have loved to buy the WiiWare version of this,



Corbs said:

La Mulana is still coming to PC. That being said, the WiiWare version of La Mulana I have on my debug Wii has turned into one extremely limited release. LOL



ogo79 said:

im upset for all the gamers that were waiting for this.
im pretty sure Nicalis knew this was going to come to a halt.
ill be pg-13 in my manner but, at least give an explanation to all the fans that wanted this made them wait for this crap news?



theblackdragon said:

@rayword45: Actually, i believe in the GoNintendo article they blamed Nigoro (their partners in getting La Mulana to WiiWare iirc) for not stepping up their game and getting it out. since they sat on it and its DLC for so long and the Wii cycle is winding down, they said they weren't willing to continue waiting on Nigoro finally putting out a game that wouldn't sell well because everyone's already looking ahead to Wii U.
note: my memory very well could be wrong, but i'm pretty sure that's the gist of what i read, lol



tanookisuit said:

La-Mulana, ahh whatever. It has been out for years on the PC for free, though in Japanese. NeonGenesis Translations or some group took that FREEWARE game and made a full english translation for it, just like Cave Story. Just go google it up and play it all you like. If they want to be foolish and not get money off people interested in it, might as well take advantage of the original freeware release. Sure it has less colors and audio quality as it's really like NES era style stuff, but it doesn't diminish the coolness value of it at all. I've had it installed for a long time right along with Cave Story.



Knux said:

It's official, the only thing that Nicalis cares about is releasing Cave Story over and over again. No company can constantly rely on releasing one game forever.



kkslider5552000 said:

@theblackdragon and a relevent comment from that article about something I'd almost forgotten.

""WiiWare version:
The master data for NOA and NOE was handed to our publisher, Nicalis.
After that, we haven’t received any reports.
So, we have no idea when the release date is determined." - Nigoro (5 days ago).



Graph said:

So ... the only WiiWare game I've been eager to play since it was announced ... will no longer come? wow ... seriously? Well, screw that re-release of Cave Story then. I'll speak with my money ... no La-Mulana ... no more Cave Story.



SKTTR said:

For Nicalis it's all about the thinking and cashmilking, so Nigoro should find another publisher as soon as possible and make La-Mulana an easy'n'quick cash-in port that will be released on WiiUWare (WiiU eShop) at launch.



MakeMyBiscuit said:


He offered first and if he is not going to use them I know I would put them to good use. We are in a recession after all.

It's a low point for me too. I really wanted this game. I actually bought Pyramids for the 3DS to tide me over until this game came out, but as far as the points go, you know what they say about opportunity knocking



NImH said:

I thought Nicalis was gonna do this to me with Cave Story a couple of years ago... Delay after delay for a year, then FINALLY...
Now... what a flippin letdown. I am still down with Pixel, but Nicalis sucks.
After a bunch of Nintendo Power teases and video updates too.



Nintenbro said:

@MakeMyBiscuit, I was highly anticipating La-Mulana myself, and I think it was extremely unprofessional of Nicalis to allow us to be strung along for such a longtime. @SandMan may have offered to give away his Wii points, but that doesn't mean you guys should be so quick to accept them. Retro City Rampage is supposedly being released sometime next month. Don't you think @SandMan might feel the slightest bit regretful, if he happens to decide he would actually like to experience it for himself? What I'm trying to say is he'll most likely get over this just like you, and return to his senses. I hope you understand where I'm coming from.



Ren said:

Me too. I put like 5000 points on last weekend determined to get entertained and just got fed up... so I caved and bought an xbox. I still got a couple thousand left and I don't think I'm going to spend them. wonder if I can trade them for a slice of pizza; or a WiiU preorder.



Knuckles said:

@G4L I only meant it as a joke, I swear [on all things not feline, purple, stupid, and morbidly obese] If I was given them I would IMMEDIATELY return them to @SandMan.
And yes I do understand where you are coming from, and in my defense, @Sherlock posted after my page loaded, and I normally wouldn't have joined on the Free Wii points bandwagon with two people asking.
Lastly those are only Wii points. DANG IT! I thought I could use them on my DSi. Forget I asked...



kdognumba1 said:

Well this stinks, I was really looking forward to this one. Well hopefully Protocol still makes it here.



gojiguy said:

Why does everyone forget about Noitu Love 2??!?!?!?

