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Sun 20th Dec 2009

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Aronos commented on La-Mulana Canned for North America, Europe:

I wonder if this can still come out on PC. The game was basically done, they just kept failing the Nintendo QA check. I feel let down that they made this decision. Maybe if they hired some better QA guys of their own and try to release it on Steam or any other clients they can bounce back.



Aronos commented on pitchWinPLAY Competition Announced:

I'll try to submit. I have a plethora of game ideas and game design documents. I had always wished for a contest like this to come along again. When I heardabout the "Unlock Xbox" doritos contest I tried to enter that one as well, but it had already ended for submissions. $20 is really not that much compared to "other" contests where you need a lot more. I say, enter if you think you have a great or interesting idea. If you don't win at least it's good experience, but just think what would happen if you did win. Even if it was the third place prizes.



Aronos commented on Review: One Piece Unlimited Cruise SP (3DS):

Well at least you guys got a One Piece game. In the US, we never even got the other two episodes for Wii. I don't care if the newest game was crappy, I want One Piece games lol.



Aronos commented on Review: The Ignition Factor (Virtual Console /...:

I'm still wating patiently for The Firemen to be released on VC. At the end you suggested it won't, may I ask why? I really want to play that game again lol. Never played this one, but maybe I'll try it out in the meantime.



Aronos commented on Fan-Made Petition to Bring Last Story Westward...:

I signed. It really takes no time at all and it helps the gaming community overall. I wish all games were released everywhere, so people all over have a fair chance to play what they want.
If I knew about a petition for One Piece Unlimited Cruise to come out in the US, I would've signed that too. I'll never get over those games not being released.



Aronos commented on Drool Over This Donkey Kong Country Returns Co...:

The gallery and many other concept art is available in the game itself if people are wondering.
Also, many of the drawings looked really good, and I was dissapointed that much of it never made it into the final game.
Oh well, maybe in the sequel they will have much more.



Aronos commented on 3DS Development Could Cost Triple That of DS S...:

I wonder if this will cause the games to be priced higher, like say instead of $30-40 they will now be around $40-50 a peace. I always liked my portable games because they were near half the cost as console games, but who knows.



Aronos commented on Six Capcom Arcade Classics Launching on VC thi...:

I would recomend people just getting the Capcom Classics Collection Volume 1 and or 2 if they can. You'll be getting a much better deal if you plan on getting a few of these or others.
Anyway, these games are great no matter how you get or play them.



Aronos commented on If You Cross Mario with Twitter, You Get Super...:

So, there really is no point to this in goals, bosses, levels, or items? hmmmm. I guess if you like tweeting and need to do it while imagining you're playing the vastly superior mario games then I guess you might like it.



Aronos commented on Stand Back, This chick chick BOOM Video is Abo...:

This seems like an interesting game, but is it only multiplayer? Cause it seems like the game might be very wierd or the AI messed up since there's a lot of decisions and cursor involvement. Probably great for couch buddies though lol.



Aronos commented on This Christmas is Critical for Wii, Admits Iwata:

I think the market for potential Wii owners is always on the drop, through market saturation. So the only way to fix that issue would be to come out with a new console. I know they think they can get 2-4 more years out of the Wii, but I think people who want one already own one.



Aronos commented on Review: Gunblade NY and LA Machineguns Arcade ...:

So, there isn't any extra replay value aside from better scores? No bonus content mankes me a little sad.
How much is the game like $30? That might be a resonable price. I remember playing LA Machineguns in the arcades and it was a blast only because the arcade cabinet it was on vibrated along with the guns.



Aronos commented on King Dedede Returns in Latest Kirby's Epic Yar...:

The only fear I have of this game is that fact that it might be really easy. I know kirby games aren't that challenging, but they also tend to be on the easy side of gaming. Also, I wonder what kind of replay value this game will have since kirby games tend to not have much of that either.
Oh well, I'm still going to get the game since kirby games are awesome!



Aronos commented on Review: Ivy the Kiwi? (Wii):

I played the DS demo awhile ago and it was pretty fun.
I don't know if there are any advantages or disadvantages for one or the other, but I might get it for the wii since that's what I use more.



Aronos commented on Nintendo Points the Finger at the Wii for the ...:

Maybe people should realize that Wii's and DS's are going to slow down because eventually everyone who wants one will have one.
People aren't going to buy 2, unless one breaks. But when all the world has one, they probably still will complain.
BTW, yes I have both lol.



Aronos commented on Review: Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands ...:

I'll probably get it after the price drops, cause I own the origial trilogy and I guess I would like to play the whole saga now lol.
The review makes it sound like its not worth full price, maybe if it was $30 would people be more inclined to get it?



