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Well... what is there to say? I love video games, writing, so that clumps together into a sweet combination of fun for me.

Sun 11th Dec 2011

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EvilLucario commented on Pokémon Art Director Would Like to Simplify t...:

No, no, and no. Pokemon was already an RPG series that anyone can easily pick up and play easily, even without taking into account of EVs, IVs, natures, and overall stat totals. To simplify the mechanics even more would mean suicide, as Game Freak would lose out millions in consumers just to appease the rose-tinted people who "stopped playing after Gen 1/2".

Yes, some Guide Dang It moments involving things like breeding and evolution should be sorted out by having NPCs talk about those things, but Pokemon, mechanics wise, is heading in a very strong position of being simple to get into, yet have layers of complex strategy involved. Game Freak shouldn't throw that away. Ever.



EvilLucario commented on Kevin Conroy Confirms He Will Feature in Batma...:

@Magnalon Hm. Roger is definitely talented, with his range of roles fairly wide. I mean, that same person also voiced Sonic from Colors and onwards, and he sounds decent in those games.

But... meh, I'm not really interested. Hope it's good for all those Wii U owners, but I'm personally not interested yet.



EvilLucario commented on Nintendo Has Plans to Deliver "New Offers" In ...:

Most free-to-play games are really just there to suck money out of the consumer. However, some games, like Team Fortress 2 and RuneScape, are examples of free-to-play working relatively well, both for the company and for the gamer.

It'll be interesting to see Nintendo's take on free-to-play and subscription-based games.



EvilLucario commented on Iwata: 10 Key 3DS Titles On The Way This Year:

My 2013 3DS game list:
1. Fire Emblem
2. Fire Emblem
3. Fire Emblem
4. Fire Emblem
5. Fire Emblem
6. Pokemon X

Those are the only two games I would ever want this year, simply because they're all I need.

...Oh crap, my backlog. Gonna need to work on that...



EvilLucario commented on Rumour: New Sonic Title Dashing To Wii U And 3DS:

I'm excited. I hope this is the true Sonic Adventure 3. Sonic 06 epically failed on that, so here's to hoping Sega won't screw up again.

By the way, what's Crush 40's songs gonna be like? I'm still waiting for them to top Live Life and Escape from the City. (Live and Learn, while an excellent song, is quite overrated, to be perfectly honest)



EvilLucario commented on Game Over For THQ As Assets Are Purchased By R...:

Yeah, Vigil SHOULD be picked up by Zelda. While I have never played a Darksiders game, I think Vigil should help collaborate with EAD 3, mainly to help with production of the Zelda series. From what little gameplay footage I have seen, Vigil is a very talented developer, and Nintendo needs more talent, so... yeah,



EvilLucario commented on Ralph Nader Targets Violent Video Games and Th...:

I remember this guy from John Stossel's books on journalism... can't remember what he talked about, but Stossel proved he was wrong about the subject he was discussing... on more than one occasion.

Coupled with the fact that trying to protect children from violence is impossible and the sheer amount of BS of blaming video games, this is a guy I'm not gonna give a flying $!@# about.



EvilLucario commented on Wii U Direct Scheduled For Tomorrow:

Guys, before boarding the hype train, DO NOT expect new stuff like a new Metroid, Zelda, or 3D Mario. I'm expecting more on the levels of system updates and some cool new features, like how an update added 3D recording for the 3DS.

What I'm hoping for in this Nintendo Direct? I want to have folders back, more info about the eShop (mostly info about more developer-driven sales), and more apps available. Also, I would like to see TVii take a bigger priority for Nintendo. Yeah, they're a video game company first and foremost, but TVii is a system with huge potential, and I want to see it on its highest quality.



EvilLucario commented on Talking Point: Wii U's Beginnings and Challeng...:

I'm sure the Wii U will do just fine for Nintendo. No one will expect it to sell as much as the PS1/PS2/Wii, especially in this economy sucking.

Hell, I think Nintendo is really trying to avoid many leaks just so they can deliver hard-hitting announcements like Retro Studios, Monolith Soft, and EAD making triple-A games that will end all games.

In short, the Wii U will still be successful. Stop worrying and start playing some games.