That game was supposed to come out on WiiWare YEARS ago and it still hasnt!



PixelatedPixie said:

For a company who release video games Nicalis are really bad know...releasing video games. Especially here in Europe.



tinman said:

They've had years to cope with the fact that La-Mulana will never make money (due to the minimum sales limit). So, why cancel it now?! Including the game in your game portfolio (on the website) is obviously okay, but sticking with your business partner to push the software through onto the sales platform seems to be a whole different thing. Dishonorable!



tassakos said:

That sucks.. I was really looking forward to a challenging game on my Wii for the summer.



mattatron said:

Nicalis made kenshiro cry, that will not end well i heard that guy took out a whole army by exploding their heads with his fist of the north star



Adam said:

At least we still have Cave Story to look forward to! That game looks so good. I can't wait for the chance to play it.



James said:

@Adam I've never heard of this "Cave Story". Is it new? I hope it comes out on every single Nintendo console ever.



odd69 said:

Yep, I was looking forward to this so much it's beyond me. For me, this is a blow to the wiiware service as well. As far as I'm concerned this could have been a great title and give wiiware a much needed boost. Now i must weep my gaming tears and wonder what could have been..



MegaAdam said:

Dear Nicalis: I understand your decision. Please consider releasing La Mulana on 3DSWare and/or WiiUWare.

Sincerely, someone who will buy it if you do so.



Bass_X0 said:

Sincerely, someone who will buy it if you do so.

Now if only six thousand more people would say the same thing and commit to it then maybe they would.



Sonicman said:

@G4L I think you just want those points for yourself (jokes ). @Adam I am also looking forward to getting ANOTHER Cave Story from our good friends Nicalis



LztheQuack said:

Ever notice how they are pointing ALL fingers at the developer? For some reason, I am not believing their story



MeloMan said:

... And we're surprised at this stage of the Wii's life with regard to the constant issues with the WiiWare service....? I was just waiting for the official news. I suppose River City Ransom 2 (I didn't forget about that announcement either) or whatever was quietly canned for Wii as well right? I'll shift my thoughts toward anticipating the announcement of alot of these games going to the Wii U. Hopefully Wii U Ware will address all of these shortcomings that plagued WiiWare.



edhe said:

Blast! I read this article as confirmation of La Mulana's release in Europe.

And now I'm dissapointed.

But at least I can buy another version of Cave Story.



FonistofCruxis said:

I'm one of the few that doesn't care about this game but I'm surprised Nicalis said that Wiiware stopped being profitable in 2009 (I think they said something like that) as 2010 was a great year for the service as there were many great games released for it that year including their own Cave story and that sold well.



Hokori said:

What if the reason is because wii u shop can switch regions like psn? It's out in Japan so I don't consider it canned



fixjuxa said:

Ha! That figures. Kinda pissed about this considering it should've been released ages ago. What a joke. Am I really supposed to believe Retro City Rampage is actually still coming? Might as well throw that on the "canceled" pile too.

"But no matter what, La-Mulana will be released on WiiWare," a blog entry said at the time. "We don't want any speculation suggesting otherwise." Just found this on another site. Makes the cancellation even more irritating.



WolfRamHeart said:

Well, this stinks but I am not surprised since WiiWare is now a dead service. I seriously doubt that we will see any more significant games releasing on WiiWare. I think developers realize that WiiWare games simply aren't selling so there is no logical reason to continue supporting it. Hopefully there is still a chance of seeing La-Mulana on the Wii U, 3DS or even XBLA and PSN. Yeah, I don't own a PC.



mike_fantastic said:

Man...I had this on the want list. Instead of Operation Rainfall, can we do Operation Puddle for Wiiware games?



DrDaisy said:

A WiiWare game gets officially cancelled. This is only the beginning. I haven't heard anything lately about Last Flight or the WiiWare version of Noitu Love 2.



Zantagor said:

@theblackdragon Actually, they sent that version back in DECEMBER... Nicalis has been silent about it for 4 months, hence that post from Nigoro five days ago.

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