Aronos commented on Review: BIT.TRIP RUNNER (WiiWare):

I would have given it a 9/10, only because it's sometimes hard to tell what's in the background and what you can interact with. However, after a few tries you get it, but sometimes it throws you off.
Also, the first boss is cheap lol.



Aronos commented on Don't Get Too Attached to 3DS Name, says Iwata:

It might end up like the Wii, where it was called the Revolution as a code name and sounded much cooler at the time. But then they changed it to Wii and now it has stuck. I'm sure no one would have thought of that name, so maybe its a name no one would have thought of.



Aronos commented on Soon You May Be Able to Enter the MegaMan Univ...:

I wonder how character customizing would work? Maybe like you assemble your basic bot, then add chips and armor for various things.
Or, what time period or era would htis be in classic, X, zero, or battle network ugh lol.



Aronos commented on La Mulana Developers Discuss Religious and Rat...:

I guess you can censor what they need to as long as they feel that if they didn't the game would never get released. The spikes color though could be explained as it's "rusty" looking and that's not blood lol.
Oh, and they are pixelated blue tiny statue breasts lol. It's not like their GoW or high resolution realistic graphics.



Aronos commented on Alien Syndrome:

I just saw a quick youtube review and apparently it does have a 4-player co-op mode. Idk how you get to it, or why it seemed to be hidden, but oh well.



Aronos commented on Miyamoto: Nintendo May Need to Rethink its Onl...:

I think their main issue is that a large fraction of the people who own Wii's don't know it can connect and those who do (specifically families and older people) don't own any games that have a large or deep online mode, so it wouldn't make sense that they are online.
Friend codes aren't a huge problem but they are uneccessary. It's just that a large fraction of people don't have anything to do online, and they don't care.



Aronos commented on Hey Now, Kirby Wii Might Actually Be Happening...:

This better not turn out like the Pikmin scandal lol.
Where they showed a tiny pikmin hidden in a pic and everyone thought it was going to be Pikmin 3, but it turned out it was just the new play control ones.



Aronos commented on Guinness Appoints Zelda the Third-Best Game Se...:

I like how previous polls were a little more balanced and true. Then all of a sudden Halo and CoD make the list and at 1 and 2 respectively lol.
Wow, that really shows that due to mainly hype and high sales numbers clearly are more of a deciding factor than gameplay enjoyment, originality, and having a very well rounded and always great series.
Idk that's just my two cents. Not to say those aren't great games, but they do not deserve to be so high on the list.



Aronos commented on Final Fantasy V and VI Technical Problems Prev...:

How can there be "technical" issues for games that are re-made? lol. They have full control over the entire game since they are practically remaking everything. I can understand if they are ports, but all the other ones were completely redone and updated.
Just curious.



Aronos commented on The Real Mario's Yearbook Photo is Unearthed:

I thought Mario in "Donkey Kong" was called Jumpman?
And then after that game came out or when they were working on the next one, they changed his name to Mario.
Cool story though. I could be wrong, I'm just repeating what I remember.



Aronos commented on Sega Bringing Gunblade NY and LA Machineguns t...:

I've never played Gunblade, but I absolutely love LA Machineguns.
I used to play it all the time because the arcade version of it had platforms you stood on and they shook and your gun shook as you played making a giant "rumble" feedback for your whole body lol.
Oh, I guess they won't have any of that on the Wii. Oh well, depending on the price I will still get it.



Aronos commented on Black and White are the Next Gen of Pokemon Games:

They need to hurry up an create a Wii version, mmo, or a semi-online 3D Wii game.
Pokemon, for me has grown rather stale and I stopped buying and playing them a long time ago because they need to make some larger changes or updates.



Aronos commented on First Impressions: Furry Legends:

Looks impressive from what I've seen and heard. I wonder how many wii points it will be 1000?
Also, I wonder how short it will be, or what extra bonus or modes they will incorporate if any.



Aronos commented on La-Mulana Test Play 5 Video:

Was that some sort of "cheat code" at the end where it showed a person pressing buttons?
If it is, what the heck did it do lol.



Aronos commented on Help Icon Games Develop Stunt Cars 2:

I emailed them.
I don't really know or care if I'm choosen, I just hope they take some feedback people send them and help make their next game a lot better.



Aronos commented on Big Nintendo News Incoming:

Pikmin 3 ???
Please, oh please, oh please!!!!

Or, F-Zero. I will be happy with either of those, or both, or anything! lol